Cypherous (EUW)
: Well riot has nothing to do with your office politics :P
One current and one former employee are suing Riot Games in a class-action lawsuit citing gender-based discrimination, sexual harassment, and unequal pay. hmmmm
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Cräfty (EUW)
: SoloQ: My suggestions on how to fix it
the last point is the most important one out of all
DBTLilly (EUW)
: Humans make mistakes, sometimes bad ones, I think it's time LoL started using 2FA
: lethality is just abused by assasins and assasinish champs like mf and quinn etc their purpose is to delete squishies never seen them effective against tanks lol
oh no wait it makes us do 30 damage more to someone with 6k hp and 345 armor, while he does 900 damage in 1 ability. we're just bad at the game homie
: Feeders/Afk/ Toxic. Is LOL still worth playing in 2019
riot knew league was dying so they transfered all recources to TFT
: wait for boards to tell you tanks are weak and in dire need of buffs when there are like few champs you can count on your hand that can shred tanks solo that you can ban and tanks are still broken af to most other champs
not to mention the ''lethality'' items that do jack shit against the things it was supposed to work against. but my bad i guess i just suck at kiting a tank that has double my movement speed because of ???
: Lethality. Magic Penetration. Armour Penetration. Percentage Health Damage. True Damage. Percentage Health True Damage. Slow. Roots. Stuns. Mobility.
so like 5 champions that are actually usefull?
Gabresol (EUW)
: It is really easy actually. You sacrifice anti-mage for Joker and use his passive to gain a Stand Arrow. The ability you gain should somehow allow you to reset Harvet Cow. That will simultaniously add a few minutes to your timer, so you have more time to finish the mission. WIth Harvest Cow resetted, you should be able to Mega-Evolve Sans and by using him a XYZ material with Revolver Ocelot to finally get the T110E4, which you can then use to clear the mission and move on to fight the Game Master the next day.
the area 51 boss always kills me though, my raid party on 20th september is gonna help but i have to wait a whole month to be able to play
: {{champion:101}} {{item:3135}} {{item:3020}} {{item:3116}} {{item:3089}} {{item:3151}} and q for 9/10 pf their hp
1 man vs the world, but what if he said the word that you call homosexual oriented pepole and got perma-banned?
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VoIdymort (EUW)
: league doesn't need defending in case you hadn't noticed
please explain what you mean with that
VoIdymort (EUW)
: for the most part. but i'm only human i occasionally rage but i don't use insults or racial slurs or suggest self harm or cancer...that's just asking for it!
i just use insults never used a racial slur or cancer as insults said %%% some times but thats just part of it how is it fun to play league like a job? i play games to get away from my job not get another one you dont even make money from it
VoIdymort (EUW)
: normal people have that script too: it's called "self control"
so you play league like how you do your job? you sit there say nothing and just do it?
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VoIdymort (EUW)
: your post and comments say otherwise ;)
im reformed in the sense that i made a script that stops chat from poppin up i had nothing to do so i made it for myself took me a long while tho but worth it
VoIdymort (EUW)
: nobody is forcing you to play the game. if you don't like it, there are other games :)
nobody forces me but my friends play it and sometimes we play premade but if every time i go on some shit happens it gets frustrating
S1lentQ (EUW)
: Cry is free
how do you cry without tears? thats like laughing without moving your mouth or screaming internally but only riot followers do that
VoIdymort (EUW)
: somebody's salty
VoIdymort (EUW)
: >i dont want to be a mindless hypocrite too late for that
when did i say anything hypocritical or anything mindless? i unsulted your little safespace called league now you're trying to defend it?
: ... does that mean, if I start working at Riot, i get to sign a contract with the devil? M E T A L I'll be gucci then
Fathands (EUW)
: > you're too lazy then add paragraphs You're the OP right? So why am I lazy exactly?
i want my chair somewhere else can you move it? you're the host right no dont get up and do it yourself let me make the host do it even though you can sit the %%%% down
: So just because he is a Rioter, he can not act in a childish way? Take a look at a recent rioter making fun of Tylers stuttering on-stream. People at regular jobs are sometimes %%%%s and get fired, why can not Rioters be?
if you make a systme that bans people for saying ''oh %%%% you'' you cant be a normal person and you must be 0% toxic every minute
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: You are correct about trollers and intentional feeders. Riot simply doesn't care. **Example 1** They punished a Singed "support" player for leaving his ADC. Everyone screams at this topic, saying how the ban was "deserved". Then we see DOZENS of other people doing the same kind of thing. Not only that there is no report for trolling but even an evident action of trolling comes and goes unnoticed, no matter what you do, even if you were to send the evidence to Riot (which you can, by the way) **Example 2** I had a player clearly intentionally feeding. What does this mean? It means that the player was running down the mid lane and bot lane. Four of us reported the player for the RIGHT reason, i even sent the ticket to Riot. And if that wasn't enough, i sent videos and pictures and made SURE that they at least responded me with a human reply, which they did, saying how they "can't share information about a particular player" because of the "privacy reasons". (fair enough, still..) I checked that player from time to time, making SURE to not miss anything. It's been already almost 20 days, he is still not punished. Makes you wonder why people go on to complain about these kind of players on Boards and elsewhere as well. Sorry, it's the truth. Riot simply doesn't care.
you're vocal? *banned* you're actually ruining fun instead of just talking alot *hey* *thats* *pretty* *good*
: By been fired,riot actually sustain the idea that toxicity is not something they want in they're game.Also, saying we all toxic is a lil exagerated...if u are, that doesnt mean the rest of us are same, if u go into every single game flaming for no reason or for "fun" then the perma is well deserved. Should i also mention many kids play this game, allowing toxic behaviour wont do anyone good
i dont go into a game saying oh boy lets roast some **** but if you do some realllly dumb shit you'll know what i mean with baddie words doesnt this game have an age rating? if so what are kids doing here why not make a language filter that you have to enter age for like 18+ and if you are you can see the baddie words but if you are under everything controversial is censored almost like a sjw filter but not every game is just pure shit flaming
Aezander (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Rouhsif,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=n7AoY3UL,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2017-10-06T08:50:56.460+0000) > > when does riot realise we're all toxic and perma banning for baddie words is just stupid When people that say "baddie words" to their complete stranger of a teammate understand that is just stupid and doesn't improve their chances of winning. Simple. ^_^ /sarcasm
its not like i enter a match lets %%%%ing roast some %%%%%es ill be nice to anyone but if you %%%%ing troll on purpose or do some really dumb shit some baddie words will be the least of your problems but i usually keep it at baddie words but rito still likes the sjw's too much so they let them rule their company and block out any baddies that set foot into their safe space with a bunch of jinxes you know the one they oh so adore and is so ''relatable'' since they love cutting their beautifull bodies but i dont go running around saying ************************************** to everyone
: This comment is all over the place, **please** just structure it and think about what you want to say... --- >they dont condone toxicity Perfect, you got that one right! --- >you get perma banned if you say some baddie words Well, it's a little more complex, but good enough for now... --- >they act like no one does it That's where you stop making any sense... You actually made a step back from your first statement. Nobody denies that people can be toxic, we just think that it's not okay. _as you already pointed out yourself_ --- >but someone from riot does it themselves do they finnaly realise we're human Nothing changed now that a Rioter did something "toxic"... Riot isn't realising anything new, what are you saying here? --- ---- I understand what you're doing here, but it just makes no sense... You act like Riot is being hypocritical about punishing toxic behavior. You THINK that they allow Rioters to be toxic, while you yourself aren't allowed to flame. But that's not happening here at all, Rioters get punished for their actions too, even harsher than you do!
hope they all get fired for saying just some controversial thoughts
Solash (EUW)
: Yeah and he was fired for it as his behavior was deemed unacceptable. What's your point?
when does riot realise we're all toxic and perma banning for baddie words is just stupid
: > if he is able to comment still can i wish death upon people in game now too? _If a police office commits a crime, does that mean I am allowed to break the law too?_ Hint: NO! Riot Sanjuro is an individual, with his own mistakes, and his own problems. He does not represent the entirety of Riot Games. --- You **should** be able to understanding this, chances are you're just trying to overdramatize this...
they dont condone toxicity and you get perma banned if you say some baddie words and they act like no one does it but someone from riot does it themselves do they finnaly realise we're human and we all make baddie comments or do they still think no one says baddie things and everyone likes everything and wants to jump around with eveyrone in the game like they're 5 years old again with world peace
: Even though {{item:3036}} and {{item:3033}} are tank killing items, they were balanced to be outscaled by overly fed tanks because tank mains were whining about getting killed of all things in a fight. Right now tanks can reach potential invincibility, deal so much damage they top the charts by building full tank, and have all of their nice hard CC(try to kite a tank that can easily 100-0 you when you can't move). They are totally out of control below pro and high elo play. Since the new season will turn everything upside down there is no point in bothering with further balances to this season since Worlds is already ongoing.
are they finnaly nerfing the obvious?
: Me seeing the title: After reading: Lethality's purpose is to burst squishies. Assassins and divers are not "supposed" to take on tanks because... you are not supposed to fight tanks... yet they can 100-to-lowHP pretty fast any squishy INCLUDING your ADC. This is the way how it was designed. Your ADC with a{{item:3035}} or full{{item:3036}}/{{item:3033}} is intended to beat the tanks while perfectly kiting, dodging CC getting assassins and divers peeled off them and survive flanks. It's a whole different world on low ELO and Normals tho as you know and you often HAVE to go toe to toe with a tank otherwise said tank will solo your entire team of monkeys at typewriters. So... either you just accept your fate as being countered by rock-paper-scissors meta and pray for an early surrender, or pick a champ who can utilize {{item:3071}}+{{item:3035}} and go off meta, which is always dangerous and can get you reported for troll.
first i used zed and got the all 6 of the %%%%n pen items black cleaver both mortal and dominiks and all 3 lethality and still the tank just whipped out his cc and went in balls deep like sometimes you can dodge the cc but if all of their cc is either point and click or just a huge wave of slows that make you want to buy 6 mobis to just balance it out fed tanks are unkillable and fed adcs are janitors wiping the floor thats already clean mid lane is kinda useless now since you dont really go tank mid unless you get fed early same for jungle if you dont go tanky what i also just hate is those %%%%n true damage ults that tanks get like their ults deal more damage than any other combined who designed those things
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: Lethality is made for assasins to oneshot squishys not tanks,ADC's are the ones to take care of tanks
when the adc goes 1/8 and you're the only one with a positive score the game is just over cause the tank just 1v5's and bms in the middle of the 1v5
: > why does lethality kill squishys fast and does maybe a little extra damage to tanks That's the idea. Champions who build Lethality are not meant to be able to kill tanks. Lethality is, by design, more effective on champions who have less armour since it is flat armour penetration and armour has a non-linear scaling. That is, taking someone from 30 armour to 0 armour through Lethality will have a much larger percentage increase to your damage than taking someone from 220 to 190. This is also how armour penetration worked before flat armour pen was changed into the current iteration of lethality, so it's not a new invention :) If you want to tank bust, you need Last Whisper (or Mortal Reminder/Lord Dominiks Reminder). If you want to blow up a squishy you want Lethality. Separating the two prevents assassins being unstoppable by just buying LW (which was the case in the older iterations: Assassins would build Ghostblade -> LW and they would be able to blow up carries and tanks with very high efficiency).
i sold all my damn items and bought all pen items i had 3 lethality 2 fo the armor pens (mortal and reminder) and black cleaver and he still out %%%%n tanked me and killed me tahts when i quit i jsut gave up
Altiverse (EUNE)
: Riot balance team: 1. "Look, we finally realized Fiora is broken, we nerfed her" 2. "Welcome, Bramble Vest! The 900g counter to all melee-based top laners" 3. "Bramble Vest is too strong. Therefore, we buff Fiora." (What about just nerfing Bramble Vest, shouted logic) 4. "Bramble Vest nerfed!" (B-but... Fiora?) 5. Profit ???
Riot balance team: 1. ''tanks are overpowered how do we fix'' 2. ''lets give 2 champs true damage'' 3. ''people ban the 2 champs what do we do now'' 4. ''lets buff tanks'' 5. ''pr?? of?? it?''
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: I can't get into a game.
riot let their children code the new update so everything is messed up
: Tho I do not get that sentence, but I do feel like you are pointing me thinking I might be once involved into it then let me tell you, it's quite common that these sort of kids search for or make one phishing script to get hold of account, and they think they are punishing you in someway why do I know? coz common sense, and you are not the first person to post this
never said you were involved and i know of the phising scripts but i never clicked any link received from or involving league any one clicking that might be legit %%%%%%ed anyway
GLurch (EUW)
: In that case, I believe only the Riot Support can help you, since I never heard of this kind of issue before in the way you described it. Don't send in multiple tickets to them though, stick to just one. Normally, an answer by the Riot Support may take up to 2 days. However, sending multiple tickets, commenting on your tickets or bumping them results in you getting sent back to the beginning of the queue, meaning, you'll have to wait even longer. Also take in account that during weekends, they have less staff working, so you may have to wait a bit longer than usual.
this issue also happened when the whole EUNE crash happened so that is one huge %%%% up what makes me mad is when i try to change it it says ''it cant be the same as your old password''
GLurch (EUW)
: Have you checked your match history and found any suspicious games you don't remember playing? Do you still have access to the E-Mail you used for registration? If someone tries changing your password, you normally receive an E-Mail with a code you have to enter. Also, if you go here, you can check the last few letters of your E-Mail: If they're different than the one you used to register this account, it means someone gained access to your account and also has access to your E-Mail. If all of this really does lead you to the conclusion that someone else has access to your account, change your E-Mail password and submit a ticket to the Riot Support: If none of the previous leads to the conclusion that someone else has access to your account, you may want to try restarting the client or trying again in a few hours. If it still doesn't work, the Riot Support may be able to help you as well:
every match was me i tried changing my password and now it doesnt even let me change anything since it just says my password is wrong cant change my email since my password is wrong and i dont see anything that leads to me being hacked i restarted and waited 24 hours too still doesnt work my request dint come in or maybe i need to wait longer? ill send another but its really weird how none of my accounts work and my NA account has another password than my EU but also doesnt work
: Maybe he just want toxic/noob player like you out of the game, by doing so, you now either won't be able to play league for days or you will make new account
this white knight must have a high horse then
Tiddlywinks (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Rouhsif,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=H5ow7VBc,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-09-27T09:56:00.210+0000) > > someone says bad meanie words? ''perma ban not in our safe space for sjw's '' adc dies 2 times and runs around map saying hes gonna int? ''well how do you know he means it? dont ban him maybe just bad game'' so you complain about toxicity ruining the game but every other game someone ints cause they died twice and that doesnt turn away players? Is it so difficult to understand that people don't need to be SJWs in order to have a low tolerance for inane b%%%%%%t?
what do you think of when i say women standing for womens rights? isnt that the feminism? so when you have someone going batshitcrazy for small things you instantly think sjw
: "if you ruin other peoples fun" don't you also do that by verbally attacking them?
i dont go in a match to verbally attack someone im actually ince to anyone but if you either int feed or start talking shit ill do it back its never the enemy team that tilts me its always my teamates i dont give a shit what the enemy team says but if my team start talking %%%%%%ed shit ill flame the ever living shit out of them
: "running around fountain" how can he/she int when he/she doesn't move out of spawn nor dies more than twice?
also the lane that is open because of the troll dies alot more since its either a 1v2 lane or the enemy jungler just gets an open playground to do anything he wants
: Sure. Anyway, I'm bored now, so see you on the Rift - oh wait.
keep assuming smartass but this account isnt banned so see you on the rift when i get you in match ill troll in ur matches :)
Fathands (EUW)
: You suspect that you account was hacked and you tell us that you use the same combination for multiple accounts? Great idea.
why would the person go for my league account that has 0 value and not my emails linked to my bank or anything of value? everything else is fine all the money is there but league just changed is there really someone THAT trihard for league ?
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: Worst? For the first time since league went competitive you can actually pick multiple viable champions with multiple viable builds. I remember a time where the only top lane champions were Renekton or Riven and the only Jungler was Lee sin, if you picked other champions you'd get 4x reported. It's almost as good as it was in release without the broken balance (disclaimer; I've actually never played it on release, but from what I've heard it was a typical casual game)! I can pick between different champions now for each role! I can even go super crazy and pick Quinn top lane or Fiddlesticks support! It's not dying.
if you go quinn toplane a full tank just 1 shots you cause tanks are so balanced right now
: So I assume I was correct :p Your type of person is so predictable.
my ''type'' of person or hear it alot of times and still deny it
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