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BlackInkX2 (EUNE)
: In the past I read through some similar threads , champion filters , faction filters for Noxus and Demacia and so on , some people liked the idea and some found it unnecessary the point is that all these threads went by unnoticed by Riot and it is really unlikely that Riot would adopt the idea even with a few hundred upvotes .
dam :/ i just thought itd be something easy for Riot to implement and even though it's simple it'd be so useful
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: With the way chance works, it's bound something like that happens to someone. Still sucks, but with so many players it's not a strange thing, and it's still free indeed, so no real reason to complain.
yeah i know man :/ it was just the one champ I didn't want xD
: Downsides of draven
I don't even own draven but can play when hes free and go 21-4-7 first game of him being free (from match history) and only drop axes in teamfights. But I do see what you're saying, many people simple don't get the grasp of the way his axes rebound after hitting a target and how to control them. I just don't find him hard to play personally and feel he has a lot more counterplay than simple people being bad at him :)
: Lee Sin [Sightstone]
depends how you are playing lee sin, if youre building tanky (e.g warrior, sightstone, boots, randiuns, banshees, etc) then IMO keep the sighstone and sell the warrior for something like a hydra simply for more damage (or lw for armour pen etc) as you will be in teamfights for much longer and so the sightstone will be more useful as you can place 5 wards, helping you around a team fight. If youre going high damage laning lee sin then probably dont keep the sightstone as the stats from a different item will be more gold efficient and you will die quicker anyway.
: the same op champions over and over again...
Rengar is easier to play against full ad than everyone realises, bsaically buy pinks for when his ! shows up and group, he aint gonna jump into the middle of a whole team and if you put a pink ward down you see him, cc him and he goes pop.
12a12b12d (EUNE)
: So what did you get for a mystery champ ?
I got {{champion:23}} , which kinda annoyed me. He was one of the two 1350 champs I hadn't unlocked and the only champ I haven't ever played (and don't ever intend on), made me wonder if riot had a system behind this considering the odds on me getting a 1350 purely at random was about 2/60odd and he is the only champ I haven't played. But oh well, guess I should be happy that I didn't have to use IP for him and stop being a little pjsalt.
AnGeL Vip (EUNE)
: Hecarim or Gnar or Maokai
IMO heca, probably has more carry potential and nobody thinks about playing against his tp homeguard plays so strong for solo q
Agidyne (EUW)
: Riven is like the Master Yi of high elo.
Everyone thinks this I swear. (skip to next paragraph if you want this is blabber about elo) I personally don't feel she is as OP as people think she is. OK I'm only gold at the minute, got placed in silver 2 and decided to start playing ranked and got my was from s1 to g4 promos with only 2 losses so I know that I may not be against the best of players... But i recently played rumble and someone picked a riven into me (obviously riven possibly being the top rumble counter as it's even being played in the LCK and LPL as a rumble counter) but I believe that riven falls off later game as she can be kited and is kinda "useless" in team fights. I sat back and farmed, got ganked 3 times before 10 mins but because I played so passively I didn't die, knowing flash timers etc. So i came out of lane about 20-30cs behind and OK my bot lane was winning so that helped, but playing rumble I was useful with my {{item:3136}} and got some good tps/ults etc to secure kills and assists for my team, meanwhile all the Riven could do is simply split push because she isn't as useful in team fights. I think Riven seems to be good in solo q for everyone because she is a super strong early game champ but in my opinion if she doesn't snowball and get her lead then she simply becomes weaker as the game goes on and team fights become more prevalent. Basically in solo q everyone feels as thought they **need** to win their lane, even if they're in an unfavoured matchup, simply learning your matchups and just playing safe and farming and not dying can be the equivalent of winning lane if you have a stronger or scaling team comp. Basically nobody ever does this against those riven mains that you talk about imo.
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