: Yes... as others have said being toxic is bad but in my opinion id rather have someone toxic than someone negative, the amount of games i have had someone go "this is not winnable FF" "Surr" "Noobs you all suck" and then we win is unbelievable, a negative attitude is more dangerous than a toxic one.
Okay ty for your feedback
: Are you that obnoxious you don't recognise your own toxic behaviour?
As I said: I am aware that such behavior is not conducive not. I just wanted to know if this punishment (perma ban) is justified in the eyes of the community.
: Lifetime ban because of this?
thanks for the quick feedback. So if someone gets a 14 day ban and a few premades report me for whatever reason it becomes a lifetime ban? So as a premade team you could distribute reports arbitrarily without checking if it is justified? Don't get me wrong. I know that this behaviour is not conducive. I am concerned about the proportionality of the punishment. Some people say you have to kill yourself and stuff like that. I think that is the worst thing you can say and a hard punishment should be enforced.
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