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: Seriously riot????Just to top all that your new game is a pile of shit. An entire game couldnt draw a single Lissandra???? Is that RNG??? Was playing at least 15 rounds plus the gold i spent for reroll and not a single one.... Get it together... Biting off more than you can chew.
uuum, that is excactly what rng is, it is rng if you get heads or tails aswell, but you still can get heads 10 times in a row. there is a reason why when you put spotify on random, it isnt actually random, cuz when it was, people where complaining that the same song would play several times in a row
: weird, for how long did this persist?
from when i e'ed and about half of trynda ultimate duration, it was longer than the ''grounded'' effect clip; note: ingame the icons for my abilites where the same as if i was silenced
: That would be point 28, but thanks anyways.
another bug, i was playing trynda and e'ed into a poppy and i couldnt use any abilities afterwards i understand that it grounds you, but i couldnt use my q either
: Patch 9.14 - Bug Thread
got killed twice in lane cuz windwall didnt block syndra stun and hecarim ult
: You can raise a ticket by clicking [here]( and selecting the "Tech Issues" category.
thank you very much
: I'll start a new top-level response: If you're encountering this issue (Critical Error when attempting to load up a game), please submit a ticket to [player support]( with as much detail as you can about your computer. This will help us collate and identify where the issue is! Sorry for the inconvenience :(
what category should we chose?
: Hey Clique, were you able to play the game yesterday? If so, did anything change yesterday? This sounds like an issue with some software on your PC, such as device drivers.
i got the same issue, this only occured after the patch, since ive been playing from 3 am CEST and when the patch launched i played one game and the second game i got this message, i tried going in a custom game after that and the entire game shut down client aswell. maybe the renekton buff was too strong hehexd (update: after reinstalling the game and doing a virus search i still have this same problem, tbh it cant be a coincidence that several people has this same exact problem just after the new patch)

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