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Petsho (EUW)
: What is his W though?
his cone ability: he gets a radio and musical vibes get shot out of the radio his aoe stun ability: he throws a radio at people
Mystikos (EUNE)
: Ranked???i havent seen a worst rank system. 5/10 WIN PRE AND GOT BRONZE 4.STUCK THERE AND NOW AFTER PATCH I GET 10-12 POINTS PER WIN AND DECREASE 21-26 POINTS PER LOSE.
I have 2 advices for you. * dont play in EUNE. trust me * when you get stuck in bronze you have 3 options: n1 and best is to just practice in normals and wait for the next season; n2 and probably what you should do is start a new account; n3 and if you really want to get that victorious skin, try your hardest, play 1v1's with your high elo friends to get a better understanding of farming mechanics and overall laning phase. play alot of aram to understand and react better in teamfights.

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