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: RIP those who have honour ribbons
: new patch honor system
boring stuff , people gonna abuse it like old one then get rid from it xD
Swaguani (EUW)
: Can we fix tibbers?
no we cant :D we need broken champ cuz broken game needs it too lol
PusimTravu (EUNE)
: Annie problem
lol . u play azir and lose to annie XD work harder xD if you were good she would be hugging her turret like a cute girl xD aside from tehfact tht guy said XD too many champs can 100-0 xD but instead writing i guess u ciould play more azir and learn him im not gonna bash u but learn to play him xD playing a champ does not mean u master it ;p peace :D
: Daily Quests, Aside from win of the day.
man , go and play an mmo if u wanna daily quests xD
: sona
have u seen zyra rework ? does she recuire skill to burst sona xD ? if i were to talk from your logic she also has 0 effort then , u forgetting the fact she is squishy and also her heal isnt as strong at lv,1.. also most who play sona r probably maxing Q for the dmg , and u forgettting the fact adc's r the squishiest yet they deal massive amount of damage . she deals too mcuh dmg as a support , look at other current support who can burst her 100 - zero in no time , bard nami zyra leona thresh blitz from many other supports who can step up their game and make sona useless ... and her damage used to be stronger than it is right now shes been reworked and shes been nerfed multiple times and tbh i still dnt know wut u want ... u wanna make her more useless than she is right now compares to other supports ? also as adc u do need some sort of magc resistance if u having trouble but if u never do such a thing then it is yur fault m8 .. not sona which come to my point why does yur support allows sona to come to u if he isnt hiding from her or he listening to u if u told him to back off bcuz u need farm then he wont do mcuh as u expect many factors affect this , as a sona main do u even realise how mcuh skill u need to be able to beat these champs ? and am talking on a rlly skilled lvl not a noob support who feed dies and then ggwp , also am only pointing tht this might be support prob not the adc . also sona has a range on her Q keep yur distance while farming should do the trick :D oh and also soraka and nami can bust her so i rlly dont know wut yur on about m8 ..
: Gross Gore..?
hes streaming on hitbox as far ik he said he doesnt want people sign a petition for him to come bk to twitch and hes changing i guess :D also for the 1 year ban tht was clarified after he thought he was permanently banned from the events , 1 year is nthng if it was permanent so maybe u should be happy but idc tbh i dnt watch streams :D
: Team Griefers
if my adc goes 0/4 and cant dodge a thresh hooks and keep dying :D i leave lane help others who needs it and aww maybe he felt lonely and got bullied so he leave game xD :D lmao dnt make me laugh xD , almost 80% of people will wait for tht 1 mistake to blame u if u lose drake , game and such xD the whole point of view and wut u r trying to explain is wrong , if they have a bad internet well shit happens system wont punish him for tht 1 time he play poorly or w,e but if it accurs so many times then yes yhe gets punished , if u wanna avoid tht , when u know yur connection is bad dnt play , try a custom game and also i never get bothered if someone is griefing i only play my game win or lost never cared xD
: Where do i report someone when others play on someone elses account?
if it rank its bannable if not they dont care as if normals i had a ticket bout this before with them
xtomraiderx (EUNE)
: New resource concept.
but i dont have any prob with riven mains :/ xDD
: well how are you supposed to fight a nasus with 500 stacks now?
> [{quoted}](name=BonyGamePlayer,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=tArUMf9Z,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2015-09-08T19:23:14.128+0000) > > well how are you supposed to fight a nasus with 500 stacks now? end the game faster or u will lose its a fight with time XDDD or jst play and hope enemy nasus is complete retard going 5v4 enemy while he farm cuz "stacks" like i had once we took till inhib and he stacks :D XDDD 55mins of game was afk lolz farming stacks lol tht when u win lol
TilLight (EUNE)
: Irelia bug
i blame her frost butt on that :D
Sarokh (EUNE)
: Ranked Rewards !!!
its a victorious Urgot :D
: No idea what makes them think this. They probably do it just to look good in front of the enemy? I've seen people that I've been supporting rage all game putting blame on others even though I've pointed out their flaws to get no congratulations. In the post game screen when I tell them (usually) "Shut up bi***ing, who carried you bot lane?" they thank me after that. The thanks mean nothing to me if you have to wait until 40-50 minutes after the game starts to feel grateful to your support.
> [{quoted}](name=Cerilium,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=B0i03xA3,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2015-09-08T23:43:31.722+0000) > > No idea what makes them think this. They probably do it just to look good in front of the enemy? > > I've seen people that I've been supporting rage all game putting blame on others even though I've pointed out their flaws to get no congratulations. In the post game screen when I tell them (usually) "Shut up bi***ing, who carried you bot lane?" they thank me after that. The thanks mean nothing to me if you have to wait until 40-50 minutes after the game starts to feel grateful to your support. i like this type of adc xD i usually leave bot help and get other fed while he keeps getting farmed i turn him from a carry to a feeder without saying a word and no am a sona main so adc doesnt matter for me since i play her as AP but build support dmg still real lol and when they thank i just say shut up and dont suck asses now lol either end up getting report end of game or w,e but i never care lol same as when i was a playing another game as top laner an my jngler wanna gank a rievn top , i was irelia th fact i was 3/0 before he comes didnt change a thing for flming me for not picking up a kill since he ganked even i dont rely on gank nor junglers i o my lane on my own lol still he flamed me i could just rage at him but i said yo xin dont get on my fking nerves or u guys lose the game XDDDD carried tht game so hard i went over 30kills lol and soloed baron while my team pushing lol after game end xin was liek gj irelia and i was lie i dnt need yur "ty" lets hope we will never meet again next game lol
: New ban/punishment system
my team are all diamonds and plats 2-1 XDDD idc playing against higher people or smurfs people jst get scared bcuz someone is smurf ? like improve yurself and learn something instead crying over it if u scared that much dnt play ranked and go for normals work on yur skills ...
Hrvg (EUW)
: Fiora counterplay?
shes not always perma banned XD idk wut league r u but they trick is all with fiora Q dashes if u can get a gold of them and react faster u can start winning against u only know how she is playing by tht i dt mean fiora i mean the player wht is his steps his play style once u figure it u can easily counter
: I keep losing because of feeders
its bronze go AP lee sin mid and go focking legendary cuz the mmr of the team is tank :D when i play top vs riven i dnt play to win i play to make them rage quit :D u only need know her CD for her shield and boom shes izi as fak to penetrate XD people st cant or dnt know how to del with her Q there riven go nasus - renekton - jayce - irelia - garen counter riven like she is his biatch :D and tht jst few examples :D
: They are comming NEW TEASER Anyone have any idea what it could be? :)
IzzBizful (EUW)
: Why not just remove Marksman from the game?
think i saw in newer patches about buffing darius again but am not sure and either ways doesnt matter i always shrekt top lane XDD , rading patches is meaningless they buff champ they increase ad or they make an item OP as fak to counter them u only need to search and know wut to build to fk em up :D or be a mfker let yur team 5v4 and u split push take top till inhib and do the same with bot lane thts when enemy all turn there eyes on u and the chase begins if tht happens xD most likely 3 on yur ass and 2 left alone to def which izi for yur team to shrekt *-*
log league attend to play ranked .... flame in champ select and if not worst scenario feeder or afk game is loading u as summoner rift starts and boom lol the flame begins :D as mcuh as its bout people behaviour ingames its pretty mcuh dice the roll XD u win or u lose so many examples but rsult is same play with a duo and dnt go solo if u lose tht mcuh or go 5v5 ranked team :D like srsly my friend is gold1 almost going for plat :D and his team mates r pumpkins XD they feeed like hell :D its not in yur league its everywhere in all divisions so hf and ply rank its good for blood preasure XDD and all i could say is be calm listen songs while play :D someone cry u mute it make yur game play better
: This is just TOO greedy Riot.
but am bored from arcade skin i want the dj skin to play with not interesting games anymore as support ;o taking a break till skin release to own my lane as sup cough cough ~~~~
ppy (EUNE)
: Removing chat from League, and why it must be done
this is why they created a mute button lol ~~~~
Aelfnir (EUW)
: Tips on laning against ahri
all those champs can counter her and about moaki pls XD st pls hes a fking wall late game once he lock u your dead lol not tlking about fellow team combo xD so its all about yur skill lvl ill say to improve yur play xD
Greum (EUW)
: Talking about greediness and crying for a better discount yeah?
dont buy the skin then alot will buy including me as sona main as wut other guy jst told u they put more work in her and tbh she deffo worth every single dime spent on her ^^ if u feel they fooling u then wait till shes 3250 and buy her full price :D u wont cry then as u do now ;p
Greum (EUW)
: I'm gonna ban Sona everytime I can and counting the queue dodges
you do realise as sona main even if u banned her i can still go velkoz sup brand ahri etc and u the one who will cry at last XD i could go morgana annie lol and i will tbh deny u farm also XD if u were adc XD and if u were jngle mid top ill prolly bait u to die late game jut bcuz i can xD and thts me playing for fun lol so maybe your the one who will dodge xD not me as sona main
: More than likely, DJ Sona will release a week after the next patch, or maybe during the weekend the patch is released. No one knows for certain though.
as far i know she should be released at 5,5 or 5.6 since they testing her abit more in the pbe but not so sure ;p
Joetri10 (EUW)
: What did they do to Sona, really??
most people follow the crowd sona is my best sup main and she jst being reverted as she was before when they nrfed her maybe alittle bit more tweaks but tht wut make difference about a good sona thn a bad one she still squishy etc but if u play yur cards right u still win i still sometiem play her top lane sona bk then in s2 and s4 and s5 now adpat to changes and play yur best ;p i dnt feel sad about stuff with her i adapt and play better :D not sure if this even gonna help u lol its decent 5% people who maybe play sona again 95% leona thresh braum ;p
: Ye & now they're trying to tone down her OPness, & i still think she's really strong this patch.
tbh she till kinda same dmg been added on her W been removed if i remember correctly , but they left her ms buff so i guess its pretty okay comparing they removed her E dmg amp etc as early she is abit hard maybe not liek she is for me and its from a main ahri i can understand why they nerfed her abit but she need to be still viable i dnt see your point where they need to completly destroy her .. and as i said am not complaining about it nor being offencive towards u but shes not tht OP as u think XD as i main ahri i can also beat her in any ap champ etc thing is more about the play and out playing opponent rather thn jst spamming ... anyway its her kit beside u cnt compare her being so OP when playing against a zed fizz main if u try too understand my point you will understand wut i mean shes a good and viable champ i dnt look at her as jst a champ i look at other champs also and wut she have chances againt its not about jst single champ hopefully u get wut i mean ;p and alittle note most who used play ahri before left her only ones ive seen motly r main ahri players and put in your consideraion he/she 75% knows wut hes doing and 25% a noob if i am allowed put it in this definition .. so its all about the player and game knowledge she can be stomped hard by any champ as i said its matter of who plays best // also her dmg been lowered abit early game ;p and her high mana cost now it play a very good part of ripping her off abit they doing their best but again its all about the good players now


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