Neszo (EUW)
: ARURF Bugs
we had a game where an ashe ult went through 2 targets
: Riot's banning system is interesting.
as a person who was permabanned twice already I can tell you, the punishment system is complete useless, there are so many ways to bypass it or just stay undetected. most of those players you see recieve punishment once or twice and then find a way around reports. if they don't care like me, they will just be offensive and create a new account/have 20 on backup. if you never spent money on league you have nothing to lose. that's the system.
: ARURF Champ pool
: ARURF [Rant]
First URF was the best. no regulations. this "random" urf is just bullshit, I constantly play with/against the same 20 champs. I constantly get free rotation champs over and over again, sometimes even twice in a row. the random algortihm is big gey. thx rito
: Having a high honor level does not lower the chance of getting punished. Regardless of your honor level, everyone gets treated the same.
I know just wanted to say that you can go from good sportsman to banned real quick
: Its been like 20euros every month, for around 5-7 years so yeah :p, anyways they lost a big inventor to the game. i play on a diff account now. but i wont spend another cent on league xd
yeah, you have nothing to lose, be toxic as much as you want if they ban you just move to another account
Arnoter (EUW)
: Another Flamer bites the Dust
: After signing up in 2011, spending around 1.1k euro on this game, today i have been perma banned
Permabanning isn't a working system because ofc people will just create new accounts. See it from a different perspective brother: Now you're free. Stop putting money into your accounts and what could happen if you're banned again. %%%% it start again and again and again. All fine if you stop shoving money up ther rear ends. How do you spend 1k on it anyway? You wouldn't buy any other game for that amount of money.
Zyzyx (EUW)
: It does reset (or go down) over time. However "time" is not actually time but "games played", so just waiting won't do the job. And it's also not a specific number of games, since it depends on your behavior. If you are still toxic/negative occasionally, even if it's not enough for another punishment, your punishment level will never reset. I'm afraid you will have to get used to the fact that you simply can't be toxic anymore without risking to get banned. And to answer your original question: No, you can not check your punishment level. That wouldn't be useful since it would lead to players "calculating" how toxic they can be and still get away with it. The fear of the unknown is part of the punishment.
well on my main acc I went from honor level 5 to perma in like 1 month but I exaggerated a bit. However on this acc I don't really remember doing much except maybe 15 game chat restriction but good to know that minor things reset overtime, otherwise there wouldn't be 0.006% permas
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