Naniup (EUW)
: Are you one of those that defend riot on evrything? We all know new champs are Always broken.Same was {{champion:235}} and still {{champion:523}} . {{champion:875}} is not balanced thats for sure.And he needs a nerf for that.No champ is invincible that doesnt mean they are balanced.And sett is the new broken ass champ to play.JGL OR TOP.
are you one of those that complain at riot for everything they do ? (joke) The OP is comparing the shield Blitz gets to the shield Sett gets, that is like saying OMG Blitz grab is so op as Sett can only pull in at such a short range. Basically the OP is comparing apples to oranges, a top laner to a support. It would be more realistic to say Sett's shield is much better than Rivens, better buff Riven... but no one will dare say that :P
: Not just possible... if duplicate results wherent possible it wouldn’t be random, it’d be pseudo random. So this happening is a sign it’s true randomness
Technically it is pseudo, usually using time as a seed but none the less if the same seed gets used the same random numbers will show up. But the chances of the same seed appearing in the same day is basically impossible, as clock will only be the same once a day on a 24 timer... so its just as good as a 'true' random for game sakes.
manolis201 (EUNE)
: Why i have trouble playing Yasuo? (Laggy E,Q +AA)
Could be latency, or could be your quick cast setup, I found the hold to show cast range was active so I made it quick without showing the aim aid. Responds faster that way, at least when I played Kayne... felt faster.
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: Cassiopeia
I am not that good with her, but here is some tips, hope they help a bit. Cass is good at pushing lanes, and her Q is great for preparing her E, her W is great for stopping dashing and gap closers. Her basic combo is Q to poison then spam E for lots of damage but dont get too aggressive, take the trade and back up until your Q is up... then Q - spam E. Use W to make a barrier in front of you and try farm up to mid - late game, then you are extemely dangerous. A good trick is to pretend to run away then suddenly use your ulti in thier face as when the enemy face you it stuns, otherwise its just a slow. Your job in a team fight is to use W to create a line, Q to poison and E spam to do DPS... and try catch as many of them in your ulti ... a flash R into them can catch a lot of low elo players out, even high elo but its less effective if the enemy team dont group up. Basically Q to prepare for E spam, get lots of AP and some AS too, a defensive item to keep you alive long enough to get off a good ulti. Thats about it really, the rest is good positioning and timing.
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: Games are to short, and champions deals to much damage.
Long matches are more annoying to play or watch. Lower time to kill just makes it more annoying as players can flash away before you can get the pick, if the time to kill was longer then the CC timers would need to increase to get legit picks. If the time to kill was longer then matches would end up with all late game hyper carries doing all the work, the others would be meat shields, as it is you can take early game champions and still win before the hyper carry comes online. ADC's have to rely on good positioning and map awareness to survive, in return they can dish out a lot of damage.
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Rioter Comments
: Jax problem
The real question is... do you want Riot to look at Jax ?
: But... I just wanna have fun playing League..............
By trolling ? You said you was unhappy others trolled you, and you feel trolling is the answe... that isn't fun that is just basically making others feel the same misery you feel, and I dont need to tell how that is bad... right ?
LTUGenesis (EUNE)
: Why illaoi is a champ???????
Illaoi has one major weakness, she needs her tentacles in place to do a lot of damage, in ARAM its easy, in SR its much harder / impossible unless you are running into the enemy Illaoi's team, basically ARAM'ing. I do admit she does a lot of damage as a tank, but only in a lane she has basically prepared with tentacles... I was thinking how is she not in pro matches but answered my own question, 3 lanes and all that space in between means she will hardly ever have the presence she needs.
Shaebadu (EUW)
: River needs a buff
How do you buff the river ? Or to quote a YT vid : 'Cry me a river, and while you at it, drop a ward in it'
: idk
Oh yeah, because creating misery is a sure fire way to remove misery. I have another solution. If you are so disenfranchised by the game, take a break from it rather than add to the misery. I did, and I am back and ready to enjoy it again until I have had enough. Its really that simple, take a break.
: What happened to this game ?
My advice : Play ARAM for a while, to learn the new champions and items, Riot have been mixing up the runes , items and even map mechanics to (debatably) improve the game, to keep it interesting. Thats what I did after a hiatus, play lots of ARAM... no issues with picking wrong champions and no ramifications beyond those matches, then I started some SR normal draft picks, just to learn the new map mechanics... and thats where I am at the moment, had some ranked matches but I was too rusty to really do much (despite me doing all I was suppose to do, warding and defending my ADC). I even got a lot better with melee champions, from a Lux main to a Wukong main (though I still prefer Lux :) )
Rinart73 (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=SANEakaIN,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=1EKZMEUZ,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2020-01-03T20:48:28.250+0000) > > Cait is a early game lane bully, she shines by preventing her opponent from playing LoL, otherwise she is a average carry late game, she has range but she is as easy to kill as a Varus, jump on and remove. If she is early game, then why she always (even when she loses early game) deals insane damage late?
Because she is a ADC, even if she deal average DPS compared to others, she really is a easy kill for assassins as her escape is bad, even a perfect net will still end up as assassin fodder as it really doesn't do enough. Cait is a bully because she can in early game push her opponent off farm by abusing her range but come late game she has no way to keep safe, she lacks that push R to be safe factor, and her own R is a self root and the damage can be tanked. Cait is a good ADC but she is not a broken late game ADC, she is simply hard to deal with when your team lacks cohesion... a bit like a Trynd or Yi, they are broke if you cant deal with them.
: How should you ask for a gank top lane?
Top gank depend on situation, as a temp jungler (fill /auto fill) I will show my face top if the lane is pushed into my top lanes tower, otherwise I will look at doing a run by in mid and tease bottom lane. I really depends on what the state of the lane is, but as a temp jungler I will try tease a gank by showing in lane rather than a actual gank as it really depends on how you can lock down a kill and if we can get the kill. I count it as a win if I can scare the enemy off the farm to be honest, as I dont want to gift the enemy a free kill and buffs.
Rinart73 (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=SANEakaIN,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=1EKZMEUZ,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2020-01-03T20:33:46.354+0000) > > but bad late game as the carry She basically one/two-shots most of non-tank champions late game, not to mention her ult. She is overtuned, her charged AA deals too much damage, her headshot on trapped enemies does too much damage.
Most late game carry's will destroy a non tank, Cait cant do that as fast as most just at range but she is easily killed... a LB will murder her and Cait cant do a thing. Cait is a early game lane bully, she shines by preventing her opponent from playing LoL, otherwise she is a average carry late game, she has range but she is as easy to kill as a Varus, jump on and remove. Cait is not a safe ADC if the early game goes bad, you cant play save the Cait late game and her AS is too slow to heal tank, her AD is good but comparetively her DPS is average for a ADC.
Revòlver (EUW)
: ADCs over the game
Sivir is more a pushing champion rather than an engage... Kai is more a late game engage champion. Vayne is too close range and skill needed champion to be trusted, Xayah is better for that. A good and easy late game champion is Trist, her range at level 18 is good and her attack speed buff on Q is powerfull, with her jump engage/escape plus ultimate makes her a solid champion to work around. I would say take a Varus for poke, or even consider Jihn as a supportive artillery ADC. Thats just my opinion though.
: Caitlyn is not ok
Caitlyn is also the easiest champion to jump on, she really has no way to escape, even her net is bad, I have net jumped a lot of assassins and still get murdered as Cait has no real escape, yes she is hard hitting but she is also easy to take out. She is rather good at low tiers though, but (like Yi) at higher levels she is all too easy if she is the carry, she is a good lane bully but bad late game as the carry.
PurpleOrk (EUW)
: "They dont buy stuff" Oh but they do. Every bot is an account that is going to be purchased once at level 30. Then the new owner, with OBVIOUSLY no problem spending real money in a f2p game, will buy stuff: favorite skins and such. Bot leveled accounts buying stuff over and over once they get purchased is a huge source of income for Rito, that's why they make no moves against them in botting stage. We can derail this discussion every time by putting on the users the burden of figuring out how to deal with bots (like the solutions offered would be considered anyway), shutting down criticism over and over, as people get tired of repeating themselves with no result but having others shoot them down. The point is, right now bots are ruining users' experience but giving money to Rito, so they are allowed. If they were tackled, according to everyone they'd improve so they would be harder to spot... so users would have less of a grudge against them, and they wouldn't be banned... JUST AS THEY AREN'T BANNED NOW, just for different reasons (not being able to spot them, as opposed as just being allowed to be, as right now are).
No they are not allowed. Each botted boosted account sold is still a player willing to buy, if the supply of botted accounts wasn't there you think the whales who buy boosted accounts would stop buying stuff ? These buyers are prepared to buy dubious accounts, they most certainly buy other stuff... and Riot knows this. Riot would if they could stop all bots and hackers, but cant do it pro actively ... again its a defend against a attack, rather than pro actively defend, No company can prevent all attacks and hacks due to this system... hackers find exploits counter hackers plug said exploits, until then the exploit is unknown. The bots dont buy stuff, the idiots that buy botted accounts may, but the automated systems do not... its a waste of cash, criminals are rather thrifty after all.
Uraraka (EUNE)
: Do you report botted accounts?
Thing with bots and hacking, the more Riot fights them the worse it is for us players... Think about it, for now the bottter simply make accounts, if Riot attaches accounts to your details the botter/hacker will steal your details too. How do you counter this ? Mobile phones ? Hacked already... now the botter has your details and phone. Its not that easy to counter hacker / botters... at the moment they simply create a new account, if you push more details into account creation they will bot / hack and steal details. That is not a good thing yes ? So how do you combat this type of attack ? You have to counter the current system, its a attack then defend... its bad for us and Riot but for now its the best. I would rather have bots/ hacks in my game than my details stolen to make a new bot / hack account with my details.
PurpleOrk (EUW)
: Bots being used, in coop-vs-AI? No. Waste of time, Rito doesn't do anything about them, they haven't made them money yet. BOTTED ACCOUNTS? Yes, through ticket. If I spot someone playing ranked after 4 months of twisted treeline 2 10 2 matches with ghost and heal I go straight to support, and tell them they have a freshly new purchased account. If we're lucky, and they have already spent real money on their favorite skins on their new account, support may ban them. Unlikely, but who knows. The more they ban at this stage, the more money they make by repetition.
How ? How do you suggest rito combat the bots ? Its easy to say rito so stupid, but try show them how they are so stupid ? Hacking / Counter Hacking is a attack and defend system, they attack you defend... until they attack you cant defend. They make bots, you counter bots, they make botx ... you counter botx... how do you counter bot yzrkp ? Look, I like some rito bashing as much as the next player but counter bots and hacks, its another game I dont even know how to play... do you ?
RayleighTT (EUNE)
: Riot still have no idea how to fight this =)) , is so insane ... , i mean there is no one having ideas in them team at all ,me as regular player have much more ideas than they have in a whole team. Seems i am more creative as them teams iq togheter , can turn to be creative and fix that.
How would you combat bots ? From a technical perspective they log in as players and play games, how would you program a system to check against this ? Do you think Riot likes bots ? They dont buy stuff, they cause annoyance in the playerbase, and they are a waste of recourses. How to combat these ? The only viable way is to add credit card information, and even then the users of bots would just steal player data to use, so how ? Come on, its so obvious to you so how, help rito out here, help us players out, how ?
: Lux players with perfect k/d/a after lost laning phase
Its funny, about 8 years ago I was a Lux main... and I suck at CS'ing but I am good with skill shots, I chased off many a mid laner despite my team calling me a troll. ... and she hasn't changed much, she is merely more noticed, she was always and still is basically the same, a safe none pushing lane that can bring utility and suprise burst damage from nowhere. Finales Fulkilin (SP) is the real name of her ulti, not this lame Final Flash.
: It's not "waiting a minute more" It's a WAY LONGER queue time. They've tested things like autofill all roles except one and even that resulted in WAY LONGER queue times. The fact that you kept dodging games only made it worse. You get autofill protection for a few games after you get autofilled. Also jungle is your secondary pick, so nothing wrong with getting jungle
Dont feed the Trundle wannabe, he aint the king, Trundle is :)
ChampZone (EUW)
: What does "Solo melee carry" mean?
Sylas is no longer a carry melee mage, he is more a utility tanky mage. Kassadin more like a melee mage, but he has a terrible early game and wont carry much in higher elos. Your typical carry melee is Yasou, Fiora, Trynd (low elo) and Yi (low elo). The other options are bruisers tanky but have damage, like Riven and Jax.
314exeexe (EUNE)
: if u wanna kill morde then u cant outrange him
Serious, a ranged ADC can out range him in a fight ? I aint thinking Caitlyn range here, more like Xayah or Sivir ranges, and if a Morde gets that close what are your frontline doing ?
314exeexe (EUNE)
: This is what Mordekaiser needs
Correct me if I am wrong here... Morde is rather easy to kite so ADC's can easily stay out of his ult range and murder him (unless he is fed), and if he ulti's a tank... its a 4 v 4, using a item to counter a melee's ultimate is rather cheap... I hate it when you can QSS a Skarner already, QSS'ing a Morde is more salt in the wound. A item all can buy should not fully counter a champions ultimate in my opinion but some ranged ultimates take the cake (Karthus) so... a middle ground should be held. You can still kill Morde in his ulti to break it, its not like its a instant death, its more like he challenges you to a 1v1.
: > Isnt Morello or Raba better as third item ? Morello is not a good third item on *any* mage. Oblivion Orb is very strong as a second item on most mages, but not Ryze (because it competes with either RoA or Archangel). Morello itself doesn't bring much to the table unless you really need the anti-healing component. Rabadons is actually an okay third item, but Ryze doesn't really suffer from a lack of damage so much as a lack of mobility. Righteous Glory (Spellbinder as an honourable mention) give Ryze all the things he needs: 1. Mobility (To catch people with an EW) 2. CDR 3. A small amount of tank and mana Not to mention RG is quite a bit cheaper than Rabadons and is a lot easier to build.
Morello is good whn the enemy has a high heal factor, otherwise its less optimal, build a Morello on a mage, especially a spam mage if you need to counter healing.
: Game is dying?
Game has been dying for the last 8 - 9 years, or at least topics proclaiming that 'fact'. There is not much difference between bronze , silver and gold... the big leap is at plat.
: I selected Mid or Bot, how can you force a lane on Draft? You declare a lane you want to play before game. There's nothing to force.
Forcing is like taking Jungle then begging to be another lane, yes I have seen this happen a lot. I just, I mean just had a match where I chose bot or mid and got a match as bot, I went MissF and won handily vs a Aph and Sona,
: Is Draft Pick dead?
If you said Blind pick, I may of understood but draft pick is a different story.... unless you were trying to force a lane you really wanted. I can get Mid or Bot, and def jungle easily.
sbepi (EUW)
: how to rework a champion for riot games, more dmg and more mobility in early game (that's not how u rework a champion, that's the road to an infinite perma nerf on that champion, imagine moving zed r on his w(and giving dmg to his u think zed will be broken like diana? who would even think about that "rework" on diana, didn't even know how diana works, pretty sure about it. becuase even on pbe, diana was too strong)
Dont forget each champion on LoL is a 'model' to see skins on, so a bad champion is one less platform to sell on, but at the same time if the model is too good then you may lose the playerbase... so its a balance act, Riot aint good at that at all. Think of each champ as a fashion model, and a champion second... thats how Riot works it out. ... Riot or Tencent ?
: why is diana so strong now?
lets be honest Diana pre re-work was... a less than stellar pick shall we say, she was a assassin that could only do her job on CD, her ulti CD so Riot changed it up so she can work between ultis ... maybe she needs some tweaks but she needed a change.
Morrhen (EUW)
: The thing is - balancing every single champion who's squishy is one hell of a job to do. On top of that, those changes would likely break them. Even then, no adjustment is capable of blocking a Jinx ult. You don't have to rely on Zhonya every game. You simply buy i if you feel like there's way too many threats on enemy team which can kill you faster than you can escape. Frankly, this may sound harsh but if a ''normal'' player can't play around {{item:3157}} , it's their own problem. You gotta take adjust yourself to these situations. There's few items you can remove. Shojin removal didn't hurt much. However, removal of Zhonya would certainly hit very hard to certain midlaners and even supports. Not gonna argue that Zhonya is strong by itself. But then, we have abilities in the game which are even more busted sometimes. Like Senna ult which can shield and damage you from anywhere. Or Yasuo/Braum wall which negate majority of spells in the game. I highly doubt that Riot will ever remove Zhonya active ability. Hell, they even made a rune for three items which are in line of this type of items.
You made a mistake in your rebuttal... "we have abilities in the game which are even more busted sometimes. Like Senna ult which can shield and damage you from anywhere. Or Yasuo/Braum wall which negate majority of spells in the game. " Abilities. Champion abilities. Champions are suppose to be strong in themselves, adding items that are as strong as abilities in themselves seem a tad too much, and Zhonias does not have that much out play beyond spooking enemy to pop Zhonia early. I mean the item can make a target super tanky, despite the champion being a squshy target... as a burst mage or assassin are you not suppose to pick off squishy targets, a single item makes those targets a lot less squishy. A Lux is not suppose to be a hard target to murder, but if she jumps in, blows hers skills in your face then goes invulnerable is that not a failure that a squish is too hard to kill ?
Morrhen (EUW)
: People getting salty about Zhonia and stopwatch are mostly assassin/mage players. It's a perfectly healthy item for this game. It rewards good... timing. It protects champions who are waaaaaaay too squishy for this game. With perfect timing, you can initiate fights with it and survive. Alternatively, negate fatal damage which would've killed you. Sometimes even negate the assassin burst/mage skillshots-Ults. Can't imagine the state of vulnerable champions without this item.
Would it not be better to adjust squishy champions than to rely on a item that all can get ? Its a item that has a active that is more potent than most champions ultimates, its that strong its like a ultimate... zhonia timings and ulti timings are now part of a pro players timing consideration... they can do this, but can we the normal players ? Pro players will adjust more easily to the removal of a item than we can adjust to the timings of said item. I am of the idea that items should not be stronger as a active than a champions ultimate, and Zhonia is definitely up there.
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: Just try to play HotS, its not "dead" as damn children saying.Or, if you dont want to change gameplay so much...try (not) Dota 2.
They killed the pro scene, so there is little to no reason to 'go pro' in HoTS. I like the game, it was fun and less stressful than even LoL but if the devs kill off the 'pro scene' its a dead game. Why stream ? Why show pro skills ? Players like pro gamers to aspire to, to get as good as and since the 'pro scene' was killed off... why play that game as a pro, your skills can translate a bit to LoL and get more views. HoTS was a good game, but not properly supported, and since the last time it was dumped so suddenly why hinge your online career on a game that may just suddenly quit on YOU. HoTS lost a lot of goodwill with that drop of the 'pro scene', and it wont get that will back, its hard to re-gain what you lost and HoTS lost a lot. Shame though as HoTS had a lot of neat ideas, and was (respectively) a lot less toxic due to its ideas but the suits didn't have the balls to weather the *koff* storm.
: This is why quit league
Its unfortunate you feel the need to leave the game, especially as there is not many other options... DOTA2 is a much different beast ( and too much for me to keep up), Heroes of the Storm is basically dead. You can if you want to just mess about in LoL try ARAM, I use it to prep for SR matches but it is really my most played mode, it has less stress and (relatively) less toxicity, you just play what you get and no one can really complain... its all fun in the end. I even got better at tanking / melee champions as a result... though ADC and such roles wont see much improvement, maybe assassins type can get some practise here. Hope you find a better game, and come back when you feel more comfortable with the genre.
latchý (EUNE)
: What do y'all think about Sanguine blade on Lee Sin?
I say no, because its a solo kill item, and Lee works best in a team fight. Lee isn't a Kha or Rengar, or Rex'sai .... he is not a assassin that wants to quick pick off a solo target much of the time, he is more a scalpel that nips off that ADC out of a team fight for a pick. Think of the InSec kick, a jump to kick back a enemy out of position, not a champion that goes in to assassinate the pick solo.
Volter98 (EUW)
: Too many smurfs in plat EUW
Plat Smurfs ? You got to Plat and smurfs are a problem ? I am sorry, but plat smurfs should be no issue at that rank, try iron/bronze with a autofilled jungle that had his jungle picked away. Try jungle as Olaf in a match as a autofilled jungle when the top lane enemy Trynd goes 13 / 3 and is unkillable and had 3 times the farm of his team which has twice the farm of our team... ... I think having plat smurfs is a good thing compared to getting plat smurfs playing iron/bronze.
Temp14232 (EUW)
: is it ok to leave games that are hopeless?
This means you are a troll, and toxic to the game I am afraid. When you leave, 9 other players get a worse game as a result, you could spend that time learning how to play from behind which is a very valuable skill... probably why pro's don't gg at 20 when behind, they have skill you don't.
Temp14232 (EUW)
: Lets talk Kaisa
Lucian is close, a quick reaction type, just not as scaling more a early game lane bully in the right circumstances. Caitlyn is also a aggressive reaction based ADC, a big bully that needs aggression to do well but has abilities to outplay... a good net can get you a kill or out of trouble, and the traps are nice, plus the ulti is not that easy to pull off as it is easy to block but threading the needle for that ace in the hole is a rush. If you are not set on ranged, a good Yasou is fun to pull off but you will not be popular bot if you are taking a ADC's place unless you go in as a duo bot and win hard. Thats about all I can think of that matches Kaisa's type of fun, reaction based skill match ups. Hope it helps a bit.
Ch0pCh0p (EUW)
May be a bug in the board but the screenshots dont seem to show your grade for that match at all, just your KDA and items. It may require a click to view but... I r 2 lazy to click on rnd images on other sites I dunno a thing about.
Rioter Comments
: I feel like that’s just games with healers in general (flash backs to playing mercy on overwatch)
Its not just healers though, I played FFXIV (14) when it re-launched and it a fun game for the first run... anyways anyone who has played that knows it is more like a Dance Dance Revolution when it comes to boss battles, stay out the red spots and move from the big cone attack that is displayed on the floor, easy right ? Not that much for some players, one boss battle the DPS kept getting murdered by the flashy floor spots and in the end after a number of wipes me (healer) and the tank slooooooooowly took the boss down, leaving the dead DPS to watch the DDR :P 30 mins of DDR !! :O
Yes please, I was coming to post this exact thing... it doesn't help when you had a bad ARAM match up, and the pop up is shown everytime, we know... you messed up Clash, again. Its like being poked at by a annoying friend who is like, you know *poke* you know *poke* you know *poke* ... and suddenly I am down one friend. PS the pop up popped up twice while I was checking the forums o.O -~ (<- twitchy eyes popping smokes in frustration :P)
Pixelbits (EUW)
: Why does this game punish players so hard?
Guys, there are at the moment roughly 3 tiers of moba's : 1 Original DoTA or DOTA2 2 LoL 3 Heroes of the Storm LoL is by no means the hardest moba out there, its popular and fun yes but that does not equate to being hard... its like trying to equate a Fortnite pro with a CS:GO pro... there is levels but one is by far harder than the other at the basic level ( CS:GO is more twitch skilled than Fortnite, no room for discussion there... is there ?)
Pixelbits (EUW)
: Why does this game punish players so hard?
Solution : Go 'try' play DOTA2 for a bit, then come back and realise LoL is kind of easy compared to the original concept. A short bout of denial should sort out your concept of 'too hard' in a hurry, and that is not me being arrogant ... that was MY experience.
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