Zedant (EUW)
: Lux is unfun to play against
Lux is unfun ? How is a Fiddles when he fears you, or any of the others that can kill you in a burst ? Lux is the least highest DPS burst mage in the game. She use to be a troll pick, now she is barely a support, and you still want to nerf her more, jeez look at other burst mages most of them can 0 - 100 you easier than Lux... Syndra can burst you with a single click ffs.
: Thanks for the tipp. I dont have any bug splats. Would be nice if i had so would be able to trace stuff down. Since my HD brake down I installed Windows completely new and basically the system is clean of an non-standard software.
run the hextech repair tool, then submit a report, that is what got me playing again... those techs know their stuff
ShacoOrTaco (EUNE)
: Would you buy a S*x doll of Ahri or Aartox? {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
none of the above, Ahri has too much tail :P
: [V9.18.288.7871] Random Freeze while Loading-Screen
I had bug splats since friday, and it was traced to Rivatuner for some reason, but killing rivatuner solved my case, if you have that software try that but make sure you manually set the fans high so it wont leave your GPU cooking off.
: Cant play, bet bugsplat each time
In my case it was the MSI Afterburner / Rivatuner that was causing a conflict, a Hextechnician helped me get to the bottom of this issue, I ended up disabling the MSI stuff and it worked.
: Cant play, bet bugsplat each time
Yep game is still saying you cant play so go fcuk yourself.
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Kurotsu (EUW)
: Difference between blue and red side?
Blue side gets first pick, Red side gets last pick... so with blue you try to get a high priority pick, and with red you try get a counter pick. Red gets the ability to place wards into baron over the wall, blue gets the same with dragons... a so so difference. Thats about it... its mostly about the draft phase that makes the difference.
: > [{quoted}](name=SANEakaIN,realm=EUW,application-id=00edEA0o,discussion-id=6irh8eYE,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-09-05T20:57:01.458+0000) > I mean I could slow the ADC DPS or make them take DPS if they hit me, but for mDPS I cant seem to do much. ADC autoattacks don't go on cooldown, Mage spells do. If you dodge a Mages skillshots, then you have the advantage in the current confrontation.
If you have a slow AA aura or a thornmail it makes ADC's a bit worried about hitting you, a mage is typically front loaded burst, if you cant tank it you die a AA does it in a few more hits so slowing the rate or making the ADC take damage as they hit you is effective. I have even seen tanks kill ADC's purely with thornmail, unless they have good lifesteal you can literally kill yourself on a tank with thornmail. I dont mind the mDPS doing a lot of damage, but I just cant seem to be able to build enough to mitigate the damage like I can with AA DPS.
Irayun (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=SANEakaIN,realm=EUW,application-id=00edEA0o,discussion-id=6irh8eYE,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-09-05T19:52:49.869+0000) > > I am not complaining, I just want to know how to counter a pure magic attack. Velkoz doesn’t deal “pure magic damage”. His passive allows him to deal true damage (i suggest you to go read his passive) and typically you wanna build hp to counter true dmg. Btw, why did you build ninja tabi boots? Your enemies were all AP and certainly they didn’t rely on basic attacks. Mercury threads would’ve been a better choice.
That match I was worried about Thresh, its surprising how much AD he can do with his flaw passive, I have slapped many a ARAM player with a full ADC, I just didnt keep up with his build... just hmmm Thresh can AD so Tabi, a bit short sighted but Merc Treads wouldnt of done that much in that situation... but yes I agree I should of gone Mercs instead of Tabi.
: So they play the game and don't feed intentionally? Sounds like the top 10%
The usual issue is ' hey dont feed my lane ' its nice when the lanes help the junglers, I mean we aint pro here we cant gank level 3 but we can help when we are near, and we dont 'steal' farm.
: Not a new player but need help with mRes please.
Sounds a little overpowered to me but as Vel is a glass cannon its fair, but Vel is not the only mage that seems to overpower mage tanking... unless you roll a WW and can heal tank mDPS cant be tank except by HP in most cases. I mean I could slow the ADC DPS or make them take DPS if they hit me, but for mDPS I cant seem to do much.
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: Firstly raptors... if you focus the small raptors first you shouldn’t have any problem clearing them, remember the small raptors together deal more damage than the single big raptor and are much easier to kill, so by doing them first you take a hell of a lot less damage. Secondly a trick you can do is go red, raptors, Krugs... that’s level 3 and a red buff... let the side lane on that side know what your planning then gank them. That’s a guarenteed flash and maybe even kill. Besides that try to gank whenever your ult is up, and farm when it’s down... and keep your eye out for gank and counter gank opportunities, and try to track the enemy laner. This alone won’t make you on the same level as a jungle one trick, but I found these tricks alone let me not be a burden for your team
I was being facetious, I mean I try play jungle but get called out despite me trying my best. I usually go Red, Raptors by using my axe... I toss it through the camp and run to collect it so I can toss it through them again, repeat and rinse. Then I go krugs and do the same. My issue is that my team are howling for ganks and assists too soon, I have barely done krugs and my lanes want ganks already. I would love to gank, but I need to clear some camps before I can do much, I aint a pro that ganks level 3... I want to clear my side, maybe steal the enemy raptors then look if some lanes are nice... not red to krug to gank.
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: how does match making work?
Its a team based skill system, if you have a say a pro level mid, then the game will make up for that skill with the rest... so its basically from what I understand a group skill level rather than a individual as that would take a lot longer to match... its easier to take a group skill of example 500 and match that with a group of 500 than to take each players skill to a role and match that. Its faster that way, and that is what players want... a fast matchmaking.
: > [{quoted}](name=SANEakaIN,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=KmAYpIBX,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2019-09-01T19:38:41.757+0000) > > Guardsman Bob had a saying if the game is a loss, then use that game to be better. > I take that to mean even when you lose you can learn to be better. > When the assumption if that one loses because of his team and RioT should ban all of them as trolls, how can that one possibly "learn to do better"? {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
You learn more in adversity than in easy wins. Its much harder to CS or survive when you are losing so this is still valuable experience. I am not saying this is a good thing, but it is a valid thing, something pro players have learnt to heart, they learn to take what they can from every match, including losses.
Irarius (EUW)
: Kayles changed character portrait looks bad
Still looks like nightmare fuel to me, tbh.
: What can I do against troll players?
Guardsman Bob had a saying if the game is a loss, then use that game to be better. I take that to mean even when you lose you can learn to be better. Guess that is not a cool thing to say, so ... troll them back ? Not that works either.
Silent Note (EUNE)
: I just looked at the left upper corner after my ARAM game, and..
: Well, It's not my ISP as I'd have problems with other things as well I suppose
Not really, some games are weirdly prone to DC's while others are not... its more a luck thing, I can get DC'd in a Monster Hunter MP game and yet be solid on some MMO. Its a luck thing if its a thing with you or not ( technically it is a DNS and router issue ).
: Unknown Tips and Tricks on Summoners Rift
I think the best one is if you sit on threshes lantern his team cant use it, best way to troll a enemy Thresh.
: "You have been disconnected, please check your internet connection"
Its a cookie baked response for any DC. and if anyone has solved random DC's ... its a top secret, unfortunately in online games its a thing we must deal with, like lag. Reconnect, or if it happens a lot look for new ISP options.
Cypherous (EUW)
: > Thing is no one, ok maybe some, is asking for Riot to put time into TT generally, some may be asking too much but in general TT players just want to play the mode they like. Sure, but even if you don't want them to test it they still have to in order to make sure it doesn't break in spectacular ways and cause server issues etc, so all the while it exists it has to remain in the QA and security pipelines > Removing it is a tad too aggressive, why not just make it a mode that is not going to influence champion balance, you can play the mode but no balance changes will be made for that mode... hey work done, and Riot are the good guys here. Its pretty much because of the above, its the same reason dominion was removed, there is a lot that goes in to maintenance than just marking it as idle and not touching it again > I will say it again, ARAM and TT are both entry modes to SR, especially if you leave and try return... these modes are an easier mode to entry to SR, SR is a toxic mess to play and you need something to fall back on or you give up. And ARAM will still exist, that atleast still has enough players to justify keeping it around so they aren't left with nothing, you're also forgetting that co-op vs AI exists
The fact remains, no one os asking for a TT balance, they simply want Riot to let them have the mode, like ARAM.... If I say like teemo in ARAM is caustic, they will ignore me because it wont effect SR, so why cant Riot ignore TT. I tell you why, its because they need a space, a space for TFT and the special modes like URF, so rather than relegate TFT to a secondary role they will delete TT to replace it with TFT, I say keep TT and relegate TFT to a secondary role as players cant move from TFT to SR but they can move from TT to SR, TFT does no naturally move to ST... its a huge move, so players wont move to SR.
Cypherous (EUW)
: I can give you a rough idea, only riot knows the specifics Anytime anything is changed it needs to be tested on every map its available on, things like new champions and reworks have the largest impact as any bug needs to be tested on each map to make sure its not causing issues or that its not down to a specific part on the map that is causing issues Reworks are the worst offenders, if they rework 1 champion they already have to test over 140 champion interactions not counting item interactions or interactions with specific map features, and thats just for SR, the same has to be done on ARAM and on TT, but the same applies to new items aswell, this is ontop of the normal balance stuff that is done etc It might not seem like a lot but consider those tests have to be run each time there is an internal test patch before its pushed to the PBE etc, it really does add up
Thing is no one, ok maybe some, is asking for Riot to put time into TT generally, some may be asking too much but in general TT players just want to play the mode they like. Removing it is a tad too aggressive, why not just make it a mode that is not going to influence champion balance, you can play the mode but no balance changes will be made for that mode... hey work done, and Riot are the good guys here. I will say it again, ARAM and TT are both entry modes to SR, especially if you leave and try return... these modes are an easier mode to entry to SR, SR is a toxic mess to play and you need something to fall back on or you give up. That is why I think TT should remain its one of the two means to re-join SR, and SR is the main mode... balance for SR yet leave the two modes to let player ease into the toxic sludge that is SR.
FoodInc (EUW)
: Twisted Treeline Removal
Why would anyone think removing TT was a good idea, its a mode that some players enjoy and use to re-join SR eventually, like ARAM... I played a few rounds of ARAM then I try a SR match but to be honest I prefer ARAM. Some players prefer TT and try SR as a afterthought, yet TT is the main... removing that hook will make a lot of players leave LoL, especially as SR is so toxic. With no place to retreat why bother playing LoL ? I know I would not return to LoL if ARAM is removed, and I feel TT players feel the same. Is LoL TFT or is LoL ARAM and TT ? In my opinion TFT is a separate game, not a connection to SR or LoL, why kill a doorway to LoL ?
: But why... reports with no reason don’t affect you in the slightest, so long as you don’t give them a reason to report you then your whole team can and riot will just ignore it... So if someone threatens to report you for playing the game just mute them, they can’t do anything to you.
I agree with you but I am human, so I get annoyed, and I react irrational, I wish I could of ignored this threat but I was already rather annoyed and to get told despite my best attempts I would be reported, I lost any composure. I may be at fault but would any of you done better ? I fell into the troll trap, but to error is to be human, at least it means to be fallible. I agree with you though, I should of been the better person and not... but I did, am I still at fault, I feel not... I tried to play the game, and yet was reported for playing the game while others where seemingly not, what did I do wrong ?
: What is happenning to the game ?
Seriously, I chose support, I chose a support Lux, I chose support items, I warded and tried to do support stuff, but I <- me was to be reported, while we had a lulu jungle and a tahm top. How many of you would accept that ?
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xStyrosx (EUNE)
: jungle is dead role because they nerf it hard af in season 9 , no nobody want to play it and because of it people filled to jg almost everytime
Hardly a dead role, in pro matches the jungler is the main role to put a team into a winning position, often a jungle player is the role that springboards others to win, so it less a carry and more a needed push to win. In any role the jungle is a solid but bloody hard role, a good jungle makes for win, a poor jungle more often leads to losses.
Eagl (EUW)
: ADC is a dead role ?
ADC's are still a formidable form of damage, but now we have more champions on the rift other than bruiser, jungle, mage, ADC and support. Now we have assassins in all lanes potentially, which makes ADC's need to be more cautious, means mages are a option not a requirement, and even lets you skip tanks/bruisers for more Assassins. It mixes the meta and makes ADC's play more skilfully, and that is really what makes LoL different from a DoTA clone... in DoTA the carry kills all, in LoL there are more carry roles.
Kravixman (EUNE)
: No hate please, Question about Yuumi to ADC players.
Depends on the player, but most of the time she is a turret to who she is attached, she cant scare off enemies in bushes, and she cant ward safely, she needs to be near someone to really shine, so in between all the times she is attached she is most likely a free kill. She often ends up as a double kill when the enemy gets the ADC, she cant hardly body block for her ADC without gifting them a kill. She is good at empowering her attached mate but all the other times she is way too squishy, but you cant buff her HP as it would make her too oppressive in lane. She really needs a partner that can work with her but in a random solo that is hard to find, she needs work with a partner to shine.
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: Why you don`t want to improve in the game ?
I can relate to this, but I aint a good player as well... I mean I take top, and try ward the usual spots as top, but my mid and bot lose, and both still dont ward...even the support, so why not do a simple thing? I dont get help top despite being in a bad match up yet my team will constantly complain about feeding, yet I remain the only one warding baron. I may not be the best but sometimes I look at my team and need to ask, how are you better? What gives you the right to flame me? Why cant you give me advice if my faults are so obvious to you ? Its a team game.
DamiBaniii (EUNE)
How do you guys put it... oh... "get rekt' ? Flaming has no positive impact on the game, your target will not suddenly get better and will most likely get a lot worse... as they now suck and are upset. I bet you would not say those things to me in my face, I happen to be over 6ft tall and weigh at a respectable 93 kgs, and I am ugly enough not to care if you hit my face :P Lets be honest flaming don't help your team, the best you can do is do your best and if you can help your teammate, it may not sound cool but helping out may have better consequences, at least they wont have an excuse for being a 'noob'. You got punished for being toxic, take your licks and try be the better human in the future, you may the better player but being the better human is much better in a team game.
Blitzz (EUNE)
: Is it okey if i call people noob
I know this is a troll, but... This is a game, yes we play to win, and yes we want our team to 'pwn' the enemy, but its a game. The fast and easy rule is to think, would I say this to another human in a LAN environment, then think is this going to help. I play my best, but I may not be the best, yet for some odd obscure reason when a teammate flames me I do not get better nor do I even try to be better. Now if a teammate said, try buy x to counter y, or stay under tower, or some other constructive piece of advice I may actually improve... unless I am a troll who thinks they know everything, then I am a hopeless cause. Flaming has no advantage for the game, you may feel a bit better, but you probably will lose anyway, so rather than flame either dont comment or see if you can help your unfortunate teammate, by being constructive. I personally dont mind some advice when I am struggling.
: it's already punished hard
How ? I dodge a match and get a 30 min timeout to watch some anime before I can wreck another match. (Note: I rarely dodge and thats only after getting my fave champ and then getting a dodge, then getting a champ I hate and ... no dodge, I know its bad to dodge... but hell after losing a good champ to a dodge and the RNG kicking you in the nuts straight after... yeah I may rarely dodge.)
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Usalia (EUW)
: TFT Pets in ARAM games
I would like to say yes, but its hard to say yes knowing that players will mostly disable them and as such make them worthless, I mean what's the point of a pet that no one else will see ? Its like hacking in a skin but only you can see that skin, you buys skins to show off to others not just for you and you buy pets to show them off to others, so if others cant see the pet... its worthless. I get the whole clutter argument, and I agree, but taken into consideration, would it benefit Riots playerbase and the bottom line to remove them via toggle. I know I would toggle them off in a instant, thus I think it would ruin that line of merch.
Gryndall (EUNE)
: Meanwhile: "Hey riot why u deleted dominion? Hey riot what about Clairvoyance or Revive or Garrison? ........ All old was good. So here is two options - 1st - %%% it up and keep playing 2nd go pla dota :D
Oh god, DOTA2... talk about toxic, I took a support champ and was forced to mid against a high level mid hero AFTER I took support items, then flamed for sucking mid, and raged at the rest of the match... a Lina vs Furian mid in DOTA2 , yeah that works especially when you bought the support stuff for your team. Denial is a sod of a mechanic.
Mini0n (EUNE)
: Kayle new skin
Her new re-worked default skin is nightmare fuel...have you looked under than mask, I aint seen nothing scarier in any game, gives me the shivers... she is more scarier than Morg tbh.
: I think the dev's and balancing team don't have the time to focus on TT. Therefore it is much easier removing than fixing it. I believe if TT got half the attention SR were getting then it would've been a super fun game mode. There was a time I preferred TT above SR, but that was on the old map. Damn the good old days.
Thats the thing nobody expects special TT treatment, they are just worried the mode will be removed, same with ARAM... you dont balance for those, let the players enjoy it.
Thilmer (EUW)
: Can we adress toplane balance already?
Not true, if you win the lane you can roam and impact other lanes, Top is not just about pushing top and winning, you have options like roaming or have priority in lane so your jungle can invade, these are good outcomes and win matches. Think how often a pro team relies on top to get the winning lane, hell any winning lane is good including top. Use that to win the game.
Jasuo (EUW)
: Twisted Treeline has to stay
I may not play 3 v 3 Treeline but yes I think it should stay, there are plenty of players that love that mode, and not as a fun mode only, please do not take away this option. I play mostly Aram and try get back into SR, my point here is some players will play one mode and try play another, without the ARAM or 3v3 players may not ever bother with LoL again. For many its a easy entry back into LoL so.... I put my vote into keeping 3v3 and ARAM, these modes lead players back into LoL.
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: Vlad is weak earlygame? Not like he literally can stall lane for free by being on of the safest champs in the game and having perma sustain which allways keeps him above 80% hp. The only champ that can reliantly stop is stall is kled with the 60% sustain restrict on his Q.
Vlad is one of the weakest early game champions, his sustain is on a long CD at early levels, and he poses very little kill pressure in lane for his Jungler to assist, its not to say he cant kill you but comparably he is weak early game... I cant think of anyone weaker early game than him as a DPS.
: > [{quoted}](name=SANEakaIN,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=vpQOZoRY,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-08-04T19:30:49.047+0000) > > They are not weak champions even early game but are weaker than say a Renekton {{champion:58}} , who is a early game champion that falls off late game. > They are not weak per se, but not as powerful as proper early game champions. They are not as strong as renekton as in your example, but they can pull it off and manage to win quite easily. Usually if they survive the 1st 4 levels with a good amount of health they can %%%% you up after.
Same as botlane, or mid.... there are champions that are not considered early game, but you would never call a bot lane Kaisa weak would you. Some like Vlad are demonstrably weak early game but grow to be monsters late, but that is actually the exception... most are weaker early but not actually weak, unless compared directly to a strong early game champion, even then you cant dismiss them as weak.
: Which toplaner also feels like:
Doesn't a Top Laner have a option to push lane and roam mid as well or move into the enemy jungle to ward ? Top isn't just about your lane, unless you are only playing tank and farm under your tower until mid - late game where you then shine as the frontline.
: Why are most "Late game" champions allowed to be strong early game?
They are not weak champions even early game but are weaker than say a Renekton {{champion:58}} , who is a early game champion that falls off late game. They are not weak per se, but not as powerful as proper early game champions.
: can someone please explain why i always get autofilled to jungle.
I get autofilled to jungle all the time, and I cant jungle but when I go blind I am left jungle anyway or if I try draft another role the wait time is loooong, so I autofill and try my best to jungle... ... my Olaf jungle is coming along, I rarely die to raptors now :P
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