: Kayle, the mistake
EDIT: Sorry you said Kayle ... she is weak early game, like Vlad, weaker now you cant use Klepto to gain levels in skill and get to level 16 early, she has been nerfed out of the pro meta, and sort of lesser in other lanes at the moment. She needs levels to do anything, and she is a late game bloomer, like Jax...weak 80% of the match then she is dangerous... like Jax, but barely chosen because G2 and other made early game power a must, rarely 40 min matchs now, G2 will kill you in 20-30 min. So Kayle is like Jax but harder to get to, so she is weaker than Jax tbh. Kayne is still weak, to pro's and players that understand him. Lux ultimate is basically the same, it is her main pull... otherwise she is weaker late game. I know I used to main her ( I prefer her ) now it seems I main Wukong ( who is not my prefered main) . Guys dont be too fast to get scared of a champion.... all of them are situaltional...even pro level high priority. Lux was a troll pick for ages, now she is suddenly a pro support ?!? Its due to nerfs to the other supports, Lux ulties a lot but her ulti is not as team orientated as the other, its a line ulti that many skilled players can evade, not a game changer. Point is: If the pro's cant find the exploit... we cant, and Lux is not a high DPS priority.,.. somewhat support vs Rakan, yes but not a game changer mid.
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: > [{quoted}](name=SANEakaIN,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=dFGytnmF,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-07-06T23:31:43.938+0000) > > None of the core parts have changed ? > > Are you f**king st*pid ? The jungle has changed, the lanes have changed, the f**king towers have changed... d-uh nuthin chang...d-uud. Jeezus that is so st*pid !!! > > What do I want ? > Basic respect for other humans ? I mean if you are beating your opponent easily, what do you gain from rubbing it in all the time... hey a bit of trash talking is cool, but to rub it in when your enemy is obviously folding is... just sad. > It may be just me, and yeah I get it putting my sense of honour as a standard is stupid, but I take a easy win as a bad game for me as I dont play just to pad my stats, I want a challenge so I dont trash my opponents... I say gg at the end and leave, thats my trash talk. None of the fundamentals of the game have changed. The only thing even remotely close to that that was changed is that targeted damaging abilities now draw aggro.
Since I last played SR : + The jungle. it now has all these wierd plants animals. + Towers, these plates, and some towers have different attacks + Lanes have different attack lines due to jungle + Lanes have more priority due to armour plating Just this lot changes the game a lot, unless you think 3 lanes 5 champions and minions is the core game, it has changed a lot man, I am saying that as a old school player, pre 30 + leveling, before the world GFX update, I played when runes was a thing, then masteries...then this new 'keystone' thing. I was there when Ziggs was a new things, then URF happened. Old days, now its hard to catch up.
: > [{quoted}](name=SANEakaIN,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=dFGytnmF,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-07-06T22:41:28.420+0000) > > but it seems the game has .... moved on beyond my ability to return. What do you mean? None of the core parts of the game have changed. Like, at all.
My apologies for my previous reply, it was not called for. I do still say the game has changed a lot, yes even at the core but my tone was not called for, again I apologise for that.
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: > [{quoted}](name=SANEakaIN,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=WUVgJWRc,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-07-06T20:40:42.465+0000) > > I beg to differ, I used to easily drop a stun Tibbers on enemies, charge up and then shield -> Tibbers, stunned enemies and lots of damage, but now every time I use the stun Tibbers, no stun. > > I will try again, and make sure the stun is up, no fancy shield flash tibbers , just stun up and drop tibbers on someone. > I am sure it wont work, but I have been wrong plenty of times before :) I checked Annie's patch history and her ult never stunned by itself, it was always just the passive. I went into practice tool and tried it; everything is working just fine.
I know that her Ultimate didn't stun, it was her passive but a few matches with her it seemed it didnt work right, so I checked the tooltip and it says Pyromania (her passive) triggers Enrage. I will try the stun tibber combo in game again and see how it works, and report but may take a while as I play 99% ARAM, I left LoL for a long while and the game has changed a lot... blast plants, scry plants, scuttles, honey pots ? WTH :P
: > EDIT: sEplilng si nto ym ebts. Hah - took me a while. Well played Sir, well played.
: Annie's Tibbers has never stunned. It's her passive and it does work on her ultimate as it always has. The enraged Tibbers was added as a buff to her.
I beg to differ, I used to easily drop a stun Tibbers on enemies, charge up and then shield -> Tibbers, stunned enemies and lots of damage, but now every time I use the stun Tibbers, no stun. I will try again, and make sure the stun is up, no fancy shield flash tibbers , just stun up and drop tibbers on someone. I am sure it wont work, but I have been wrong plenty of times before :)
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: Am I Just Not Getting TFT?
Curious, is this a mode or another game, should it not be put out as another game instead of a mode ?
Viavarian (EUW)
: In case you haven't noticed, more than 80% of champions can't be played the way they were meant to in ARAM, it's not like Qiyana is any exception. There is only a handful of poke mages where ARAM gameplay isn't really that much different to how you would play them in a SR match, but basically every other champion is only a shadow of what they could be in a real match. That's what happens when you draw a straight line on paper and call it a map.
Be honest where in SR would you as a coach for example put her ? In ARAM there is no champion that cannot use a skill in ARAM, there are a number where its basically useless but you can use the skill... like Bards portal, useless most of the time but you can use it at least... Qyiana cant even use her river element even if its useless... thats kinda unique.
Shamose (EUW)
: > Did you even think of the other modes when you designed this champion ? Lmao no. What do you think? Aram is just a fun mode and Riot never cared about 3v3.
Calling it a 'fun mode' is not an escuse. Lets be real here she aint even good in SR... who has time to run back to the river to cast a single slow, then run back to 'recharge', and she is melee... and as tanky as a AFK Annie. She cant solo a lane unless you really outskill your opponent, she cant carry as she has no way to get to the backline really, and she cant be a bruiser because she is squishy, she cant even jungle or support really. A pro can force her to work but not vs other pro's. What is her role ? Support ? Nope no peel or sustain for her or her ADC, no CC either unless you are near the river. Bruiser ? Hell no, too squishy no sustain and no range. Jungle, nope as she has no real CC or sustain. ADC, ahh no way... a AD Annie is worth more. Mid ? Nope she has no kill priority... you can jump on and start to lay in the hurt but she lacks the execute, even with the earth element Q. Either she needs to be tanky, or she needs range... at the moment Yi and Trynd have her beat, and they are not pro level picks.
Infernape (EUW)
: >Did you even think of the other modes when you designed this champion ? Why would they? Champions aren't balanced around anything but Summoner's Rift from their creation.
So Treeline(3v3) and ARAM are not officially supported ? since when ?
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Fajerk (EUW)
: Unfortunately it's not that simple
You are not in a position to say, nor am I to be honest but none the less it is the lesser of two evils to say it going to take a few hours if you are not sure the fix can be minutes rather than string your clients along for a lengthy ride, bore clients can exercise thier active imaginations and make up far more worse reasons for the failure than straight up answers... I would rather say we messed up and the game is down for 8 hours than let my clients guess for 8 hours.
: Servers are up - you may now start queuing
a tad better than the 32 hours :P
Fajerk (EUW)
: Nobody really ever states what is the cause of the issues. And there is a status. > The platform is currently unavailable while we perform emergency maintenance. Essentially it means that they are going to restart the platform, which means few hours downtime.
Not usually, a restart is expected to resolve issue quickly as it is deemed a issue with the software not loading in correctly after a patch, you restart to clear the memory.. or there was physical reasons, like the HDD failing but in any business there should be some RAID involved in a real time scenerio, which should be easy to replace the HDD and build the RAID back up. Software issues means a longer time to fix the code, test and then publish it. In either case it should be plausable to at least inform the players it will take minutes or hours.
Shamose (EUW)
: I mean you have a status. What does it matter to us what the problem is when we can't do anything about it?
It matters in the sense if the issue will be resolved soon, or take a few hours, in the case of a few hours I can go play another game and give up on LoL for the evening, if its minutes I can watch a VOD and then try login. I just want to know if we can reasonably expect to play tonight, or not.
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: community be like when rito decides to give compensation for recent server issues.
a bit of old skool rito grieving : " UE server down. Gieve NA RP " :P From the old forums :D
: Am I the only one who's blocked in the log in screen?
It is a anti spam screen, if you try a few times and the server is unable to log you in it gives you a bs eta to keep you from spamming, the issue has been ongoing for over 2 hours now.
Ργke (EUW)
: ***
> [{quoted}](name=Ργke,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=sR948HOQ,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2019-06-30T18:46:00.588+0000) > > uhh check server status ? The same comment is there from 2 hours ago, no update nothing.
Ργke (EUW)
: ***
> [{quoted}](name=Ργke,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=sR948HOQ,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-06-30T18:43:16.639+0000) > > its anti spamm stop pressing log in button so they fix faster How do we know when they have fixed it if we do not try play ?
: I can't log in patch
Same here, but its a known issue and they are working on it... at least according to the fault button. LOL I am in a queue, position over 2000 , eta 32 hours :P
: Just remove Yuumi from the game please
Hmm, you may not of saw the match where a Poppy completely shut down a Yuumi, it was a murder and the Yuumi was the victim. Poppy counters Yuumi rather well so this brings Poppy back into the pro scene. This is a good thing.
: You're obviously in very low ARAM mmr I feel like melee champs are badly regarded in lower ARAM mmr cause people at that mmr don't know when to go in and when to stay away so they just be eating a shit ton of unnecessary damage and end up dying when they actually need to go in A good frontline is basically essential in ARAM, the team that has no frontline is most likely gonna lose
I may be low MMR but not due to my not wanting to tank, I will often roll into a tank in the team needs one, just I am much better as a mage or ADC, a lot better. I used to be a Lux main and she is my fave mage but due to ARAM I am a Wukong main statistically these days. I wreck as Varus or Ashe, even AD Kai'sa or Miss Fortune... most ADC's. I am now a decent tank as well, I tend to go in and fade out as needed.
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Iakovia (EUW)
: How random IS Aram?
Not very, for one it definetly makes you play Free champs more often, and it will not remove champs you already played from the tab, plus I seem to get the same pool of champs all the time despite having over 100 ... certain pool gets more attention than others, I got to 'main' certain melee champs, despite my preference being ranged ADC or mages.
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: Insane idea : Honour your enemy
Havent seen a real reason against this yet... Trolls ? They honour each other in game anyways. Key frags, they are dime a dozen already. I just want a positive way to appreciate a enemy most leave chat as soon as the match is done so.... a honour is a nice way to say gg. How could it be abused, or more abused than honour a teammate ? Groups honour themselves by default anyways, and I have never noticed a match with one clan on each side so the chances of honouring a friend on the enemy for the hell of it is low and less than the chance to honour a mate in your group. Basically honour is already abused by clanmates and groups so its not a major deal if they honour a enemy. Trolls dont want anyone to win so they wont honour randoms. I say its just another way to honour players you thought did well, even if they are the enemy.
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: What the hell happened to this game?
Not to be nasty but... Gnar in pro, takes a win, counters a few top laners. Lux mid in a game, wins lane and adds a tonne to team fight. My point: Meta dictates best champs until someone takes a none meta and wins. M5, we remember you mates.
: Oh no...you have to wait 3 mins for a match - what a tragedy. Try playing D2+ soloQ on EUNE at 3AM. You wait 25mins for someone to lock in cleanse ghost zilean jungle for being autofilled and you lose 3LP while having to wait 5 more mins, then 25 more.
Read the post properly. I am not saying OMG I have to wait 3 min, I am saying during that wait 6 - 10 matches were not accepted. I am saying when you do get a match someone dodges at the LAST second. How can you defend this ? You like waiting for a match to proc and not get accepted, or get accepted and dodged at the last second... sorry mate but this sounds a bit off, yeah ?
: ARAM - Players who do not accept matches, and dodgers - punsihment.
How can you disagree, I am NOT talking about waiting 3 - 5 minutes for a match, I am talking about getting 4- 6 matches and they are not accepted. I am talking about players who accept a match then at the LAST second go ... nope. How is this excusable ? This is like saying yeah he is a cheater, but he is bad at the game and needs the help... would you defend this ? I mean I personally would take the toilet break BEFORE queuing for the match as I cant tell if the match would proc before I get back from the toilet, and I personally will look at the ARAM mess that is a team and choose to help the team. Why defend players that queue then go do something, or players that wait for the last second then dodge ? I would dodge within 10 seconds of the match up, personally.
Vívíd (EUW)
: Shaco makes me sad
Skins yeah, rework no...knowing Riot they will rework the mad jester into a tank or something weird...aaack support :*
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aizekor (EUW)
: Tips on getting an S grade on Tristana
I aint a pro ADC, or even a good Trist but she is mostly a late game champion, focus on getting CS and levels, at late game her range is good and by using her jumps resets you can be rather mobile as well just her early game is weak and you will get destroyed by the likes of Draven and Kalista early game. That's my lot for tips, rather basic but that's Trist in a nutshell... she gets ranged late game, and resets her jump on kills. Oh, and try not use her e to harass, you need the explosions to push minions, unless you plan to keep the minions at a certain range then use E to get rid of the explosions in the minion wave by putting bombs on the enemy support or ADC (just watch that range).
: > [{quoted}](name=SANEakaIN,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=dOMmA7gJ,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2019-04-11T21:22:45.427+0000) > > Because these champions, especially Teemo benefit from a single lane. > > Come now how many ARAM's have you played when your team simply do not take the vision and lose a large part of their HP to shrooms ? > I have played over 2000 matches, and the number of times I have seem my tanks die to shrooms, and as a ADC try help but when I spot 'em my tanks have eaten 'em already... or I die to being too far forward. Not many. Pretty much everybody I've ever played in the past...I'd say four years or so has bought Oracles whenever they've the spare gold if Teemo's on the other side.
My experience in well over 2000 matches say otherwise... either I ADC or tank take the needed items or we lose, and more often we lose we if I am the ADC, not due to my lack as ADC ( I aint pro but I am not a noob) ... I even say take vision or lose and well you know what pugs are like. Thats the issue pugs, and aram in all about pugs.
: Klepto is such a coinflip rune that it makes me really sad.
Isn't RNG part of the game... crit chances and stuff ?
Madnasher (EUW)
: but without his shrooms half his kit is negated. 300 gold, use it when he hits level 6 if youre going into bushes alot, or just force the minions to path in different ways. Seriously, teemo is one of the least broken aram champs. Lux, Pyke, Syndra, Yi, Brand, Sion, Maokai all have a bigger case for being removed from ARAM than teemo or karthus. Karthus has a long ass cooldown on his ult, and teemo has half his kit negated by a single potion.
Lux, Pyke, Syndra, Brand, Sion and Maokai can be dodged, Yi is nasty yes, but his kit requires him to be in melee range, his Q often puts him in range of danger... you can move to evade or mitigate these, Teemo and Karth pretty much demand you buy X or die. Example I see 1 magic damage and 4 ADC's , I will prioritise armour and health and try evade the magic damage... with Teemo or Karth you need to buy x item or die...regardless of the team composition. like I said I find them fine champions but in ARAM they are not proportional to a normal Rift match, single lane benefits them too much, in my opinion.
: ARAM: Some Champions should be removed
Look I get it, its fun as Teemo or Karth in ARAM, but seriously those 2 are given more power in a single lane, especially Teemo, you cant deny that. I am simply suggesting something that will benefit the mode, ARAM will be much more fun sans these champions. I am only suggesting this in ARAM mode, not the whole game... I mean Riot has already nerfed HP regen so Swain, Mundo and the likes are already nerfed heavily in ARAM. Why not remove Teemo and Karth as they do force the opposing team to buy x items regardless of skill.
: Odd that you'd pick on Teemo & Karthus and not Lux and Sona. Either way, this is a ridiculous idea and would only serve to kill this **RANDOM** mode. Seriously, why do people always overlook that aspect of the mode?!
Because these champions, especially Teemo benefit from a single lane. Come now how many ARAM's have you played when your team simply do not take the vision and lose a large part of their HP to shrooms ? I have played over 2000 matches, and the number of times I have seem my tanks die to shrooms, and as a ADC try help but when I spot 'em my tanks have eaten 'em already... or I die to being too far forward.
Madnasher (EUW)
: it costs only 300 gold to effectively make teemo useless....
300 per pot, it can cost over 1000 gold in matches, lets be honest it costs quiet a bit to counter a champion who does not need to spend more than they would normally. I think the banning system is bad, it slows down the whole game, and make dodging even more toxic than it already is. Remove those 3 and the games will proceed smoothly in my opinion, tbh.
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Smerk (EUW)
: > Why are you still using the adobe launcher They don't, adobe launcher was scrapped many years ago > No Dx10 yet ? What's the point? your ARAM complaints are also a joke, so I won't bother explaining
If they are not using Adobe anymore, why the 2 program system then ? When they scrapped Adobe they made the deliberate choice to stick with 2 programs for LoL ? It is clumsy and prone to crashes when one program is launching another in the same game, the number of players I see stuck at the fountain, a few times the game failed to launch the actual game program ( then told me I left the group), why ? Dx10 can and often does work better for Dx10 cards than downgrading to Dx9, and with Dx10 they can add some nice graphical touches that wont effect the gameplay flow, but enhance the experience of those with the hardware. Disregarding points as jokes and refusing to explain why is often the refuge of those who cannot dispute said points, so pretend its so obvious that only a ignorant person would fail to see the obvious. ARAM players leaving is a pain for the players trying to play, some players start a queue then go off to do other things and react too late to accept the match, I have had at time up to and probably more than 5 time in a single queue. The worse offenders are those who leave when you dont instantly hand over your champion, then they wait for the last second and leave. I know, its silly right but still it is done. I like to re-roll to try get a champion to fill a role missing in the team, very often I end up with teams of all melee and I try re-roll a ranged option, but only get more melee, surely it is not game changing to add a percentage chance to not role a simular type (champions are sorted by type, even if the meta doesn't agree with the sorting at times). How is it a bad thing to let the developers know about a players experience, its not like I was swearing at them or doing a 'rito' post demanding stuff, just laying on my feedback... take it or leave it Riot :P
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: I dont think they're bother either way. there's no(not a lot)new players joining so having smurfs is alright as they wont be playing with newbies
Other than make you buy a verified account, there is very little Riot can do, all too easy to make a new e-mail addy and then a new account. In other words as long as its free to make a account, its impossible to stop smurfs, so you can only just accept it and move on to the next match.


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