: Actually the french boards have been removed in favor of a dicord server
Well didn't know that... -.-'' Sad to hear. I guess it wasm't used much.
: Demande d'unban
Donc, d'après ce que j'ai compris ... vous avez une interdiction de 14 jours, et c'est votre 13ème jour ... vous devez attendre un autre jour. Pas moyen de raccourcir votre interdiction. Google translate... gheez.. hope you can understand that. Or plain and simple - no way to lift your ban earlier. Sry Btw you got a french board, for french language. I don't want to be racist, but this is the german part, but english works fine as well. But you can't expect that all people here can understand french.
: alistar free skin
XShadowLife (EUNE)
: i cant get in a game after champ select and i have to reinstall everytime i open my pc
: Is there a way for me to be unbanned? Please read this Riot.
So i'll keep it simple...no. You admit account sharing so, that alone will keep your account banned. You could've done it, if you didn't post this on the forums.... and instead writing a ticket to the support, with your account got stolen. Maybe that would've got your account back. If you really could prove that this wasn't you. But now, since a few read this already and maybe a rioter itself you won't get it back. Sry buddy. Never ever share your account details with anyone.
Vordo (EUNE)
: Does that mean you have to ask riot about any or every program you have running while playing league? That is nonsense.
Well if you want to be sure, you need to. Otherwise you could end up with opening the client and got banned for 3rd party programm. I would ask for every single shit, because if i would get banned because of it, i can rewoke that ban, since i got the permission in the first place. Its better to play safe then risk the account for nothing...
Vordo (EUNE)
: Why should you even have to ask? Why is this even a question? You can change your voice even without programs. Should i be banned if i go up/down an octave? What the actual ffffff...?
Why? Because some program will cause the anti cheat engine inside League to trigger. Like with Cheat Engine. Its not interact with the league client but if you got it open while starting a game, you can't connect or reconnect to a game. So nothing harmfull in that case, but still you don't know how the client is gonna react to it.
: Inting is not bannable?
You could write an addional ticket to the support to take a review on him and maybe he get a punishment manually. But lets say, his average match history shows, why the instant feedback system may not triggered. But its kinda odd, because do you have such high deathcounts in gold? I mean i'm in silver and my average deathcount is usually lower. but ok, enough of that. Because you include a direct link to his match history, i can't say much, because naming is not really alowed on the boards. So people can take a neutral look on such cases. So the only good way is now, to write a ticket and well let Riot take care of it. And if any automatic answer will come, ask for a human response. So you can be sure.
iaapvper (EUW)
: who tf cares about tft?
Since we got the issue, because of it- quite a lot people including me. I'm looking for something new, and being a fan of "same old shit"... well no thanks
: Can you get banned for usin clownfish
Somethimes streamer using voice changer for example Spazie who quit league. But he didn't got punished. You could ask the Riot support just in case. and keep that ticket in mind if they say yes and you got banned for using 3rd party software. That would be 1 way to overrule them. Ask first but it should be allowed i don't see any reason why it shouldn't
duxdujedux (EUNE)
: Can I get unban please?
Your account is gone forever - and no way of getting it back only if it was banned by a mistake. It can happen since we don't know the reason. And btw Accounts worth nothing. Because nothing on an account will belong to you.
Gouldoth (EUW)
: another player that doesn't know that in a company there is always someone that decide where to invest the money. So if the techical staff have has less money than other staffs, it's becouse someone decide that
Who do you know that? Do you work for Riot? I guess not - so you know nothing. I'm around for so many many years, and you are around since S7. So you know shit about the company. Riot has done so many stuff for the comunity - so players like you can still play their game for free. They could charge you money for every single month you want to play - i would pay it and so many other players would also. You know why? Because we love this game. I don't like some decission Riot had made recently but it doesn't mean i dislike the company. No real server issue in the last 5-6 Years. Just 2 major Problems - Clash and now with tft. SO if you can do that for so long as well - keeping the Server not just this one from EUW but EVERY server world wide online 24/7 every single day of the week, for a couple of years, then you can start talking shit. If you can't - then you got no idea what they are doing and where the money WE spend is going. You are just mad because you couldn't do or play something else in the mean time. You just needed to vent some anger on the boards - which is sad and low. If you don't like how Riot is handle their own company then leave. If you think riot is to focused on money and not a good dev, then leave. I could go on and on, i make it short so even you can understand it. Riot handles the game quite good for 10 Years and come a long long way. IF you don't like the way how its run, then look for another game and leave. Just complain about a f2p game, which can hold its place against so many other games. Leave the game then and never look back. If you can accept Riot handle everything then don't complain. You can't complain about something you don't pay for.
Gouldoth (EUW)
: Hello from EU
And again another player who doesn't get it that the part of Riot working for skins, is not the same as the one working on bugs and another one working on the server, EUW server are fine, just to many players who wants to login and start a game at the same time. Get over it, and maybe get another game running execpt for league or a real life that would be nice
: Ty, I'll try this and hopefully I'll get less toxic players. Although somehow a talon said that I threw a game when I was on 6/5 and he was on 9/13. Proves that 90% of the league community are %%%%s, a bit like cat dog pig cow
90% is very generous tbh.... but there are a few players out, who see League as what it is. A videogame. Well i hope that was your last punishment, and i trully believe in you. So good luck, and the most important thing in league - have fun.
: Stop supporting League Of Legends until...
Sayyid121 (EUW)
: Where are the fun game modes?
Its not a copy. They created tft from scratch with just 30 people. Riot took some ideas but thats how the gaming industry works. And i don't want URF back. Riot could let URF and there mutants burried for good. Last time it was to long. And RIot listen to the feedback of players thats why we got TFT.
Sayyid121 (EUW)
: You would expect better from a billion dollar company.
What i expect from Riot they deliver in every single way. Servers are up and running for 98% of the time, 24/7 365 days straight. Now we got some issue, but still nothing really to complain about. You can complain about EA and there Lootbox system and stuff, but Riot - they don't charge you for anything.
: So, realistically, mute everyone and don't say anything in chat and ure safe?
More or less yes. If you don't afk or intentional feed, sure. You are safe then. For the most stuff ingame you can use the pings. You can abuse them as well with spam, but i don't think you would do that after this. And mute the chat is 1 option, but for example a gj for a good gank or gg wp is surely not forbidden. Lets say if you joke with someone you can expect a chilled game, even if they or you don't play up to part. Somethimes if you admit that you play bad, most of us are pretty chilled afterwards. So don't be worrie about the chat, if someone starts flame, mute him. Don't talk back if you do, you risk something, depends on your choosing of words but so simple is the ban system for the chat.
: > You should know by now, that calling for reports is bannable. Rly? So that means that 60% of the players I play with should be banned (including me oof).
It is... i falls under "negative additude" - its not be a strong reason, but might trigger a perma after a 14 day ban. Every slight offense could trigger it. So even if it is in good intention it could back fire really quickly. But in normal cases nothing will happen at least for while. In your case here, well like i said before it was the overall chatlog not only the report call
: Ekko mid is really strong (as an ekko main I should know this) so sry but it still doesn't answer my question. His top can still be viable but just not as much as it used to be. Ekko Jung got nerfed to the ground which is when I stopped seeing ppl use him Hi again btw
As an Ekko main, you should be able to deal with any champ. But i still think Sylas and LeBlanc are a better choice. Both champs got a better kit not only for the lane but for the overall team to work with. Ekko can stun sure - but so can tank supports as well. Besides his R ekko don't really got anything special anymore. Thanks to Sylas
: This may seem noobish to some people but....
Tbh Ekko was seen a lot before he got almost destroyed on top lane with nerfs. At this point there are better options than ekko in my opinion, but to be fair i would love to see more ekko on the rift. Azir and Aurelion are for me the weirdest and hardest champions to play with. And even to get a decent comp around them is hard enough
: Some clear insight into Riot's issues, and who's to blame for these issues.
I guess most people doesn't understand how those server are working. 24/7 every single day in the year. Its a freaking miracle they didn't crash earlier so first respect on Riots side to keep them up and in a good shape. So now the issue. It was the same on the PBE and during Clash both times... To many people try to login and try to start a game. Not only TFT but any gamemode. These Server can handle much more than PBE but still there is a point where they can't take it anymore. Riot never got such issue anymore since they move to Amsterdam. Exept clash.. but we all know that this is never going to work. So all people who complain about the server are part of the issue itself. I take a break or continue testing on the PBE. Riot should be able to fix it, but since they need to make sure this isn't going to happen again right after they put the server back online. That might take a while. After that is done, please think about the people working on the server to keep them up - and encourage them - not shit talk. They are just normal workers.
Sayyid121 (EUW)
: I wonder why riot employees aren't replying to my board post.
Why should they. Nothing but shit storm on the boards. Insteat of maybe a few words of encouragement or so. Player who are around since S1 or S2 are used to server issues which was common back in the day. But this is the real first issue since Riot moved to Amsterdam. Clash was an exeption- and as soon it was removed server where stable again. But Riot wants to keep TFT so let them do their work and stop shiting on them. They could charge us monthly to play league. If they do that, i could understand all shit on the boards right now. But its a F2P game - so take a break, get out enjoy your Real Life or play on PBE - or play another game
Anubis Ra (EUW)
: EUW Server -> Riots Test Environment
Maybe they didn't need to since they moved to Amsterdam. They build everything there from scratch. Server worked since then perfectly fine exept for clash. So now we got a few problems, so what. PBE was in flames for the entire time. And sure EUW is the testing ground for now- got one of the largest playerbase. Let Riot time to get things done. And for the cost of the server.. I don't think that is that cheap to run such a big server. And its not only this one server. You need to pay every server from 1 bill. Pay employees, Marketing and yeah.. the pro's with the millions of worlds (well that can go). Before i make such bolt comments, with improvement i would like to see the cost of the entire server first.
: Riot give us 1 month of URF as compensation
For what compensation? Do you pay for anything to play on the server? If you do, well then you could ask for anything. And btw keep that shit URF in the graveyard for good. Enough of it. Last time was way to long...
: no worries. > in the client on the bottom right. Next to the Version number. Should be looking like a little bug ^^ I've played league for 5 yrs and never noticed this xD. ty. i just saw in your first comment about autofill that i should learn to play support. i get what u are trying to say, but i rarely get autofilled to support, always jog or adc, both f which i dont enjoy playing as much. so hopefully now u get why i hate autofill > So have a nice weekend and i hope you can play a few games without bugs and shit ^^ u2
I know what you mean about auto filled. When i play with 2 friends and we all take fill - i'm the one who gets adc and jgl -.-'' My other friend gets top, mid with fill.. thats really odd. I learned the hard way, in S3 that i need to play support because of ranked and normals. Well i did and fell in love with 2 Champs - Leona and Vel'koz. Vel'koz more or less because of Spazie who quit league a few years ago but i still hold my golden darn up high. But for the aautofill, Riot tried serveral option with Teambuilder and so on. And Autofill usually tries not to kick in but if the position you choose are mostly taken then you got maybe bad luck. In your promos at least you don't get auto filled - i know not helpfull because then you got the curse of the promo.... And we only got the bug report button since the new client was up. The old client didn't got that. Still miss the old Client - less fancy but stable and more practical.
: > 1st of all, to report bugs, the best way is to use the bug report button in the client itself. where? i found out how to quote
in the client on the bottom right. Next to the Version number. Should be looking like a little bug ^^ And btw feel free to the comment in the boards. Maybe i was a bit harsh, but i'm on the boards every single day - and we players try to help so many times. But complains are keep on coming and at some point its to much - and i didn't know that you were new to the boards. Well sry i guess we wern't the best impression. XD But hey take it easy - wasn't ment to be harsh. For me 7 Years of league - i saw many stuff and more shit going on then i ever wanted. Glad i never whitness the cleaver time. So hopefully you can understand the reaction now, but usually most on the boards are pretty chilled exept when it comes to punishments. XD So have a nice weekend and i hope you can play a few games without bugs and shit ^^
: Why no one plays Sylas?
He was hit quite hard in the last patches, and riot just buffed him. Give it some time until some people actually reading the patchnotes for so long. He is quite far down in the notes. But i can't say that i miss him. So wait for it. Riot is patching him around the pro scene...
: riot must be missing something
1st of all, to report bugs, the best way is to use the bug report button in the client itself. So for TFT, if it would been tested corect it still would crash the client -so nothing really to with the client or the gamemode. Server for EUW is quite big and powerfull, but it can't handle all players at once login in, and start tft at the same time. There was never ever something remotly close like this. So in a few weeks, the hype is resolved and euw will continue as it should. And during S1 - S3 this was a common thing. Server crashes, lags, slow client and so on. Not in that magnetude but still annoying. Autofill stays, because of the queue time. Learn to play support and you never get autofilled again. Simple. Supports never gets autofilled. And btw did you look rencently into the boards? There is nothing really productive going on. Most complains about tft, Perma bans which are undeserved apparently(and no they arn't), and so on. Just a few bugs. And before tft, matchmaking, bans and even more bans. So not many Rioters are watching the boards, and who can blame them. Post like your won't get there attention either. And for the last time, because some people don't get it... Champion Skins arn't in the same part like bug fixing, Client, TFT or any other stuff. Every part of Riot got a specific work to do. For example TFT was made from 30 People. Just 30 - so sure it itsn't perfect but program such gamemode into a game which exist already for almost 10 years. Instead of endless complains, let them do their work. At some point they could just say -%%%% it we shut down EUW/EUNE and done. Move the Teams from that region to NA and we're fine.
RayleighTT (EUNE)
: What kind of world is this ???
Well your name in the ticket might not help at all. but thats not the issue. And i dunno or care about for what you got banned. You got a right to get the answer you ask for in the ticket. I usually got no problems with the player support, but if it comes to player who got banned for being toxic the player support doesn't react as they should. They act the same way as people who got banned, and maybe it would help if they would talk nice to such players. It depends on the ticket sure, but in this ticket you shown, there was nothing really offensive... Thats really odd. Maybe a rioter could provide an answer here. Because now i'm curios - if we talk shit ingame, do we get talked back the same way? Which is like i said counter productive... so you get an upvote for this. And this might be important for everyone - not only player who got banned, but this might change the additude towards Riot.
: but i said nothing that is considered toxicity. if that's toxicity then what calling "idiot, noob, stupid, etc" are? im just saying facts in a very limited way. you are so wrong for some reasons. if my junglers says "report this imbecile bot lane" me being 2/2 and my adc 0/5, while that jungler did 0 ganks, ofc i give him an answer since im gettin reported for no reason, just bc i cant do anything on lane since my adc is way too weak. you even read what im saying?
You don't must be toxic, negative influence ingame via chat or actions is get you punished. If your mates arn't playing good, you need to encourage them to play better and not saying that they are bad. -.-'' This is what get you punished. You were overall negative - thats why it called "negative additude" under this point you can fit your entire chatlog. if you don't want to be positive towards your mates, thats fine as well - buit keep your hands from the keyboard.
: Someone explain me WHY??
Its not the worst chatlog we've got in recent history. But you were somewhat negative to your mates. > Cat Dog Pig Cow: with 10k points u cant be good with him there it starts. Masterypoints doesn't show the skill of a person. I saw plat 2 players with 500k mastery points champs, and the didn't play good at all. But you were negative towards your mate. > Cat Dog Pig Cow: imagine kha ganking bot Cat Dog Pig Cow: such free kills Cat Dog Pig Cow: but hes wasting his time with mid that part is just annoying and can have a negative impact on you mates > Cat Dog Pig Cow: dont forget to rep ezreal Cat Dog Pig Cow: int + afk You should know by now, that calling for reports is bannable. If your mates are see it on their own, they will report him. And it doesn't matter if 1 or 9 reports. It always count as 1 > Cat Dog Pig Cow: u fked up the whole game > Cat Dog Pig Cow: why u talkin? > Cat Dog Pig Cow: ur bad too cait Cat Dog Pig Cow: but ez is just worse Cat Dog Pig Cow: gg wp ez Cat Dog Pig Cow: imagine having adc :D how can you not see this behavior is wrong. Your punishment is absolut correct
Kaimetsú (EUW)
: TFT: How do i buy an arena skin?
https://nexus.leagueoflegends.com/en-gb/2019/06/dev-little-legends-in-teamfight-tactics/ There is everything on information what you can get at this time. Arena skins will come but take a bit more time
: My nickname is taken
What about the match history. When was you last match on that account. If you didn't play for so long, it should be in the history. Unless you didn't play since we got the new client. Maybe you should give the Support a try. The should be able to help you in this matter - shouldn't be to complicated to reload you friendslist at least.
: Can you get little heroes from loot boxes?
If you mean for tft, you get seperate boxes shortly. You can earn them with mission regarding TFT or buy them for RP. You get another submenu for it. So just wait a few more days -its only live for a couple of hours. Riot need to take a closer look on it, if everything works like intented.
FoNum (EUNE)
You don't get a punishment for being afk once. So you are being afk a lot to trigger that punishment. So you can't blame riot for that. ok you can but that is your problem in the end. You got punished and done next case.... Tbh the boards are quite like another tribunal. Maybe riot should insert a new mechanic into this. So people actually understand that most of the times, its their own fault to recive a punishment.
Roxãs (EUW)
: you can be afk in TFT and wont get punished. so you could soak afk exp the whole day for free stuff. nah, pls no xp in tft
Thats what i thought... Xp maybe only for the top 3 or 4 players... but in general no xp
: TFT: is this intended?
It was the same on the PBE so since the beginning. And maybe they change it. There are no mission or additional stuff to buy for now, so its just the gamemode on the Live server. Maybe they change it afterwards, but i wonder how do you want to give xp for this. I dunno how you want to balance that.
Salron88 (EUW)
: tahm kench over and over again till rito stops looking at porn and focuses on the game at hand.
Since this is now only pure spam, and nothing really to discuss, i gotta report this for spam. Its annoying. Tahm is fine - done
: I didnt mean to complain about it. I was just trying to get a little help because I dont really know how to deal with other people flaming me and stealing my lane I guess. Thanks for your answer! Next time I will just mute them, not use the chat, and report them after the game. And if someone steals my lane I will just go and support instead.
I know its hard, to ignore all the shit what is throwing at you in games. Most of us, dealing with this on a daily bases over years. For me, i play since s3 - and holy did i read a lot of shit. At some point you get immune to ignorant bullshit. Sry about my rant as well. Somethimes its hard to read all those complains about false bans and so on. I don't think that you are a bad person or a flamer. You just got the wrong people in one game, and that pushed you over the edge. if your chatban is over maybe we get in a match and see. ^^
: Why am I chatbanned for this?
Chatban for this? holy... those punishments really need to tighten. Instead of being glad you only got a chat restriction, nope you complain about it. And for the last time - It doesn't matter what others do to make you flame, rage and so on. You break the rules, you get punished -done end of story. Next time, mute them play the game, as you should, and report them after. Only and good way to deal with it.
: how do u respond to those dumb arguments?
Thats what i thought. It is pretty common these days to read such arguments in chat, but why does people always make a new thread about it. That is way dumber than the intinal comment in chat...
: Tahm Kench
For me there is an option missig - do nothing. Learn to play against it..or ban him. You can't nerf him for top lane if you want to keep his support role alive as well. If you nerf his q, then he is useless for either lane. Riot nerfed him in the wrong area. With the W nerf he vanished from bot lane. Maybe they could reverse it and nerf his q instead from base dmg. That would work for support role and make him weak on top lane.
: i mean dont try and act as if tahm kench top isnt broken or atleast toxic to play against
It is not really fun, thats true. But usually its either Morde, Tahm or Aatrox. Somethimes Riven or Nasus shine on the spot. But besides Tank Karma, Klepto Victor, Off Tank Ekko just to name a few really toxic picks on top - tahm is the last problem for me
: Nerf zoe
how about a no as an option..
Zanador (EUNE)
: If you mean the menu in the lobby where you can select champions for roles, then Riot does not make that list. It is based on what the players choose often recently. If we decided that everyone of us goes out to play Nami jungle for a while, we could put her on the list as a jungler.
Oh ok. Thats something i didn't know. I thought Riot change them at the start of a season, on positions played last season.
: Pick and ban in ranked.
We wanted more bans and this is what we got. I prefer the ban system for the Pro's. So kinda what you like to have
Zanador (EUNE)
: Well, coz he is a mage, not a support. He will not heal his ADC, won't give him shields, and has very little utility that would save the ADC against a ganking LeBlanc, Ahri or Zed for example. Nevertheless he is a valid pick, but his job is about ruining the day of the enemy duo. He works very well against real supports like Nami, Janna or Soraka, because he has enough damage to overcome their heals and shields. So he really is not a support, but he still has an important job on bot lane and he can make his teammate's life a lot easier especially against healers and aggressive duos.
Vel'koz was marked as a support last season. Like yasuo is marked as adc... dunno why. So its kinda weird why Riot removed him from that position
An Pornstar (EUNE)
: chat restricted for 9 games
Chat restriction is very very kind for you.... it would be funny if there would be no chat logs at least once... then you can say, you got banned for no reason...
Salron88 (EUW)
: kench top.
In league of graphs its clearly shown that tahm got some counters, but most of them arn't usuall top laner. So tahm isn't one either. Think around the corner. Winrate at Diamond and above is just about 52% which is fine. Banrate isn't that high with 18.1%... counters at this time are Neeko, Yasuo hey and even Gnar... didn't know he still exist. We got so many post of this but Riot doesn't change him in the PBE.. so i guess he is fine. And its a bit difficult to nerf him for top lane, but don't destroy him complete for any other position like support. And for example, Mordekaiser sits on a 72% banrate and even Yasuo is still at over 40%.
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