: Normal games matchmaking in nutshell
I played with the soon to be rank 1 soloq player and gold in the same game...
DMikaaa (EUW)
: Do you guys have fun in ranked? (and why?) I like winning games and improving my gameplay, but I play this game to have fun. (Cause thats where games are for right?)
I don't play ranked all the time, but overall it's much more satisfying to win a ranked game, since the enemies are doing their best to win. I play to win since I have much more fun when I win. Ranked is the fastest way to improve as well. Ranked is much more ''serious''. You have to play your best champions and concentrate on winning. If you haven't played the game for that long, I would recommend playing normals a bit longer. Not to be rude, but this game takes a long time to get good at and you will most likely end up in bronze or silver, which isn't that fun.
Clapper (EUNE)
: Gathering Storm
It's the total. It works like this: 8*(1+2+3+4...) for each 10 minutes. Btw, gathering storm is not really a good rune currently since 30 minutes is where you get real value out of it, and games are super short right now.
Demenzial (EUW)
: Azir
Learning Azir is completely worth it. The entire reason for the rework was to make him playable in both casual and pro play, so they won't gut him for soloq. His skill floor is actually not that high anymore, you can have a lot of impact with him even with mediocre mechanics. Azir is generally a safe pick, and he has a pretty good matchup against Yasuo and Talon that people play a lot. I picked him up after the rework and got to diamond 5 from plat 3 with 66% winrate. Even if they nerf him a bit, you can achieve a lot of success with him if you're good. He has a solid laning phase, a beast midgame, and a solid lategame.
elin990 (EUW)
: You can only play 3 champs for the rest of your LOL life, who would it be?
{{champion:268}} - My current main, he has a massive skillcap and is fun to play. {{champion:61}} - Another of my best champs, she is safe and never falls out of meta. {{champion:117}} - My go-to support pick, she is always useful and has lane pressure and great synergy with many adcs.
elin990 (EUW)
: Whats a good but easy ADC?
Just play Miss fortune and build lethality. She's a great laner with the Q damage, and can carry teamfights with a single well placed ult.
elin990 (EUW)
: How much normals before going ranked with a champ?
This is different for each elo and champion, and how quickly you learn them. I would recommend playing until you feel confidence playing the champion, especially when it comes to csing, trading patterns and teamfighting. Overall skill is more important than individual champion skill in ranked. No matter what you play, shotcalling, positioning, decisionmaking etc. stays mostly the same from one mage to another, or two tanks. You need to spend a longer amount of time if you are learning a new type of champion. For example, I learned Azir quickly after the rework and played him in ranked after ~10 normals. My mechanics with him were not that great, but I knew everything else you want to do as a dps mage, so I still managed to carry with him. However, if I played Zed instead after 10 games that would not work, since I've played mostly mages all the way from season 3.
zxwmaxPTz (EUW)
: any recomendations on high elo mid/jung streamers ? also i thank you for taking your time to comment.
Shiphtur streams almost every day, he's a good midlaner to watch. Arcsecond used to go mid/jungle, lately I've seen him mostly jungle. Look for pro players like Bjergsen and Froggen as well. It's best to not go to the most popular streams(like nightblue3) since the chats are completely spammed and they never answer questions. Nightblue3 especially often smurfs in lower elo, so you won't learn that much from watching him.
zxwmaxPTz (EUW)
: i need some help
I would recommend focusing on what you could have done better each game. Forget the mistakes your team did, they do not matter. I would recommend using the practice tool to practice champion mechanics(find all flash combos you can use with your abilities etc). I've upscaled the map in settings to force myself to pay more attention to it. Also, look up some high elo streams and pay attention to how they play.
I actually don't think she's that broken. Even though her damage is high, it is single target, delayed, and overall unreliable compared to other mages. She is literally useless in lane if you stand behind minions, they block both her Q and E which is all her damage. I agree that she feels annoying to play against, but she's rather weak in teamfights and pretty much die if anyone gets in range to attack her lategame, since she has no escape and delayed damage. In lane she can be beaten by both poke and assassins with good gapclosers.
: There is this thing, where League is taking the worst route possible....
Personally I really dislike that emotes cost RP. Like, they are supposed to be used for communication, which impacts the game, so why does it cost real money?
Vealerius (EUNE)
: Item Concept: Gaze of the Astromancer
The cost is **way** too low for the value you get after a few stacks.
: Whats the hell is going on in normal draft
The matchmaking in basically nonexistant. I'm D5, and get matched with everything from bronze to challenger in the same normals.
Icepaw (EUNE)
: Damage levels
Duskblade was a big mistake. Putting a large amount of damage into the first autoattack, the damage that cannot be dodged, should never have happened. I also find it strange that only assassins have access to pen, like they want to make the game even more snowbally.
6Pac (EUW)
: Veigar needs a rework
Veigar isn't that bad honestly. His W is completely reliant on E or other CC to hit with the massive delay. E isn't that reliable either, you can dodge his W even if you are trapped inside it as long as he doesn't hit the stun. Veigars range is lacking, he has no mobility and mostly single target dmg. He's hard countered by cleansing his cage, if you have some defenses he cannot kill you since his W won't hit. Veigars early game is also rather weak since he will have Q on cooldown permanently and the rest of the skills are unreliable. Unlike Syndra, his ult scales with missing HP so you have to hit something else first unless you are ridiculously fed. I agree that his kit is simple, yet effective. However there is clear counterplay, and champions like Twitch, current Ezreal etc are much worse to play against.
: Why not take Comet? This damage is guaranteed to hit from Q, maybe even E. The cooldown is also much shorter, and you get better normal runes in the Sorcery tree. Activating Electrocute works a bit different than Thunderlords, this interaction is not a mistake. Instead of activating from 3 ticks of damage, it activates from 3 attacks, which can be any combo of abilities and autos. Overall it's harder to activate for most champions, even though it deals more damage.
You should test something like [this](http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/featured/preseason-update/8200-8229?build=21202362)
Ephires (EUW)
: Lux - Electrocute Feedback ( Not proccable with passive anymore )
Why not take Comet? This damage is guaranteed to hit from Q, maybe even E. The cooldown is also much shorter, and you get better normal runes in the Sorcery tree. Activating Electrocute works a bit different than Thunderlords, this interaction is not a mistake. Instead of activating from 3 ticks of damage, it activates from 3 attacks, which can be any combo of abilities and autos. Overall it's harder to activate for most champions, even though it deals more damage.
Antony9 (EUW)
: What are the best champions to one trick ? What champions do you recommend me?
: How was your Season ending?
I started maining Azir with the rework and got to Diamond 5 for the first time. Pretty satisfied with that.
: What's your ranked story this season? Where did you start and where did you end up?
Hold up! I'm still trying to get to diamond these last days of ranked. I currently have ~70 lp in plat 1, and I'm hoping for a winstreak to bring me the last bit. I've always mained mid, and at the start of the season I played mostly Viktor and Syndra, however, I soon figured that Viktor was really weak for soloq even when I played him better than any other champs. I started playing Ori all the time with good success. I didn't play ranked very actively though, and took a break from the game. During this, I decayed from plat 1 to plat 3. That's when Azir rework was released. I started spamming him in normals and had so much success with him that I played him in ranked after less than 10 normal games. I'm currently maining him and learning him better as I climb. Will update this post and tell you if I climb to diamond or not!
: Need help with learning Azir
You should check out the [Azir mains](https://www.reddit.com/r/azirmains/) reddit. Basically everything you want to know is there, and you can make another post if you want more information.
: Is the practice tool useful?
Personally I find practice tool to be really good at practicing champion specific mechanics. All combos and flash combos can be tested quick and easy, for example I recently used it to master Azir mid-Q ult shuffle, where I would die if I failed it in a real game. You can also practice CSing, jungle clearing, etc.
Nijelous (EUW)
: My Thoughts on Runes Reforged
I don't think the game will be more balanced/more champions viable though. The strong champions that also have good rune synergy will become broken and ruin for the balanced picks. It will take some time to make everything decently balanced with such a large change.
: The early game isn't the problem for me, definitely. What bugs me is the middle to late game. His damage just jumps to sky and beyond. xD
Well you shouldn't ever be in his range though, so why would that matter
: Optimal mid lane champion to play in higher ranks?
How are you struggling vs Ryze? He's literally half your range and quite weak early. From my own experience, Ryze players in plat elo aren't that great, and he's a weak soloq champion overall. I would not recommend playing Lux or Ahri in the current meta, they are countered too hard by all the healing, shielding and tanks. In this meta DPS and utility is generally the best for midlane. Azir is great once you get decent at him. I started playing him with the rework, and already carry most plat games. Orianna is also nice, and champions like Veigar, Taliyah, TF, and Syndra are good. Assassins can carry hard against the right team comps(squishy low peel) so it's smart to learn at least one. Keep in mind that the meta will be completely changed in preseason, look for champions with good rune synergies.
DeltaDan (EUW)
: Thats the problem :/ I'm too much of a nice ass. I don't like playing easy champs like Pantheon (Does Renekton take skill?) Thats why I try to learn champs like Azir, Camille, Fiora. But if playing easy champs in low elo is the only way im going to have a chance at winning then I'm going to have to fight fire with fire. {{sticker:sg-ahri-1}}
You shouldn't have any focus on if a champion is ''easy'' or not in bronze. The game itself is extremely complex, no matter what champion you play. General knowledge of the game and decisionmaking is more important than your mechanics. Just look at Annie Bot, he's got to master and challenger playing basically Annie only. Also, Pantheon and Renekton are not as easy as you think. Pantheon has a semi-global ult which is the core part to snowballing, and it's quite hard to use properly. Renekton has a ton of animation cancelling. Focus on improving on the game, play what suits you as long as it works, and you should climb out of bronze no matter what. Stop looking at your teammates for excuses behind your losses, see if you are playing better than the enemy with the same role as you, and ask yourself why/why not. Every time you do a mistake and is punished for it, try to realize what you did wrong and use it against your enemies later when they do the same mistakes.
DeltaDan (EUW)
: Why are easy champs so much more op than the skilled champs?
I feel like these champs lose effectiveness once outside of a 1v1 scenario. Azir is very strong right now btw. As a plat midlane player I don't have so much experience laning against these, but you should win by just picking a stronger duelist like Renekton or Pantheon and destroy them since most of these have a weak early lane. Especially in bronze you should be able to destroy the lane with a good early game pick and snowball the map.
: Yeah I observed that too. I feel like maybe his dmg should be down a bit midgame. He is a lategame hypercarry after all sooooo
Yeah I think a small base damage nerf would be acceptable, I would still play him. Remember that he's kinda weaker than before lategame due to shorter range though.
: Champs that just attract honor.
Honestly I got level 5 just by not flaming and saying things like gj team when we win fights. Mostly ignore/mute toxic people and you're good to go. If you want to comment your teammate say it in a positive way, like ''Last whisper would probably be a good buy now adc'', instead of ''%%%%%% adc still don't have last whisper against 3 tanks lol''
Vallalima (EUW)
: How do you beat champions with global ultimates?
Vs Tf you can go tp or ghost and use it to follow his roams. He's generally weaker than other mids in a fight since other midlaners have damage ults. Try to freeze the wave vs GP/Karthus since their best farm tools are aoe and will autopush. Karthus is really easy to kill both with a gank and solo, while gp is useless if you can kill his barrels before he q/auto them. It's also a good idea to go a great scaling champion since these can't punish you in lane.
Not xPeke (EUW)
: Why are Fighters building damage better assassins than actual assassins nowadays?
Riot has intentinally balanced assassins to have more counterplay(higher burst window). Additionally, assassins are generally designed around getting into a fight, deleting a target and getting safely back out. Fighters are supposed to stay in the fight and not wait for cooldowns. This means things like Lethality Riven, Jarvan and Wukong can delete you, but they are also rather easy to burst for the team. The main problem is Duskblade though, it gives a large targeted burst bonus to any champion so it can work as an assassin.
: Azir, thoughts?
His damage seems to be a bit overtuned, its good early, midgame and late. I would say he's stronger midgame than late now compared to before, since his range is shorter so you can get to him, and the ult is nerfed so you can dash through. 52% winrate is a bit high for an advanced champion. I would only give him a small nerf though, Azir players have been suffering for so long and Azir is such an interesting champion that he should be viable.
: Liandry and Void
Liandrys is better when they are rather squishy, and you want the extra hp. Void is good when they start building mr, especially if you are attacking their frontline in fights. % pen is worth more the higher mr they have. For a lot of mages you want both in your full build, since Void %pen is applied before flat pen.
: Thanks! I understand the importance of cs, I know I am bad at doing this and am in the process of fixing this. My problem lies with Snowballing, what exactly should I be doing? what should be my play style? what mind set should I have? and any other details... When I get a lead, I try to focus objectives and try to get everyone to group and pressure objectives and all that. But in bronze, there is no co-operation, so if someone decides not to group, I need to stay around him and make sure he isn't caught. But then someone else gets caught and then we lose. I don't know how to spread my advantage effectively and all that. Tried watching some guides but still can't seem to pull it of properly. Like I said, I win my lane like 80-90% of times, so if I can figure this out, I will be climbing fast, playing with better players and actually improving at the game.
Get top turret and then rotate to get bot and mid tower. Play aggro, but choose fights you can win. You want to play in a way that maximize your and the teams gold lead. Honestly though, as a Riven that's ahead you should be able to 1v2 or even 1v3 when playing against bronze players as long as you know her combos and execute them decently, while building decent items. Don't expect your team to do very much, but remember that the enemy team won't either. Lategame I see a lot of players throw in low elo(happens with plat and dia players too lol) by just running around randomly far too deep into enemy territory, outnumbered. Lategame, keep up vision, try to get picks, and most importantly shotcall for your team since they probably have no idea what they are doing. Use baron to get inhibs and finish the game. If you have taken botlane inhibitor for example, someone has to clear those waves. That means you can force a fight, baron or top inhib 5v4. You can splitpush the lane on the opposite part of the map where the current most important objective is, as long as you have tp up. If one comes to def, kill that champion, if several comes try to escape and ping the objective so your team can take it. If they engage on your team, either tp to them to win the fights or stay if you can get multiple turrets/inhib.
: Ryze getting strong?
He's pretty balanced, not worth a ban though. He's still weak in soloq and strong in pro play, just not completely useless anymore. The e cooldown nerf hit his early game hard, so even a pretty large buff to w did not make him that great unless you are super good at him and you team plays around your r.
: Thanks for your reply! My vision control is certainly very weak and I need a lot of work on it. I will try and follow your advice about getting wards each back. And as far as csing goes, I get about 60-70 cs in the first 10 minutes (or at least aim for 70) if we have moderate trading/farming balance. First I would like to know if this is good value or should I aim higher. As the game progresses however, I just can't go on side lanes or even in jungle to farm. My team mates are _constantly_ looking for fights for no clear reason whatsoever. If someone starts a fight in whichever team, everyone rushes to them in order to start a big team fight. And if I don't do the same, as per experience, my team just loses the team fight as I am usually one of the main damage source. TL;DR: How and when to split push and when to group when playing with people in Bronze?
Splitpush and TP when a fight is breaking out. If you deepward the jungle, then you will have time to escape if they try to collapse. You should group lategame if you don't have tp. If you do kill the top 1v1 later in the game, that's great. The enemy team will then lose all pressure 4v5. When it comes to cs, 100 cs per 10 is optimal, but some games you have to roam, give up some cs due to jungle pressure etc. Aim for ~80 or above. Just make sure you last hit properly and also time your recalls so you lose minimal cs. Edit: Remember that Riven is not really a lategame focused champion. The main way to win with Riven is to snowball a lot so they cannot deal with you and you can finish the game. It's important to impact the entire map when snowballing, not only does it help out the rest of the team but an opponent is also worth way less gold when killed multiple times in a row.
: Hardstuck Bronze - Need advice!
First off you need to improve csing. 15 cs is equal to a kill in gold, so in bronze you could get a huge gold lead just by csing properly. You also need to buy more wards, you currently buy 0 or 1 vision ward in each game when you should buy one pretty much every back. The kill participation is also rather low, you need to pressure the map when you get a lead. Use tp to join botlane/dragon fights in some situations. Also practice combos in sandbox mode so you are sure you can flash oneshot enemy squishies. If you do these things climbing out of bronze should be easy.
: 55% winrate Diamond 3. (298W 244L). 14 LP for a win, - 20lp for a lose?!?!
The mmr depends mostly on your winrate in recent games, not overall. Also, if you lose against lower mmr enemies it drops more. Your mmr is probably similar to your duoq buddy now if you've played for a while, so it will be lower than the average for the elo.
: Should you learn to play out of meta champions, if you like them?
The meta changes, champions change... However, your skill with the champion will only improve as long as you play. Playing a meta champion does give an advantage, but your skill is more important.
: How did you find your "Main" Champion?
I've always played mages and eventually landed on Viktor. Midlane has always been the place for me, I like to play immobile high damage ranged champions, without relying on a possibly autofilled support. I used to play mostly poke mages, but after the baron change siege was nerfed and I didn't enjoy it that much. Carrying teamfights also became more difficult with poke mages as I ranked up. I wanted a champion that could deal with everything when played well. To do that, the champion would need both burst and dps, which is Viktor in a nutshell. I started playing him in season 4, before the laser got super slow. I noticed that he was really good after the rework too, even before pro players picked it up. After this he's received a lot of nerfs and he's rather weak in soloq now, making him less fun than before. I hope the passive item will cost 1000 gold again and that the preseason changes will work out for him.
: The champion skillcap doesn't matter to climb since there are/were challenger OTPs of "low skillcap champions". 1. Ascéndant's Master Yi 2. Dawidsonek's Kayle 4. BoxerPete's Tryndamere 5. I think you get the idea
Yeah, it doesn't matter much when it comes to climbing. Champion mechanics are not a big part of the game compared to everything else. It's more important to know the limits of the champion, what you can and cannot do with specific items and opponents. With many hundred games you could master a more difficult champion and eventually get more out of it, though. People are mostly salty about playing ''unskilled champions'' since they can flame you for being bad just because you play a simple champion, even if you play it properly.
: Ryze is nefed to uselessness because he is very very powerful in high ping environments. If they buff him to be useful in low ping, he will be straight up broken in high ping. Or so I heard.
You mixed it up. High ping means high delay, low ping means low delay. Pro matches have very low ping and good team coordination, making Ryze combos and ultimate way more useful. When it comes to your post, I agree that they should balance the game and fix current champions instead of just pushing out new content. Slowing down a bit would exponentially increase the time they could spend on the rest of the game, since they have to spend time balancing broken new releases too. They should especially focus on balancing both for pro play and casual play at the same time.
kupuselefes (EUNE)
: Why is it bad to play simple champions?
It's about the skillcaps on the champion. Simple champions have mechanics that can be mastered rather fast, and they are often less effective than complex champions when played at a high level. Unless you're aiming for diamond+, it doesn't really matter though.
Pharcon (EUW)
: If you'd put together a team full of [ROLE]-onetricks
Midlane probably. Recently Lucian and Galio have become quite popular so many midlaners can play an adc and a tank. Multiple midlaners can be played as supports, and roaming is also important as a midlaner so they will be able to pressure the map properly.
: can you make smite available at level 5
I agree. There is no reason for riot to force new players/new accounts into something that won't even be used later.
: Okay thanks! That's the answer I hoped to hear.
Yes, the % magic pen is counted first. It's because of this that magic pen stacking works so well.
xFdRaVeNx (EUNE)
: MID for climbing out of bronze.
It doesn't really matter what you play as it's somewhat viable. If you are in bronze it's better to focus on getting more overall game knowledge. The enemy will do tons of mistakes every game that you can take advantage of, even without a top tier champion.
xFdRaVeNx (EUNE)
: I tried to carry with her but i cant, one cc and i'm done
Just flash oneshot a carry or two in fights, it ain't that hard. Also she's easy to farm with.
Phrase (EUW)
: Should i start playing ranked?
I would recommend getting decent at a role before playing ranked. Find some champions that you like to play and learn their build, playstyle and eventually their limits. When you get better you will also get higher normal mmr(I'm currently facing higher ranked players in normals than ranked) and then it won't be much of a difference.
: The Irony of the Reason RIOT Removed DFG
And DFG actually had a cooldown
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