: 55% winrate Diamond 3. (298W 244L). 14 LP for a win, - 20lp for a lose?!?!
The mmr depends mostly on your winrate in recent games, not overall. Also, if you lose against lower mmr enemies it drops more. Your mmr is probably similar to your duoq buddy now if you've played for a while, so it will be lower than the average for the elo.
: Should you learn to play out of meta champions, if you like them?
The meta changes, champions change... However, your skill with the champion will only improve as long as you play. Playing a meta champion does give an advantage, but your skill is more important.
: How did you find your "Main" Champion?
I've always played mages and eventually landed on Viktor. Midlane has always been the place for me, I like to play immobile high damage ranged champions, without relying on a possibly autofilled support. I used to play mostly poke mages, but after the baron change siege was nerfed and I didn't enjoy it that much. Carrying teamfights also became more difficult with poke mages as I ranked up. I wanted a champion that could deal with everything when played well. To do that, the champion would need both burst and dps, which is Viktor in a nutshell. I started playing him in season 4, before the laser got super slow. I noticed that he was really good after the rework too, even before pro players picked it up. After this he's received a lot of nerfs and he's rather weak in soloq now, making him less fun than before. I hope the passive item will cost 1000 gold again and that the preseason changes will work out for him.
: The champion skillcap doesn't matter to climb since there are/were challenger OTPs of "low skillcap champions". 1. Ascéndant's Master Yi 2. Dawidsonek's Kayle 4. BoxerPete's Tryndamere 5. I think you get the idea
Yeah, it doesn't matter much when it comes to climbing. Champion mechanics are not a big part of the game compared to everything else. It's more important to know the limits of the champion, what you can and cannot do with specific items and opponents. With many hundred games you could master a more difficult champion and eventually get more out of it, though. People are mostly salty about playing ''unskilled champions'' since they can flame you for being bad just because you play a simple champion, even if you play it properly.
: Ryze is nefed to uselessness because he is very very powerful in high ping environments. If they buff him to be useful in low ping, he will be straight up broken in high ping. Or so I heard.
You mixed it up. High ping means high delay, low ping means low delay. Pro matches have very low ping and good team coordination, making Ryze combos and ultimate way more useful. When it comes to your post, I agree that they should balance the game and fix current champions instead of just pushing out new content. Slowing down a bit would exponentially increase the time they could spend on the rest of the game, since they have to spend time balancing broken new releases too. They should especially focus on balancing both for pro play and casual play at the same time.
kupuselefes (EUNE)
: Why is it bad to play simple champions?
It's about the skillcaps on the champion. Simple champions have mechanics that can be mastered rather fast, and they are often less effective than complex champions when played at a high level. Unless you're aiming for diamond+, it doesn't really matter though.
Pharcon (EUW)
: If you'd put together a team full of [ROLE]-onetricks
Midlane probably. Recently Lucian and Galio have become quite popular so many midlaners can play an adc and a tank. Multiple midlaners can be played as supports, and roaming is also important as a midlaner so they will be able to pressure the map properly.
: can you make smite available at level 5
I agree. There is no reason for riot to force new players/new accounts into something that won't even be used later.
: Okay thanks! That's the answer I hoped to hear.
Yes, the % magic pen is counted first. It's because of this that magic pen stacking works so well.
xFdRaVeNx (EUNE)
: MID for climbing out of bronze.
It doesn't really matter what you play as it's somewhat viable. If you are in bronze it's better to focus on getting more overall game knowledge. The enemy will do tons of mistakes every game that you can take advantage of, even without a top tier champion.
xFdRaVeNx (EUNE)
: I tried to carry with her but i cant, one cc and i'm done
Just flash oneshot a carry or two in fights, it ain't that hard. Also she's easy to farm with.
: Should i start playing ranked?
I would recommend getting decent at a role before playing ranked. Find some champions that you like to play and learn their build, playstyle and eventually their limits. When you get better you will also get higher normal mmr(I'm currently facing higher ranked players in normals than ranked) and then it won't be much of a difference.
: The Irony of the Reason RIOT Removed DFG
And DFG actually had a cooldown
Isajohoff (EUW)
: Was this against the Summoners Code? Did I still do the right thing?
Even though it was a normal game, I think it would be best to just play it like normal and not intentionally let him catch up. If you finished early with your team Kayn could have played another game and it's likely that the second game would have gone better, without any mercy from the other team. You could also have given him laning tips after the game if you wanted to be nice.
: Viktor overnerfed?All they did was increasing magic resistance from 0 to 0,5.
Have you even been watching the midlane meta? The nerfs to his ult and his first passive item costing 1250, followed by a heavy rylais nerf, ruined him for this season.
: Viktor would be a decent one for victorious skin. Lets hope it is him ^^ {{champion:112}}
It won't be Viktor, this is the season where he's overnerfed and not played much. They usually make victorious skin for a meta champion
: He is probably the worst nightmare for immobile champs, so i personally suggest to permaban him, you'll save yourself a lot of trouble. If you don't want to ban him then you need a champ that can destroy him pre6 (example: twisted fate, he can do some really high damage) And harass him as much as possible while farming and get the catalyst and possibly boots for some tankiness, at this point you'll probably be 6, survive until you can buy roa, then you can survive him for a while, as it gives you quite a bit of tankiness. Then possibly buy another defensive item either zhonya or banshees to not get hit by the shark, and try to impact the other lanes as much as possible while keeping an eye for possible fizz roams. As i started permabanning him i am not too used to playing against him so i'm not too good with these tips but i hope this can help. Good luck and sorry for my bad english :D
Why would you ever pick TF into fizz lol. Fizz can literally remove your stun by using E, and then you have no damage since he can easily dodge the cards.
LIG Gaara (EUW)
: I realize this has a lot of anger, and this is actually mostly just a hit towards {{champion:90}}, who should have his ult made cleansable or have it be removed from the game. But I honestly think that targeted CC is unhealthy and serves no other purpose that to make thrash players think they're good when they dont have to practice it.
There isn't much targeted cc left in LoL. Every champion with targeted cc has weaknesses to make up for it. Malzahar has short-ish range and low burst. Annie has very low range for a mage. Nautilus has a huge delay on his, and he's easily kiteable with low dmg. Malzahar falls off quite a bit in teamfight as soon as people group and get qss or mikaels. Allies can also cc him when he ults to cancel it. I would like to remind you that malzahar ult can be removed with qss/mikaels, while knockups cannot.
: i don't remember viktor receiving nerfs apart from the rylai ones, i checked and there are no nerfs,did i really just miss them? but yeah i can see what you are saying
His ult speed was nerfed 2-3 times, his passive item costs 1250 gold(!) at the first upgrade instead of 1000 and i think he got some minor damage nerfs as well. The rylais nerf was the biggest hit though. Even Dopa, a super godo Viktor player, said he's trash and don't play him anymore.
karolmo (EUW)
: normal games mmr has nothing to do with ranked games mmr said this 18 times within the last 30 days
So? I refuse to believe the silver Tristana has the same mmr as the challenger Yasuo.
: Could someone explain me why some mid lane mages have pretty low winrates?
Ryze, Azir and Viktor have all been played a lot in competitive and obtained multiple nerfs after that, making them weak for soloq. They are overnerfed, basically. They need to be played to perfection to actually be good, which pretty much noone does in casual play.
BobbyB103 (EUW)
: Kayn's strength atm
He seems pretty balanced but the kit is rather boring and he's a bit too similar to many other champions in my opinion. I don't really feel like he adds anything to the game, honestly.
Rioter Comments
l MrD l (EUW)
: tbh.... in that video it was just poor play too... going full AD with lethaility should mean you should deal a lot of damage but when youre just walking up to a jayce like that expect him to kill you like that..... the video was mainly poor play.. lethality now scales with its users level so if you can get him nehind he wont be as useful i havent seen any issues in my game yet O_o
If you look at high elo games, you will notice that they often have 2-3 or even 4 duskblade on one team. Normal players just haven't noticed how strong it is yet.
Rioter Comments
Metharius (EUW)
: Why do i find Kayn underwelming(gameplay)? when i was excited during the reveal...
Kayn is way too similar to other strong champions while not being that solid damage wise it seems. It's a big problem that he scales off bonus AD while being weak early, making it harder to snowball.
: Her win rate isn't fine. Orianna should have 46 or 47 win rate.
46-47??? What on earth? She is a **safe mage** that naturally gets a little above 50% while balanced. That low winrate is ridiculous. If she was that weak noone would play her. Viktor is at that winrate and he's clearly overnerfed. Syndra has that winrate while being relatively balanced, due to multiple nerfs and being a risky champion. Orianna is the safer version that works in more team comps due to her kit, and that pushes her winrate up.
: First off Orianna is op. And my all datas prove that. She is S tier. So god tier. Because she has utility, burst and low cooldowns and mana costs. Orianna ult has 35 seconds cooldown at late game. Her strength is very high. She has 50%+ win rate as high skill champion. That's problem. Even if new players have 50%+ win rate, main players will have 60%+ win rate. So she is op. Also she has the highest pick rate for mid lane. Higher than Ahri. It is ridiculous. Every player plays with her. Because she is op. Because mid lane requires many champion but everybody plays with her. People wants win so they play with Orianna. Ult cooldown buff needs to be reverted. If Orianna doesn't get a rework due to competitive rates, Azir shouldn't get a rework. Ryze should get big buffs. But I still didn't see a Ryze buff or Azir buff. Riot thinks Azir rework due to competitive arena.
The winrate part can be said with any champion. Her winrate is fine, since she is a safe champion she will naturally be a little over 50%. It seems to be less than 51%. Anivia does some of the same, but she has 54% winrate... Additionally, multiple other champions have way higher pick rates in other roles. You don't seem to understand that almost every other midlaner has been nerfed, and that is the reason to why Orianna is in a great spot atm. Midlaners will only get weaker as a group if they keep nerfing the stronger ones.
: I think every op champion is unhealthy for this game. Orianna too. A champion can have balanced kit but that doesn't mean he/she is healthy champion for this game. Orianna needs early game mana nerf and ult cooldown nerf. So I asked why she has strong early, mid and late game. Also I don't think Azir needs rework due to competitive. If Azir needs rework, Orianna needs too, Syndra needs too. Competitive rates shouldn't an indicator for champion rework. Also she is too powerful in every areas.
First off, Orianna is not OP. She is top tier but that is because of how safe she is, that she's decent in all matchups. Most champions are stronger than her in either early, mid or lategame. Her strength is normal in all of those. I don't think an ult cooldown nerf is justified, due to how reliant she is on it. Remember that the cooldown is short mostly due to the cdr-heavy build. She doesn't need a mana nerf either, she can't spam abilities early. What needs to be done is to buff or change Azir, Ryze and Viktor so they can compete in the current meta.
C3lll (EUW)
: Can you main anyone to climb
Yes, it is possible to climb with any champ. There are one tricks for pretty much every champion in Master and Challenger(even Teemo!). However, playing a strong champion makes it easier.
: Why Orianna has strong early, mid and late game?
Azir, Ryze and also Viktor are overnerfed, but are still stronger lategame. Ahri has great roaming and snowball potential. Anivia has a great lategame and counters melees in teamfights. Syndra is impossible to fight without a tanky build due to her r. The only reason Orianna is played more now is that all other powerful midlaners have been nerfed. Yes, she is good at the moment but she has clear counterplay and is not unhealthy for the game in any way. She is a jack of all trades but isn't too powerful in any areas.
: How to play as Lux vs Fizz?
Abuse your range early to pressure so you can outfarm, then get Banshees 1st or 2nd item. Then he has no way to engage on you since you stay out of jump range and his ult is removed by the spellshield. Always follow roams or do your own if possible to prevent him from snowballing on other lanes.
Saugisz (EUNE)
: Ezreal, Kalista or Jhin?
I would not recommend playing Ezreal atm, he's really weak. Kalista and Jhin are not that strong in this heal+shield meta with much tankyness and burst. Personally I ahve fun playing what I win with and if it's like that for you I would recommend Caitlyn and Twitch.
Sòrakà (EUW)
: Common question, how do I find a main role?
Orianna is a midlaner that have good support-like utility and that also is very strong in the current meta. You should try her out. Also, in silver elo, pretty much every champion works as long as you play them decently.
: I am Silver 3 but I have been playing Challenger for a while now
It seems like mostly players that are too bad to carry their own elo smurfs. It's not bad facing higher ranked enemies, though. as long as the teams are balanced. It makes you improve faster since you notice your mistakes.
: I don't mean to diminish your argument, but at 100k mastery points, you are, in fact, proving my point. Because that means, you already have quite a wealth of experience with Orianna. It doesn't really matter at this point if you have 100k or 300k, you are experienced with both champions. Yes, you are absolutely correct: A strong champion will be more effective than a weaker one, I am not disputing that. However, no matter how strong the champion is, experience is required to utilize that strength.
I do agree with your point. You always need to know the limits and matchups of a champion to make it work, and you get that from experience. Just wanted to add that the ''meta champions'' are worth learning simply because you can get more out of them at equal skill level. Viktor, for example, feels very bad to play now because of his weak earlygame and unfavorable meta matchups. In my opinion, you should only pick a lane counter champion if you have already played it multiple games with success. Oh, and when it comes to the youtubers: They usually play against much lower skill opponents when testing out new champions and strategies. For example, a challenger can have 100% winrate on a new champion on the PBE server simply because they are better, and not that the champion is better. ''New Kindred is broken'' was multiple video titles, now Kindred has 44% winrate.
True Sight (EUNE)
: R.I.P Stat-based runes (And most likely current keystones)
They said they would add 10% cdr(scaling from level 1-10) and other stats that champions rely on. Overall it seems like it will have a bigger impact than current runes+masteries, so I would expect some of it to be pretty OP before they balance it out.
: well, anivia is a actually a good pick as well, not a thrash pick as you said, and about teemo, had one game where our teemo just shroom camped mid and the paths around mid all game along, some of us baiting the bots to jungle to make them fall for shrooms, it was pretty easy as well, depends on how you play it!
I feel like Ziggs is also a viable pick. He has great waveclear and aoe to nuke the bots, and can build Lich Bane to dps Teemo later into the game. I've also seen Singed work(they chase forever into liandrys dmg) and Sion(they ignore him after he's in passive)
: PSA: Your pick is less of a decisive factor than your familiarity with the champion.
However, you will win easier if you main a strong champion than just someone you have played much before once you have some experience. I'm having more success with 100k mastery Orianna than 300k mastery Viktor, even though I do more mistakes with her.
DarkFudge (EUW)
: Best midlane champ?
I would say Orianna is one of the very best midlaners right now. She can win pretty much every matchup and you can play both offensive and defensive with her. She has both burst and pretty good dps, and isn't weak in any part of the game. She has great utility too, CC, Speed up, and shield. I'm almost diamond now by spamming her. Syndra, Ahri and Viktor are all nerfed while Ori is not. You also don't need more assassins in your champ pool.
Oriyoki (EUW)
: What the hell is Vayne's counter play?
* Vayne is easy to counter in lane. * Vayne lacks range and is very squishy. This makes it way easier to cc her and burst her. Vayne is supposed to be a counter to tanky, low mobility champions so that is exactly what you want to **not** pick against her. Vi is a very good pick against her with the targeted lockdown and burst, Cait and multiple other adc's can destroy her in lane and also many bursty mids easily deletes her in teamfights. If you win lane against her, like you are supposed to since she sucks in lane, you can finish the game before she scales up properly. She's not strong unless the enemy team plays it wrong.
Dreadara (EUW)
: Zac and Jax, theyre E's are super low cd alredy and dont really do that much. Well mby jax perma q q q q q q q q q q q q jumps but yea other than that ehh
Dude AP Jax is some of the most broken stuff in URF, permanent auto blocking and insane burst and dps. You get really tanky too. Once you have like 1 item you can 1v2 or 1v3.
Hopy (EUW)
: Fizz Counterpicks
Banshees. You just buy this item as an AP midlaner, keep out of range of the other abilities and he now has 0 kill potential. It's a really great item against a lot of other champions too. Then you can just poke and outscale him for teamfights, or look for roams after warding up. Pre-6 you want to punish him for having melee autos. Just be careful, he has absolutely insane AP ratios and base dmg.
Anigodz (EUW)
: Percentage-True-Damage
Both Vayne and Fiora are squishy. Your job as a tank is not to kill them, but to CC them so a carry can burst them down. They lack range so it shouldn't be too hard when you are grouped.
The Febos (EUW)
: Yet he had the 2nd most damage on your team and 3rd best CS score on the game. He has 100K commutative [mastery points](http://championmasterylookup.derpthemeus.com/summoner/?summoner=Roll+a+Hard+Six&region=EUW). Can't you tell a smurf when you see one? Also, the enemy team had 1 Diamonds, 2 Platinums, 1 Gold and 1 Unranked, while your team had 1 Diamond, 2 Platinums, 2 Unranked. I'm assuming Ashe is a Gold Smurf. Her game before that was against a Diamond team (4 of them + 1 Platinum). Everything seems fine by me. Both teams had equally skilled players. You just got the short end of the stick. You laned against the Gold and Ashe laned against the Platinum.
Around 80% of that damage dealt was to the enemy Nunu, who could just facetank it anyway with all that HP. The reason the dude had high CS was because he just stood there farming the whole game and even bought Statikk Shiv just to get the farm when other people on the team were there. In teamfights she ran backwards with full health, and when everyone on our team was dead and the enemy low health she started attacking Nunu. You would understand instantly if you saw the replay. If that was a smurf, it had to be at least low silver, which shouldn't be in game with diamond and plat anyway. The problem is not that the elo is about equally split amont the teams, but that such a wide skill variety is in the same game. Unless they all get matched with the players of same rank, the lanes are already decided. Someone will just get stomped. Other than that, Ekko had zero map awareness and got killed and caught constantly, he was also in a really uneven matchup.
Rioter Comments
: Weirdest champion you have gotten a pentakill with?
I got a Teemo penta in aram( I don't own him) and also a Karma penta in URF
sziorti (EUW)
: Why Ascension sucks
Have you seen AP Maokai in ascension? That stuff is beyond broken, since the whole map is full of bushes. He doesn't even need to be there, people just walk into his saplings and die.
: Post your longest Ranked winning streak, when it happened & which division(s) it happened in! (^.^)
I got a 10+ win streak, 1 loss and then another 10+ win streak that got me from gold 5 to plat at the start of the season. Just going duoq with a jungler main, while I play mid, and we won since I got overfed while the jungler tanks and cc.
: So when is Ryze going to be reworked?
The ultimate makes him impossible to balance for pro play and soloq at the same time. It needs to be changed.
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