: Red buff reset bug
happened for me aswell ! on blue buff of another side (red side). i wasnt able to do blue buff even after my full clear and gank but in middle of game bug fixed
Konetsu (EUW)
: season 9 role based rank and role trades in champselect?
LoveGiant (EUW)
: Username / PW incorrect bug?
same for me, u should spam enter to login, not a strange thing for me game is full of bugs
Pyrosen (EUW)
: Opinions on conquerer?
it is so trash, u cant use it in team fights (if u dont tp) and if people cc u whole of duration will be wasted , if u tp and go in fight and be stunned for 2 sec ur conqueror is done. also the AD and armor pen it gives is less gold compared to other runes , conqueror on junglers also is trash , if u gank any lane with conqueror it deal 0 dmg. overall trash post for trash elo players
Reval (EUNE)
: Master yi-s true damage
first that u should not test bloodrazor and botrk against dummy because they have 10k hp and this items dmg scale based on hp. after it conqueror is a trash rune it kick in after 4 second and if ornn cc u whole of duration will be wasted. after it there are a lot of tank items that counter yi , like Thornmail , or u can build sterak on bruisers. overall yi is not that op , and i dont think anyone pick conqueror on him if know whats doing. there are a lot of champs like yi. test katarina on dummy it deal 9000dmg just by QEWRE also khazix , jax, gangplank, blue kayn, zed , fizz .... there are a lot of champions that do the same thing as yi , khazix kill u and u cant even attack him or jax do more dmg than yi even (trinity every 2sec with his W proc + sterak base ad increase and rageblade double trinity dmg ). if yi is so easy to win with why u dont try him urself ? i watched ur match history and u lost a lot of games with yi in eune normal games lol
dNzZz03 (EUNE)
u was afk
BaconTits (EUNE)
: How would you describe Riot Balance Team by only using 1 word?
Rioter Comments
: Why? Oh, you are a master yi main, that's why. Sorry, but the champion you main is a beginner friendly champion, so he is easy af with big damage and considered noob champ by a lot of people. I mean, it is non of my business, but I don't understand people who MAIN yi because you master him in the first 10 games. Master yi combo consists of Q+AA+Q+AA. I don't find it fun, but that's just me.
if he was easy as u say u wasnt stuck in ...elo and he didnt had 40% winrate in diamond, so why people cant do insane dmg without missing any ability and carry all games with yi ? lag brain
: VOICE CHAT- Hotkeys & More.....
hotkeys are so essential , in team speak i put in voice detection mode and mute my voice everytime this scenario happens, but in lol my dou dont understand my language xD
: Problems I personally see in champions.
master yi , u can still climb ? yi is troll pick in bronze and silver if u show yi others ban ur champ,
Arzzo (EUW)
: What are good midlaners to watch?
: > First i climbed to gold with this acc with dark harvest, that is pretty good and u have not to be a trash stupid and copy from champion.gg to climb Oh > after game was ended and others afk in base , game was not winable u just trash talk if u was here beat u like a truck to dont trash talk again. Oh my. > playing from s4 and gold ? thats insane trashness in one player, sad to have trashs like u , Actually have no idea what you mean with this. > it was ez win if this bug didnt happen One lost kill doesn't lose you a whole game. Bad teamplay and play in general does. > finally fuc u and sad to see u here and in this game . (4season gold lol) ? No need to be so mad. I just said that that it wasn't the bug, but rather your team that lost the game. And I made a comment about a suboptimal runepage. Nothing much
u first said about my items and rune while this post is about the bug (trash talks) after u give video from 2015 while we are in 2018 and the bug u showed happen when one knock up another one but i didnt knocked up
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