: Why unranked play with silver ???
Lol, I get matched high plat low diamonds, im level 27. It sucks but their mmr will drop if they dont belong there
BillWithIt (EUNE)
: Can the word "cancer" become blocked?
: Why are so many players stuck in low elo.
Id suggest not even playing any ranked games till you become a lot better at the game.
efol00 (EUNE)
: Low priority queue idea/change
It's a punishment, you're not supposed to be able to talk.
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House x33 (EUW)
: Judging by your match history you are not a new player but leveling a smurf
I got an account to level 30, and lost it, then this is my new account. I've played multiple other mobas so I guess I can pick up LoL a bit easier.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
Wait, so who is premade? Because everybody else is ranked and I'm the only low level player here.
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: I'm pretty sure you can't be matched with ranked players if you are lower than level 30, much less from Plat-Dia. Another thing: MMR and Elo are for Ranked games, before you are lvl30 you are matched with players around your level. Yet another thing: Just because you're not new to MOBAs doesn't mean you get matched with high elo players on another game. And yet, another thing: If you are playing with friends that are also Plat or Dia, then stop playing with them.
I can't be matched with ranked players in Normals? Because that's where this is occuring. What I mean about the MOBA thing is that I understand the concept of the game quite well, so Im not terrible, but I know Im not that good. I also only play solo
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MarTEEnus (EUNE)
: So, your teammates starts flaming you, because you took a blue buff ?. That's ridiculous 😁
Actually, I was going to give my 0/2 Le Blanc mid the blue buff, but my W as Amumu stole it and she ran under turret, flamed me in french and went AFK, but yep pretty much
: What was the most ridiculous thing you were flamed for?
Taking blue as jungler. (Sorry for my bad use of the english language, it's not my main language)
: you sure? http://pastexen.com/i/Bx6TIx91UX.png
Well, yes, because even though it's in the joke section it still made people think he was going to quit. I bet nobody impulsively thought that he was going to quit smoking before clicking the thread.

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