Norglics (EUNE)
: just play some jumpy super high dps champs those are op annie cant jump so it is crap
Could you name some. Only vayne and Kai sa come to mind
Infernape (EUW)
: Yes. No one respects Chronobreak in low elo. You could W on your position then Zhonya's. Your opponents will straight up wait for you to exit Zhonyas then your W procs, stuns them and then you press R. People in low elo will legit stand on your ult hologram and will forget about it.
I'm buying ekko today
: Exactly what he said. Don't ever forget about how crazy your ultimate damage scaling is, it could be the difference between getting out of a teamfight at the right time or gaining a free ace for your team. People underestimate the power of his ult and only use it as it's 'oh-I-f*cked-up' properties. Seriously, try using the power of this massive AoE burst to your advantage. It's even better when you're being chased because of it's massive damage + heal.
I've decided to give ekko a shot thanks. Btw does ekko win lane hard? How's his Laning phase.
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