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Iknutar (EUW)
: Player looking to flex with someone
Heyyy am A low Elo player hope i could join if you serious about ( rank dont matter ) i am interested to join let me know , I was gold last season solo que flex this is my frist time using it and am not going far i always play solo so i would really love to join ur team
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MadWifeHR (EUW)
: im stuck in mid gold with my duo partner! help us!!
Add me matee am silver 3 atm Was gold last season main top n mid can play support as well and only play Solo/duo i can keep my lane mostly win my lane if not i keep on passive and am good at team fight. if anybody else is interested add me as well silver or above please thank you
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: My opinion about Draft Pick being removed
In all honesty this season wont be any different people always play first time champs in ranked iv had my fair share of that , anyways changes is always good in a way then again for those really wanting to progress wont even think about trying to be like them noob Toxic clowns they would go custom game and train until they farming positioning and all they other tricks and things are on point then go to the place where it matters most ranked and what do u do there u show off and make them noob clowns laugh :D By 1v5 solo carry mate so yeah mate gl with 2017 all the best to those of you who really know the meaning of Try Hard peace.
Töbjes (EUW)
: Bilgewater in-game music and male announcer RETURN?
It was really amazing my own opinion i loved the music really had a great fun time last year with Bilgewater time and map :} i really hoping riot can bring it back please riot thank you

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