Yang Hyun (EUW)
: Climb in solo duo, looking for a main jungler
Hahaha main with zed.... hardly ever playing him, saad xD
: Tower feel useless
What if turrets heal for every enemy champion they hit? If a turret hit an enemy, its because they are diving or failing with creeps control. So healing turrets for x amount per hit would be like a punishment for the team right?. Also turrets should hit more at late-game. I think they should always hit a % amount of HP of a champion, so for example lets say 4-5 hits can kill an enemy, it doesn't matter if its an adc or a tank.
GW Wolle (EUW)
: Stack a control ward on top of trinket ward late game
I think Riot should do that, but not as you think. They should make another bar just for consumibles and wards, because i cant express enought how many times i cant get my consumibles with the Inspire key rune because i have my slots full. {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
G2 spike (EUW)
: Busco crear equipo silver alto/oro con conocimientos del macrogame
Yo no tengo horarios fijos y creo que nunca los tendré debido a que juego cuando puedo, pero si buscas algun compañero me gustaría probar. Soy silver 2 (he llegado a promo justo hoy), suelo jugar main support pero basicamente porque siempre hago Polivalente (es mas rápido xD). Cualquier cosa me avisas!


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