: It happens, it's blind pick. Mute them, report them and move on. It's not like this happens every other game. 99% of people (even in blind pick) will respect call order in blind. You're overreacting over this, but if you feel you made the right decision by deleting then that's fine.
mute them, report them and nothing happened. just before this game, my team has 2 mid, I report that Zed but I know it won't work. This was confirmed until the next game I met these {{champion:157}} and {{champion:122}}. Every 5 games I will met 2 instantlocker game. Maybe only more people leave this game will make Roit or Tencent try to fix this. I delete not only for me but for people who still remain in the game.
Shukr4n (EUW)
: Come on, blind pixk is to test champs, not to tryhard. Play draft, at least
That why this game is soooooooo bad now. Everybody persuade you that is OK instead of blaming bad guys. And this attitude even make our world worse. BTW, that is a really bad excuse as instantlocker will make you cannot test your champ at all.
: well, wouldnt call it a problem. its blind pick, its in the name. i blindly pick some random champ which suits best to me. if i play zoe jungle, ashe mid or nasus support. the meta isnt a rule that can be forced on individual players. heck, even trundle trolls are welcomed in the league of legends. its blind pick. end of story imo. but i also know that we expect our teammates to try to win. i know we expect them to also be respectful and be team oriented. i know. thats why i stopped playing blind picks when i go solo. or at least i have a keybinder running that spams my favorite role upon joining the chat room. but still. its really frustrating the lack of communication in blind. i kinda dont really know why riot keeps having that chat anyway. its 90% flame and 10% casual gg's. nothing else. believe it or not^^ to the OP. as said, play drafts. there will be no instant locking due to pre determined fixed roles with the exception of autofill when queue times are to long
What makes me angry is the rule breaker is never punished and they even report and mock the person who follows the rule. It is unjust, it is unfair and it is unacceptable. If the draft is the solution, why not remove the report button in blind pick and tell everyone that that model is "be bad or you shall be harmed".
: >I will delete this game because of instantlocker play drafts
what really disappointed me is no one care. Player is not care, Roit do not care. Good people is being harmed while bad people are laughing. We are making good people turn bad and bad people turn evil.
: Please,just stop doing this and i guarantee league will be a better game.
That is why this game is becoming worse and why this world becoming worse. If someone or some country is toxic, just leave them, using Appeasement Police. You think they are no consequence until such kind people is all over the game or a Nuke missile shot on your house.
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