GL in Miami (EUNE)
: hmm ? Where is the click bait ? Ah, forgot that i've mentioned victory time instead min 3...
Ur legit playing vs an afk and make it sound like it's some sort of achievement to win the game early that way. You did nothing special that entire game and anyone who watches ur video will feel like u wasted their time.
Maffone (EUW)
: Kayn 1shot (1autoattack), not even fed
Kaluchii (EUW)
: Challenger vs Diamond who wins? want to 1v1 as well?
: Q&A - You ask and i answer :)
: Jhin blind W!
7/10 with rice
: Did you ever notice that players from EUNE always complain on the boards?
You're complaining on the boards about EUNE players complaining. How ironic :D
ZexXxoN (EUNE)
: Why am i forced to lose when autofilled
my loses are divided into many things 50% i suck 20% my team sucks 30% i don't know how to play other roles
: questions regarding LEBLANC
Play Annie only if you want to actually climb
Four Star (EUW)
: Taric's mana cost's should be lowered
He's strong enough already with the current ardent censer
: [New Champion Idea] Signus, The Seer.
if the community wants it, sure
: Don't act dumb It will come next week 100%
Do you know what sarcasm means?
: Tips to improve ? (I swear im not crying xD )
Play annie only (not sponsored by LS)
Nioki (EUW)
: LF jng for a semi-serious league of legends team
Add "catmanreturns" ingame, he's willing to join
Da Guvnor (EUW)
: jungler/top lft
Add "catmanreturns" ingame. He is the leader of a team i'm in right now and we're looking for one more player!
Natsugi (EUW)
: Looking for Jungler
Add "catmanreturns" ingame. He is looking to join a team as a jungler.
: d3 mid lft ;)
Add "Catmanreturns" ingame. He is looking for a midlaner for his diamond ranked team
: Rito pls
Just download costum skins if you're so hungry for new skins
I drew a stick figure with a pen on someone once, does that count?
Master73 (EUW)
: Support looking for team Gold
If you're looking for team gold you should farm minions
Arzzo (EUW)
: First, don't play league without a mouse, it is not going to work out Secondly, PC is ALWAYS better than a laptop, reason as followed. A laptop is very compromised and overheats really fast, even if you have a cooler for your laptop, it simply won't get to what a pc is capable off.
There have been players that have reached master elo already by using a touchpad instead of a mouse. It can work out for certain players.
sneapps (EUNE)
: help
The fastest way to earn blue essence is by buying 999k rp and then buying champion shards and disenchanting them
: How to win against Garen
u need to use Tryndamere so u can challenge him to a beyblade battle and win vs him then win the game
: When Urf comes back?
It is only available for people above platinum in ranked solo/duo.
: Is rito ever gonna do something about Ziggs and Sona in aram ?
MoonRocks (EUW)
: Help please.
Do you have enough dedicated wam?
: This post basically summs up Bronze5 as a whole


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