Nahiri (EUW)
: League anti cheat crashes league of legends
If you have a process title that contains 'cheat' or similar keywords. The game will close after few seconds or even minutes.
: Our approach towards Preseason micropatching and balance
This preseason has been the worst so far, It's been out on PBE, and you haven't thought for atleast one second that Tanks "MAY" be too broken? They can literally turn the world upside down for ADC's. Oh, and this Blue Essence system's terrible. You get nothing from winning matches, no. You'll have to level UP to gain Blue Essence. Why remove each match you get X amount of IP (Blue Essence) Oh, and give your balancing team a gentle slap on the cheek from me. They've been doing so badly lately. Send your balancing team this link so that they can experience what ADC's experience almost every day. [](
: What is the IP address for each server?
I hope you're not doing anything malicious.. Oh, and this topic has nothing to do with the actual client.. So wrong section mate. Found an old reddit thread about it, Here you go; [r/Leagueoflegends](
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: Riot member threatening tyler1/flaming him/wishing death on him.
There's no proof that it's an actual riot members account. Unless you have serious proof, you cannot say that a "Riot" member said that.
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Declined (EUNE)
: [Service Status]( is up. > Network Operations – a few seconds ago > > We are aware of certain skins not displaying in your profile for champion: Ryze. These skins are still available for selection in champion select.
Alright, Thank you for the information! Though it doesn't show up at all. But thank you for the information. now i know it's not a database error. that can be fixed soon.
Declined (EUNE)
: Hey you two, I'd love to be able to confirm or deny this error, but at this stage I have no information what so ever, so it would be awesome if more people could step forward and confirm this. I had zombie ryze but I don't see him in my account right now.
I already asked my friend, he's not online right now it's gonna show up when he get's online. i will contact most of my friends that had legacy skins so they can confirm.
leeropo1 (EUW)
: My account is hacked
As i said in a previous thread, do NOT use the same password as username. do NOT enter any phising sites or open any suspicious emails. it can also be done if you have downloaded some 3'rd party software that uses league of legends files, it's NOT allowed at all!
Sívir Bot (EUNE)
: Snowstorm Sivir
Wrong Tab to post this in, this is support / help only. and complaning won't make anything better.
: My brother has been hacked
Did he do something stupid? same password as username, give out the password on fake websites? Open fake emails? Usually people get hacked cause of the phising sites. Remember to ALWAYS verify the account, that way the hacker cannot even change the password without the owner of the account knowing.
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