: It's unfortunate, but if you are AFK for a substantial amount of time, it will be counted as a leave even if you win. This is to prevent people from leaving the game, and then coming back just before their team manages to secure a victory.
ha ha ha
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: You did something wrong, to get a 14-day ban. Either you used hate speech, or you trolled yourself as well. Post your reform card and we can determine what happened.
i just used hate speech,trying to stop them feed,thats all, but it cant works. so better ban me for off language,and let them troll and feed, tnx .
: Just wait the ban out.
ofc i will wait,and when i come b,what will happen again? i will tell them,stop fcking feed, feeders,and they will report me again,and i will get ban ? great by riot
Styros (EUNE)
: you deserve it ,cya {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} https://i.imgur.com/UNeQxDK.png <---- btw stop feed
bro,if u check my games,then check players in my teams in that games,and then u can talk to me to stop feed, and u said i deserve it ? how can u know that ? i play lol since season 1,and trust me, i never seen much trollers like now, i just call them to stop fcking feed and afk, and ofc,trollers report me,and i get ban, this is not first time.just sayin' there is no justice !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they ban me just for off language cuz they make me angry...but ok... bettter get me ban for rest of my life, myb its better !
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