Νami (EUW)
: The short answer is... you should come back for your team. The long answer is, the system is supposed to have things in place to detect the differences between rage quits and internet issues. In reality though, if you're gone for longer than 5 minutes, the system provides _no_ incentive to return to the game. If you win, you won't gain LP and if you lose well, you still lose LP in the same manner. I submitted a ticket to support about this in the past, they cannot help restore the LP you lost when you win and still lose the LP due to being "AFK". I was actually only able go reconnect in my case with mobile data, but it took a while as my phone was flat and I had to get the charger. The worst part was the team wouldn't have won without me so why should I be punished by the system for doing my best to help and support others and secure the win? It doesn't even matter if you provide clear evidence of internet issues for your ISP, they cannot do anything due to the policies in place. So, yes you should return for the sake of your team, but in reality there is no incentive to play and help them win as you will not receive anything for it. The current "LeaverBuster" systems in place encourage AFKing the remainder of the game, I honestly believe this should be addressed by Riot.
> If you win, you won't gain LP and if you lose well, you still lose LP in the same manner. Would be fine if you just didn't gain LP. But losing LP while still winning...
: Is doing the right thing suddenly not worth it anymore only because noone acknowledges it? May be I was wrong about you. Back to topic. You are obviously hinting towards the system should be changed. And I agree with you but what you asked was "why should you return?" and the simple answer is because it is the right thing to do. Even if noone says you "you have been a good boy" you should be confident enough to know yourself that you did good without relying on someone else to tell you. At least you know. But may be that is worth nothing to you if noone else knows.
How can something be worth it when you're getting punished for it? Not getting rewarded is one thing, but doing a penta, winning the game and getting demoted is a whole new level of "We don't care how good you did beside your disconnect, you're a bad guy, have fun in Silver II.
Dwyn (EUW)
: Idk, if league dropped the connection and it was because they messed up taht u got dc'd you'd have every right in my eyes tom never reconnect and just do something else since it doesnt matter. If you are the one who got their connection to drop you should try since you are the one putting your team ina horrible position
What if league extends this disconnect because the client is so badly designed that you need to close and reopen it in order to reconnect? You can wait for ages watching at "attempting to reconnect" while your browser, youtube etc is already doing their stuff and nothing happens at all.
: I would always come back for at least 2 good reasons: 1) Not coming back and dragging my team into a loss with me amounts to griefing, and i do don't that. Expecially because there's 0 reason to believe my team should be blamed and lose because MY connection dropped. 2) I come back because i like playing the game (otherwise, i would not even play it in the first place), and i don't give up just because i was AFK for some minutes. Are these reasons so difficult to understand, that you need to ask? {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Still don't get why I shouldn't go and make myself some snacks or some coffee and come back to a fresh game. Time is wasted anyways and show me 3 people who actually care about their stranger teammates.
: Because it is the right thing to do and you are an honorable individual. {{sticker:galio-happy}}
And being honorable get's you where exactly in this game? Still the question, why do "the right thing" and "be honorable" if you're treated like you're not?
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Wraithh (EUW)
: Delete Master Yi
Well, the only way to take him out is to be the one enganging on him with hard CC or to take someone who can counterjungle and 1v1 him in lower levels (but you need a winning or at least even midlane for this). If he is on 3 items or more and can engage on a squishy target it's dead in less than a second. Yi just works in lower Elos because you kind of need good teamplay to get rid of him and that's something you mostly won't find there.
: Why don't you just ff?
It's just like those guys who say "ez" after getting carried etc. They just want to brag about how good they think they are. Best way to deal with that is to ignore it and shut them up by beating them.
Hi lm Zoe (EUNE)
: What the fucc am I supposed to do against Nasus?
Low Elo Top-Laners just push him under turret the whole laning-phase, which means he loses a little bit of CS, but can get enough stacks while they are overextending. The best way to deal with him is t keep the wave in your half of the map, so he has to step forward for every Stack he tries to get and you can punish him for that or even zone him completly. Just show him that you are stronger and what happens when he doesn't respect you.
: i just did explained it to you but you read through the lines
: you are talking about soft inting too how is a 2/1/0 in 28 min hyper carry with 7k damage contribution not soft inting? you were practically avoiding fights like the plague dunno why i said annie i meant to address the support that inted you yes inters should be banned but not from singular games once a person is reported if the int is obvious they will be monitored for repeated offenses and the system will also track them getting reported ie do your part report them add notes move on
Where exactly am I talking about soft inting? But if you want to talk about that one particular game. We ended our laning phase at 20 minutes by destroying their botlane T1. At that time, our toplane and midlane were already fed, so they could apply pressure while I was taking towers in a sidelane. Did I carry this game? No. Did my team lose because I was splitpushing? No. Did I die while splitpushing? No. Is it wrong to focus on objectives while the rest of the team can hold their own? I don't think so. So explain t me why I should get banned just because we didn't crush our lane like the other 2 did and then focused more on objectives than fights? The last time I checked the goal of the game was to destroy the nexus and not some kind of team-deathmatch. If we had lost that game, I would understand why my team wouldn't be happy with my KDA and Killparticipation, but that's not even the case.
: you think you should be banned for 1 game? would you accept getting banned for your 1/6/0 game as vayne then?since you were the main reason enemy jinx got that massive or about the 2/1/0 game later in 28 minutes with the amazing 7k damage contribution if that annie gets banned i want you banned as well
I don't even know which Annie you are talking about. Seems like you don't even get what "intentional feeding" is. I'm not looking at some score here without the knowledge of how that score came about, I am talking about someone who ran it down our lane for 4 consecutive times, diving under their tower 2 times with level 2 without even stoping their movement for one second. So if you catch me doing this, I will accept this ban. If not, maybe think about my words first before you post some bullyouknowwhat.
: oh but you can get banned
You see, that's the problem. There is a big difference between "you CAN get banned" or "you WILL get banned". Had a support a few days ago who ran down our lane 4 times in a row from minute 4-7, just jumping into the enemy team under their tower, giving over 4 kills to the enemy ADC. Straight up inting, reported ingame, reported via ticket with video, got an "answer" that they are investigating the incident over 3 days ago, player still playing last night. It's kind of alarming that I got several feedbacks for Flamer-Reports over the last days but still the biggest incident didn't get punished.
: do people not understand that you don't want to get counterpicked?
How can you get counterpicked by hovering the champion you want to play? First of all, the enemy doesn't see it until you pick, so the only chance for them to know is when someone dodges and you get placed in the other team and they guess that this happened. In this case it would be more likely to see your champion banned by them. Also, how can they counterpick you because of that? Your lane opponent either picks before you (so you are counterpicking yourself if you still use that champion), or he picks after you, so he knows your champion anyways.
: as far as i know the only omni heal sources are deaths dance gunblade and Ravenous Hunter
Well at least she didn't have any of that.
: (I may be wrong tho) I'm sure you still heal and more since its (True damage) or else how can a vayne with 200hp withstand thornmail with only BOTRK. But item do help the more Attack speed/effect item increases her dps meaning more true damage taken in a shorter time. If she had I.E or Witz end most likely would never even been able to touch her.
She won't withstand it over a long period. But for a few hits, that's possible if there is no other damage on her involved. Maybe she also used her heal? Like I already said, the amount of true damage is not influenced by anything but your own max health. Attackspeed just increases the amount of true damage you get over a specific period of time. Since the topic is "Vayne's true damage", it doesn't even matter if she heals from it (which she doesn't), you are dead anyways. So, are we going to talk about her true damage or just about Vayne as a champion or Items? I'm confused.
: you heal from true damage only if you have omni heal otherwise you don't
Thanks. Is there another omni heal items besides gunblade btw?
: I did quite the opposite thing, to say true.
I don't know what you did, but you should stop doing that mate.
: I.e. none. GJ.
You did the job, I just made the right conclusion.
: Ofc the items matter... it give's her sustain and pressure, on top of her w damage.
I don't know if I am mistaking here, but I think you don't get lifesteal from truedamage? So she would just heal from her physical damage like everyone else would too.
: I dunno... how many champions with this kind of stacks can you name? Kindred and Tristana, for example, do not really fit, because you charge an ability that you cast special for that.
Well you already named 2. I don't know about your definition of "unique", but I guess that's already enough.
: My team was engaged and we won the fight, while i was stuck chasing Vayne/Brand both on pretty much low hp. But no ult sion doesn't do very well against a champ with huge mobility, I understand how the champ works, just saying with 2 items, i pretty much got %%%%ed while being unable to do anything. I even had thornmail and she was healing enough of BOTRK because of the true damage.
If you understand the champion, then you should know that her items don't really matter to her W, just the amount of attackspeed she gets, which is already a lot with those 2 items + boots.
: The point is: this would be not unique. A generic ability just like someone else's ability is plain boring. PS: my bad, Gnar deals magic, not physical. Still, this is a percentage non-true damage that occurs on 3 hits.
Dealing bonus damage every 3 hits isn't unique anyways. Doesn't change much that it's true damage besides that it makes building any kind of defence against her completly useless, where you should ask yourself if that's really that good for the game, especially that amount (14%). So don't tell me this isn't boring just because it's some other kind of damage. PS: Vayne has enough unique stuff to be seen as unique as a champion. So you don't need all 5 abilitys to be unique. Just looking at the latest releases and reworks, being unique just produces unbalanced and sometimes even hard to balance champions. I don't know if we need those "problems" just so that everyone of those 100 and whatnot guys is completly different.
: that damage is inflated by stone plate she probably did around 1000 true damage which would be 3 passive procs > 6 autos but since she probably stacked guinsoo off of you that was more in the range of 9-12 autos which brings my next question why was she allowed to focus you without dying?
Looks more like the enemy team killed Vi in Midlane, went to baron and he tried to stop them, so rageblade was already stacked on nashor. Why she was allowed to focus him without dying...well, probably because his team didn't really follow up or was busy with Yasuo, while he can't focus Vayne on his own anyways, so at least he killed Elise. But I'm just guessing here.
: Vayne with physical damage on her W -> {{champion:150}}
So...what's the point here?
: Vayne's true damage.
From my point of view it wouldn't hurt her if she just did physical bonus damage (like Kog'Maw is doing magic bonus damage). Most people would probably disagree but I personally would like true damage to be gone completly. I don't think we need to argue about that it's definetly too much of it in the game right now.
Pikaguif (EUW)
: It's true that there should be something to not allow first timers in ranked but it's not the way to look for mastery points in ranked games because: 1. When someone duoQ's and its a Supp and adc sometimes they give the adc more importance so the supp picks it but if they can't lock in because they don't main adc that part of the draft is sorta rip 2. You can get mastery points by grinding, and it might not show the actual skill unless you have 1mil then it shows skill but when you have 15k you might be good or bad 3. Talking about the second point you might find a champion easy since start because you have played champs with a similar play style or just natural to it 4. You can't put just a limit because with 15k mastery points in garen you can play him nice because of how he is while you can know that E Q R is a thing in Azir and not be able to do it correctly with 15k points 5. About the required champions with 50k + mp, that would be a problem for new accounts because I with lvl 108 have a total of 500k overall mastery points and for OTP who have 3mil on their champ and then another that they sometimes play The easiest way to fix that would be removing autofill imo tho
> It's true that there should be something to not allow first timers in ranked but it's not the way to look for mastery points in ranked games because I can just speak for my own elo, but maybe, just maybe, people go first time in ranked because they want to learn a champion against players with their own skill level, game knowledge etc and not against people who are 2-3 leagues higher, just not tryharding but stomping them anyways.
Furiranda (EUNE)
: Logging out without having to close client? No? Okay..
You don't need a top tier computer to relaunch the client in less than 30 seconds. In fact, your computer has to be pretty bad if it takes multiple minutes. My computer was mid tier in 2014 and I need about 20 seconds to close the client, open it, log in and hit the play button. Maybe add 3 seconds for chaning the account in your case. So it's not riots fault if you're playing LoL on a casio calculator. And since Riot just tolerates smurfing etc, there is no reason for them to put resources into that.
Player 00 (EUW)
: An advice on how to improve ranked games experience for every one.
15 champions on 50k or higher means that you have to play around 90-100 games with each champion (at about 50% winrate), which is 1350-1500 matches before you can go ranked. Do I need to explain why this is a bad idea?
: Vlad's always been a problem. Remember Rito regretting making him because of his ungodly high sustain (Yet they are fine with letting Sylas recover 100+ at level 2?). Riven needs serious nerfs or remove the effect on Spear of Shojin that takes 20% off cooldown per hit or weaken it to 5% to make it much less exploitable but no, because she has a 10% win rate in some remote bizarre server no-one heard of until now she won't be nerfed. Then we have the most infamous example of Ryze. How many times has this guy been gutted and reworked before being gutted even more? Poor guy needs to stop being negatively nerfed. Kalista and Azir are in a similar boat but haven't been reworked.
There's no use in complaining anyways. I mean they are not even able to give Kayle a fitting earlygame in comparison to her completly insane lategame (since that would mean that she damages herself instead of her opponent in the earlygame) and she's absolutely not a complex champion. So how are they supposed to balance champions that are harder to play if they already fail miserably there.
NawarK (EUNE)
: A simple answer You're a troll because you're playing Jayce support and Jayce isn't a supp champ
{{champion:101}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:143}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:63}} Those aren't supp champs either. At least I don't think that CC and damage makes you a supporting champion, and still those aren't considered troll picks.
: Look, when I play a ranked game and we lose it cause someone fed or went afk i just want my LP back because it wasn't a fair game. I don't care if i get it back a few days later but when i report someone cause they intentionally fed or went afk and Riot looks into it i just want my LP that's all idc if they where toxic just punish them for it but not me. That's all i'm going to say about this cause i am tired of it.
Guess what, everyone gets this from time to time. I had one promo (just between divisions) where I lost 2 games because I had an AFK player in each of them. I got back to that promo and won it that time. Sure, there are matches where you just think that this has to be a bad joke or something. In my last game we got 3 kills before the first buff spawned and still my top, jungle and mid ended up with a combined 5/27 K/D in 25 minutes. That's not fun, but if you want to play a game where you rank up or down just based on your own performance in that one particular match, then this is the wrong game for you. Sometimes you gain LP and get carried, sometimes you lose LP even if you were not playing bad at all. You just have to deal with that or look for another game.
: It's not as easy as that. What defines a troll? Someone who dies a lot? Someone who flames? Someone who intentionally runs it down a lane (not just losing lane, but running into towers ect tyler1 style)? All of the above? None of the above? The current system is doing what it can to decipher real trolls from bad games. There is no room for any false flags (even tho they do happen occassionally). If you can make a system that has pinpoint accuracy on 100% of all cases with 1 game of data, you'll still get people like you complain because people have different perceptions of trolls, often leading to the wrong ideas.
I'm not so sure about this system. There are people who are completly trolling (Supports on midlane instead of bot, Supports who try to take all the farm (Mage-"Supports" that are not happy with their ADCs early performance), Ulting to steal away camps from their own jungler etc) who are not getting banned at all. So there is definetly a lot of space for improvement.
: Mastery level 6,7
No you can't. Just in normal or ranked games on SR.
Styros (EUNE)
: rito games, i'm mid main how can i be filled in 8/10 games in jg if jg is my second role and after 10 games i'm autofilled to supp . Ded gaem
Probably because mid is a pretty popular role, even though I don't understand why.
Soraal (EUW)
: Ryze: R+ Zhonya
Well you are untargetable, so you're also no target for your own Ult. And Nunu R...are you sure?
brutąl (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=SSI CptHaunted,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=cZmvOcVX,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2019-04-04T07:34:02.990+0000) > > So a champion who had a Pick/Ban-Rate of nearly 80% at worlds last year has never been in the meta for years...yeah, makes sense. if you talk about akali she was meta for only 4 months and then they nerf her to the ground, now jinx is in the meta but they gonna nerf her 100% From now on you will never see akali picked in competitive which is blatantly stupid because its a new fresh and reworked champion, while champions like Vladimir , kennen and jayce are meta almost every year
You mean she was completly broken for 4 months. And to be honest, I don't care if she's getting picked or not. There are a lot of champions who are not picked very often and nobody cares about them either. She had her 4 months ob being at the top of the ladder, some champs never were in that spot and never will be.
brutąl (EUNE)
: the main reason why zed is overbuffed and broken is because of this annoying shit PRRRRRRRRRR player LL Stylish complaining almost 1 year how "unplayable" zed is. And champions like Katarina, Akali , Wukong, Jinx, Ashe, Twisted Fate, Talon, Ziggs are forgotten for years Never in the meta, not even offmeta, nerfed to the ground.
So a champion who had a Pick/Ban-Rate of nearly 80% at worlds last year has never been in the meta for years...yeah, makes sense.
ordęr (EUW)
: Is it just me or is Zed actually disgusting right now?
Well that's why I don't play midlane. There is no other lane with that amount of cancer champs on it.
Shamose (EUW)
: > suggest RIOT to put back the old report for unskilled player That report did nothing. It was just a placebo for toxic people to press to make them feel good about themselves.
Now they just select intentional feeding for everyone who has a pretty bad score.
Nherax (EUW)
: Stop putting me with 3-4 premades that will pat each others back, no matter how bad they are.
There is something called Solo/Duo. Guess what, there are no 3-4 premades.
: Well you know the obvious solution is to play adc yourself and then you'll win every single promo series..... ...oh wait, it doesn't work like that.
Right, because then the jungler quits around level 8 to 10.
: what can garen do against presence of mind veigar who has cage up 24/7 and garen can't jump out of it xD
His cage has a cooldown of 7.7 seconds with 45% CDR and a duration of 3 seconds on level 5. So there is no "24/7" cage and presence of mind just reduces CD of the ultimate. Presence of mind in Aram is just busted on everyone who uses mana and has a powerful ultimate.
: Bruisers need ARAM specific nerfs
You think? For me, autowins are mages like Lux, Veigar, VelKoz, Xerath...simply everyone who can use presence of mind.
Potatoe (EUNE)
: If i feel very confortable with a champion on an
Like Antenora said, there are champions that are completly ridiculous in Aram, but not in SR, while others are completly frustrating in Aram but fine in SR. I mean, if you like that particular champion you are talking about, then you should try him/her out in other modes, but you shouldn't expect to feel powerful and able to put massive pressure on the whole enemy team in your first matches. Aram is just a straight up brawl, you don't need to worry about farming, your lane matchup, unwanted surprises etc.
: i dont get it she was nurfed and she still is a good champion with a 43% winrate diana is an ok champon with a 50%winrate with no way near a good carry as akali is why wont riot help her just a bit read what i said and tell me that those are not good changes
Why would you help a champion that is "ok"? What exactly is bad about "being ok"? Why does this champion need help then? Not every champion can be "good". Just because you play her a lot and want her to be better than every other champion? That's not how this works.
: and why is that akali is 43% winrate and she is getting nurfes winrate doesnt mean anything in this game unless its a really high one
Read the patchnotes of 8.24b. And sure it means something, at least that everyone is able to perform decently with her.
Let's give the clowns more fiesta...
: Here is some diana buffs that well help her but will not break her at all
No thanks. I don't think you need to buff a champion that is nearly at 50% WR in every Elo.
rosvelovY (EUNE)
: Some points I agree with but if we removed everything that was "broken" you'd be down to a single champion in every lane playable and thats it, even if that, the idea is that their is loads of diversity and why we have items to adapt in the game, as an adc if they are heavy cc or they have say a good malz you need that qss but it's there for that reason and same if they were heavy magic without cc you'd go into a hexdrinker, if they choices were not there the game would be so repetitive it would of never made it a good game, there will always be counterpicks, always be high winrate and low winrate champions with builds that work better on certain champions than other builds. Don't get me wrong they can make some debatable buffs and nerfs and reworks but that is how the game is, I don't every game to be perfectly balanced, this is why we get so many patches and why we have pbe, we have seen loads of buffs go into pbe and never hit live, I think a bit more respect should be shown to the balance team and riot for making the game so diverse that it becomes an actual game.
And we have seen stuff that was already pointed out on PBE as "This is just ridiculous" and still went live and had to be hotfixed, like AP Galio last year etc, so what is there to respect? If I would be responsible for testing or patches in general, I would be ashamed if something I tested or proposed had to be hotfixed because it was just gamebreaking and I didn't realize that, even though I am getting payed for this. Btw, whoever was responsible for that -5 Movementspeed Nerf for Irelia needs an award, that's how you waste time and even earn money with it. QSS is there for a reason? Yeah right, to delay your itembuild with an item you can't even build anything you need from (for most champions), just because they hand out the strongest CC the game has to offer as a point and click spell. It would be acceptable if every champion could build a viable item out of it, but that's not the case, so you just block one itemslot to not be a free kill.
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