: Qyex, The Drums of the Jungler. Champ concept
trying to help translating (not a native english though so there might be some mistakes) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Qyex / The drums of the jungle. Origin:Ixtal mele champion/utility fighter. Starting hp: 586 Starting mana: 320 Basic attacks: He hits with his two drum sticks Passive: Do you hear me? Every 5 basic attacks, Qyex hits his drums dealing extra damage in a short area around him. Q:Drummer's fury. Qyex shouts very loud giving himself and his teammates inside the ability range a bonus in attack speed and attack damage. Buff: 2s/2,8s/3,4s/4s/5s. CD: 15s/13s/11s/9s/7s. Cost: 55 mana at all levels. W: Too strong? Qyex smashes one of his drums on the floor before throwing it, stunning enemies front of him and dealing a little bit of damage. Stun duration: 0,5s/0,7s/1s/1,2s/1,4s. 30dmg + escalade/40dmg + escalade/55dmg + escalade/ 65dmg+ escalade/80dmg+ escalade CD: 8s/7,6s/7,4s/7s/6,5s Coste: 45 mana at all levels. E: (passive) Help me Diego! After attacking the same target for 4 seconds, Qyex calls a wild beast to help him. The beast stays aroung Qyex in a short area and attacks the same target as Qyex. The beast has 25% of Qyex's max HP and 40% of Qyex's AD, but this ability scales more with AP. When Diego dies, Qyex gets a buff of 30% movement speed for 3 seconds. (Only one beast can be present at a time) CD: 27s/25s/23s/120s/18s. (plus the 4 seconds) No cost. R:Shaking roots: Qyex start playing his drums so loud that he spawns some roots which grab the enemy champs in the area and take them slowly to Qyex. R roots grab time: 2s/3s/4s. Dmg:30dmg + ?%ap/ 50dmg + ?%ap/ 70dmg + ?% ap CD: 120s/ 96s/ 64s Cost: 100 mana at all levels. hope it helps... _________________________________________ Comments: League sure lacked orcs! Overal the champion has really good crowd controls, and is better in long fights than in short trades. He seems to be more tank-oriented with low damage which might become a problem for his companion. The main problem in this kit is the cc balance. His W stuns for 1.4 seconds at rank 5 with a 6.5 sec CD, which becomes 3.9sec with 40% CDR. This means you can potentially stun your target for 1.4 seconds, wait 2.5 seconds and stun it again. Even Leona's Q doesn't have such a high stun time ratio! The utlimate is also a problem: 4 seconds root time is even more than morgana's bind, and this one is an AoE. In my opinion you should increase the W cooldown and make some change to the ultimate. Maybe instead of having the roots pull their targets, have them slow (by 90% or some other high number) enemies that aren't moving toward Qyex. This way you give your opponent a possibility to counter your ability and not make it a death mark that gives your team 4 seconds to kill their preys. Nice job overall! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Bruiser Idea: Gumbo
You should be careful with champions that mix AS and HP as there is only one item that has both As and HP: triforce. It might become hard to build your champion like this. I don't understand how your AS ratio work. Does it multiply your base damage? Because then your abilities will get huge power spikes when increasing their ranks and AS will become really too important for your character. The passive can be fun but maybe unbalanced. You get a huge pushing power even at level one. I think you should go for something like how Graves is right now and reduce early spread damage to improve in the late game. Maybe something like 10-40% (level 1-18) spread damage and 75% damage to main target. Second question: How does this passive interact with Iceborne? The second part of the passive can be useful but HP ratio are always hard to deal with. With this ratio you can build just a bit of HP and have Brand's damage. Maybe you should go for something less significant like 0,2/0,6/1% at level 1/7/13. Concerning the other abilities they look good. A bruiser that dashes in the front line, makes everything explode before retreating. It seems fun but maybe lacks a bit of counterplay. Overall I think the champion is pretty cool and the ultimate fun.
: BLINC THE CHAMPION?!?!??!!?!!?//??
I won't say much about this MS Paint level. Making a champion that relies on gold is very troublesome balancewise. If you give your champion the ability to get easier gold, he will be growing really fast and can become a late-game monster (look at TF{{champion:4}} and GP{{champion:41}} ). And the worst part here might be your balance. Compared to Tf who gets an average of 10-30% more gold from minion kills, and GP who gets about +35% gold from minions killed by Parrley, your champion can get double that amount in late! With this he can grow easily, buy expensive stuff and crush everything. But the downside is that when you have no gold, you are a minion. So the moment you leave a slight advantage to your opponent, you are easily crushed and can't do anything. So this champion is a complete bet: you either 1v9 or hard feed. Both frustrating to play, play with, and face. Concerning the abilities they all seem... bland. Teemo's blind is already one of the most frustrating abilities to face in the entire game, so making a blind that can spread (and deal such high damage) is way too much. The shaco box doesn't add much to the champion kit. It does seem fun to use though. And finally a dash that gives gold. Repeating myself, but getting easy gold is OP, but here stealing gold from the enemy is one of the most frustrating things that can happen in LoL. I want to never see that in the game. Never ever. Overall, I don't really like the champion. It feels plain, and frustrating. It does have some nice points (W!!!) but is unbalanced. Here are some advices: - Don't use gold. Gold is a currency you should use to get items, not mana. If you want to keep a similar system maybe think about doing something like GP: use a separated currency like silver serpents. - Think about how your opponent feels when facing your champion. What is the play and what is the counterplay? - How can you make your champion unique? Having a kind of mini-game with gold is fun but you need to give him a playstyle that makes him different from all the other champions.
: AP Tank/Juggernaut idea named Sevral(for now)
Decay stacks are cool. Maybe a bit too strong though. Once you manage to put 2 stacks of decay you are nearly sure to get a kill, or at least take a good trade. The main problem though is the base stats. Lvl 1 hp are lower than a minion's and armor/margic resist are around Thresh's level 1. Sure, late game stats will be able to 1v9, but to reach that you will need to survive the first levels. Overall feeling for the champion might make her a bit like a Nasus. High growth but weak early game. Maybe look at Vladimir's stats to get a better idea of how you can create a champion that uses HP to increase other stats.
Netenir (EUNE)
: Champion concept - Byoshinse, the Awoken
> [{quoted}](name=Netenir,realm=EUNE,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=EoBG9PK1,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-09-07T10:50:36.844+0000) Attack range: 125 > Mana: 300 (+34 per level) > > Passive - Warp Claws > > Byoshinse fights with Tekko-Kagi infused with magic allowing him to bend space around increasing his attack range (+425 units). Further, basic attacks deal additional 5/10/15/20 (based on champion's level) (+25% ability power) magic damage. Are his attacks considered as ranged (like how old kayle E increased range) or melee? If it is considered ranged, i don't see the added value from the range bonus. But if it is considered melee, it becomes broken because of one item: tiamat {{item:3077}} . Look at how the game was after guinsoo{{item:3124}} 's first rework. Some ranged champions used it to get AOE damage, gaining a good waveclear (tristana, kog), incredible DPS and even jungling power. For around a BF{{item:1038}}'s price you will get health regen, pushing power, and be able to put the enemy under pressure. Later in the game, you will be able to evolve it into a ravenous {{item:3074}}, gaining enormous sustain during teamfights. I don't think the titanic{{item:3748}} will be much of a use though as he is supposed to be squishy, i don't think he will gain much from the HP increase and HP ratio for the crescent passive. I do think it's a good idea not to have a projectile on his ranged attacks though, because it can help him pass through Yasuo{{champion:157}}'s windwall and Braum{{champion:201}} 's Unbreakable. But be careful because it might become too much of a counter against them! > [{quoted}](name=Netenir,realm=EUNE,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=EoBG9PK1,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-09-07T10:50:36.844+0000) Q - Tiger Bane > > Cost: 40/30/20/10/free > Cooldown: 15/12/9/6/3s > > Leaps to the cursor on a short, fixed distance and (if in 175 units radius) attacks the closest enemy (prioritizing champions) dealing 70/90/110/130/150 (based on the skill's level) (+50% total attack damage). Can strike critically and applies on-hits. This spell reminds me of Fiora{{champion:114}} 's Lunge. But the problem here is the coldown. When you compare it to other mobile champion's dashing abilities, it is a bit too unbalanced. In the first levels, 15 seconds is very long (about as long as fiora's lvl 1 Q without cooldown reduction from hitting a target), and the dash is very short (you might be faster if you just walked). And in the last level, it becomes only 3 seconds, which is even shorter than Fiora's dash with the cooldown reduction from hitting a target. I suggest you to re-balance cooldowns. Maybe go like Lucian{{champion:236}} or Ezreal{{champion:81}} for a long cooldown that can be reduced with some conditions and get a better range. Why not something like 350 range, with 20->10sec cooldown? > [{quoted}](name=Netenir,realm=EUNE,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=EoBG9PK1,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-09-07T10:50:36.844+0000) >W - Ascended Powers > >Passive: While not attacked by a champion or an epic monsters for 8/6/4 (based on champion's level) seconds starts regenerating health in a rate of 0.2/0.4/0.6/0.8/1.2% (based on the skill's level) of maximum health per second. > >Cost: free >Cooldown: 20/19/18/17/16s > >Active: Gains +20/25/30/35/40% (based on the skill's level) attack speed and +20/30/40/50/60 flat movement speed for 6/7/8/9/10 seconds. The passive is useless. Regen with HP ratio is a good idea for champions that will build health, and tanky items like juggernauts. If you want to add sustain I'd recommend going for something with AD/AP ratio or level-based (like Kindred{{champion:203}} ). Or maybe go for lifesteal/spellvamp? Like getting 2->10% Lifesteal when not taking damage from champions? The attack speed buf is ok. A bit on the lower side, but it has a nice duration, and not much of a cooldown. The problem is the movement speed bonus. Such a high bonus for 6->10 seconds is powerful. It's like having free boots when the spell is lvl 1, or free celerity at lvl 5. And when the champion already has a good dash, the ms bonus is not that important. You could either reduce it, or increase it and make it decay over the duration. Last option is to reduce the duration, but increase duration with every basic attack (up to a limit). E is good. Not much to add. > [{quoted}](name=Netenir,realm=EUNE,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=EoBG9PK1,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-09-07T10:50:36.844+0000) >R - Shred Apart > >Passive: Damaging enemy Champions and Epic Monsters grant stacks up to 4/6/8 (based on the ultimate's level) for 3 seconds refreshed after every hit. Stacks empower basic attacks (doubling Warp Claws damage/doubling Warp Claws damage and dealing the bonus in a small area around the target/doubling Warp Claws damage, dealing the bonus in a small area around the target and converting it into true damage) (based on the gathered stacks). > >Each empowered basic attack consume 30/35/40 mana at respective stacks threshold. When out-of-mana stacks persist but don't provide empowerments. 30 mana/auto?!? With 504 mana at lvl 6, you will only be able to deal empowered autos for 16 attacks, which not much in lane. Just make it a toggle.The bonus on passive seems good, but the synergy with Guinsoo and Tiamat might be too much. Overall: I don't really know where this champion is headed to. He gets a good synergy with Tiamat that can make him a real wave-cleaner. But he needs mana for his ultimate, so the Tear might be a must. His Q applies on-hit so it would be a good Sheen user. And he uses AP and critical strikes well. As an AD, his core items would be Ravenous, Muramana, Triforce for a total of 9633 gold. Way too late in the game for your champion to get his powerspike! As an AP, his core items would be Seraph and Lichbane, for a total of 6400 gold. Much better. Maybe for As build it would be IE, Rapidfire? The power curve might be steadier but then you would not make use of your champion's power. About the lore: I didn't read it. I see you've put in a lot of effort in your champion, but honestly this lore is way to big! Please, at least make a summary to help us have a general idea of what is his backstory, so then we know if we are interested in the full story or not. I might have been a bit hard and long, but well... I wanted to give a full and honest review.
jacktjong (EUW)
: That could be an idea yeah. I was thinking the ult would last about 6 seconds max, and there would be a bit of a delay before she dives into stealth. I don't really like the idea of camouflage on her since she needs to get up close before she can even start her combo. Champs like Evelynn have the same problem, but they have the benefit of a ranged hard-cc or a gap closer like rengar has. That, and I kinda miss new champs with actual invisibility that's not limited to an area. Also, the 5 attacks at the end of her ult were mostly to have something to spread out her damage. I was actually thinking of making it a single attack that can be activated in a window after her popping out of stealth, but you do have a point with that that's basically the only window of opportunity to hit her. Then again, some balancing might be doable in her W, since I was also thinking about making the trail disappear when she gets hard-cc'd, basically leaving her stranded if she does get cc'd. But showing the trail if someone runs into it while it's invisible would be a nice option. Maybe also give it a starting sound like Kled and Sion, or a marker like Pyke. But I do wanna keep the stealth, it's something I really miss in new champs. As for the playstyle: if her cooldowns were low she would indeed be a bit of a juggernaut type, but I was thinking that the cooldown of her E would be really quite high
I still think she'll end up as a juggernaut as she doesn't have the signature of an assassin: a gap closer. Why not give her the ability do dash with her passive? This way the attack range loss won't be a penalty but an opportunity. Her basic combo would be: 8 auto->dash on champion->Q->W->E. It would also help her jungling ability by making ganks easier. Keeping the stealth, but adding a mark can be a good idea for her ult it at least indicates her opponent that they can be in danger if they pack. Overall: good champion concept!{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
jacktjong (EUW)
: An AP assassin that I can't think up a whole story and design for
I like the W, and the interaction with Q and E. But overall this playstyle feels more like a juggernaut's (maybe a bit like singed). The ultimate is also another problem: it basically gives her the ability to get a perfect stun with her W (depending on the ultimate duration). It doesn't give any opportunity of counter-play, and gives her a free combo (making her as frustrating to face as Rengar). The only weakness it has is the 5-hit ending. Such a long combo takes time to animate and makes her vulnerable and open to a counter. I think you should remove that combo, and give a weakness to the ult. Maybe make it a camouflage, and reveal the trail if an enemy walks through?
: Draft Racing in Howling Abyss! (BETA
The idea of a race is cool, but the roles are too restrictive. Runner: You have one way of going in the enemy fountain: through the lane.You'll be facing both the enemy defender and the towers. Passing through the defender can be cool, but passing through the towers is very hard for nearly all champions. The runners will be divided between the ones that can dash through the defenders, and the ones that can tank hits from the towers. Defender: Staying under is boring. You can't farm, except when minions are under tower, so you will have a harder time getting gold. To sum it up: you wait for minions to enter tower range, and admire the turret last hitting your minions. Roamer: You get acces to minions, golds, and are in the best position to take a 1v1, or 2v1 against the enemy runner. So they get all the gold and experience, and have about the same feeling as the normal game mode. In my opinion, the race this way will be too hard, with the runners at a disadvantage. It might be a little more balanced by changing summoner spells: adding flash zone {{item:3640}} to help defenders create plays, and giving runners the ability to put a turret in stasis {{item:3056}}. And share the golds... because everyone needs items, but not everyone has access to minions.
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