: Client Problems
Guys try restarting your router . Seeing that this has to do with our isps i simply restarted my router and now im fine (missions are available,client not laggy, i can join games.)
: i have the same problem... its the 5th day already since the problem appeared and i did everything like reinstall repair checking my internet connection and stuff nothing works
check this: https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/6k1pfi/massive_clientgame_connection_issues_on_euweune/ apparently the issue is common for players in the area of Balkans...
: Client Problems
https://ibb.co/cwLRdQ That's what i sometimes get after trying to log in. (In each instance i have waited more than 2 mins or so for this to pop after i have typed my credentials. )
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: Thank You, Alpha Testers! Sign-Ups Now Closed
All we had to do was send the dammn e-mail CJ!
Eambo (EUW)
: #And we're done! All permissions have been given out to those accounts that applied for beta access. #Update: 07 November We're about 80% complete with giving out access - we'll update this again once we're complete! Please also remember that this grants access to the region and account you requested access on **only**. Please ensure you're logging in with the correct account or the alpha will say you do not have permission! :-) Hey guys, Download links are back up! [EUNE](http://eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/client-update/download) [EUW](http://euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/client-update/download) Note that anyone who applied for access before today's shutoff should receive access over the coming hours (we're running it right now but there's a lot!). If you did not apply, you'll need to wait for Open Beta as signups are now closed I'm afraid! You should also have received an email with this info if you applied, so be sure to check your spam filters! ^_^ Edit: Note this is taking longer than the "coming hours" mentioned due to the sheer volume of applicants globally - keep an eye on your email and we'll update here when we've confirmed all emails have went out! :-) Also be sure to read the [Frequently Asked Questions](http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/alpha-client-discussion-en/nKlFY4b3-league-client-update-alpha-to-beta-faq) (Spoiler: This isn't PBE!) as well as the [List of features not yet implemented](http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/alpha-client-discussion-en/dWGWMe7f-league-client-update-not-all-features-are-implemented)
Frezent (EUNE)
: Okay, but i didn't use any programs that modify the client/game, i just don't get it. I read here that many other players also are banned for 3rd programs/scripts etc. and they are even proved , because some of them were streaming in twitch. I would never use any programs , scripts etc. that was my first MOBA game at all, i was playing shooter games. i am 23 years old not some kid who would cheat and etc. Thanks for your reply.
Well in that case you will have to wait for a response .. I am pretty sure that if it is just a missconception everything will be shortly back to normal. Best of Luck
FtManDnt (EUW)
: for me the old client ate up about 900mb of ram this new one olny uses about 350-400 mb ram for me but the issue now is that the new client spikes cpu usage pretty hard making it seem laggy.
Well i have an i3 but the probelm is that it has degraded .. Only time will tell if this new client is better!Thanks for replying anyway
: Alpha client is to laggy for me
Hey there , I have a slow computer as well and my question is ; Does it require less memory ? The current client is just a nightmare for me . It is melting my 2GB ram occuping more than 650 Mb and leaving too little space for the actual game to run.
: Thank You, Alpha Testers! Sign-Ups Now Closed
Has anyone with a slow pc tested the Alpha Client ? The current one is melting my 2GB ram.It occupies around 700 MB and it leaves little to no memory for the actual game to run. Thanks in advance.
Frezent (EUNE)
: Banned Permanently
Well everything would be easier if riot could name the program they evaluate as cheating.Even if you get a response, you will see that they will not directly name the software you got banned for(e.g WowThisisaScriptingshit.exe) even if you ask them to.Keep in mind that any programms that modify in a way the client/game (AND are not officially approved by riot) can as well be the reason you got banned.
: Soon™
Riot confirmed {{item:2050}}
: I miss doing the tribunal, it felt like I was actively taking a role assisting in improving the community which made me more mindful about my own behaviour in game.
Tha feeling of being helpful is great ^^ {{champion:59}}
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