Felahliir (EUW)
: First impressions on Diana rework
Really ? not one shotting after level 6 ??? Are you trying to kill tanks or something ? She has more dmg than ever before because she has 1 more dmg ability which does a ton of dmg with a pretty low cd. Her passive got buffed aswell. Q is more poke since they lowered her mana cost and w is pretty much the same.
Roasti (EUNE)
: Bring back old ranked champ select song!
I actually made a boards post about this aswell and and asked riot alone aswell. We will just need to mute the new champ select theme and have this on Youtube or something
: Patch 9.14 - Bug Thread
Good that most of them have been fixed. At least the runes.
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: Give me a "Classic LoL" option please. I miss to have fun.
Just wait til league of memories is completed then we can get our old league back
: {{item:3075}} is a must against auto attack based champs. The real problem with ornn is his kit. Which made him too strong in pro play compared to soloQ. His ultimate made him destroy the enemy line and knock them up which let his team the the clean up easily without having him to go and do his role as a tank. His shield also gave him a free pass on the laning phase. Now he have to fight his way in order to reach the late game. I don't really now if he is balanced now, or if he will still need some adjustments. I'm just explaining to you the idea behind all the changes. Also, you'll have to play him differently now. Don't expect to play and trade the same way as you did before, maybe that's why you're having trouble.
Yeah that is the main problem that i have that i can't be as aggresive anymore. And i know why they changed somethings like how its good that they removed the shield so you can't win every trade.
: Issue with the extra resistances is the same issue that tanks have in general... too much true damage and % pen for them to actually function... so while it’s good that he gets the extra 10% resistances until riot sort anti tank items it’s not going to be anywhere near as effective as his shield was
True. True dmg like vayne's feels way to strong and there isnt really anything you can do about it. its sad that i can't 1v1 her anymore XD
: Hey ! A fellow Ornn fan here > he feels REALLY Squishy now. The 10% increase in armor and magic resist from items and runes isnt enough to keep him alive like how his shield did. That was the objective, he is less tanky early game, but will scale extremely well the that 10% and 2 free upgrade at lvl 13. The problem was that the shield is "mindless press this button to win". In short trades during the laning phase, you could just press it and take 0 damage while brittle will deal max health damage. And don't forget that you deal more damage so that evens the trades, but you'll have to think about them and do them correctly instead of juste pressing 1 button. Late game, you won't have a shield to soak the damage for you, but you'll have much more stats (from 2 free upgrades and the 10% passive) so you'll be taking less damage without needing the shield. Please, don't underestimate the unstoppable. It will give you soo much outplay potential. Bye bye Camille stun. And people won't be able to tower dive you with cc since it won't work on you while you'll be able to cc them. You'll just have to play a little bit differently and change your habits. I will definitely miss the shield, but it was too strong, I'll admit that.
Iam not underestimating his unstoppable and iam not sure if iam just having unlucky enemys since for me does it feel like its such a small buff to even make a diffrence. I mean the max i can block with my runes if i go full thornmail is only 82%. yes he is much more late game he still feels way to squishy. And they are planning to increse his w now to 14 seconds without it going down with ranks. I feel like a 12 sec on all ranks is already pretty annyoing and if they are gonna give it 14 without anything later in the game then i dont even know since he feels pretty balanced now or for me have he Always been good even on relase when other players said he was bad but thats just me :). Btw i dont go full thornmail XD
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: Yes it was. It was both his damage and being unstoppable. Renekton has a really predictable engage, and locks himself in place during Ornn w. Ornn doesn't get stunned. I'm putting myself at a disadvantage trying to fight Ornn as renekton, since I either dons stun him and wait out his damage, which makes him out damage me, or I stun myself while he is unstoppable with a shield. I'm so glad he's getting gutted.
you know you can't cancel his w so ornn will still win vs rene and darius its the same as it was before you could get stunned but the animation would keep going with the dmg its knockback and other stuff that will cancel it now
: I don't see how this will kill Ornn. Yeah, the lose of CC Immunity from his W will suck, but he naturally builds a nice chunk of CDR so he'll still have his ult up semi-regularly.
they reduced it for a reason when he got relased and how are they even making it higher.
: I still see Ornns outdueling renekton and Darius. Champs that are supposed to ANNIHILATE Ornn in a duel. ANY nerf on Ornn I'm okay with
Yes and that is becuase of his dmg not his w unstoppable or his ult cd nerf his dmg instead of doing this is better
: The diagnosis is clear: virulent case of "I love you if your are OP". The suggested cure is quite simple: switch to another OP champ if you really think this love is over.
As i said i will still love him he is the most fun champ i have had since jhin so i will still like him
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: rengar vs khazixs ingame event
They removed it in that class rework
Roughy (EUW)
: Wooxy is a currently approved 3rd party program that lets you DL this ;) Btw, i suggest you DL the music too because GP sounds weird with the vanilla music. EDIT: keep up with riot's policy about it and be ready to uninstall it though, we never know :/
I also use wooxy and apparantly i found a way to download gp announcer pack and there is no problem with it only with the buthers bridge map where the shopkeppers are home less XD
D1nzu (EUW)
: A present for the Slaughter Docks!!! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: Nope, It's just another thing that Riot like to spend money on, but won't ever enable it again.
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