M5 Cut (EUW)
: List Of Bugs that need to be fixed on the client
stats page stopped counting games
: What Champs should u ban.
{{champion:24}} and {{champion:126}} players can stomp toplane
: which champions do you want to see for the next reworks
I dont think Annie needs a remake , shes always just been a basic beginner friendly mage for players to learn the game. I'd suggest a remake on {{champion:72}} reason? Hes just dead
: If you're 5 man premade and you troll/int can you get banned if the enemies report?
Wait why would enemies complain about a free win XD 15 mins of your time isn't too bad , is it ?
: Well i have been asking myself the same thing all of these years. The answers i found are that it is exploitable especially in duo queue. Two guys are playing duo one guy decides to leave in order to avoid loss for the other and so only the guy leaving will lose lp. The other option is that players might bully the weakest player to leave so the other players don't lose lp as well. The first case can be solved by removing duo queue and making ranked only solo which would also be the best thing ever they could do to solo queue. It would also remove all the duo's and in my opinion it would have a great impact on ELO boosting as well which is another issue that ranked is having. As for the second option i don't think that it is even possible since there is the mute option so if I were to get flamed I'd just mute the persons in question and play normally ( i always /muteall ). Thing is mate that riot does not really care to be honest. In Dota 2 that isn't a problem. You don't get punished by this if it is out of your control. Posting here and complaining isn't going to do much. Riot stopped taking the boards in to consideration a long time ago. If you want your voice to be truly heard then you have to go to reddit and post there. As long as people are buying skins riot does not care. Also the punishments for leaving games are not hard enough. In Counter Strike if you leave a game you get a 7 days account suspension for ranked which is a tough thing.
So trolls always win {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: new skins pleaseee
honestly i would like a new skin for {{champion:91}} but yeah there are other champions that need it more like {{champion:136}} ,{{champion:164}}
: why are adcs useless expect vayne
well ive played alot of {{champion:119}} recently and hes so strong , especially in early game so i wouldnt go as far as "useless" + ive even had some success with {{champion:96}} when hes way out of meta .
: God King Event - Who did you choose?
Darius because he's a badass


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