: Well you could report them after the game and it might result in a warning, ban (if they have shown continued negative behaviour). You have to be aware of the fact that a big part of players in league of legends is still a bunch of minors, who have quite a shitty attitude in those situations. So basically dont mind their comments and expect nothing from your team mates. Easiest way to dont be crushed by the negativity in league.
I did, i tried muting al before starting game but that doesn't work out, i want to comunnicatie with the team because i play a lot of jungle
Najns (EUW)
: >During a ranking game my mom felt from the stairs, So i tell this to my team and go afk for like 5-7 min to help my mum. Why even tell that to your teammates? Just leave and help your mom.
Why should i not tell it, I wanted to be nice and give them the reason why I go afk and hope that they would understand.
Perilum (EUW)
: Don't go AFK in the middle of the game. Else face the consequences. Nobody cares for your reason. We can't confirm it.
What would you do if ur mom falls from the stairs? Just dont go afk because LoL is life for u? Letting her cry on the ground? People like u disguist me. If u don't care for someone's real life problem because a simple game is sick in my opinion.
kjono1 (EUW)
: Hello, Sorry to hear you had such a bad experience with the community. I hope your mum is okay now :) I have had to leave games due to a family member, in my case my little sister, falling down the stairs, one time she had to even go up to the hospital so I had to abandon the game entirely. Fortunately for me my team and the enemy, bar one player, were understanding about the whole situation and hoping that my sister is okay. So there are also members of the community that are kind as well. A warning could be useful for these people to be careful to try not to offend others, they may have meant it as a joke that span out of control as well which is unfortunate, and hence why caution should be taken when writing such jokes. I hope your mum is feeling better, and that you do not have another situation with the community like this. kjono1
Thanks! she is not doing any better now, we're thinking she has a hernia. But thanks for the lovely comment
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