: Same here. You can mute flamers with a single button but there is nothing you can do with inters / trolls. Riot punishes people for saying "dont feed" yet I am yet to receive ANY feedback on reporting afkers and trolls. Due to the liberal safe space culture your feelings > gameplay is now the reality.
True that feelings part. Just imagine we are climbing a ladder and there's a bunch of guys down there shouting like "you suck!" "%%%!" and things like that, but there's actually a guy that is pulling you down but not saying a word. The police arrests the people down there while you still can't climb the ladder because of the guy pulling you down. He can't be arrested because he didn't say a word. **Words > Actions** {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Firstly, you will never be notified of punishments against others except on rare occasions. Secondly, riot is very lenient on trolls and inters because the system is designed to not catch innocent people and I agree; I'd rather not be banned for getting camped for 10 minutes. Thirdly, I see little to no outright trolls. In the 1,7k games I've played I have met MAYBE two memorable trolls,since we're already anecdotal.
Lucky man. Only 2 trolls in 1700 games?{{sticker:sg-jinx}} Envy flows in me right now
: Trolls are poor people who don't have any other joy in life than to get attention by annoying others.... Anyway, in case the champ you picked is considered to be OP, it happens quite some times that (s)he'll get banned anyway, also by your own team. Remember, when such champs are banned and noone selected them, they're OP, and when they're banned while someons on your own team selected them, your team doesn't trust you can play him... However, there should be some communication before. Best case is if someone on your team picks it for you. But such things never happen, as there are no "teams" here. It's just a random collection of frustrated players who all think all others are trolls or noobs. At the end of the day, it is your choice whether or not you want to expose yourself to that crap "community". I decided to quit a while ago. I still like watching the streams very much - but there you see real teamplay. Something which will never happen in the daily ranked world.
That wasn't the main issue. That alone happens to me often and i'm not gonna lie, it tilts me a little bit, but that was only the tip of the iceberg.
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: You can make this game enjoyable again.
I don't undertand how can you have fun with a game where trolls won't have any punishment for ruining the games of 4 other players. I've said this so many times and i will say it again:** I'd rather have 3 or 4 toxic teammates flaming me than a troll on my team.** You can mute the flamers but you can't stop the trolls in any way. But flamers are banned and trolls don't. I just had a game where a teammate banned the champion I highlighted to play, picked heimerdinger adc, inted and literally said that he didn't want to win and wanted what account in bronze 5. And guess what? That was such a fun game where a single guy lost us the game intentionally, where we couldn't at least try to win cause he just came to our lanes ruin the farm, exp and giving kills to the enemy :) And can you DC to at least make someting more useful than wasting time with a troll? No, you can't without a punishment. This is the type of thing what makes me want to quit this game for good.


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