: Fix your rigged matchmaking and stop deceiving players!
I also main random champions like that but I NEVER ran into this problem.
: the truth. quit this game
You give way too much credit to some magical "Algorithm" that forces you to lose. Most of the time when I look up people who fed in my games have both good and bad games in match history. The matchmaking doesnt know how good these players are gonna play this game. They dont know how tilted these players are. They cant see the future. The problem isnt in matchmaking. Its the snowball meta. The problem is that a team that gets the lead is simply too powerful and coming back is way too difficult right now.
: the truth. quit this game
I remmember the good ol days when posts like that were downvoted instead of upvoted. This forum is now filled with low elo crybabies (Im gold so im low elo too). You just gotta deal with it that not all games are winnable. You say "I carried most of my games", but how many of those games you carried were actually just enemies inting like your teammates do now? You never see the good things, only the bad things. Every win you get is "Oh I got lucky here", so you are saying that if you dont get lucky with teammates you dont win, which means you have no impact in your games, which means you arent carrying shit. Instead of complaining, take the losses, improve from them, and win the games that you can win. You only need a 51 procent win rate to climb. Also "you lose all of them in a row and you get tilted" maybe if you get tilted and that makes you lose more, just stop playing maybe? Go take a walk untill you are not tilted anymore? Thats how loss streaks happen. You cleary make a shit ton of mistakes and you refuse to aknowledge them.
Belormoroth (EUNE)
: Is this something new...? If game doesnt want you to win: you WON'T win. If game want you to win: you WILL win even if it's 4v5 (look my yesterday game). https://i.ibb.co/2v2Mwv0/Untitled.png Beautiful visibility of this is at tft. If you will be 1-2 position or promoted next few games you will end up as 6-8 position. And there is nothing you can do about it.
You are probably one of thsose people who think TFT is all about RNG. It is very very little about RNG. It is possible to top 4 every single game. What you need to realise is that the game is all about adapting. If you force the same comp over and over again, yes, its all about how lucky you can get with it. Thats why you see what you get and try to build the best you can with what you got, as well as scout what you are up against and build accordingly
: so whats next? global vision and no fog of war because you cant see the enemies in FOW ? or are all bushes gone aswell? because she can place traps in there without you seeing them.
Dude. Its not the same. This is literally abuse of game engine. Cait traps are supposed to be visible when they are visible. If its ok then why cant champions hide behind the towers? Why do they get an outlay when they do? Lets just allow champs to become invisible by hiding behind towers then!
Rioter Comments
: I just went from +19lp to +10lp in TWO games. I won BOTH OF THEM?!?! How does this work
Its because the game was during the lag period. When the server lag period is on, losers get loss prevented and winners get half the lp. Unlucky timing that is all.
: Visibility of reports?
You can actually submit a support ticket requesting your data. It will include everything your account owns, all your purchases, your match history AND your report logs, as in how many times you were reported, how much you reported, how many reports were valid, etc.
: by reporting you increase chances of punishment, you dont understand a simple concept
Here is how system works. Every player has an assigned variable, that can be true or false. If it is true, after the game system will review the player and punish if he deserves it. If its false, system will not review the player. By default, every players variable after each game is false, so nobody gets reviewed. One single report will change that variable to true, causing the system to review them. All subsequent reports literally will do nothing. This means that your one report has the same power as 9 reports in the game.
Dvs Hexler (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=SoloGarenFTW,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=1i9FkIBs,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2020-01-20T11:51:41.875+0000) > > 1 report is worth same as 9 reports so there is no point in asking others... You make game more toxic without any reason. No, he just make an effort to ban a player that destroys our games. Saying to my team to report someone is not toxic at all. On the other hand it could motivate that bad player to play better and avoid that report.
Yes it is because what you are doing is useless and spreads more negativity. Read what he said. 1 report is the same as 9 reports. There is absolutely no use for your team to report him if you will.
: The new champions isnt fun to play against...
You main Miss fortune and complain about antiful champions? It is so fun playing against miss fortune when she shoves you under tower and hits you for 20 procent of your hp every time you try to cs
: "Mastery Undefined" Time to Fix it Riot?
Havent happened to me since 10.1 patch
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
FolwS (EUNE)
: I myself just got a 14 day account ban out of nowhere. been playing since 2009 w/o any punishment ever and this one game while being harrased whole game responded once to the guy by typing k-y-s. AND BAM 14 days
Yeah, that 3 letter combo is an insta 14 day ban. Never use it.
cephiro (EUW)
: they will not lol same as how they will not ban leavers or actually trying to ban trolls I reported a yuumi, who went pta top and later that yuumi went guadian jungle with smite and built support items taht yuumi is still trolling
Actually, support does lift bans as long as those bans were genuenly unjustified, as is the case here.
: it literally made me lose a super easy game as annie, i was wondering if there was something wrong with me, i thought maybe my body's reaction have become slow or something since ping was 64 the whole game...i wanted to bear a super fed jhin in team fights but due to input lag i had to press r a couple of times even 3 times so i couldn't 1 shot him and i would die..i lost the game cuz of jhin, then closed the game,came back after a couple of hours and everything was smooth again xD
This is talking about client, not game. Diffirent things
JFen (EUW)
: Shows the wrong rank for last season
Did you end in P2 when ranked season ended or when preseason ended?
Câstiél (EUW)
: But not in every game there's someone afk or like that, which makes most of the games no 'coinflip'. When I look back in my match history, I had one guy going afk in the last 3 months, and it was me since an error occured. Same with inting people, didn't have one for at least 3 months. So in equally good teams, without someone like a leaver, you'll have no coinflip. And those games happen the most.
You just have to win the games you can win. Trust me you can win more than half your games for sure. Even if its gambling, its 4 allies to 5 enemies for a chance of troll. Also if you want to have fun, ranked is not the place lmao
: {{champion:12}} Cow boiii {{champion:32}} Sad boiii {{champion:53}} Robot boiii {{champion:201}} Moustache boiii {{champion:31}} Bitey boiii {{champion:36}} Bootleg Hulk boiii {{champion:79}} Drunk boiii {{champion:80}} Sparta boiii {{champion:44}} Ex-husbando {{champion:157}} Wind boiii
: I just name them by champion name so I can find them faster If I use multiple pages for one champ I add the keystone
Doesnt mean you cant make nicknames here in the forum for fun, there is a reason I put this in games jokes and contests...
: Hoe {{champion:28}} You have more than one rune page?
I do actually. I have 3. I use 2 of the 2 champions I play most at the moment and I use the 3rd one to set up my runepage before match if I play something else than those 2 champions. I like to play a champion untill I reach mastery 5. Thats just how I roll!
manolis201 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Sad Moon Boí,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=P99IGj9r,comment-id=0008,timestamp=2020-01-10T05:31:48.053+0000) > > Let me put this simply. If you want to climb, your goal is NOT to continiously increase your win rate. Your winrate does not have to raise for your rank to raise. Your goal is to KEEP a winrate above 50, not INCREASE your winrate. See, as long as you are winning 51 procent of your games, you are winning more than you are losing, which means you should be climbing. Winrate is the indicator of how fast you are climbing/falling, not what rank you belong in. No because if you win 50% of your games your MMR drops a bit every time so you have to win over 51+% if your LP is +15 lets say and then you lose -20 you see the 5 Lp diffrence especially with the Lp decrease Riot did the previous season to prevent players reach challenger easier.
Thats because your MMR is lower than your actual division. If you have a steady and positive win rate, your MMR will match your current rank and eventually go above it, making you earn more. Lets do some math. Lets say you played 3 games. 2 win 1 loss. Your winrate is now 66.6 procent. Diffirence between your wins and losses is 1. Lets say you win one more game and lose one more game. Diffirence between yoru wins and losses is still 1, but your winrate dropped to 60 procent. In order to keep your 66.6 procent win rate, you have to win one more game, so you would have 4 wins and 2 losses. Now your winrate is 66.6 again but your diffirence between wins and losses is 2. Thats the whole concept of this system. If you can keep a steady positive win rate and increase your diffirence between wins and losses, you will eventually climb. The bigger the win rate, the faster you climb. This is why long time challanger players often have winrates of 55 procent and so. Imagine a 55 procent win rate of 1000 games. Thats 550 wins and 450 losses. 100 more wins than losses.
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pXHoney (EUNE)
: League of coinflip
Let me put this simply. If you want to climb, your goal is NOT to continiously increase your win rate. Your winrate does not have to raise for your rank to raise. Your goal is to KEEP a winrate above 50, not INCREASE your winrate. See, as long as you are winning 51 procent of your games, you are winning more than you are losing, which means you should be climbing. Winrate is the indicator of how fast you are climbing/falling, not what rank you belong in.
pXHoney (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Câstiél,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=P99IGj9r,comment-id=000000000001,timestamp=2020-01-09T13:31:04.389+0000) > > 50% is absolutely normal and has nothing to do with trolls/leaver/etc. > 5 people play against 5 other people. Now, every game a team has to lose. One loss, one win. If both teams are equally good, they'll have a winrate of 50%. If you're in the elo you belong, you will be as good as (nearly) everyone else in that elo. That's why a gold player will have a winrate around 50%, when he's in gold elo. > > And yes, that also means that a challenger player will mostly have a winrate of 80%+ in bronze, because he's better. yes 50% is normal.. yes they are equally good which means the team that has that one "Much worse" or one "much better" player will lose/win aka coinflip game.. it won't depend on the other 9 players who have 50% wr and are equally good..
Guess you should become much better then. Said it yourself, "If you're not much better than everyone else"
: > [{quoted}](name=Luciferrx,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=8ETh1YOK,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2020-01-08T21:19:06.067+0000) > > What risk??There is no risk anymore thats the point.There is high risk less reward right now.Because even if you feed you wont be able to do nothing bcs evryone outscale you. THATS THE RISK. IF YOU FEED URE USELESS. IF YOURE FED URE GODLIKE. THATS THE DEFINITION OF A RISK. draven{{item:3031}} {{item:3072}} can 2AA shuishies. show me another adc who can destroy others as easily as draven.
Drda (EUNE)
: As he should be, he was op
Yes. A champion should be so bad hes unplayable. Then why even keep him? Delete sylas! Please give me my revoliution boi back, I miss him...
Luciferrx (EUNE)
: The problem is he is early game champ.If he doesnt get kills his %%%%ed.And his lategame is not strong as other adcs. I dunno why people cried about him when his actually easy to deal with especially when you can just jump on him because you know where his q drops.
Thats literally the definition of high risk high reward. You take a risk, if it does not pay off you burn. So yeah he is very much high risk high reward
PurpleOrk (EUW)
: New champ is always overpowered until sales drop, so use the time to get free lps.
Considering I have a 29 procent win rate in my pat 30 games and I often play him, not true. You still need brains to play him (Also I am quite unlucky atm)
: I thinkk something is wrong with my mmr
Dude I am in an exact same boat like wtf I just lost 18 of my past 20 games and I deranked from plat to gold.. Smurfs everywhere. Also shaco. Eveery time theres an enemy shaco he goes full AD and solo carries. Every time theres an ally shaco he goes ap for some reason and is just meh.. Morde is also enemy insta win ally meh
Brwerw (EUNE)
: Practice tool with friends
Been suggested and riot said they wont. If they did that, practice tool would be turned into basicly a new game mode. As in people could make mini games there. For some reason riot doesnt want that
: Not everyone has money for razer products dude
Ok can someone just ban this guy? He clearly is desperate enough to cheat.
: Night and Dawnbringer Jackpot is the worst one yet
I got 2 jackpots and the second one contained true damage ekko shard so I am not complaining
: So, once again, you have to build your team comp around a single champ to counter him But yet people cry when they have to go grievous
I mean, if your team has no heavy CC, you kinda deserve to lose
Rioter Comments
Typhl0 (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=brownfoxlazydog,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=oBnAEQu3,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-12-28T22:39:00.415+0000) > > Counters against the combo ult+dmg from the top of my head: > {{champion:103}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:202}} {{champion:7}} cc him if he goes in and do not stand in his short range. He cannot use his ult if he is silenced or immobilized. I mean he has to be in meelee range at least after one e. It should be possible to catch him > > * when he rolls with his e skill, > * when he is walking closer to proc e and passive and > * After the proc if he used e and is unable to tumble and flash. Careful though, the proc gives him high movement speed. > > Also poke him slow with longer range spells or burst him quickly down. Ekko bets on fast burst because this allows him to heal the most by turning back time. Slow burn>burst. > Otherwise you can buy items against the heal from ekko's ult{{summoner:14}} try to cc him as ahri when he can dodge when his E easly , also u lose 20 % of dmg if u dont e first
Then wait out while he uses his e, then use it. If you land a charm right after his e, you will not lose 20 procent hp.
: What outplay? He presses R and counters all the outplay in the world
Unless, like brownfoxlazydog explained, you CC him. I have been spamming ekko quite a lot and I am seriously considering running clense on him considering how often I died unable to ult because of CC
: not new maps. just ad a few bush and remove/add some rocks. That is not so hard to do as a dev.{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
And the rain effects, terraforming animations, mountain dust, infernal flames, wind gusts... Must be imaginating those
: By that definition anyone can access and use macros
Not everyone has money for razer products dude
: In other words, it makes no sense to try to be better in the game. No one will appreciate it except you. It follows that I, too, can play thoughtlessly, die 20 times per game, and if I'm lucky, we will win and they will give me the damned 17LP, and if I lose, they will take 21, and at least it will be fun for me. You're right. In our current conditions, if you are not a smurf, but just a player with gold, you will never see platinum. It turns out there is only one way out. Get away from players like me who are trying. Let them think that they are the smartest, hahahaha, and deserve something. If you do not play 60-70% of victories, you will not grow. Thank you riot. I felt this way about myself when you try to bring something good and behave with dignity, even when your team loses. Now I will be the same jester who will die 20 times because there is no difference. Damn, it’s really easier. Why try in some kind of game, for whom? All exactly all do not care for you. It’s better to have fun and what fun is better than trolling other players who are trying. Oh, and also I forgot to say that I have no problems. I can play the game and win it even with these addicts who die 20 times. I just don’t understand why I should lose more than I get. On an equal footing with the addict who did not seek victory, but simply fooled around. In my opinion, it would be fair if players like me would lose less LP, and those who troll or specifically feed the enemy more. Thus, these players will fall faster to the lowest rating, and players who can play normally will grow. But Riot spat on it, so there are so many trolls and feeders in the game
You are losing more than you are gettign is because you are losing more games than you are winning. You dont need a 60 70 win rate to climb. 51 win rate is enough to climb in the long run. > if you are not a smurf, but just a player with gold, you will never see platinum. Thats literally the point. What do you think smurfs are? They are players that are high rank, they are good at the game. If you play like a gold, yes, you will not see platinum. Thats how its designed to work. If you wanna see platinum, you gotta start playing like a platinum. Just playing the game is not enough to climb. And while not all games are up to you, majority of them is.
: blitz.gg op.gg basically any internet guide, including YouTube Even a bloody Discord server you ask your teammates to join for an ingame voice chat all those this are an advantage, yet compleatly fine with Riot Some rules Riot has are you a stupid joke. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Except they are not an advantage and are accesible by everyone. Information on your enemies and teamamtes is not considered an advantage since everyone can get it.
: How I got out of Silver in TFT. (Not a guide)
2 things. 1: This build would get demolished by a decent poison comp (especially morello with singed). 2: If you will force same build every game, you will stay in the gold you just reached forever. TFT is all about adapting and building around your opponents as well as items and champions you get. In higher elos most players would see you going this and would already have counter measures ready.
: Alright, my bad. They only did a replacable metal studs, but yea. Riot was also actively against jungle camp times, and this preseason introduced timer to every single camp. Things can change. It's only a matter of time when Riot realizes that macros would cause no harm and will create their own (most likely paid) macro thing in game.
Thing is, Riot still is against jungle timers. I heard someone had a tool that made jungle timers appear on the minimap. He got banned for that even if the game already has those, but basicly, this player does not need to press tab to see those timers, which is why its not allowed. Riot is not allowing anything that gives you an advantage over other players. Period. No matter how small the advantage is.
Smoothberry (EUNE)
: Idea for TFT mode
Doubt it would ever happen. Also set 3 is already created and imported into the game (not live or PBE servers tho). Source: RiotMort stream
: -21LP For losing + 17LP For winning
Your problem is your thoughts like this: I try in every game, I never feed the enemy, I almost never have more than 10 deaths. Game doesnt care how many deaths you have. Its all about that nexus bro. Some games are unwinable. Your job is to make sure you win those that are. Accept that some games cannot be won. It is impossible to be hardstuck because of teammates you get. And trust me, I speak from experience. I am a hardstuck gold as well. And I know I suck and need to get better.
: better create a new account. your mmr is %%%%ed bro
: Say riot, your focus on leaque is lacking right? No snowdown. poro game random picks.
You do realise, that the reason there is no snow is because of elemental rifts right? They already created 4 new maps
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Bæka (EUW)
: Nunu Bot is one of the best skins ever tbh, it's such a good skin for its price
It is an old legenadry skin brought up to modern days. I am sure skins like even the magnificent tf will get that upgrade it deserves when TF gets a VU
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