bigambrus (EUNE)
: Game is really unfun atm
And im not even talking about this minion block sphagetti code. Its really a annoying. Im wondering multi millionaire company have such coders like this. I play volibear i click to go to a place i go to france and i then go for where i clicked. Not fun aynmore. just amazing.
bigambrus (EUNE)
: Game is really unfun atm
Dear RIOT!, Can we have now 10/15 minutes surrender please? This game is not fun anymore. Towers are so weak. Critics everywhere. I'm not enjoying the game anymore.
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: Experiencing a crap ton of smurfs/elo boosters in rank?
Well done riot well done ;) Nice system.
: Fix the Zac bug Riot!
Happens sometimes... But you're able to control that if you're really good.
: Hai gave Febiven the middle finger
Declined (EUNE)
: Greetings SaddlerPT This certainly is an interesting bug, could you elaborate on the details and steps required to reproduce this bug?
Check my last zyra ranked game on the end for example... Regards and thanks for your attention.
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Stell (EUNE)
: What PBE is for
public news environment (PNE) {{summoner:4}} {{summoner:4}}
Encrux (EUW)
: are you serious right now? This charge time nerf is so small, it probably won't even make a difference..
Trust me.. When you play a champ everyday you feel difference in everything. 46% Winrate im most of times... Its a suicide jump landing champion. Can be good, Can be bad. Can be countered in so many ways.. I'm just asking for Riot don't nerf or even buff him.. Just improve the passive a bit or something.. and fix the level 5 Elastic Slingshot (E) range bug.. Regards. {{champion:154}} {{champion:154}}
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iTaLenTZ (EUW)
: AD champs have an unfair inherent advantage over AP champs
I'm a {{champion:154}} main. The game seems broken to me right now. Riot put Abyssal Scepter rework in froze state what will be great on Zac, Seju etc and launch a lot of ad itens.. RIP AP champs... Even AD clears on jungle are like microseconds... Just sad... {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}}
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Beros (EUW)
: Game interface and setting messed up
Hi riot, can you please fix 4k resolution? Look how small is the hp bar image: Thank you
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: Zac
You should put the thread on Bugs & Reports. But please Riot fix this. Im getting really annoying playing my Zaun! Regards.
Lsayu (EUNE)
: You do realize fake reports don't count, right?
That is not true on my opinion. Millions of reports for minute. A script can't check one by one. They just ban you. My opinion ofc.
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: Or they could give him a chroma pack
He already have one purple chroma pack. Just pay 975 RP for that. We need an epic fresh new detailed skin. Now recolored Zac. Pool party zac will be amazing if they can really work on that. Regards
Zenithir (EUW)
: The problem they've already discussed with this skin is that because of his mesh, they'd need to craft a whole 'nother model and try to fix the attachment points so that the clothing/water wings would behave correctly. Simply "painting" it one the texture like other recolor skins wouldn't work because of his stretchy body.
Just put many workers around pool party zac with great particles please. I would insta buy pool party Zac. Regards
: How to get out of the ban circle?
This game is fully broken. Not my first time i catch 4 premades and i get report for be first pick or something. All 4 just are free to report me. Then encourage the enemy team to do the same. I actually never troll/fed in a ranked game and i just got restricted because i rage like "Are you fking kidding me?" on chat. Btw i always got great results for the team i played. If i got a cycle when this 11 games ends i left League of Legends until they fix this. Have a great day.
MrGalio (EUW)
: Galio needs update
Galio need less mana costs on my opinion
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: Riot and Chroma Packs
: pfffff this is sooooooo freaking anoying, riot sould refund people here if i buy things in riot store never froblem with taking my money, but fixing this crappy bull crap noooo we neeed weeks. defenitly riot should give refunds or something to the people whe got ripped here........ this is so frustrating go get better employes reading this thread makes me laugh on what the employes doing... makes no freaking sense
It's a Free to Play game. Nobody force you to buy RP. Just saying. {{summoner:4}}
Kendo VII (EUW)
: 26/4/15 Unable to log in
Day 2 still can't login. Go Go Riot, I believe i will play today. Regards {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} MEO, Portugal.
Kendo VII (EUW)
: 26/4/15 Unable to log in
Im getting really sick.. I can't play League Of Legends all day long. Tried for several hours, i do everything, flush dns, change dns to google. Im just getting sick. Thank you for ruin my Sunday. Hope Riot fix their servers for European people.. Regards
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