: Another "good" League of Legends game.
You know you get a popup when you report someone and they actually got banned sometime later? I got that popup... **_ONCE._** i've probably banned extremely toxic players about uhh... 200 times _atleast_?
Moyfa (EUW)
: Gender and ethnic diversity
This community sometimes makes me wanna hate myself for playing the same game.
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: Is it me or kai'sa...
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: > [{quoted}](name=Sadolm,realm=EUW,application-id=ETj6EdvQ,discussion-id=i2Wlju3c,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-03-13T00:11:49.463+0000) > > basically they're not giving you a discount on those skins that include the champion because buying champs with RP is actually %%%%%%ed You *are* getting a discount on the skin, however the champion is full price. If you have the Blue Essence for it, it's generally better to buy that champion beforehand (the price will adjust accordingly) - but the skin is discounted for the price shown ^_^
im stupid i forgot one could just buy them with BE... ignore what i said
Asassing18 (EUNE)
: Riot needs to let you know somehow you didn't get smite in jungle... I've done this mistake twice now because i don't play jungle that much
Twice? Those are rookie numbers, you gotta pump those numbers up!
: Wait! HOW MUCH????
basically they're not giving you a discount on those skins that include the champion because buying champs with RP is actually %%%%%%ed
Zyzyx (EUW)
: Probably not so much, but maybe (most likely it's worse though). Just create an account there and test it.
Yeah just creating an account and playing some games is a good way to test connection. If its a huge improvement then you might consider changing regions but only if your account is very valuable otherwise its not worth the money in my opinion
: Moving Servers
If i was you i wouldn't spend 2600 RP just to move servers and get a (potential) slightly better connection.
: Kai'Sa is bottom tier thrash (vote)
Where's the "No she's not weak, she's an adc and is weak in early game like any other adc (except draven). You're just bad at her." option? Cant seem to find it
: About "SS"
TheLynxMan (EUNE)
: Well, both are awesome. If i feel for veggies and meatpiece with cucumber, i roll burger. With beer it is great, after a long day of work But when i am at home, just lying around with friends, i roll pizza
: Another year
Oh you're not satisfied on your discounts? You should be happy that you get discounts in the first place, dumbass
xXjunyuXx (EUW)
: well, my account is from 2009 if i remember right, and in a duration of 10 years, that happens xD{{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
fair enough
xXjunyuXx (EUW)
: Your Shop Returns
All the skins for all the adcs? man you spend too much money on this game {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: The range isn’t to where she dashes to it’s who she dashes to... you are dashing to an enemy champion you just get to choose where you land. It’s actially in line with all of the other abilities like this... just not as noticeable. Say for instance zed ult, you will always appear behind the enemy target so if the enemy is just in range then you will travel further than the range of the ability... albeit only as far as the enemy is wide (so not useful against a teemo, noticeable vs a cho). Same here... the target the dash is looking for is in range, so the dash can be used on any part of them regardless of if it’s out of range. So less confusing way of putting it... imagine the ability has 2 ranges... the first is from kaisa to her target, the second is the circle around the target... so while the second range goes past the first range the target area is still in range for what it’s meant to do... no that still is confusing... I guess just don’t question it
Yeah i've given it some thought and youre right, it does make sense Idk what i was smoking that day, lol
RedAce007 (EUW)
: thanks rito, i really appreciate it
DUDE YOU GOT THE CHECKPOINT?!?!? i dont even have one checkpoint after literally 80 games+
: Help me outttt
spend the RP on champions you dont have a skin on?
galavar (EUW)
: [champion concept] gale - devourer of gods
Rated E for Edgy cool concept tho
Rismosch (EUW)
: As I understand it, the enemy champion has to be in your Ult radius. If he is, you can dash anywhere in the purple circle around him.
I know, i just dont think it makes sense that she can dash further but only when the champ is in range
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: Garen Ult as an Epileptic
Damn, that sucks. Impressed that you can play flashy games like LoL Godspeed.
wowlukas (EUNE)
: stop hating on it, pineapple pizza is the best ^-^
Watch out there, buddy. You cant swear on this board
: https://i.imgur.com/ho2hpMT.gif[/img] Really? You lost a game against bots because your bots are bad? Gotta try that after work...
: So does trick2g, is he toxic too?
Smerk (EUW)
: They announced that One for All will come back in 8.6 few months ago, so it's not surprising that after 8.5 patch went live it appeared on PBE
: Another <80 IQ comment. Tyler is actively playing the game and is higher ranked than you can dream of.
Too bad he flames, screams and even just ragequits the game before he realizes he's getting perm-perm-banned if he does so. I'm not surprised even in the slightest if he gets banned again this season. He's everything i hate in a person so why are you calling me stupid for hating him? Also i don't give a {{champion:105}} about rank, else i would've played ranked more than once a month after placements.
: No it sometimes disappears because you can't downvote in new player advice, bug reports and technical support. If you do to many actions however, you get the exhaust summoner and it tells you that you're going too fast
it can, because i looked back at the same post a few minutes later and it re-appeared
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: I left a game and got a free key fragment
: I will stop playing until RIOT nerf YASUO
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: {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}} sry had to got to the bathroom, did i miss something?
cFive (EUW)
: Baron Buffed Backport and Nexus Explosion too loud?
Imatatabi (EUW)
: The patch note doesn't include 9GB to download.
they literally say in the patchnotes that it was a big one and if you check the news even only once every month you wouldve seen it coming or you just plug in an Ethernet cable and its downloaded in notime
: Roast my perma.
You have to get multiple bans to get a perma, you obvously DIDNT learn from it. You deserved it, just like ALL THE PEOPLE THAT GET PERMBANNED EVER LOOKING AT YOU, TYLER1
Skyè (EUW)
: > banalized upvoted for best spelling of "banned" 2018
upvote for actually making me laugh
Big Crawn (EUW)
: One patch, 9 gig? really...?
_**r e a d t h e p a t c h n o t e s**_
: If you sort them like that they are sorted after playrate in last patch. You can figure out the rest yourself :)
That explains alot why i also had that with Zoe It made me crazy cuz i dodged 2 games because i thought it was a bug lol
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: My final thoughts on Kalista
Dude! then i must be the second guy out of the 7 people that play her. Lucky!
AleXizzed (EUW)
: Kalista sucks now
I'm not experiencing any changes. The rend mana nerf now encourages players to use basic auto attacks more. With the extra AD from her W you can farm more easily And the extra attack speed + the bigger attack speed grow makes you have more AS than ever! I don't know what you're talking about, you're just bronze. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: The build is good but personally i prefer using runaans instead of phantom dancer as it reduces the cooldown on her e much quicker, making for more fun later on when you can use it far more often in fights. {{item:3146}} {{item:3124}} {{item:3085}} {{item:3031}} {{item:3078}} I like triforce as it gives that extra AS and AD meaning you can choose defensive boots if you wish as you have more than enough AS already with this build and she's the type of champion that thrives in the middle of the action but is heavily punished if locked down.
Thanks! I'll be trying these builds when she gets released. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Agidyne (EUW)
: That's not very constructive
What do you expect? i dont want to and dont have to write an entire essay on why someone should stop complaining.
vampZer (EUNE)
: 8.4 - Announcer voice bug
Same here, now that someone mentions it i actually heard it too
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PeaceWolf (EUW)
: Tahm Kench fan art
he looks so happy happy frog
Agidyne (EUW)
: What a disgusting thing you guys have created, part 2
I'm not a zoe main (played her 3 times) but i think people like you should just shut the %%%% up. Stop crying and whining about a videogame. Thanks.
GPet (EUW)
: A guide on collapsing
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