: You have probably shared your account details in 3rd party site that looks like LoL page.
I never shared my account nor used any third party sites, I barely played like 4 matches in the last 2 years friend. Nonetheless I'm very satisfied with the customer support, they've already reviewed my case and lifted the account suspension! Props to the support team for their help and fast response, I see their service really has improved with the years. Cheers guys!
: The only advice i would give is be patient and stay nice. Maybe a wrong example? but i got auto banned in Warframe last year. I dont know if people know the game but i spend allot of money and about 2k play time on it. Needless to say i would never risk such an account. So i made a ticket providing some intel etc and after about 2 months it got unbanned. Point of the story is that in games such as these with like a millions of players actual human support takes time. Probably it will end in some ones Ticket queue, then he will have to send it up the ladder as you can imagine not all employee's can unbann people and have acces to the needed info. So be patient and hope for the best.
Thanks for the reply. I guess there really isn't much for me to do but to be patient, although I'd like to think such an issue shouldn't take 2 months to fix, good lord. I never spent any money whatsoever on this game but it isn't really about that, it's a really old account which holds some sort of "sentimental value" you know. Also I would really like to not have such a stain on my account history, you know. Oh well thank you anyways, it's just nice to read other people's thoughts sometimes.
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