RallerenP (EUW)
: You spent 300 eur, but had all skins AND all champions? Something doesn't add up here!
The account is 7 years old. In that time you gained so much IP that you could buy all the champions by playing for a few years. The rest goes for the skins. Yeah..something is not working out here. You brain perhaps? :D
: > [{quoted}](name=SafeSpaceWarrior,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=nwEkeHua,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2018-05-29T11:46:22.675+0000) > > Interesting how they lifted the ban of Tyler1 AFTER he trolled / inted / flamed / made death threats during live streams. > > But our lvl 10 friend Zyzyx knows how things work, right? :) Tyler1's ban is completely different. They lifted a _**total ID ban.**_ This ban meant any accounts found that were owned by him were immediately banned, whether they had broken the rules or not. He was not allowed to play at all, on any account. _**All of the accounts**_ that Tyler1 had played that got banned, _**are still banned.**_ The same as everyone elses perma banned accounts. He is just able to make new accounts, the same as you. There's no special treatment here other than he received a more severe ban than normal. If you'd like to receive the same treatment then have fun being told you can't play on any account. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
That is not the point really. They deemed Tyler1 so toxic and so harmful to the League community that they gave him an indefinite ban. Not just an IP ban, they immediately banned any account they could find that was his. Then they changed their minds? About a player who represents the WORST in League? And you guys are here on a witch-hunt against somebody who never streamed his racism / death threats? Fantastic community...hypocrites.
: Why do we need an all chat?
You don't like it? It is DISABLED by default in the options meaning you have to go there and manually ENABLE it. What are you crying about then? You switched it on, you wanted it. Just because you are oversensitive it does not mean that you get to decide what players need or don't need. You don't like it, switch it off and stop crying. It is a very dangerous road you are going down. First it is all chat, next team chat (they hurt you feelings) then it is ALL communications, emotes etc. If you cannot handle online trolls in a game where you have the ability to mute them with a push of the button then you aren't really fit for this environment.
Zyzyx (EUW)
: > i think i deserve because my account is one of the first accounts in league of legends history!!! Nope. The rules apply to everyone. You got warned and maybe you should have thought about how much your account means to you before it was too late. Riot never lifts rightfully given permabans for toxicity. Literally never. No exceptions, no matter what.
Interesting how they lifted the ban of Tyler1 AFTER he trolled / inted / flamed / made death threats during live streams. But our lvl 10 friend Zyzyx knows how things work, right? :)
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
It was nice talking to you. I think it was very fruitful in the sense that you managed to prove that you are just as incapable of seeing things from a different perspective as I am. There should be some middle-ground...a bridge here but there is none to be found :) The system is completely biased towards people who think like you, hence you can get banned for things like "you are a garbage player". Emotions > reality. This is the ultraliberal progressive wet-dream enforced in a video game. Whatever, see you later!
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
Do not presume to judge me. I only brought up the coach because he knew what he was talking about. Obviously every other teammate gave me a piece of their minds when I %%%%ed up. Did I cry? Did I run to the coach DEMANDING that he remove them? Ridiculous. So you stop trying to lecture others. The issue has nothing to do with them coming from different countries. "bad" is bad in any country. And a fragile kid is a fragile kid in any country. I will continue to behave as I see fit and if Riot bans me...go next :)
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
I'm from Hungary, why? When we played football and we %%%%ed up the coach would come down on us so hard we would think twice before pulling shit again.
: > [{quoted}](name=SafeSpaceWarrior,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=n41WKE78,comment-id=000c,timestamp=2018-05-28T08:37:36.253+0000) > > Completely agree with the post. Yesterday it had like +4 score but youj see...the hivemind of silver 12 year old kids finally came through and they downvoted this thread. > > I think it is insane that you can get permabanned for saying "you are a garbage player" but inters / trolls / afkers roam free. > > This is a videogame...ultimately you play to WIN. I would rather have on my team a toxic player who plays well (I can mute him anytime) rather than a troll who is nice to people but makes us lose the match. > > **I have a suggestion too.** For people who cannot hold their tongues the final form of punishment should be the removal of their rights to use the chat. Permanently. They cannot type anymore. > > I would withhold permabans for those who lose the game for their team. Inters / afk-ers / trolls etc. If you're unable to control your tongue, you shouldn't be playing League of Legends... Banning the use of chat won't stop the negative players from trolling via running it down mid and all that sort of crazy ass stuff. It won't solve anything.
It solves their toxicity. If they run it down then permaban their asses. Getting permad for shittalking is just sad. It shows how vulnerable and sensitive people are. How do they even function in real life? Where there are a lot of confrontations? These little kids grow up in this bubble of protected environment then they realize that life is different. Have you ever played a real teamsport? Your teammates WILL tell you when you %%%%ed up and will ask you to stop it. Where do these kids go crying then? To the coach? The coach will tell them to improve or gtfo. This system in League is just bad practice.
: An honest question.
Special snowflakes cannot take simple banter. They will sooner or later force Riot to remove chat altogether. And NO... "Yikes" is NOT flaming. Not even close.
: >.I don't remember crying over hurt feelings :) it's your first post on these boards relevant point: > [{quoted}](name=franticFurball,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=%%%U1JdT,comment-id=000200010002,timestamp=2018-05-21T14:58:49.343+0000) > > The only special snowflake I see here is you my friend, the guy who cries to high heaven for getting banned, after flaming for an entire game. > > Your kind is the most illogical, really...the people who complain about others being sensitive, but who IMMEDIATELY cry about how unfairly they are treated, when they face the backlash for their own bullshit. > > Just go somewhere else...maybe Donald Trumps team, he likes people like you.
Well the link still does not work but I understand what you are talking about. Read the thread carefully, I post this merely as a warning for people to stop using the chat. Also FranticFurball says I cry to high heaven for being banned. He has some mental issues because I was not banned. Read the OP thread if you want. I stand by my statement, the system is garbage.
: why the "permaban" policy might be damaging to the community
Completely agree with the post. Yesterday it had like +4 score but youj see...the hivemind of silver 12 year old kids finally came through and they downvoted this thread. I think it is insane that you can get permabanned for saying "you are a garbage player" but inters / trolls / afkers roam free. This is a videogame...ultimately you play to WIN. I would rather have on my team a toxic player who plays well (I can mute him anytime) rather than a troll who is nice to people but makes us lose the match. **I have a suggestion too.** For people who cannot hold their tongues the final form of punishment should be the removal of their rights to use the chat. Permanently. They cannot type anymore. I would withhold permabans for those who lose the game for their team. Inters / afk-ers / trolls etc.
Djake (EUW)
: Help me
0/9 is not a rough game...it is inting. I would take a piece of notpad and write down those names and perhaps give them some of their own medicine. And I don't care how bad it sounds, the system does not protect you because Riot is engaged in hunting down "toxic" people (those you can mute with a button) but afkers / inters / trolls roam free. So you need to take justice into your own hands on these ones. It is no surprise that high elo people have int litsts too and I'm not talking about Tyler1....a lot of master / challenger players have such lists. Good luck!
: >When a computer game offends you so much that you come crying here and making a thread... [ironic coming from you](https://boards.eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behaviour-en/%%%U1JdT-a-warning-to-players-you-are-not-allowed-now-to-say-anything) LOL i see your self awareness is still lacking...
"400 Bad Request" Correct the link pls so that I know what you are talking about. I %%%%%ed about tanks in a recent thread..I don't remember crying over hurt feelings :)
: Something has to be done about these queues because...jesus christ.
Riot should pay more attention to inters / afkers / trolls instead of protecting the feeling of little kids. I mean I get chat restricted for saying "you are garbage" BUT if my teammates goes 0/15 or goes afk....no punishment. I can mute toxic people...I cannot do anything about trolls. And after the all...the point is to win not be nice to each other (most people forget about this). If my teammate carries but he is toxic...I just push a button. What button can I push when he ragequits or ints?
: you must be fun in soloqueue {{sticker:sg-ezreal}}
You must cry a lot in real life. When a computer game offends you so much that you come crying here and making a thread...oh boy. :)
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: It's crazy how many players have the desire to rub it in your face after they beat you
: Couldn't care less about your dislike. If people acting like this is a norm to you (which judging by the tone of your reply it is), then I can only feel sorry for you.
Need a shoulder to cry on? Did this post achieve anything? :)
: To Those That Open Threads about Those that Spam EZ at The End of Winning a Game.
Lol..so true. Children lose in a COMPUTER GAME go to forums and cry for .... I don't know what :D
: So much for a "fun" gamemode
"Oh...big bad guy talked trash to me mommy! Whaaaa whaaa whaaaa. I'll come to the forums and post it and hope people here will hand me a rug to dry up my tears. All due to a private message. I'm so offended by a complete stranger tellng me random bullcrap in a computer game" :) Oh and I'll throw in some "justice" by showing the name. Well done..here's a dislike :)
Str33TXeR (EUW)
: I'm out
Hate to see you leave but love to watch you go! :) Bye bye!
: ACTIVE: Garen reduces incoming physical and magic damage by 60% and has 60% Tenacity icon Tenacity for the first 0.75 seconds. For the rest of the duration Garen reduces incoming physical and magic damage by 30%. Duration: 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 Where's the 85% dmg reduction you were talking about? Garen is not weak early you say, If garen is not weak darius is overboard op early Also Nasus is meant to dumpster fiora if you leave him unpunished. Fiora is bullshit lategame and you have no reason to complain about tanks. She melts tanks as fast as squishies. Just because you played the lane poorly as Fiora doesn't mean Tanks / Juggernauts are strong.
My point is that it does not matter what you do to Nasus...he will heal up everything. Same with Chogath. Also both Nasus and Chogath are supposed to be farm heavy scaling champions. Do you feel that in any way now early game? Edit: my bad about Garen, they did not go through with the PBE changes. I corrected it.
: Garen/Mundo/Nasus aren't tanks. They are fighters/bruisers. Also super-kitable, Fiora is one of the higest mobility champs, with heavy-CC , 100% dmg reduction on a single spell, Ability to dash through walls, Crit-auto cancel and constant true damage in her kit. You want a lategame monster to win lane early? Bad idea mate. You gotta scale up, while garen will fall off super hard in late. Nasus and cho are infinitely stacking champs, but they have very clear weaknesses as well. Gotta learn how to play against a champ, maybe take another pick, since they might counter you. I feel that you want fiora not to have any lane-counters, but that's just silly...
You misunderstand. It is NOT ME. It is the average in platinum elo. Do you think that a faceroll champion should win against Fiora? Because according to the numbers they beat Fiora. What happened to risk and reward....or rewarding a champion that has some mechanics opposed to running at your enemy while being invulnerable? Edit: also why do you pay so much attention on how they are named? I clearly stated tanks AND juggernauts so I don't understand what you are talking about in your first point. I also stated that it is their EARLY GAME LANING that is the issue. You gonna kite them in lane? I'm not talking about their teamfighting etc... I am talking about laning as a bruisers against them.
King Lego (EUNE)
: With the 8.11 patch and the ADC items, the tank meta is going to die very soon. Unless i missed out something about what is going on with Tanks and Juggernauts lately, though they are not the same, Juggernauts are on a bad state while the tanks are the true cancer of the game. I for one am a firm believer that riot's balance team are silver, despite riot already tried to prove that wrong. So what the heck did i miss out now? I guess i'm living under a rock (too busy lately). But a Fiora losing to tanks is kinda hard to believe, though i very rarely see in matches.
Well, the statistics are there to show you that I'm not talking BS. The stats are also plat+ so it is even worse. I could understand Fiora having bad win rate in lower elos but looking at these stats at plat just breaks my heart. The ADC items will help ADC-s but not top laners. The 8.12 patch (intended for bruisers) do nothing about tanks...they just give more power to bruisers (Spear of Shinji is 65 AD and damage reduction) so it's gonna be wet noodle fight again.
Rioter Comments
: Why do I have to be punished for bad team mates? (Short rant)
Don't expect any sympathy on these forums. Most members are 12 year old kids will downvote EVERYTHING just to argue with you. EVERYTHING is perfect in League and you are a whiner (or so they say). I completely agree with you btw, the matchmaking is horrible. Not even close most of the time....
Sacmaicoc (EUW)
: Trolls almost every game
Same here. You can mute flamers with a single button but there is nothing you can do with inters / trolls. Riot punishes people for saying "dont feed" yet I am yet to receive ANY feedback on reporting afkers and trolls. Due to the liberal safe space culture your feelings > gameplay is now the reality.
: >GG Riot..hope you lose more and more players. You created a community of snowflakes. Bravo! :) >snowflakes. *looks at OP's name* http://i0.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/newsfeed/000/929/520/0ba.gif
Yeah...safe spaces are great right. Nobody can hurt your little feelings :) This is exactly what I'm talking about. Special Snowflake generation. No problem dude...see what real life will have to say to your oversensitive little heart :)
Rioter Comments
iSneez (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=SafeSpaceWarrior,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=g3od1jsE,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2018-03-04T17:33:07.399+0000) > > Throwing the game is a worse attitude than Jax's. Throwing a game is when me alone decide to"punish" that Jax and troll to make him lose and disregard other 3 players, but it was a TEAM decision to do that, not mine. But I guess you don't understand self respect and not let people bully you and stand up for yourself, it's hard to understand that some people have spines ? Do you imagine how that player is? how toxic he is if he flame so much in a free win game ? do you imagine how he act in a losing game ? Giving him a lesson ,no matter if he will learn or not from it it's part of life, games are not life, attitude of some immature or mentally disturb person that's life.
You can mute toxic people with one single press of a button. You cannot however do ANYTHING against trolls / inters such as you in this case. I would rather have a toxic person on my team that plays well than a passive aggressive nice guy like you who loses to "teach and punish" other people. I will keep a look out for you on EUNE, you won't know my name but you will not win, dw :)
: 14 days banned for telling the enemy team to report my top for telling me too kill my self
Talking to the enemy (letting them know you have issues within the team) should be "assisting enemy team" and should be bannable.
iSneez (EUNE)
: We did it, we punish the toxic
Throwing the game is a worse attitude than Jax's.
: riot fails in dealing with trolls
Getting on a team with premades is hell. No matter how bad they do, they will report you in the end (4 or 3 reports). r-e. tard--eőőd system. I can troll / go afk / int and NOTHING will happen. Yet if I say the wrong %%%%ing word I get banned. Hope Riot loses players.
: > [{quoted}](name=SafeSpaceWarrior,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=70REGEs7,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2018-03-04T12:55:42.844+0000) > > We live an 1984 Orwellian globalist world i.e. A sentiment uttered by people who at most vaguely remember being read an extract of _1984_ in secondary school and went on to blow even the slightest speech-related consequences in real life out of proportion just to make some ludicrous comparison to _1984_. Sure, whatever you say, Sargon. God forbid actions have consequences and acts of speech are not an exception to that. You go ahead and stick it to those horrible, nasty safe space attendants that definitely threaten to destroy society or something!
You just wrote a pile of nothing, well done. No dude, I read the book several times, I attended classes at University specializing in sci-fi Dystopias. As for why I brought it up: the Orwellian society is highly politicized, every aspect of your life is controlled not by morals but what the political elite dictates. Does it makes sense? It does not matter. If you are caught "wrongthinking" (i.e even theoretically discussing something that goes against the party line) you are to be reformed. I see the same here. You can get rid of toxicity / racism / "hatred" by a push of a button (mute) but you cannot get rid of inters / feeders / trolls / deaththreats. Does it make sense? Who cares, the party line is that PROGRESSIVE VALUES are unquestionably true...if you disagree well get banned. It slowly leads to the eradication of free speech just like in Orwell's world. You can't say what you see. The scariest part is that Orwell's society can only work if certain number of people (today's liberals) support and enforce its policies. People like you! The irony is suffocating me here :)
Yasersvajn (EUNE)
: A guy wishing death to me,my familiy and my dead sister,and gets away with it(of course).
We live an 1984 Orwellian globalist world. Racism > real death threats. You will get banned for the N word and for the F word or anything else the libtards deem "hateful". Death threats are ok in their books since it is not a politicized topic. Brave New World.
: I am being called a troll when I play Janna a lot
Crying shitpost nr 133 Support players won't stop crying no matter how much Riot sucks their %%%%s. Such a sad sad role.
Èclair (EUNE)
: A safe space is redundant when I can just report people who can't behave properly post game.
That is how safe space works dude. You don't like something and you get rid of it. The player gets banned so you'll have a space where nobody can hurt your "feelings". It is the definition of safe space and you are the definition of somebody who seeks to get offended. Wp :)
Èclair (EUNE)
: Calling people %%%gots doesn't classify as criticizm in real world.
Why? Calling them "stupid" or "garbage" constitutes criticism? The difference is that topics such as gender / sexuality / race have been politicized and you are guilty of thought crimes if you use those words. EVEN if those words don't mean that you hate homosexuals. F@ got is usually just a derogative term to call somebody shithead but alas...it is a magic word so you get banned. Go back to your safe space dude and consider how pathetic it is that you have to start /mute all then don't say a word if you don't want to get banned. It is just like real world liberalis "we tolerate everything, except the things we don't. If you don't agree with us then you are branded as a nazi etc." Textbook fascism btw.
Rocky IV (EUW)
: 2 week ban... slight overreaction by riot?
I see nothing here that warrants a 14 days ban. People have become special snowflakes who cannot take ANY criticism. Any comment that does not praise them will immediately be labeled "negativity". These kids have absolutely no concept of being self-critical. Most of this is due to the fact that they never played sport in real life. If you %%%% up for example during a soccer match...your teammates will tell you that you are a %%%%up..or "what are you doing you %%%%%%?" In real life you have to ask the question why your teammates are scolding you...you have nobody to run to. What are you gonna do? Tell the coach that your teammates are "meaaaaaaan" and that makes you "saaaaaaaaaaad"? Who gives a %%%%, kid, deal with it! Unfortunately kids think of e-sports and the internet as some sort of safe space nowadays and the expected behaviour is to say nothing...act like a robot. This is why I keep the flames to after the game..you are much less likely to get banned that way. You can also soft - int if your teammate goes 0/8 and will not play safe. Currently you get no punishment for inting but you get banned for saying "mean things". Pathetic really. Edit: you also made a mistake of using the "homophobic slur". We are living in liberal LaLa-land where hatespeech > death threats. We live in a highly politicized environment where "racism" and "homophobia" are the worse that could happen to players apparently. Even if you are not a racist these keywords will trigger safe space monkeys at the tribunal so just don't use them. You will immediately get banned for the "N word" but you can make deaththreats all day. 1984 Orwell style.
Indigo47 (EUW)
: Trolls are coming out of their cave!
If it was a mistake then yea, ban his ass. However if your teammate deliberately bans your pick just to annoy you then I usually troll the game too. Why? It is a team effort and if your teammate does EVERYTHING in champ select to make you angry / tilt then he deserves a loss.


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