Sácana (EUW)
: Is there any place to report scripters.
I just savt 4 lux ulti evades by flash and so many skill shots evaded that i didnt sawt in last year ....where to report scripter?!
SagittarO (EUW)
: Why aram is "This is ARAM"
as i say i just play aram, look me up if dont believe, and aram is deteriorating more and more. it like if u have 4 of 10 complete games 5v5 its a success. let say i go in normal just load screen die couple times and do that like in 3-4 games per day that wll end in like 20-30 min. that is someone lost time. i will waste at least mine 1.5 hour and 30 min of 27 to 36 other players, lets add that up that is on average 900 min of someone other time....that is 15 hours..... so if same thing happen in normal again its not punishable. so wasting other time is cool?
SagittarO (EUW)
: Why aram is "This is ARAM"
and that is behavior...
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