: Looking for a Udyr Main Name
KawKaw fourPeta TurtigBerd BerdTigle U.D.Y.R. UDIY / uDIYr Udare
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Hi lm Zoe (EUNE)
: Ranked is rigged
>Ranked is rigged Totally agree take my up-vote fellow citizen {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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Mcgalakar (EUNE)
: Why being positive is better than flaming
HàrrowR (EUW)
: Suggestion for newer (and older) ADC players
: GG fnatic.
can't defeat "eyes on world" curse
wingzerzzz (EUNE)
: Well heck...!
well next year just blindly do Pick'em and just watch finals since all the hype never really delivers
Laavaz (EUW)
: World Skins
well on SSG skins they have their sign on the recall animation
: Tell us your Ranked 2018 stories!
Goal was to start a new account and play ranked there and see where I'd end up with a fresh start, finish placement already in plat, skip divisions, have a high win rate, hit D5 MMR early, start losing everything. {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
Sefi (EUNE)
: My heart goes to FNC!
yep just like England at worlds, they brought it home : the suitcases with all their stuff.
Eambo (EUW)
: [01-11-18] Cancellation of Clash for this weekend
: League is down?
Clash: I'm baack~~
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m1Kézz (EUW)
: Yay
not really :/
Tarolock (EUNE)
: i call hax, there is no way you could get good teams this much time in a row {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
yeah actually, especially the last 3 games that were promos i was almost positive to get absolutely destroyed with that usual guy that DC/ints but literally i had to do nothing in those games
Endellion (EUW)
: Noice :) So how much RP did you have to buy to not be matched with bad players? :p
Just had to pay the tax to claim the worlds token
: > That's fine, but it's completely neutral behavior. Being a positive influence in your games will make the climb faster. That's what I'm talking about - climbing with neutral behavior is way too slow. I shouldn't have to force myself into being nice if I wanted to reach honor lvl 2 in 6 months. > Sarcasm won't get you far. It doesn't hurt anyone either.
>climbing with neutral behavior is way too slow the point of honor is to be someone that distinguish himself with his positive behavior and/or shout calling/teamwork/whatever, whoever wants to climb honor 0 to 2 or 2 to 5 if he wants to climb faster he **has to** be nice since it goes faster if you get honored. If you were at least neutral in the first place you wouldn't have fallen to honor 0
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IMT Jura (EUW)
: Low FPS in League of Legends
I got to be honest I don't think you can do anything about it, just put everything OFF/Low, disable everything and go with 720p resolution, other than that.. that hardware is not suited at all even for league
: Math help
Well the first one, Assuming that Knight always say the truth and the knaves lie, A can't be a knight because if he were saying that 2 of them are knaves would be a lie, so A is indeed a knave so it's false that both are knaves and that's not the island of Maya, so B is the knight and it's telling the actual truth that 1 of them is a knight an that is not indeed the island. Either that or they are both knaves that are pulling a mind game to try rape/rob the guy. The second one, well B may not be involved but if he were that means that since he doesn't know how to drive he need someone else to be with him, in both cases either A or C are involved. If it was C that means that 100% A is guilty since he never does a job without A. If C didn't do it either, A and B are left and since B alone couldn't have done it, A is 100% guilty.
OBS Okami (EUNE)
: If they do a skin for xayah they need to make one for rakan aswell and I don't think K-pop rakan matches with his character {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
Wen294 (EUW)
: *Mandatory note to be careful with putting big spoilers in your titles.* Were some nice games to watch, but honestly I do think RNG should've taken it. The first 2 G2 wins were mainly due to a failed draft from RNG imo. I mean yeah G2 plays an amazing game when they get the champs they need to get, but when they don't get them they struggle. Basically only the last game was a real victory by play, the other 2 felt more like they were won through draft. If you ask me tahm should've been banned by RNG every single game. That said I was real hyped during the games and I was happy to see G2 pull through. Upsets make the pro scene all that much more interesting to watch and i wholly agree with the casters that this is the best worlds due to how unpredictable it is.
I mean they have coaches and a team of analysts just to think strategies and draft against one opponent so it's fair to say that winning a draft it's also a skill and it really depends on the champions pool of the players as well, like perkz and wunder being able to switch champions.
ˉˉIˉˉ (EUW)
: Don't know what you mean, I'm having fun http://prntscr.com/l852kp If you got a really bad score every game - do you really think you are any better than the people you're blaming ? Can you imagine how those people see you ? Maybe - just maybe - you are the problem in your games. Sure, sometimes you just got unlucky teammates, but I'm playing since 6 years now and and I never had a losing streak where I performed as bad as you did in all of those games - and if I had - I wouldn't blame it on anyone but myself. If you want more fun in the game and get better, that's a great start. Try to get some tipps, people will be happy to help you. But don't blame the results of your actions on other people's doing.
>If you got a really bad score every game - do you really think you are any better than the people you're blaming ? https://imgur.com/a/xjcjEzQ no your're right dude, i never have good luck when i don't get the ezreal and ekko special support, i really struggle to even get few kills to try and carry.. im the problem here, i really should improve .... shame on me not being able to go 0/8 with 0kp as xayah fp with ekko against kalista thresh .... feelsbadman >If you want more fun in the game and get better, that's a great start. Try to get some tipps, people will be happy to help you. https://imgur.com/a/W7HRIDu yeah i'd need some tips on how to play adc after 8.11 with bad supports : stop playing again.
: Poor guy, all you need to to derank to bronze and you might see yourself with good kda again :)
yikes nice, you're right
Tarolock (EUNE)
: >Just can't wait for the comments : autofills trolling? you're 0/8/0 haHAA. then here is the first, how do you blame others when you are 0/8/0? go look through my match history, and check my kda in every single one of them, and then look at some of the ppl in my games having 0% kill participation while dieing a lot means that you are the one inting hard, since even if the enemy is ahead 80 kills you can still kill them with skills/playing smart/setting up traps for them etc
I'd gladly send the replay for the 0/8, what KDA you expect for a xayah to have in a game like this? >and then look at some of the ppl in my games https://imgur.com/a/IVRKHip Yeah look : the top literally ran it down mid, lee got out-jungle by kha, mid was doing fine but that's not the point, it's the auto-filled Ekko with electrocute and exhaust as Support if you can really call it support, without even completing the support item against a Kalista and Thresh. Call me troll i want to see YOU and all that liked the comment to play a lane like that and yeah plus this : https://imgur.com/a/pr3jHXF I let you imagine how well they snowballs but whatever happens i guess to pick ekko as support and give up fb in less than 2 minutes and after that sit under the tower for 5 min doing nothing. I just wanted to see the dumb comment like this that get up-voted just because of the kda, eheh xd you went 0/8 as an ADC with no one that could possibly help you to even cs under the tier 2 tower you are so bad and troll...... {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
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Moenky (EUW)
: Why are you guys on the Boards? :3
Hansiman (EUW)
: But it's fitting, for all the carrying they've been doing.
To be more accurate they should ship it with like 20kg of rocks inside as well
: I need a cute nickname (I love Ahri)
Ahriette Ahriba Hari/Hary Irha Mahri/Mahry
Trias000 (EUNE)
: No. This kind of a title (along with ones like "I am proud of them" etc.) usually means "I'm proud/satisfied/happy despite their defeat". Besides, it's in past tense.
Well I guess it depends on who reads it, when i read that i can just assume that they either lost but played well or that they actually played well and won, to me it doesn't really spoil anything by just saying that they played well, actually makes me think that they got rekt 0-3.
Jyn3rso (EUW)
: Not playing for 2 months, how it has affected my life.
You're telling me that by not playing games you had more times to do other productive and healthy stuff?
Trias000 (EUNE)
: I don't like these kind of threads, because the title basically gives away that Vitality are out of Worlds.
maybe he changed the title but just saying that he is happy on how Vit played just says that they prob win a lot not that they are out of groups, if you read the thread before you watching the matches isn't really spoiling
: All the champions played during worlds Groupstage (Day 1 to 5)
Heimerdinger UNEXPECTED?? someone didn't follow G2 this year.
: What just happened? (worlds day 1 spoilers inside)
I think it was more a case of Korea not expecting/respecting those champions picks and not being familiar with the EU style, Vit won at least twice (that i remember) with that kind of play
: >Giving someone my account for bot matches, is it allowed? No. But let us _all_ be honest. Who played his first League of Legends game on his own account? I didn't.
I did, and the down side of not actually being the first one to play on an account is if one day you'll need to recover the account or something like that, the support will ask you questions and info about the account that you may not know, sure may not be your case but i read on the board a case like that.
1v9 Dunk (EUW)
: This game is shit %%% plsss idiot riot
can't imagine you getting banned for being toxic, really surprising
: How did you start?
My 'friends' in a mmo played it and got me to try it
palermo014 (EUNE)
: Is club tag "%%%" bannable?
The only things that it triggers is the banned from riot.
wasky (EUNE)
: Weekly Missions
It's not connected, it's a weekly quests so prob every monday it will pop out as soon as groups start
: I swear the missions ruins the game more than helping.
Riot can't do nothing about that, it's about the player base you just have to suck it for a day, and honestly this happens mostly only in low elo, i had no issue whatsoever and i don't want to be limited either in what riot quests ask me just because some i- troll to complete them
: How does LP work??
So the LP you gain it's highly dependent on your MMR and the MMR of your opponents, to put it simple if you fight with people with an higher MMR than yours you gain more LP and lose less LP, and if their MMR is lower than your you gain less LP and lose more LP, now just as example (number totally invented) if you have a **G1 (MMR)** and you are in _**G5**_ you will gain like 30 LP and lose 13 LP, if you'll climb to _**G1**_ and still have about the same **MMR (G1)** you'll gain about 23 LP and lose 15 LP, if you go in a losing streak in _**G1**_ and your MMR is a **G5 MMR **you will win 13 LP and lose 20 LP. If you duoQ with someone that has lower MMR than you then the system will put against you players with a lower MMR than usual and you will gain less LP and lose more etc.. and viceversa.
zedxlegend (EUNE)
: is it bannable to talk in chat " alot "
Depends how much "a lot" is, after a certain point it's called spam.
BC Zeus (EUW)
http://pickem.lolesports.com/share/series/5/user/1407285/my-picks I don't think any western team except for FNC will it make out of groups. * For group A, i think that the KR team will take the cake in the 1st spot, buffalo is a big "?" i'll follow the rumors on reddit of them being really strong in scrims and put them as 2nd (otherwise I'd have put them in the 4th spot), FW 3rd i don't think they will do great as usual and for G2 even thought wunder looked strong against INF, perkz doesn't look to hot at the moment. * For group B, yea... RNG for sure 1st, this is Uzi's year i believe and Gen.G coming 2nd, I think that Vit may take 3rd over C9 just because jensen is sick so maybe he won't perform well. * For group C, KT obviously first, MAD 4th i don't have much faith in them and between TL and EDG, it's really close imo but i think that EDG played really well overall against DFM that almost took down C9 so i think they will get the 2nd seed. * For group D, I want to give more faith to FNC but IG is really strong and historically speaking the most hyped western team don't do to well, but I still expect FNC to end up 2nd and IG 1st, for 100T i think they should be able to take enough game to end up over G-rex as 3rd.
xkindredx (EUNE)
: I love League of Legends
League is a sweet poison, I like it but it's slowly killing me :/, just like smoking :D
: 1 day to do all missions??
If you check the event faq you'll see that the quests are weekly and go along with worlds and get relatively harder
: 10/1/5 KDA 9.2CS/min 3 control wards 11 wards Most damage dealt Least damage taken 63% Kill participation 25min game S+
ok.. that's an S+ but assuming that kills have the same value as assists (i hope it does) im basically just 1 death from that kda and short of just like 20 cs and 4 wards :/ sure there are other factors but not even an S-..
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Kurotsu (EUW)
: You are going to downvote this post
>Baron must be able to swallow champions whole, upon which the summoner's screen must go black (since they are in Baron's stomach). That legit could be a cool mechanic honestly
: Second game with Ivern and I get banned for inting..
dude I couldn't even try get close to 20 deaths
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