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JayceGatsby (EUNE)
: Game is unbearable lately. I now begin every match with /fullmute all
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: LF permanent Duo
I added you [ gold 2 atm]
: LF Gold / Plat Mid laner for duo
Gold 1 midlaner dropped to gold 2
: Toplane LF Team/Duo (plat/gold)
I was gold 1 50 lp dropped to gold 2 30 lp, I am kinda sick of playing alone so I would like to duo. IGN : Saijuki [ EUW ] [ Mid laner ]
Grendel G (EUNE)
: I'm D5 so I'm better than all of you bronzies.
Well I have but I am gold 1 atm trying to get plat and the moment I say something everyone is like stfu u gold %%%got you are not even plat and then I am like you are plat 5 I am gold 1 whats ur point
: When someone tells you Elo hell isnt real, just show them this picture.
Elo hell is real .... [](
Rstonius (EUW)
: This community is SO goddamn pessimistic
I wish I never played this game
: Invasion: Onslaught difficulty
s+ on onslaught
: LF top, mid and subs for a team
I am a low gold mid main ign Saijuki
: LF duo Gold3+ pref a mid or toplaner
I am a gold mid main just dropped back down to gold 5 was gold 4 lp 50-+ in peek ign : Saijuki
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Sylense (EUW)
: LF people to play flex q with
I am gold in solo/duo and I am silver in flex and I want that to be gold! ign Saijuki
Delvyx (EUW)
: Hardstuck Bronze.
Very simple tip : be a meta slave! Sounds stupid and I know that playing 1 or 2 champ is good to climb but there are some champs that help you and are in meta. Here is a coach thats makes a list every patch of the champs he thinks are the best in every role and every rank.
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: Nice
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Yurodivi (EUNE)
: Can we sell skins?
Its sound great and all but skins and other stuff is where rito makes it money, so no ahah :D
: ELO Hell doesn't exist. It's just a barrier in your mind. In all the games that you are thinking "OMG THIS NOOB TEAM" etc. think about how you could have contributed more to the team. Then you can learn from your mistakes, and improve your play style. Btw, I dont trust OP.GG's MMR calculator. On my other account, it says that my MMR is below average but I still gain 24LP per win. Sometimes it says I lose MMR after I win a ranked game. Confusing...
I feel like it does exist it just isn't the right word, ''ELO HELL'' is just a place where you are at your best. Alteast thats how I see it. you are at the rank [for me gold4] where everyone can carry, and its this moment[s] in your climb where you will get better as a player. You might not agree but now that if have though about it this was my conclusion.
: Well, here's a tip for "better" players, or at least less kids. Playing around 10:00 am and 15:00 pm should help, cause only people that really like the game and spend all their days on it play around those hours. When it comes to vacation and weekends just don't play ranked. Stick to a few select champions for 2 or 1 lane, and dodge it when you can't, then wait a bit for the penalty to be gone so you only lose 3-5 LP every dodge. Have a duo which you play well with, he doesn't need to be good, you just need communication and friendliness, BUT if rages or flames a lot, throw him out. Don't rage or flame, you'll actually spend more time writing and spending more focus on the chat bar. You can carry with any lane, so even if you're Janna, you can carry, and hard. Exercise a lot, clears your mind, makes you feel good in the long term, helps you focus. Eating habits are also important, avoid junk food but don't fear that lovely steak with cream :3 Eat, before or while you play the game, some chocolates, delicious and they're great for fast energy and help you focus, A LOT. Fresh air is also a good thing, I hate to play inside a hot, smelly room. Play chill, play it like a normal in which you are try harding. Thats as much as I can think of, outside the box and everything.
This will help! and yeah steak man can't live without it haha :P. i appreciate your taking the time to write this! Thanks
: Up your win rate. If that little information this is as good as any advice xD
Easier said then done. :D
: The same tip I give to me but I can't stick to it. Don't rank in the week end, or night.
I'll think about, But yeah I might not be able to stick to it aswell xd.
: its simple, win more games than lose
That's obvious.
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: LF serious DUO to climb in gold
Hello, I am gold IV atm and I have the same problem. I added you [Sparxz] hit me up with an invite if you feel like it. [and btw I take ranked serious]
LordMilan (EUW)
: League of Nice People
Yo Milan, I added you [IGN: Sparxz] If you add me you can invite me whenever you feel like it!
: New Gamemode where the champion's Q is also the autoattack
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Zoo (EUW)
: Pick me a champion to one-trick!
Snowcorn (EUW)
: Why does almost nobody play karma mid or top in competitive?
Karma mid is a good pick, but you can't play her vs every champ.
bogtejeo (EUNE)
: but every champ can be countered :O
Well, yes that's why LoL is a fun game.
MadWifeHR (EUW)
: learn to counter pick a tank fizz that one shots all squishys late game with solely W? kk you dont even play the game, whats the problem?
MadWifeHR (EUW)
: are they going to nerf fizz?
Fizz is a easy to counter champ,.. Don't get it why people find fizz a problem. Just learn how to counter pick.
bogtejeo (EUNE)
: noob champs
These champs are so easy to counter,.. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: Do you think Xayah is going to get a nerf?
She can be strong if ahead but she is not that 'OP'. She is super weak if behind.
: Item Sets
It's not in the new client, they are going to add it in the future.
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: Graves ends games in champion select
PaladinNO (EUNE)
: If only they would make Pulsefire/Pulseball Orianna...
Would be sooo cool :O
: New skin? Aren't Heartseeker and Winter Wonder relatively... uhh... fresh? I'd say that Rumble and Cass suffer more from lack of some.
I know but still
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: Key Fragments (Beta Client)
Works for me maybe repair your client
Murder1us (EUW)
: The most unique champion?
{{champion:6}} ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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