: Darius vs Garen, who is better?
I play both champions.Darius destroys low elo and early game,but with the new season he has turned from a juggernaut into a damage dealer,so it's not a problem to kill him.Garen normally stands on lane and in the midgame only gets better. So Darius is better on the lane and Garen is better in the rest of the game
Aseoux (EUNE)
: Event related
I cant say for sure,but given the previous events,there are always enough points for the orb + a little bit more
Rizaia (EUW)
: silver elo need help
I have the same problem.Always a good KDA,I win my lane,but in the end my nexus explodes...along with my ass.Add me to friends,it may be easier in the duo. (top main)
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: I did wonder about that as it looked odd when I saw it on the reply. I thought perhaps you were so busy typing to your teammates that you didn't realise you were being attacked.
I'm not talking to the team. Just briefly on tactics...and if someone starts to burn and toxic,then I immediately mute him
: It's easy to get fed in lane but a lot harder to convert that into a win. For example, let's look at your latest match where you lost going 13/3/5 as Garen. At 15:30 you were 6/0/1 and were 2497g and 2 levels ahead of your lane opponent. So let's look at how you could have pressed your advantage. At 18:55 you killed Trynd for the 4th time. Looking at the map, Yi was dead, Kaisa and Morg were both around dragon and Sylas was pushing mid turret. You could have easily pushed top for free increasing your gold lead, but instead you roam mid for a grand total of 2 minions. You then chase Sylas to bot lane and although you get the kill on him, this kill didn't really give your team any meaningful advantage. Soon after that, at 20:45 Kata dies in mid and then you, xin and trist all run top lane to stop trynd. Why do you need 3 people? While you are chasing Trynd around the enemy team pushes mid and gets a huge amount of damage on the mid turret (they would have gotten it if they had ignored Kata and just focused it down). Remember that kills are just a means to an end and that kills on their own aren't going to win you the match. Skip forward to 26:40. Katarina is dead so it's a 4v5. The enemy mid inhib is down though which gives you an advantage but you decide to force a fight near baron. Why? Fighting there 4v5 is not only very risky but unnecessary. You have plenty of vision around Baron and pressure in the mid lane. This is the time to just sit back and wait, or if you want to go push a side lane. Now, I'm not going to deny that it is Trist running into the enemy jungle alone for no reason that eventually loses you the match, but there was so much more you could have done in the mid-late game to prevent that situation from ever occurring. Simply put you need to use your huge advantage to get objectives, not kills. You could have easily just stayed in the top lane all game and pushed since nobody on the enemy team was strong enough to 1v1 you. Make them come to you. Make them commit all their resources to stopping you, leaving your team to pressure the rest of the map.
last 2 deaths was coz i had fps drops. thanks for the match analysis
Tarolock (EUNE)
: if you play 1v9 ofc youll lose... try to play the games 5v5 youll have a much easier games, if you have a lead use it to help other lanes or make them distract the enemy so you can push your lane and win the game
I always try to help my team.After winning my lane I go to help others.It doesnt help...
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m3dyz4 (EUW)
: First of all I want to say sorry about my emotional post and thanks all people who read that and responded, especially who added me in game and played with me (ty you for making me feel better). I don't know why some people think that I use Russian language to communicate with people. I am talking about accidental using of wrong keyboard layout (I can do that because I wrote in other websites and messangers on Russian). I am sorry if I irritated some people with this topic and with lack of knowledge of terminology. Yesterday I felt bad because I met a racism... or xenophobia again. I'm emotional person and I accept myself as I am. That's why I wrote it. Thanks for your attention and have a nice day!
A simple phrase that explains everything negative in this world: "The world is full of idiots". So do not think about their words, especially since the game has a mute function. (Простая фраза, которая объясняет все негативное в этом мире: «Мир полон идиотов». Так что не думай о их словах,тем более что в игре есть функция мута.)
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: I know it's hard to believe but you have the same chance as anyone else to get "bad" or "good" teammates. It's not about winning 1v9, it's about working with what you are given. Try not to think of individual games, but instead try to get an overall picture across lots of matches. Also remember that every teammate you play with contributes to the win, no matter how small that contribution is. Even the guy who dies 5 times in the first 5 minutes is a part of your team and can do something useful.
Thanks for advice.Well......I will try
: Playing solo queue in LoL is a lot like playing a card game. Sometimes you get amazing hands, other times you get rubbish hands and sometimes you get average hands. But even though there is a lot of luck involved, there is also a degree of skill, and a champion card player will win more hands than a novice card player. LoL is the same. Sometimes you get good teammates, sometimes you get bad ones. Even the best LoL player in the world can't win every match, just as the best poker player cannot win every hand. The difference between the good players (in both cards and LoL) and the bad players is that the good players can win with an average or even a bad hand, whereas a bad player will only win when they have an amazing hand. And yes, even though there is luck involved, you still want to improve your own gameplay, so that when you get those good hands, you can make the most out of them.
My team is bad in most games. So I just need to accept it and learn how to win 1vs9?
Shamose (EUW)
: You won a game 4 hours ago. So yes.
Problem is that I win everything that depends on me. I win my lane,I help my team...but team doesnt do shit( Sounds like a complaint,but it happens in about 60% of my games
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