: That is a rumor, mostly based on flamers always claiming it's "the first time ever I broke the rules", which is usually bullshit. It's true that telling other people to kill themselves is treated very harshly, but that does not necessarily mean that someone who breaks the rules for the first time gets INSTANTLY banned. Those people who get "instantly" banned for this usually broke the rules before.
u don't get insta but u get 14 day penalty and after that well ... just say something like " u suck " and if ur reported bams gone forever
: After getting banned I decided to fix my attitude, Ive gone from Bronze to Gold 4 (with Udyr).
: You know answer yourself; trash talking may affect one emotionally. I despise any form of it, no matter what sport, football or not, it's not okay to wind anyone up. It will cloud their mind and won't perform as well. A sport should match people's skills not their way of emotional influence. You are supposed to prove your skills, then use those skills to win the game. This is not WhatsApp. You don't get to say what you want (or you do, but there'll be consequences). Trash talk is simply not fundamental part of the game, I can most certainly live without it. >Abuse shouldn’t be tolerated but I don’t see how light trash talking is against the rules. It would draw a line no one would know when is crossed and when it's not. Light is a subjective term, people raised in / coming from different backgrounds would estimate "light" differently. What would be light for one could be toeing that line for the other. It would only cause even more bawling. Just because something is allowed somewhere else doesn't mean it's okay to do. Don't be one of those sad keyboard fighters.
Ur not getting it ... just because i feel offended by what you say it does not give me a reason at all to report u how the system tags this ? by curse words but how often do i get offended or even tilted beyond imagination without my team saying 1 bad word or build 1 whole negative phrase ? well mister more times than i do get offended when someone calls me a noob or a %%%got no one cares ..... game was like this since the beggining and people liked it ... ban the abusive players ban the trollers and inters don't report someone just cuz they said it's gg and that u suck it's uterally disgusting ... our parents / grandparents were fighting in a war by the age of 18 and we are stuck here completly altering the concept of being toxic just cuz some boys think league is to toxic when it's acctually %%%%ing not xD
: So if your account gets hit by a 10 year ban today, are you really going to wait until 2029 to get that account back? Do you really think the game will last that long? The only game that has lasted that long competitively is Starcraft: Broodwar and that was only because Blizzard remastered it when the Korean pro circuit demanded it. Ask yourself honestly, if your LoL account gets a 10 year ban, or even a 5 year ban, are you going to wait patiently for it to get unbanned? Or will you just create a new account or just flat out quit the game?
i waited 3 years .. so what's the deal ? They can give bans for 2-5 years and that's more than enough for a person to change and no one said wait patiently for it to get unban but at least u know that all the money u put there is not lost
: I honestly can't believe I am having to type this but here goes. I only know 3 online games that have lasted more than 10 years competitively, and those are League of Legends, World of Warcraft and Starcraft (SC2 will probably go longer than 10 years but hasn't just yet). Giving someone a 10 year ban on a video game is the equivalent of giving them a perma-ban, because the chances of an online game lasting more than 10 years are extremely slim. Even if the game servers don't get shut down, by the time you get your account unbanned there probably won't be enough people still playing to bother with anymore. Do you honestly believe that LoL is going to still be here in 2029? Cmon, use your brain a little here. If you ban an account for just a single year, what do you think that player will do? They will either just buy/level up a new account, or just straight up quit the game. They aren't going to wait around a year to get their account back, so your reduced punishment is meaningless. Oh and as a side note, can people please stop using the whole "this is a game, not real life" argument. It doesn't make sense, it never made sense and will never make sense. Yes it's a game, but the people in it are real. They have real emotions, real personalities and will react very similar to how things are in real life. That's why economists and sociologists study mmorpg communities, because they do a good job of replicating what happens in real life.
league will probably be older than 10 years easy
4nd (EUW)
: Why League of Legends is Toxic.
everyone getting theories about why league is toxic is straight up delusional league is toxic not for riot not for the game itself ... it's the mode competitive mode is toxic across all games that exists it's pure science ... u get angry when u lose because u care simple as this
Ladrac (EUNE)
: Once you reach your peak division...
improve u will start to getting higher win ratios
Hansiman (EUW)
: Things like this is anecdotal. Can you provide evidence? I'd like to see the actual chat logs.
way deep into borders it was almost 2 years ago when i saw this post he acctually showed the logs and they didn't seen manipulated he soft flamed and was in his last warning so i think he totattly deserved it but the reasons he got the ban where just unreal
Hansiman (EUW)
: IFS is perfectly capable of understanding multiple languages.
i saw a guy getting banned because he said a word of his hometown in a language that in english was translated to an offensive word the context was someone asking where he lived ? and he asnwered in live in : ....... near south korea and then 1 of his team reported him just for the sake of it because u know .... 9x report just cuz u died in a teamfight and he got banned ;) xD riot system sucks
Hansiman (EUW)
: > but I have to report someone almost every other game because of how shitty the player base is That's not actually not be unexpected, but not due to how "shitty" the playerbase is. Roughly 5% of the community misbehave to the point where a penalty is warranted. Since there's 10 players in each game, that should mean you encounter one of these players roughly every other game.
5 % ohh boy u couldn't get more wrong .... from my 8 years of playing non-stop and high elo yes ... 5 % it's correct more or less 2 people in a space of 3 games feed or soft int or flame ... Yea that's true on low / to middle xD the statistics go up to almost 20 % it's insane how many of them feed on porpuse or soft flame just not to get hit by the system or something like that
: >just some of the things he said that i can still remember. Please tell me, if a person like this doesn't deserve a ban, who does? I'm not saying they don't. If the story is as you say, I 100% agree that they should be removed from the community. >as for support... I don't bother with them since the last time i reported a racist in lobby( with pics) and they sent me this: So, as they mentioned, they can't _**often**_ action these tickets. However, they can in extreme cases. You'll also find that thats the same template sent to most reports - not because they don't get actioned, but because manually typing responses to these would be.... not really pheasible on Riot or Player Supports side. I'd definitely say it's worth doing if the toxicity displayed is as you've said it is.
i said " u suck " and i got banned even tho i played for 3 months straight with a clean history beetween my 14 days warning and my ban ... and this guy doesn't get insta banned ? i never went full toxic on someone like this only got offend someone now and then and still got banned ... where the %%%% do they draw the line ?
: It was more a reference to people who respond to this sort of behaviour. Most people don't even need to do that as most people just don't respond to that sort of behaviour. The minute you respond, they win. >you should speak up, you are a free person. Yes, you are a free person. That does not mean you are free from consequence. Flaming or being toxic back doesn't really resolve or rectify the issue at all. In fact, _**it almost always makes it worse.**_ There is literally 0 benefit to flaming back other than becoming part of the problem you were then complaining about. >And dont hear what most people will come and tell you here, because they are riot employees with normal player accounts that are paid to do PR. I wish I was paid to post here, a second job would be fantastic.
hey bruh there's a difference from speak up ur mind and be a free person from being a completly %%%%%% and flamer that uses that as an excuse that wasn't what this guy did so u can't even argue against that
: The Final Solution(to toxics)
The only thing riot should've done to flamers is to mute them with higher periods of time scaling to years ( if they don't int they are not a huge problem since a mute button can do the porpuse ) but riot insists in banning people just for saying some words in chat probably directed to people that are blaming them or soft inting
: I'm done with this community and this game
first of all u need to keep anonym the name of the player ..... second riot is a huge joke third u probably got reported because u asked them to report him ( it is a punishable offense if u spam it or use it with no reason ) since he flames u the whole game and u stayed chill .... u asked for a report since he was abusing the chat i see no problem
: Right.
it's true ... i was toxic ... not extremely toxic %%%%%%ed all the time i was agressive towards someone by cursing or something like that ( i never used caps or spammed ) was because they were assaulting me or tilting me hard by saying unnistall or something relateded
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
bro those people that marginalize them and want them dead they are not the general population those people should acctually be in jail but real life scenarios are different from a video game if i call u F word doesn't mean i hate u or i have a discrimantion behaviour as that particular sexual orientation people use it because in our society being homosexual is not labeled as normal as much u want it to be so they use it as an isult same goes for people calling u %%%%%%ed
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
yea and that's %%%%%%ed to a certain point but hey it's their game so... there's nothing much do discuss here
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
only in europe in usa that doesn't work like that and as u said slurring somebody for what they are ( how do u know what they are ) u don't.... u are just being a jerk
: How is power of sexy offensive in any way? I'm usually defending the system and riot overall, but this is just ludicrous.... The new name is epic tho...so I guess it's ok. Welcome to the rift Sir Pouncealot, With kind regards, A fellow jungler - The Lane Police
: They already have a chance to make a new account, keep their filthy mouths shut and focus on the GAME instead of chat. Valid bans are never ever lifted.
i got banned and i never ever started the flame i wasn't toxic af btw i just said u suck now and then and %%%%ing %%%%%%ed
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
the same way he takes no for an answer... u also take no for an answer he defends that perma ban is bad to a certain point and u defend that perma ban is good and should keep it up
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
hate speech doens't exist ... being a jerk exists doesn't matter if i call u F word or N word or FAT or mentally disabled ... it's called being a jerk and it shouldn't be insta banned since we have a mute button and there's a context and u are forgetting about the liberty of speech ... i can say what i want to a certain amount before becoming personal and assault ... typing in chat to some onnline player that i don't know his etcnic or sexual orientation N word or F word it's not hate speech
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
if they actually didn't reformed then ban the acc for ever without second chances ... simple ... just because someone is hot headed and take the game very serious and typed something now and then on chat calling someone a %%%%%%ed because they were inting or flaming doesn't mean they can't play the game because they do not fit the requirements
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
being a jerk saying " ez " is should not be reportable simple ... soft inters abusive negative atitude towards all games and super toxic players that don't improve should be ban not someone that says u suck now and then or says ez in a chat when he won the game ur welcome to change my mind
CJXander (EUNE)
: Does this have an end?
im starting to think riot should just take chat out xD
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
u look kinda agressive towards me but i will ignore that .... i was asking if because of ur question u think it's a lie since u asked for the acc name to check sorry my english i didn't take that from your text ... the system is over sensitive since people saying ez in a game got banned for it so yea
Chineees (EUW)
: The use of ''Easy''.
this game is getting out of control
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
so you think it's a lie ? it might be but it doesn't take the fact that the system is over sensitive
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
: >I learned today that Riot Support have no power to undo a suspension after it's been issued. They can if it was unjustified. Regarding your logs, for perma bans, Riot normally send 3 games as an example. Do you have the other 2?
in the last ban they don't send ... if u do 1 mistake your gone
: What's so hard to understand about that he was told that **ANY further misconduct will result in a permanent suspension.**
we get it .... it's not like people are %%%%%%ed we just don't agree with it and we think they are going too hard on people
: >if you steal a medicine because you have no money and u need it for your little sister should it be weight the same as a robber that stole the medicine just for sell it after ? http://replygif.net/i/1566.gif >this guys said stfu and u are useless - this shoud not be worth a permanent ban and if you think it does u should not even play video games The punishment system is a ladder. He already climbed waaaay up to the top, meaning he's been a toxic person for the community for quite some time and was punished for that in the past, but yet doesn't see the need to reform, although he was told that ANY further misconduct will result in a permanent suspension. And since you like making real life allegories, in every court a persistent offender gets punished more harshly than someone with a clean record. Or are you trying to tell me this guy has in fact a clean record?
u are failling to get that telling someone to shut up is a stupid reason for a final blow on the punishment ladder that's all im trying to say .. i understand it was his last chance but it's a video game where riot tries a policy of no toxicity but it's still the most toxic game in the world ... even tho other games don't even care about with toxicity as much riot does
: >Doesnt matter that he had previous punishments, fact is that he shouldnt be punished for shit like this. He should and was, because as I've said before after his 14 Days Ban ANY further misconduct will lead to the permanent suspension of his account.
if you steal a medicine because you have no money and u need it for your little sister should it be weight the same as a robber that stole the medicine just for sell it after ? yes it's a crime in both ways but common sense and sense of justice divides them in category this guys said stfu and u are useless - this shoud not be worth a permanent ban and if you think it does u should not even play video games
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
i don't have the logs but i understand that u won't believe ...but it did happen ... maybe someone could say i was negative ( i said guys move on the game is lost .... ) this was the maximum negative behaviour i had ... i can assure u .. im sorry they were 6 months .... HALF A YEAR ? HALF A YEAR ? i got honour at least 1 time per 2 games i played hundred of games in that half a year .... and just because i maybe got a little realistic ( that is tagged as negative ) over the outcome of our game ... btw diamond 4 elo we lost the game at 14 minues ... so yea u can see why i said it was lost. half a year is a lot of time .... and yes i reformed ... i still get angry when someone flames me or trolls the game that won't change ... it's the way i am but i choose not to drive that anger trought the game to the other players because it will get me no where ... yes i have reformed and i still got banned because i said %%%% ? and because i said let the game go it's lost and move on ? i don't enjoy the system as it is and i don't agree with it ...
: > [{quoted}](name=SalBunny,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=cc5k1Zlu,comment-id=000500000002,timestamp=2018-06-07T19:49:58.474+0000) > > they were to his friends that didn't reported him .... is this middle east where u get killed because someone heard u say something ? The automated system doesn't trigger without a report though buddy. Do you honestly think racism, homophobia and telling people to kill themselves should be considered normal behavior?
if it's beetween friends ... and some dude just reports u for the sake of it ... probably reported u because u lost them the game .... maybe they didn't even got offended by what u said .... then yea that shouldn't be valid but of course homophobia and etc is not normal behaviour when towards a random dude that u don't know and he ends up getting offensive .... i got a friend that was in a 4 stack and the other dude was super triggered because was losing the lane and was basically blaming everyone .... and that friend was talking with their friends ( this was acctually said in chat ) saying offensive stuff but in a joke ... no one got offended but that last guy reported him because they lost the game ... and he got a punishment riot needs to see the context ... when a ticket is applied for exemple they can't read all the story of every report but they don't ... they can't change a punish ... unless a super super super special case that was a mistake and the dude didn't even wrote in chat
: > [{quoted}](name=SalBunny,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=lWIE9F2n,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2018-06-07T19:35:27.677+0000) > > still do you realize how %%%%%%ed that is ? There's acctually a line beetween being a %%%%%%ed jerk > or just saying the truth that u shouldn't play sivir because u can't kite for example ... that's not toxic at all .... riot should try to redefine what toxic means... everything now is toxic as long u get triggered Riot never defined 'giving constructive feedback' as toxic. Telling someone that a champ is better in a certain scenario is perfectly fine. But there's a difference between saying something like ' x champion can't do y ' and " that champion is useless you p1ece of sh1t stop trolling in champ select " which is nowhere near constructive. Everything is toxic as long as it is behavior that is widely perceived as negative. telling someone that a certain champ is better, without holding them hostage in champ select by for example threatening to troll, isn't toxic, wasn't toxic, and will never be toxic.
well ... i agree with u but i don't think saying a champion is a p1ece of sh1t and u should just pick other because u will make us lose is worth of punishment that scales up to perma ban
: I fear unless you specify I can't give an elaborated answer
ever since i play league i can assure you the toxicity went down .... people acctually are afraid of having toxic behaviour duo to the zero tolerance policy from riot ... altough i do not agree with it since i support that an onnline competitive game that has a mute button should not ban people for talking shit ... not long ago people used to toxic the %%%% out of the chat and now they just say a few words ... i can tell that's improvement since u won't be able to get a perfect peacefull game ..... if there's good bad exists aswell ( like a balance ) but the thing i didn't saw going down was the afk trollers .... the negative adc that flames and says gg at the first blood ..... the i don't care about this game top laner that just dives and gets killed ..... the running down midalner that blames the jungler .... i totally get what u said when it does not gives the right to flame on trollers ... but riot is putting too much effort in a system that insta bans u for saying Kiss Your Sand ( read the caps and u will understand ) instead of banning acctual trollers that make the game worse .... ofc even if u are tryharding but being toxic u are not helping anyone ... u are making the game worse ... but u got a MUTE button and all that problem is gone not sure if u understand me .... my english is kinda rusty
: > [{quoted}](name=DerPunkt,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=cc5k1Zlu,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2018-06-03T15:47:32.344+0000) > > As far as I know, you do not get banned for that one offense. You might have a history, and this game is just the most recent example of it. Also the AI behind the PB system might scan the chat for certain slurs anyway. Asfar as I know, Riot implemented a selflearning system that checks chats. People who get reported are monitored a little closer and such behavioir will be banned even if no one takes it as grief. > > In this case. When the tree fell and none was around to hear or see, it actually still fell. Those zero-tolerance expressions like 'f 4 g ' and ' k y s' which he used can instantly give you a ban though.
they were to his friends that didn't reported him .... is this middle east where u get killed because someone heard u say something ?
: Wrong, they get punished. But it still doesn't give you the right to attack them. So if you do you get punished as well. And it's your own fault.
u don't get it do you ?
King Lego (EUNE)
: What is more toxic? Flaming? Or toll/inting?
u can mute flamers.... hate speech doesn't exist unless discriminated or abusive verbal offenses or racism etc .. if i say to you ... you %%%%ing suck and u should unnistall .... that shouldn't even trigger no person since u can use the mute button ban players for saying to a player that they suck ? kiss my ass we live in a free country where u can talk what u want unless abusive stuff
Sirrkas (EUW)
: Is there a option to disable the profanity filter in this board? For me it shows just %%% in that line.
it's kill ............. blahahahahahah your................. hahahahaaha self..................ahahahahaha
Smerk (EUW)
: "speaking the truth" can be considered as a toxic behaviour. It's like telling ugly people that they are ugly. That is truth, but it's not a nice thing to say
still do you realize how %%%%%%ed that is ? There's acctually a line beetween being a %%%%%%ed jerk or just saying the truth that u shouldn't play sivir because u can't kite for example ... that's not toxic at all .... riot should try to redefine what toxic means... everything now is toxic as long u get triggered
Leto GT (EUW)
: You received a ticket but still do not know what's allowed or not. Nobody does for fact, riot needs to be clearer about it. From my understanding and reading, chat is allowed mainly for strategic purposes.
riot sometimes as very subjective chat is allowed mainly for strategic purposes .... ofc it is but u can't report someone or even say u are getting tilted by them and acctually report them just because they are talking in the chat ... unless spam or something like that
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
i got banned a couple of days ago and i can asure u i was toxic before the 14 days warning i had a realistic point of view in the conversation in the game i was banned and i said %%%% in response to my fail flash and i got banned because our bot lane reported me .... he said " i sucked and made us lost the game " i ticket riot and the guy said my bahviour was normal but the system tagged the %%%% as a toxic behaviour and since i was reported yea ...that happened to me in the last 5 months of playing after 14 days suspension i didn't flamed or had a negative overall in 1 game and my punishment ladder didn't went down ... and my honour didn't went up aswell
: >and learn the concept of circunstance Right after you learned the concept of basic spelling in the English language. >if u punched u in the face u would prob punched me back instead of talk to me and ask what's wrong No sunshine, if you punched me in the face, I would not just punch you back. Exercising my right of self-defense, I would knock you out, and then call the police to have you locked up, on charges of aggravated assault and attempted bodily harm. Because quite similar to the game, there are certain rules in open societies (we call them "Laws"), and anyone who thinks they don't apply to him, because he expects the people he deals with to think the same as he does, will at some point find out that he's wrong. >and in league people usually know dark humor and memes and that stuff so the majority would not even blink an eye over that while the other part would even join the joke Your assumption is that all these people think as you do, and would act the same. As I have pointed out above, that assumption is dangerously wrong.
im sorry if im bad in english im trying to improve but that's irrelevant to the case u knocked me down ? ohhh so that means u acctually using the force just like i do .. same goes in verbal harassment if i tell u suck and u gonna reply u suck aswell as i said majority ... i play this since beta and i can assure u im not saying everyone is like me just saying a big part of the comunity have some few points in wich i agree aswell
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
u mean ... u just need to say a curse word and u get banned ... and ohhh when u mean eventually fall down in the punishment ladder u mean like after 5 months of playing at least and still get honor 0 but maybe in the first check point right ? ridiculous %%%%%%ed over sensitive rules
Smerk (EUW)
: > how am i going to prove that i didnt use them, its my word against theirs........... > that simply means that hundreds of euros i've spent on this account can be vanished just like that and i cant do anything about it o.O yes, but Riot aren't known for banning players without reason, so as long as you follow the rules chance that you will be banned is pretty much non-existent
they are exactly know for having the system over sensitive ... i got banned for saying " varus mundo said you suck " the rest of the chat logs were just talking about other stuff non related ... never cursed and never tilted in that game and they are also known for having a lot of people still playing when they should be banned
Berimdur (EUNE)
: Questions regarding my scripting ban on pbe
if u get hacked and u can proof it ... they unban it .... altought it will take a huge investigation
kKIzaruu (EUW)
: soo if i go jug and they ask me to gank and run away .. and then flame me .. i should say to him .. im sorry im too bad ???? or i shouild tell him the truth u are bad useless.. this is not flame .. and my Toplane said he was useless.. i dont understand man i play normal games for fun i get idiots 12 in my team who cry for losing lane blaming me and flaming for nothing .. and i shouild not say nothing to tham
the concept is ... it's still flaming so u get banned
: Riot please
the system is bugged ... riot won't admit it in public
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