AndrewCJ123 (EUNE)
: #ToAllRiotEmployees
Happy 2019 you lot!
Darmuka (EUW)
: New Summoner Spell, involving pets...
I find it a pretty fun idea, but as said above me, don't make it overly complicated as that ain't the nature of the beast in LoL, and restrict it to a certain recurring game mode :)
Nixri (EUW)
: LoL portraits I've done over the year
Amazing, thanks for sharing!
Yraco (EUW)
: Ability to change level border
Would be a great option!
: Glad you like it :) {{sticker:galio-happy}}
Great job, focused effort, thanks for this!
Jarwan (EUW)
: I miss Dominion
I agree wholeheartedly! Dominion was a fun alternative, allowing one to play your fave champion(s) in a less strict lane & role, I hope it will return!
Wukongz (EUNE)
: GG WP 2017, GL HF 2018
Groove good, will do the same, happy new year Dardasim!
: It's much faster to level in co-op vs AI up to level 20 (Where reduced exp takes effect). Or at least it would be if I didn't have 3-4 hardfeeding levelbots on my team most games. Yeah I'll probably just do normals, but only because player bots have ruined co op vs AI. Riot could come up with a simple system like other games have (some sort of way to detect if a player is human with a simple interaction or click on a simple puzzle). e.g. A simple sum or picture puzzle.
Agreed, do that puzzle and make co-op a better place. It is part of the game and a fun way to chill & try a personal strategy, test your limits with a new champion & learn to jungle even in the most basic way.
Mirrin (EUW)
: To you who may never read this. (A poem)
Nice one Twintail, I think the very length of it symbolizes the whole love & confusion process well. And of course, keep that great heart of passion running!
: This HAS to stop.
Keep playing hun, you ended up with rotten apples, a whole bunch at once. When confronted asuch, flaming from the safety of your net-presence, think about how they would not even dare speak to you in real life. Trash talking is cowardice in said circumstances. *smile*


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