Saloz Mat (EUW)
: After this morning ranked queue "patch" the game settings wont save.
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: Received my ranked rewards but they're missing from my collection.
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Spøke (EUW)
: Patch 8.6 Unlimited free One For All skin boosts.
i guess you didnt see the draven draven draven minions bug on april fools last year
: cant find game
how much time you are waiting inside the queue ?
Coxis (EUNE)
: Just to add a bit to your answer, the logic behind that is that "k.y.s." can not be used in any kind of positive way. And it's always, or mostly used for harassment purposes. So it's a not tolerated in any circumstance. :)
so you are saying if someone just writing "Fook this minion Wave" he should get banned ?
: Garen skin code not working
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: Goodbye League!
Yeah Riot punish way to hard random summoners while toxic famous streamers still flaming i guess Riot just dont care about you about me since we are low tier people who plays the game
Magic Guy (EUW)
: Champion Concept: Don
crit champs are dumb. and better buff heimer. ill vote no
: Should i quit, should i get banned?
Hello, long time ago i was a bronze V too. and yeah i was thinking like "im good my team is bad" but later when i climbed up on the rank ladder i realized that i played really bad back then. there is only 3 things that u should remember NOT TO DIE! just try not to die! every death u giving its will be 10% harder to win.! try focus on your enemy location and jungler location to know when to go aggro on lane. if u play jungler on this elo better to mute all and try to avoid talking even in champ select, since you or your team mates will flame and tilt each other before the game starts
Rismosch (EUW)
: I though about an Icon first, but your idea is better {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Special icon sounds great too :)
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DanVen (EUW)
: What is the victorious skin this season?
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: 2016 Rewards eligibility requirements have not been announced yet. It may or may not be like in 2015 . The only thing that matters is that you should always follow Summoner's Code :). Vulgarity or hate speech are not the only things considered toxic. Sterile spamming can also lead to suspensions, sometime permban if repeated.
yeah, i keep it up! thanks.
Smerk (EUW)
: Why you got that ban doesn't really matter, as long as you did break the rules. And no, most likely you won't earn any rewards this year
Thanks for the quick answer,hope Riot will go Softly with the rules on this Season ^.^ #hopeneverdie
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