: When people start flaming me, I usually resort to one of 2 types of responses: 1. Smart-ass comments. Had a game this morning where my adc starting flaming me for the items I was building, so I asked him what items he wanted to me build. His reactions were very amusing. 2. Embrace your inner Rammus. Whatever they say to you, either say "ok" or "alright". Nothing else. A lot of the time the people who flame are expecting you to flame them back, to get as angry as they are. There's no point in doing this, so by-pass it.
I usually go with number one nowadays, it's great The enemy was saying my fiance is a bad Yasuo in an aram, so I was just like "why don't you teach him?" and like your ADC, their reactions was very amusing xD
: How do I get rid of it?
oh no :(... I'm not sure what to think of that! :(
AD Kaori (EUW)
: Plushies
Plushie Towa, Saki, Riku and Ran please Riot :D!!!
Rioter Comments
Evilencjusz (EUNE)
: TFT egg issue
Your English is fine, I can understand you ^_^ So, hi there! Because you already had a "Fuwa", it plopped it into the loot transmutation section :) I think thats what I understand from it anyway, because it wouldn't give me another Furyhorn due to it. I hope that helps ^_^
: "stop feeding"
this is something all the players around the world need to see. I think it's absolutely stupid, people thinking that by telling us to stop feeding when people can merely have a bad time, they think it's gonna bippidy bobbidy boop ourselves into perfection. They want humans, they get humans. They could sympathise with us, BUT NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! lets tell others to stop feeding and ping others CONSTANTLY. Sorry, I have very strong feelings about this lol.
: People flaming. Especially in normals while they're playing their 2m Mastery Point main, and you're trying out a champion that's new to you, and whenever you make a mistake, they're just flaming and elo shaming. Like seriously, normals are for practicing champions. This is what made me quit playing SR without premades.
: Upcoming Payment System Changes
I feel bad that Riot has to explain that its a law they have no choice but to comply with, not a choice on their behalf. Patreon has to do it too, and many other places that require this kinda stuff.
: Game crashes as soon as champ selection is over! Windows 10 update causing problem?
Windows 10 support have recently confirmed that as of their [update](https://www.express.co.uk/life-style/science-technology/1176292/Windows-10-update-Microsoft-fix-PC-problems-broken-Search-bar), a lot of things have been going on. KB4512941 was what they were referring to though as something was taking up 90% of their CPU and such. They have apparently suggested uninstalling KB4512941 and such though. So maybe going back a previous build and disabling updates may do the trick :), even if what they said it was doesn't apply to you. I hope this helps ^^
lnfy (EUW)
: When you as a duo start to crumble
First: I am so sorry this has happened to you, I know you aren't fishing for that kinda thing, but I do feel for you. I too have had my few experiences with them kind of people, luckily though, my current bot lane partner is smooth sailing. but also remember, there are plenty of other people out there that will suit your playstyle a lot :) and some might even be knocking on your door. If your friend continues acting like this, then I suggest to replace them... They are replaceable after all, as bad as that sounds
: Its My Teammates, Riot
okay, that was a good one xD
Moj0 Jojo (EUNE)
: I'd like more game modes riot I'm fan of those
Yeah, I totally agree with you, more game modes would be definitely fun, and really exciting! :)
Get Juk3d (EUNE)
: Why?


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