Jéi (EUW)
: Dia4+ Serious team LF Mid and Top [EUW]
Lane: Mid Champs: I really like AD Casters such as Jayce/Varus or even Corki. im getting good @ azir aswell. (havent figured out the new mage update outcomings yet) Rank: Diamond 3
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: Creating a Ranked Team for S5
Hey guys Applications Closed atm due to the mass of People adding me- Sorry for those who I didnt........
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: Creating 5v5 Team plat3+
Hiho Toplane Plat3, well talk more ingame
: Shadow Stalkers recruiting
IGN: Faction I Carry Age: 16 League & Division: Plat3 Main Role: Toplane Main Champs: Jayce,Riven,Jax > Gnar,Maokai,> Master Yi My championpool is really big, i can play alot of different champs on toplane and make them work but i pref the ones i already said above. Id like to join cause I want to grow as a player (and as a person) Why pick me?! Rhetorical Question but nevertheless I'll answer it: I'm available at anytime which means I play everyday I tend to be a very funny person (atleast thats what my dad says Kappa) and I can kind of make the team atmosphere "smoothy" See you on the Rift
: Dedicated Ranked Team
Heyo im 16 years old, Id like to play midlane for you. My pref champs are : {{champion:126}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:91}} but im fine with all the meta picks I play everyday at nearly any time because i finished school. I already sent you an add but yeah
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: Ranked Team sucht Mid und Jungle
Habe dich erstmal geaddet, zu mir : Role: Jungle {{champion:79}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:421}} Division: Platin2 Stil: Aggresives starkes Earlygame mit snowball zum Sieg
Benzohh (EUW)
: LF Top laner Plat V +
sent you an add :)
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: Ranked team searching for Platinum/Diamond Midlaner
Goldbaer (EUW)
: Top laner gesucht Gold+
Hab euch mal einen Add geschickt lg
Jim Rat (EUW)
: LF Gold+ ADC/TOP for 5s Team
djsacso (EUW)
: Hi dude, im creating a team if u wana join :D {{champion:17}} msg me. im not high elo but, we are looking for players above plat 5. my objective is not to stay as a player in the team but to start the team and then become something like a coach. Also i can easily get a adc main plat 2 and possibily a main mid plat 3. Ass:Djsacso and Tripled
Have sent you an add.
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Salty NA Mid

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