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: Make "Reset my rank" button for fair Iron-2-Chally runs
"Put me in a rank where I would receive ~20lp per win" button would be enough.
DannyXt (EUW)
: Anyone know this music's name ?
It's Phoenix without lyrics, slightly changed to be a calmer version of the song
JustTits (EUNE)
: How about we switch directions from "more damage" to "less damage"
At first hearing that tank meta is coming back i was "kinda excited" because that would mean fights would be extended but if you look at the drake changes in general - it gives you pretty clear picture that everyone is going to one-shot everyone, massive shitfest for mages/assassins.
: Kalista Martial Poise
I kinda main kalista and while it's problematic and incredibly annoying, I'd say it's fair. If you get slowed you can still just sit still and have perfect dps. If you get AS de buff'ed you can still just walk out without attacking to re-position(yes I hate malphite's E too). Everything I just said works just fine in theory, meanwhile in practice you should avoid getting hit by both of these slows as they might get you killed or slow your dps to the point that you're useless. Generally just don't pick kalista into enemy malphite/cassio/singed-kind of champions. What I wish they would do to Kalista is to smooth her attacks so using her passive doesn't cost me as much dps output as it does now(using your passive cuts your realistic attack speed by quite a chunk which is lame)
: Well thank you, but I never heard about a rework of any of the champions I listed besides fiddlesticks... but feel free to correct me.
They are going to eventually announce the reworks. It'll take some time before they get to every single old-design champion but it'll happen
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: Please give Champions that still talk to the summoner a Voice update.
It's impressive that anyone cared enough to write such a long essay about it. I don't think they will change anything about those champions because they are going to be reworked anyway so there is point in changing them now for such a reason.
: When is Tryndamere getting an Epic Skin Riot?
trynda has so many skins that it's honestly just shameful of you to ask for another one
: Who is the champion that's played so rarely, that gets you surprised when you see him in-game ?
{{champion:429}} {{champion:429}} {{champion:429}} please make her viable again
Anoligarh (EUW)
: When do you consider low elo ends?
low elo ends around high masters
: Why does Akali gets 4 skins in less then a year
the answer is: she's an edgy - full-on weeb character with flashy mechanics so it generates lots of money from the skin sales
: {{champion:429}} falls in the "High skill - High reward" category; she's in the same nerf boat with {{champion:268}} and {{champion:13}} sadly. I really wish she got some attention cause I'm particulary fond of Kalista's design, overall. But for now I will just resort to playing her in URF where she's actually quite strong cause she does 120% damage.
@ShirarezaruEiyuu I'm sorry but you clearly don't play Kalista at all and you don't how terrible she is right now - she has nothing going for her that would say "high reward" - the only reward you might be talking about is having aggressive support that's playing ridiculously well because otherwise, you aren't going to have a good time. Ryze is broken level meta champion now and Azir with the right mechanics and practice- you can make him work. Kalista is just unplayable right now - 0 scaling, getting one shotted(like most adcs but some adc have survivability mechanics like xayah/kalista and those who don't have it, have high damage or utility draven ashe caitlyn). Basically Kalista needs tons of buffs to make it to like at least 47-48% winrate(which would be perfect for her) @Keyane Exactly, that would be my dream aswell. Champions like Kindred, Quinn, Kalista are rather new and completely forgotten about now both in terms of balance and skins.
Kashiro (EUNE)
: Wasn't he recently played at worlds ? He's got his uses, he just isnt eating people at solo lanes doing sme ridicolous damage for free.
Yes he was. The thing that none of you realises is that they made Tahm competetive-support only champion which is sad but that's the truth. His big strength is saving allied adc from hard engage - and that's the only reason to pick this champ right now.
Nar7ia (EUW)
: I play all the adc's you mentioned and trust me none of them (especially Cait) are scary with 2 items unless they are snowballing. They all need 3 items to start doing good DPS against non squishy targets. Back to the topic at hand, Kalista is balanced around pro play. Caitlyn and Kalista are similar in one aspect - when they are strong, they quickly take over the meta and become pick or ban. Riot hates them because of that and they have explicitly stated it. They are just too difficult to balance properly. Buff them and they become OP, nerf them and there is literally no reason to pick them. They are either OP or too weak, there is rarely a middle ground. This is even more pronounced in Kalista's case than Caitlyn. They cannot really buff Kalista because it would make her pick or ban in pro play. Caitlyn was weak after s6/s7 for the same reason. Even now, Riot has stated that they are wary of buffing her because they don't want her to take over bot lane meta. Same goes for Kalista. The only way to solve this issue is to have a rework for Kalista. But Riot has been ignoring the whole ADC role for some time now so, don't get your hopes up.
Except for the fact Caitlyn is an all-time solid pick in bot lane with decent winrate, gameplay, scaling etc. Kalista has none of that so that's just a poor argument.
Santinel (EUW)
: Just play another crazy over-tuned champion like Xayah - problem solved, thank you very much
No, but on a serious note while Kaisa is a bit crazy she's not impossible to deal with. She seems relatively weak early game so you can just play something against her with a strong early-mid game to deny the scaling, also cc, your positioning against her. Sure it feels bad when your team ints vs her and someone skilled plays her making her bat-shit crazy, flying around the map one-shotting everyone, but in most scenarios, there are multiple ways to "tame the beast".
: Mobile TFT - I need to know...
I think you should be able to do just that. Pretty sure they will just do something very similar to what Blizzard did with mobile Hearthstone.
: What did they do to Kench?
Same happened to Kalista(I made a thread today). Basically another one of those new champions that for some reason got kill-nerfs and were thrown on to the dumpster and are completely forgotten now.
: How do you deal with Kai'sa in late game
Just play another crazy over-tuned champion like Xayah - problem solved, thank you very much
0BlackRogue (EUNE)
: Kayle
Kayle is an incredibly strong champion atm both competitively and in solo Q (win rate is 53% or something? Which makes her actually S tier champion). They gave her some mana refund on her Q when it hits an enemy champion making it a great last hitting/harass tool. Getting to level 6 at the cost of some lost cs just to quickly get all the lost gold back with klepto poke and to start out-scaling your opponents like crazy just because you exist in the game? - sounds pretty OP, doesn't it?
: Hooks hitboxes/range
Agreed, they do need fixing. I actually find it funny when you compare skillshots like Nidalee's Q (that sometimes goes through enemies without doing damage) and Naut/Blitz/Thresh Q that for some absurd reason has coding that basically makes the skillshot find the target on it's own and redirect the entire projectile pathing just so it lines up with the champion hit.
: Camoflage for Twitch
Playing against Twitch jungle is definitely tricky but it's not impossible to outplay. The common trick is sneaking ward deep enough to spot him walk into your lane(it has to be done without enemy team's knowledge so Twitch doesn't just walk around the ward's vision or Q before he enters it). If he starts red side then he'll try to cheese top/mid. As a top laner - because the opposing top will leash for Twitch - you can pull the first wave in a way that it starts pushing towards you, so you can give up some minions and wait for the wave to be in comfortable spot for you start touching cs(to make you less paranoid about walking up to cs, deep warding into enemy jg is also very helpful). In general, you can play around it. You can, for example, take different ability level 1 than usually, like a cc/dash ability or W on Yasuo to pop it as soon as Twitch comes out of stealth(and make sure you are close enough to your tower that this ability will save you your flash)
: Xayah and Kalista are way too different. Xayah is immobile and relies on her AS steroids + E to deal her damage. E can be dodged. Kalista have goldly kiting with her passive, it's impossible to catch her. She got vision, an undodgeable execute on her E that can also be used for epic monsters and her ult making her save an ally (or bring him closer + cc). Just to make it clear, I'm not saying Xayah is weak, I'm just saying their kits are very different so they can't be balanced in the same way.
Yeah except by the time you have enough stacks of your E to kill anyone, your opponents have already dealt triple of your damage. Her ult is nice but the cooldown is so long that in solo Q where fights happen all the time, it's difficult to make use of that extra cc as often as all the other ad champs that can use their ults. Mind you they ACTUALLY NERFED her damage vs epic monsters(on her E) by 50%.
Nar7ia (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Santinel,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=cFHUTGWZ,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-10-27T14:26:25.851+0000) > like early game is alright but you need like 2-3 completed items(not counting boots) to be relevant out of the lane That's true for like almost every ADC though. Even someone like Vayne doesn't deal a lot of damage with her %hp true dmg without 2-3 items.
2-3 items was I guess a bit too positive from me. The thing is - I can bring up champions like Tristana, Xayah, Caitlyn who are not only great late-game champions but are also super scary(if they aren't behind) at 2 items. Kalista doesn't even have like half of their damage or the ability to scale. I feel like you could give the same amount of gold (let's say something like 3k for early game, 8k for mid game, and about 14k for late game) to all the marksmen in the game and Kalista would do less damage in early game than about 60% of all the marksmen, 80% less in mid game and 100% less in late game because I honestly can't find worse late game marksman than her.
: Kalista is weak on purpose. She is one of those champs that cannot be balanced. She'll either be broken or very weak. So for the sake of the game balance, it's better to keep her on the weaker side. She will stay like this until they find a proper mini-rework for her.
Kalista has so many issues that fixing at least half of them still wouldn't even put her in an "A tier", but who knows. I think they would need to start making ANY changes to actually realize what's going on with her.
Cooler39140 (EUNE)
: I think fixing Kalista should start with smoothing out her gameplay, namely fixing Rend, because it causes AA timer to drop after usage. It makes her cluncky.
I've never thought of that but one thing's for sure which is that she feels very cluncky and some smoothing would help for sure
Jesi Oni (EUNE)
: Rework her ult to be useless in high elo and strong in low elo. Something like slow high-damaging projectile instead of utility that is op in pro-play. It can literaly be Nidalee Spear 🤣
I'm fine with how her ult works, I just wish they gave her ult some passive just like they did with Ryze(his ult is utility tool and has dmg passive to make up for how useless the spell is in some games)
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: I didn't know it works like this. But wait - don't you like it that you kind of play with two skins instead of one during the game?
I just prefer the High noon version of the skin a lot more than the other one
: > [{quoted}](name=Santinel,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=9LsiYfBJ,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-10-12T18:52:06.740+0000) > > my friend it does not give the details I need ;( any other sites bro?
I'm sure gives a lot of data - maybe you didn't click through all the tabs available? LeagueOfGraphs - maybe try that
: Hi, Anyone know how I can find my Season 7 stats?
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