: Well, I'd like to get back to your question of improving at the game as a whole. While I'm definitely not the best player out there, I did reach Plat which puts me in the Top 7%, so i think I got a pretty good idea on how to improve at the game (at least up to Plat). *** **Pre Level 30** Just keep playing the game and get comfortable. Try to find some champions you like and just play. I'd also recommend watching the [Beginners Guide to League of Legends](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hOCEfU96AtU). This video explains the game again and goes over a lot of important things that the tutorial doesn't teach you. (Like for example the 5 lanes). *** **After Level 30** After level 30, you can start playing ranked. There's generally 2 opinions on what you should do now. The first one is to just continue playing Normals and Drafts until you think you are comfortable enough to jump into ranked. The second one, and the one I prefer, is to just jump directly into ranked. Ranked games are usually more intense with most people playing their best characters and everyone usually trying to seriously win, thus you will improve much much faster. However, the risk of jumping directly into ranked is that you could end up in Bronze, while waiting till you are comfortable could potentially get you started in Silver. *** **Bronze** - Learning how to use your time effectively The trick to getting out of bronze is to learn how to effectively use your time to get a lead. Lot's of bronze players only go for kills, but kills is not what wins you the games. There's 30 minute professional games with only 1 or 2 kills in the entire game. While playing you want to Prioritize in the following order: * _CS > Objectives (Towers > Baron/Drake) > Assists > Kills_ *** **Silver** - Learning how to effectively use your resources. At this point you should start learning to buy the proper items on your champions. You should know which items are bought on which champions and why you want to buy those items. For example buying {{item:3047}} for the Armor, or {{item:3111}} for the Magic resist etc. *** **Gold** - Actually learning the game From here on out you'll need to actually learn the game to progress. Not just the base game that you knew up until now, but the actual smaller nuances of the game. Stuff like Wave Management, Pressure, Trading Stances, Retaliation Trades, Proper Warding, Effective Roaming, When to Roam etc. A good start is the [Leaguecraft 101](https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL9RdXhXESRJzgY_SwHB8T-cZxXljWhQvz) playlist on youtube and the [Everything you need to know about Wave Management](https://mobalytics.gg/blog/league-of-legends-guide-everything-you-need-to-know-wave-management/) guide by Mobalytics. *** **Plat 5** - Learn your Matchups Reaching plat 5 you should have already shrunk your champion pool to a few champions that you are maining. Usually it's 3 champions for your main role and 1-3 for your off-role. The important thing now is learning your matchups. Which champions are an easy win for you, which champions do you go equal with, and which champions do you loose hard against. You also should come up with ways to play against matchups that you struggle with. *** **Plat 3** - Compositions You'll need to learn about Pairings, Combos, and Compositions, both for your own team, to pick and play accordingly, as also for your opponents team, so you can realize their Pairings, Combos and Compositions and can play against it. *** **Plat 1** - In Depth Itemization Here you need to know exactly what to build on your champion and when. You need to also pay more attention to when you buy component items, and especially when to buy items. Every second you spend with enough gold in your inventory to get a significant item upgrade is a second you wasted and are useless to the team. You should also know what and when the strong points of your build are and what and when the weak points are. Also, if you wanna ask more questions or just play some games, feel free to add me in game. {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
Wow, now this is a really useful chunk of information haha, I'm back on the grind tomorrow and gonna hit that 30 fast {{summoner:51}} I'm really glad I've made this post you've all been so helpful, feel more confident now, I was told to start using some apps to help such as LoLSumo, is that good or bad?
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: Hi there and welcome. First, I've been playing this game for almost 4 years already and noticed that people became more aggressive, rude etc. Not sure if it's this community thing only or the general. Unless they're saying something helpful, just ignore or mute them. And it's best for you to get a friend or find someone you enjoy playing with and stick with them. As for report system, I haven't seen it working in a while. As for racists, sexists, there're some key words that can trigger the system and the one using them will get ban. As for improving, as I already said, just find someone to play with that will help you. This game isn't fun playing alone anymore. As for RP/BE thing, try playing all the free to play champs available (rotations change every Tuesday, so every Tuesday you get 14 new ftp champions), find the ones you like and enjoy playing and focus on buying them first. I hope, I was, at least, somewhat helpful.
I didn't know it was every Tuesday haha, trying to find people to play with is one of those things that will take a time I suppose, will grit my teeth and try to get to 30 haha, cheers
: Welcome! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} >First thing is the community as a whole, I more often than not get people that are endlessly flaming in the game and they expect new players to do things perfectly, if failed to do so I tend to get them following me around feeding, even if I don't respond or try to be nice. The other team tend not to help too since it's a free win for them. I guess a single report from me won't do much so how can I make it more enjoyable when I'm spending 20+ minutes with all the toxicity and trolling. To be fair, this sort of thing exists in almost every multiplayer online game, and is not something unique to League. It does tend to get better, especially when you start making friends and playing with them! Reporting is always the correct response to this sort of behaviour, never engage back with them by retaliating though! >Secondly is the report system and how it works, since I don't believe anyone that's been sexist, homophobic or racist in my games have been punished for it, and if I'm the only one reporting this behaviour, does it still count towards the player getting punished or can they slide through because it's only me doing so? And how is the punishment decided on the player. The report system basically works as follows: If a player has at least 1 report (more than 1 doesn't change the out come - it's so long as a player has 1 report), an automated system will trigger, and review the game. If it finds the rules have been broken, it documents that against that player, and if it deserves a punishment, handles that. Things to remember here: If a person has had one bad game, and has lost their temper a little, it won't mean an immediate ban. The system recognises people are human and will do that from time to time. If it becomes a regular pattern of behaviour, then they tend to get chat restrictions. If the person broke the rules to the extreme (racism, homophobia, intentional feeding, cheating etc.), then it tends to escalate to a ban. There's no real way of knowing if that person got punished, unless they tell you themselves though. Just because you get a pop up occasionally saying that it resulted in that, doesn't mean you get them every time :). Edit: Champ select ended faster than i expected, adding more. >Thirdly is trying to improve on the game as a whole, I've been told to just stop playing PvP and just stick to bot games but I feel I won't get better vs. programmed ai that do the same things and with other people that end up 54/0 Vs them. But if I do try PvP they're are these smurf people that end up doing the same so it's hard to improve There are certain things you can improve at with bots - Practicing last hitting or learning the best way to hit a champions skill shot, for example. You will learn most things vs other players though, mainly how to be better at rotations, objective control, etc. Regarding smurfs, unfortunately there's not much you can do about that. When you get to ranked, you'll be able to play with people at your own level as well, and try to climb. >Fourthly is Riot points, I'm just wondering if it's worth buying some to get some champions that appeal to me or to just keep grinding levels, and if I'll gain enough essence from doing so to get the ones I like Can't answer that one for you. That's gotta do with you and your bank :P. It's all really dependent on how badly you want that champion. I've owned every champion since season 3-4.. and I usually just purchased with IP (the old version of Blue Essence), and then got one of the on sale ones if they interested me for that rotation, personally.
Massive help, I guess I'll just keep on trying PvP and mute someone the moment they start being negative, I get that it's to be expected from any competitive multiplayer game but it makes the experience of playing lackluster when you're stuck spending 20-30 minutes trying with a single person ruining it. I've noticed that ARAM games seem more relaxed with less people wanting to murder my family so I'll try some of those haha. Thanks a ton
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