: What i expect from Riot they deliver in every single way. Servers are up and running for 98% of the time, 24/7 365 days straight. Now we got some issue, but still nothing really to complain about. You can complain about EA and there Lootbox system and stuff, but Riot - they don't charge you for anything.
Like a unresponsive server.
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: Why should they. Nothing but shit storm on the boards. Insteat of maybe a few words of encouragement or so. Player who are around since S1 or S2 are used to server issues which was common back in the day. But this is the real first issue since Riot moved to Amsterdam. Clash was an exeption- and as soon it was removed server where stable again. But Riot wants to keep TFT so let them do their work and stop shiting on them. They could charge us monthly to play league. If they do that, i could understand all shit on the boards right now. But its a F2P game - so take a break, get out enjoy your Real Life or play on PBE - or play another game
You would expect better from a billion dollar company.
JuiceBoxP (EUNE)
: You are unintentionally ruining games for others. Get a new toaster to play league of legends on, you don't need a super advanced toaster, just an entry level one will do.
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: EUW is actually the new PBE-Server
I wonder why riot employees aren't replying to my board post.
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