: House finishers ?
Same, kind of confused as to how it works. I have got the Icon equipped as well. The emote is in my inventory, yet there are no finishers going off when I kill someone.
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Solash (EUW)
: [Possible Champion Leak] - Kai'Sa the Daughter of Void
Scarlet Johansson's face on a champ? I'll take it :D
: Insted of upgrading and reworking chamoions to be broken (like new Swain), creating new skins, Riot should really work on technical issues first. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} Love ya!
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Rubenqben (EUW)
: Error inviting substitute - can't invite substitute!?
My team can't play the tournament because of this. I hope this gets fixed soon, I couldn't choose a sub for anyone, even when the ranks were equal. This is really annoying..
HaXoRrrrr (EUW)
: On the discord server some rioter said that the tournament data was corrupt. As a result if you won you got 2 rewards, you can keep those, but seems that we got more then we should have gotten.
I doubt that, as I said my team and me only got a boost, a team-icon and a champ shard. That is not an overwhelming amount of stuff. EDIT: well nvm, the ones who did NOT win got too much, that's a cool way to reward players :D
Eambo (EUW)
: Clash Beta issues - 15 Dec
We won our first 4-Team bracket, we have yet to receive a capsule that would reward us for doing so. We instead received another capsule, rewarding us for being "8th place" in the 8 team bracket. Will we still get the reward for winning? The teams we won against already got their rewards which feels quite unfair, considering we won. EDIT: I assume that what was in the 8th place capsule (3 win xp boost, a champ shard and a team icon) aren't the rewards for winning the 4-team bracket, but it might be. If that's the case im fine with it, since we did get our rewards then. EDITEDIT: Talked to a member of the team that came in second, he got multiple champ shards and the boost and icon on top. So i hope that rewards are getting rolled out, otherwise it seems really injust..
Yunarito (EUW)
: ahh okay, thats weird
It's working for us now, we left queue. Except in the bracket it says that we had no opponent in the final, which we obviously did :D
Yunarito (EUW)
: Clash Bracket Champion
Same here, after relogging we can join other queues but it's still not updated. I myself haven't relogged yet to see if it's any different.
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