Kazzirutt (EUW)
: Newish Player - Question about Bans for playing bad.
this is %%%%ed up bad, rito needs to fix their shit
: Question: Do you ever lock your camera?
same, i never lock it, helps with map awareness
Pereirox (EUW)
: My Shop
no you cant, you get the skins of champs you've played recently, or champs they think might fit you
: Or you can look at her build and see if you can fight with her or not.
lLeBlacnl (EUW)
: a Question
you can use it yeah
: Is the league comics worth a read?
They are super enjoyable, if you are interrested in the lore, i would suggest taking a look at the citys's first, if you want a comic to read, "Warmother" is really good
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: lf a permament duo partner my current rank is silver 1 :>
Hello Im silver one. Im an adc main. Denmark Prefer not to say my age Playing both ranked and normals Speaks english and love to talk And you look fine Id love to Schoou#3026 discord Schoou lol Ps, i also just came back for a break, so {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Lf casual player for normals/rankeds (preferably a jungler)
Supp Trashtalking. Approved Black humor. Approved Adc main. Aprroved Gold. Silver 1
: a fun champ to one trick?
: How can I get some motivation?
mage's bot have always been strong, ask for a heima for your team, then you should be good against veigar early
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VIT Laati (EUNE)
: Used to be Urgot before the rework. Now it is Fiddlesticks. I like his, possibly the most bat-poo insane, gameplay.
Do you play him jg or supp?
: Which are most balanced champs?
uh, thats a hard on, youre right about velkoz. i would say Top {{champion:68}} Jg {{champion:72}} Mid. Idk im a AD main so i dont like the idea of oneshotting people as zed or lb Adc{{champion:498}} Supp{{champion:432}} Remember this is just my choice, its prob not the champs, but i have fun against or with this matchup, as a fair team, some of them, (or all of them) er off meta, but its ok
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: {{champion:14}} a lot of loyalty to him(been playing him since S3 with old ad sion), and he just fits my playstyle perfectly.
* Respect, are you playing the new β€œint” sion
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Hmeka (EUW)
: Looking for friends
Hallo, i wanna play, ADC main, Xayah Jhin luc and more. Schoou euw. On discord im Schoou#3026{{sticker:sg-kiko}}
Hi lm Zoe (EUNE)
: Which champions do you hate?
{{champion:142}} {{champion:518}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:555}} First off, zoe can suck it, she is way to op with too damn much burst, as an ADC main this is obviously my opinion Second Neeko, my first games with and against this "character" she just burst to high, and her snowball potential is big. Third, Leona, damn her lv 2 powerspike is better than alistars, much better, also against someone with no movement shes just to strong, add it with a draven or lucian, its gg if u dont get a janna or thresh, plus idk but this item {{item:3193}} on her seems pretty strong - Pyke - %%%% pyke Schoou


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