ML Hobbit (EUW)
: Not even half LP
They probably enabled "prevented loss" for the games that were being played when they disabled the queue. This also happened to me and it honestly feels terrible, it wasn{t a game where anyone got affected by the bug so why riot why?
Ηuawei (EUNE)
: Petition: Change the Victorious Skin for season 9
So my problem is not the champ but the skin itself. It feels ugly and the colors do not work well together
AkØr (EUW)
: guess udyr is the same as annie
uh that's bad, but at least it is not live server, bugs are understandable on the pbe but the live server is a whole other thing... i mean that's why changes go on the pbe first
: Patch 9.14 - Bug Thread
7.6k views and 221 responses (at the time of writing this) and still no official word from riot, it seems like they have 100% of their staff working on those skins instead of idk making the game stable or at least respond to the community. Billion dollar company by the way
: Chat and friend lists are currently down for maintenance and will be back up soon.
great but i show as disconnected so i can't invite or be invited, what about that?
: 65 Hours login time xD
This game is such a joke, they are more worried about releasing skins than fixing the existing problems
: Something wrong with the client?
: Please remove the RNG in TFT from camp item drops
Totally agree i've had games where i get 5 items from the initial minions, other times no items, then i may get 0 items from krugs/raptors/wolfs/dragon or maybe i get many items sometimes a spatula, the RNG it's just frustrating. There is also the luck involved in getting certain champions some games i won only cause i got up to 5 level 3 champs and some others where i've been stuck with level 1 champs since the start of the game till i lose cause of unlucky rerolls. Game is calle teamfight tactics but tactics are barely 10% of why you win a game. There is also something i don't see many people talking about because honestly it's not game breaking but it bothers me a lot so might as well mention it, the champion wheel rotation thingy with all the players seems to have 2 problems imo. 1) the initial rotation at the start of the game is too quick, so much so that people with slower pc's like me don't get to pick a champ, i've literally never picked a champ at the start of the game, closer i've gotten is loading in 2 seconds before leaving the main area, adding a few seconds wouldn't hurt the game and it'd be a great help for people that play on toasters. 2) the champion wheel itself feels like a problem to me, it is ok that the people with less hp pick first but, the fact that it's a wheel always rotating means that you can lose a champ to someone else that should've picked after you because it simply went closer to the other person, it gets super frustrating, this should be done as a list and not as a rotating wheel
Mrkitt (EUW)
: TFT Queue Times? Whats yours? (poll)
Currently 25 minutes and counting
Rioter Comments
: The rewards are coming next week, riot wanna get everything running first
oh i thought that was only the missions, thanks
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Cypherous (EUW)
: Just for the champion you buy it for, so if you buy the ezreal border it only works on ezreal when you're wearing the skin
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Wackadoodle (EUNE)
: Double fight for your house mission. Is it a bug?
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: Did you opt in for rewards? In the "reward" section on [lolesports]( you must click "start earning" for the missions to work:
i'm not sure if i did it but maybe at some point since the third game i watched that day and the first the next day counted, but sigh if that's it riot should be more specific about the steps to follow.
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InsHide (EUNE)
: Stuck at "Skip Waiting for Stats" after Champion Select.
It's happened to me as well, and they were many times with no aparent reason you are made to restart league of legends which can lead to early surrenders for afk, then you get penalized for something that is not your falut but riot's
: is this bannable?
I'm not sure if i should laugh or cry so i'll just eat ice cream and cut myself
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aluucard (EUNE)
: Zoe the new cancer ?
It all depends, this is the first time i've been on the other side of the people, usually i am the one complaining, but this time i don't feel bad about playing against zoe, and i love to play her. But i won't deny, as much as i love her that it feels bad when a champion can kill you in 1 skill, it's hard to play, but it still feels bad to be one shoted cause you feel like there was nothing to do about it.
: mostly correct but there is actually a third champion with a suppression {{champion:72}} hes not played often
Dude i even looked through the champs to cause i felt there was another one but since i almost never see him i didn't even think about him xD. that's sad he needs rework.
Cypherous (EUW)
: Likely because zoe's W isn't flagged as being able to be used while suppressed, otherwise things could get wonky pretty fast with her ending up being able to flash while suppressed etc
can't cleanse suppression that's all
: Zoe's W: Spell Thief and Cleanse
hmmm guys i don't know how long you have been playing league but you can't cleanse suppression, the ways to end suppression are qss{{item:3140}}, interupting the spell with hard cc, this of course has to be done by a team mate since you are ccd but there are times when you can get lucky (or be really good at predictions) and use a cc ability right before malz ults (this won't work with {{champion:19}} since he goes melee and you can't cc him while jumping, but at least his is a skillshot) so when the ult starts your ability hits him and ends the cast, this has happened to me playing as {{champion:103}}, and there is also {{champion:41}} who has a built in qss with his oranges so he can free himself without buying the item. at first suppression can seem a bit too strong but only 2 champions have it {{champion:19}} {{champion:90}}, and the weakness of this kind of cc is that when you cast it you can't move so you are vulnerable in team fights.
: halp xD
sad things that are sad
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Tôm (EUW)
: Help me find my main!
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: EUNE is the most toxic server so let's fix it
It’s cute cause i know coming from lan i know what real hell is like. And there is no fixing the comunity, Riot does not hace Jesus powers to make people happy and not toxic.
Orbys (EUW)
: New Project skins in 7.23 not in shop
Usually skins are released a few days after the patch goes live, this ain't a bug.
Dreadscar (EUNE)
: And so ,we are just left to wait until they randomly upload them?
yup, it all depends on Riot, and i don't think they will be out this week cause they will want to sell more zoe bundles
Dreadscar (EUNE)
: Project skins
No it's just that Riot usually don't release skins the day the patch comes out, sadly. I've been waiting for these skins to come out
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: Why do we need runes at all?
That can be answered with one simple word. Replayability. This things that you mention are not necessary at all, but they make the game more interesting, having to adapt to new changes, the ever shifting meta of league is what keeps players coming back, even tho the game is still the same at it's core this new features always help to keep the game interesting. I see you are level 26 so you probably have less than a year playing league so i can see why you think like that, but i have been playing for a little more than 4 years and i'm certain that without many of this unnecessary risks i would've stopped playing a lot time ago, and just like me many veterans that have been playing since beta keep coming back cause league always feels a little different, and that's thanks to many things that we don't need. pd: sorry if i butchered some words english is not my main lenguage
: Wanna see something painful?
I just died a little bit inside
: The increase is very little.
but it will keep on rising and you will get the same rewards for having to put more and more effort into leveling, there is the problem
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: Aery is the best rune in the game
You also get extra points when playing star guardian ahri cause you have 2 cute pets
NyanDoge (EUNE)
: Can you let us delete the preset rune pages?
The only thing that bothers me about them is that sometimes it automatically changes to a preset when i’m editing runes on champ select and everyone finishes picking. But i don’t really care bout not having more pages i’ll just do some trials with my main champions write down the runes for the different situations and change them as i need to.
Ashen Soul (EUNE)
: No. {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
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Altiverse (EUNE)
: Physical Challenger rewards?
riot said they would not be doing physical rewards this year bc they wanted to rethink the whole concept and do something that and i quote "feels good while also being practical to worldwide ship" since they had so much trouble with shipping last year not to mention the amount of complains about the bad quality of the jackets.
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