: but how can u mean that adc are broken if assassins also are broken? the adc cant do anything in fights because the assassins kill them. i dont see what you try to say
you are not always either of them. sometimes you are a jungler, a mage or fighter. then both are unreasonably strong.
: I know that, but my point is that adcs can never be broken as long as there are assassins that can kill them. And assassins can never be broken as long as there are supports that can peel and tanks that assassins cant kill.
only that the mechanic fails at the "as long as there is"-part.
Get Juk3d (EUNE)
: I don't think it's unhealthy. after all it's a mechanic that exist in the game. when it was only for {{champion:35}} you could say that this is unhealthy why can a single champion dodge {{champion:30}} ulty, but every mechanic needs to have some examples across champions. like charm, for a long time only {{champion:103}} could do it and now 2 more champions have that kind of CC as well
from {{champion:30}} perspective, every champ is made to survive his ult. There isnt a single one that hasnt a shield, heal, dodge, nullifier or just owns a stopwatch rune. The first thing RIOT thinks about, when making a new champ, is, "hOw dOes hE SurVivE RECkONING?" Fairly said, shaco is BS alone from his invisibility. But his dodge had a very short window and need to be timed. Kayn can just stay in a wall for 10 or 20 seconds. And inside an enemy 5s more. "Cant touch me"-mechanic is nothing RIOT should Spread on more champions. Unless they make it fair and put it on some tanks and mages as well.
Febos (EUW)
: Technically Shaco isn't invunerable during his R; he ltierally disappears for half a second. It's not fair to pair Shaco with the others, especially not with Ekko. I hate that R with a passion. Evelynn is fine, since her R is her only escape tool; LeBlanc's R is even harder to pull of that Shaco's. Personally, I've never see anyone do it. Yasuo doesn't have invulnerability either. From all those, the worst offender is Ekko. That skill is just anti-fun. 110/90/70 seconds cooldown that can be used both offensively and defensively. Not only that but it forces the enemy to play around it by avoiding the area where Ekko was. Compare that to Zilean's R, with 120/90/60 seconds cooldown that can only be used defensively (technically you can use offensively by using it early on your target, but that's silly). I know both skills aver different, but I really dislike Ekko's. Xayah is the 2nd worst from that group, for obvious reasons. I'm fine with Kayn. *** Imo, one of the best invulnerability skills is hands down Taric's R. 2.5 seconds to activate its effect, 2.5 seconds duration and its cooldown is much higher than Ekko's.
This mechanic is never okay on any champion, it its 1 spell or 3, doesnt matter. its unhealthy. especially since only assassins have it. I never saw a tank, support or a mage even with an evasive maneuver. And why is that? Yasuo cannot be hit when he uses his Ult. in that 2 seconds, he is immune and cannot be stopped. Tarics Ult is different. it has an indicator, it doesnt just happen instantly. every other evade does. And Kayn has even 2 ways to be immune, with his ult and his ghosting, and thats just downright "what were you smoking"-material.
Febos (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Scköll,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=3tdrLI03,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-11-14T01:08:12.146+0000) > > For items, i think, the path is obvious. Away from tanks, away from AP, and towards AD. > But its clear that AP and HP items got nerfs when AD items where buffed or added. > Penetration for AP is harder to come by, when AD has far more options to take down big junks of HP and Armor. Well, let's not forget that we are still in the preseason (less than 1 week to be precise). But if anything, players are always complaining about the non-existing tank meta, so this should be a breath of fresh air. It really isn't because there was never a Tank meta to begin with, at least not in this season. What there has been is a cycle: Assassins become popular, so Tanks step up; Tanks become popular, so Hyper carries ADCs and their Supports step up; Supports+Hyper Carries become popular, so Assassins appear again. I'm sure you can squeeze a few more roles in that cycle, but that's the general idea. > [{quoted}](name=Scköll,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=3tdrLI03,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-11-14T01:08:12.146+0000) > > You might survive 5 ultimates as full tank, or live full 3 seconds in a teamfight, but I remember a time, when tanks didnt die at all. And why should they? What is that HP and Armor doing, if not ensuring your survival? Suriving longer =/= immortal. Besides, Tanks survive long enough as is, as that's why I mentioned the elusive Tank meta in the beginning. Assassins can't kill proper Tanks, nor should they be able to. > [{quoted}](name=Scköll,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=3tdrLI03,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-11-14T01:08:12.146+0000) > > Since Lethality, those mechanics are nullified. I'm amazed when someone says something like this. Lethality doesn't counter Tanks; it's actually the other way around. If Lethality is too strong, or Tanks are too weak, that's another issue (don't agree nor disagree), but saying that "Lethality nullifies those mechanis" is just silly. > [{quoted}](name=Scköll,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=3tdrLI03,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-11-14T01:08:12.146+0000) > > On the other end, the role of mages took a big hit in the Mage-Patch a while ago. > Its a fact, that AP items and mages in general were nerfed bit by bit in the last years. This is true, I'll give you that. Mages have been "suffering" (except for some fringe cases) for some time now. How will they solve it though? Buffing carry type champions, mages being one of those, is a double edge sword. It's easier to change Assassins given how volatile they're. That's one of the reasons why you don't see Assassins in pro-play. I'm not saying Mages don't need a love tap, but I'm not sure what type of love tap it should be. > [{quoted}](name=Scköll,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=3tdrLI03,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-11-14T01:08:12.146+0000) > > "But Vlad is stronger now than he ever was." > How is he stronger when he cant even hit every minion in his wave with his Tide? When he needed 2 Tides before his Deletion to clear the wave? How is he stronger now? Vladimir kept receiving changes (mostly nerfs) since the Mage Rework, because that update turned him into a monster. He was a power pick back then. That's the problem with Mages, you give them an hand and they'll take your whole body (talking about buffs here, not damage). > [{quoted}](name=Scköll,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=3tdrLI03,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-11-14T01:08:12.146+0000) > > Since every mage took either Thunderlord or Burn, they deleted both spells. Why not? What better way to nerf all mages at once? The big change is that you can have both now, even though Scorch is inferior to DFT (but Electrocute is superior to TLD). The Scorch rune needs a small buff, at least for later levels (60 damage at level 18 is nothing). > [{quoted}](name=Scköll,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=3tdrLI03,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-11-14T01:08:12.146+0000) > > "Thunderlord is still there", but now it only applies to attacks, not spells. "Electrocute: Hitting a champion with 3 separate attacks or abilities." Still works the same way buddy. > [{quoted}](name=Scköll,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=3tdrLI03,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-11-14T01:08:12.146+0000) > > None of the Presicion or Domination Runes apply to abilities Eletrocute, Predator and Lethal Tempo do.
very reasonable, i see. and yes, i made the mistake, that Eletrocute was working on abilities too. But predator and tempo are not damage runes. Giving a mage MS for exchange of taking his damage away isnt exactly fair. Sorcery Box looks like it was for mages, but its really not, at least not for the PRIME PICK. Whats really disturbing me on the runes is, that they all scale a lot better with AD than with AP, even though them champions have AD from beginning and have to buy every bit of AP themselves. I never really got how lethality worked, but i noticed, that now, without starter runes, tanks have a bad time. And what accured to me later on, was, that RIOT actually took away our freedom, our decisions. They streamlined the rune system, so new players can just make a tank page, or a pew pew page. But the option of just putting in, what your champion needed in early and late, that boost that helped you, is simply gone. I had full penetration runes. Now my mages have no penetration at all, untill I buy {{item:3151}} what doesnt happen first thing. Another proof that RIOT wants to delete the mage role from the game.
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Squallsy (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Scköll,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=3tdrLI03,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-11-14T01:08:12.146+0000) > Save your insults, reader. The game doesnt mean that much to me. When its in a spot like now, ill just not play it. Its not my life. > It simply saddens me to see the game change into a mage and tank unfriendly game, since those are my favourite roles. > And I still miss my Vladimir with the WoA in his hands. It saddens me skipped to bottom hoping for a tldr, but all i got was saying a person who wrote like 3k words saying they dont care about the game, who you trying to convince here? you obviously care about the game, dont lie to me boi!!
I do. but not enough to put up with forum insults and discussions about my person. Had that before. Dont need it.
: What about people who go to jail for a swath of petty crimes and come out worsened by inmates of a darker nature. :^) I think banning works.
what about those violation on human rights in prisons?
raslan81 (EUW)
: Why Perma-ban f*cks up the experiance for new players
Why jail %%%%s up lives of criminals :D those poor dealers and rapists, tz tz tz.
WolfChases (EUNE)
: Game is screwed to the point when I don't even know if you are right or wrong. But it's highly possible that you are right.
now thats a point of view that i can support
Megidus (EUW)
: Sick of play one of three champions or lose meta
My yorick, who should delete marksmen, was deleted by super high speed lifesteal 100% in a sec again Varus :D Varus Now thats funny. Game is just in a weird place at the moment. Back to beta.
NelsOnfiG (EUW)
: "Change is good" oh wait a minute..
No i get it. Its weird to see how the game changes towards a "younger target generation". Maybe you and me simply grew out of this game xD lets just be patient and sit out a season. Or two. I just wrote a text about how the game changes to AD and assassin paradise :D yours is somewhat similar.
rèV (EUW)
: Except the Resolve Tree is pretty overtuned at the moment and tanks still win duels against full damage champions.
ahahhahahahaha :D in what game?
Rioter Comments
: How can adc be strong at the same time as assassins? They die to assassins before they can do anything.
assassins and marksmen are not opposites. When you have twitch or vayne, they are the same as talon or rengar, only ranged. They can use the same runes, and them runes are way better than the ones for mages or tanks.
: And what champs are that?
every ad and every assassin basically. i saw adcs that healed through the damage of 2 ults and made a tripplekill in the process. I noticed a Varus Especially, that, combined with the AS boost from the rune, cut through the enemy team like a hot knife through butter
: Am I the only one who disagree with everything he says? I guess so. I will just achieve a lot of hate then, if I try to explain why I disagree.
He says a lot of nonesense. Only the first run of making a page takes time. but once you know them, you can just make pages like you made masteries before. however i feel that the balance part is right. some champions were not tested with the new runes. Those champs are now rendered immortal or just ridiculously strong. The sad part is, that those champs were strong before. But now its just Godmode.
4Ø4 (EUNE)
: The latest patch has made the game unenjoyable for me
I have to agree on the "fun" part. Not like the game was much fun before. But now the unbalanced AD-Assassin Meta is tilted even heavier towards their benefit. Sure theres runes for all kinds of champions, but the AD and AS runes are just better than the rest. Now assassins and marksmen kill tanks even faster, even though they are 2 level lower. Not like I needed more reason to not play a tanky champ, since RIOT consistently tries to put them into the worst spot of the game. Along with the mages, who now have ridiculous runes that dont benefit them. It was a AD and Assassin meta before, and now its even more obvious. Riot loves assassins. And hates Tanks and mages. So even, that they make tanks and mages into supports. But not assassins. Oh no. Not those.
: > [{quoted}](name=Scköll,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=PgmLKc25,comment-id=0011,timestamp=2017-11-11T23:08:27.688+0000) > > Guys. I have the weirdest issues with this patch. > > My runes are gone. And masteries too. > > But seriously. I cannot pick ANY of the new runes, cause NONE looks useful for my main champs. > Wheres the mages Runes? Wheres the AP boni, the burn, the stacking AP, the penetration? > I see 30 new icons. 18 are about basic attacks. The rest about HP and gold. > And I cannot leave the page empty either. > > When do we get the old system back? It is.... all there? The AP, the stacking AP, the Burn (its flat now). Theres even more for mages now. MS, extra burst, scaling CDR. Its awesome.
I dont feel it. theres no start bonus. no nice passive for my mages. The comet has too long cooldown. The pixie is unreliable. and the movement boost is a joke. I dont see any rune thats useful.
4Ø4 (EUNE)
: The latest patch has made the game unenjoyable for me
Guys. I have the weirdest issues with this patch. My runes are gone. And masteries too. But seriously. I cannot pick ANY of the new runes, cause NONE looks useful for my main champs. Wheres the mages Runes? Wheres the AP boni, the burn, the stacking AP, the penetration? I see 30 new icons. 18 are about basic attacks. The rest about HP and gold. And I cannot leave the page empty either. When do we get the old system back?
: Tanks weak. Hohohoohoho. Good laugh for beginning of the day.
Why, did they change something? Can Maokai kill a Yi now?
: > [{quoted}](name=Scköll,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=cEdK7Zui,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2017-10-05T19:44:41.399+0000) >Tanks are so weak atm. I've won 6 games in a row with tank rengar. what are you talking about?
tanky assassins = not tanks. Tanks I mean AP tanks, that go full tank and no dmg.
: Please remove the need to equip icons to do missions.
Please remove missions. I can never do them anyway.
: why can tanks cause damage? why is ezreal in the jungle? why is fiddle not viable anymore in the jungle? why are riven, darius, yasuo, fiora not nerfed yet?
Cause tanks arent tanky anymore, so they gotta do **something**. Cause he lost his map. Cause hes a mage and Riot hates mages. Cause they are high skill required champions that you need to train a long time with, so if you nerf them, the main players will lose on their winrates.
Not xPeke (EUW)
: Why are Fighters building damage better assassins than actual assassins nowadays?
Cause Assassins are riots favourite babies, and they wanna share that with all the champs they can. Lets sing a song! Hey Mage! What can you do? {{champion:1}} I can throw a fireball! And? {{champion:1}} Another fireball. Thats great! I think? Other mage, what can you do? {{champion:63}} I can throw a fireball! GODDAMMIT! Hey Blind Man! What can you do? {{champion:64}} Snipe with air, dash around, twice, shield, slow, and knock people back. Wow thats quite a lot. {{champion:157}} You aint seen nothing. Hey drunken gay looking anime steretype ronin, what can you do? {{champion:157}} Always shield, always dash. Shoot wind, shield wind, cancel all you got, Teleport, invurnability, stun. High damage and Critt. And let me guess, you two dont use mana, right? {{champion:64}} {{champion:157}} Nope {{champion:1}} GODDAMMIT! {{champion:245}} Hey guys! {{champion:1}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:64}} GETTOUT! I might be high, but that doesnt make me wrong.
: New Arclight Yorick Icon...
I knew it looked familiar. doesnt it also kinda look like the Diablo 3 icon?
: [New runes : Inspiration path] Coming soon : Fast tp ?
I think faster TP is a terrible idea, unless ofc you restrain it with range, like a TF ultimate. But why then play TF? Game doesnt need MORE pressure, it has enough, or even too much pressure as it is. Theres champs that NEVER leave top, that cant do anything about it. Imagine they have a new item everytime you see them walk outside the shadow.
: Why can NO ADC or Assassin EVER ADMIT that Duskblade is broken?
Duskblade is the new Rageblade, cause it makes people rage. Try to see it as a pure DAMAGE Item for AD, what it is. It's in the same category as Rabbadons {{item:3089}} cause it gives extra AD in a way, like the hat gives AP, but not constantly, rather so momentarily. Broken about it, I think, is only the OMEN POTION that comes with it. The most broken mechanic in the game at the moment is Lifesteal on Items. If you think about it, LS is the only thing that keeps them alive. If you want an advice from my side - dont play tank. Tanks are so weak atm. You wanna go for damage. "But I play Support..." Dont matter, dude. Get Damage Support. With {{item:3107}} somewhere in there ofc.
: Great.
So you flamed and youre proud of it?
: Simply FOR FUN! :D
But DRAFT is the same game. I dont understand it.
: {{sticker:sg-zephyr}} 100% win rate on champion ! It's a good dream. Rank 5 and 7 is easy and it's about how much you played the champ, that's for those who not taking the game serious. One day eventually everyone reaches lvl 5 rank on all champions. But we the comeptitive players are crazy, we chasing ranks like miner the diamonds. Can't live without it. The stress from ranked games dissapears with the time and all that's left is joy and goals. I needed around 900 ranked games or little less to get rid of the stress and only enjoy them.
I dont think I will ever have many, and surely not all, champs on 5. I simply dont play them all and will not play some for personal reasons. Haveing them all on 5 is a nice goal, but Ill most likely just drop that too, like i did getting a good elo, or a high winrate.
: Same. I will also never understand why everyone tells me, you need to play Ranked to fully experience League. Its not like just putting a Rank on me will suddenly improve my Gaming Fun. I honestly think it would be degreased because of the added, unneccesary Stress.
I find it very stressful myself. And as its not any difference than a DRAFT, other than the added stress, it's pretty much the same mode and game. And since the game thinks that I belong in BRONZE no matter how I play, I stopped trying to improve.
: Well some people including me, love to play games and not just games, but competitive ones. We need to achieve something and while doing it we having fun and when we achieve the set goal we feel satisfied. Competitive play in a game is what makes it good and many players join the game because there's competition in that game, so there's a chance for the player to become one of the best in this game. And no matter how bad the things can be in one match we keep going, because there will be some very funny and good games with awesome teammates that will make us happy and reach even higher ranks where this moments will be even often seen.
I see. Im not competetive at all, so I will never feel the same. You can meet good and bad people in any mode, but in RANKED the consequences are much worse. So you just feel worse than you would in a DRAFT. To me, achieving in LOL means, that you get your Champ to Rank 5 or even 7, and get a 100% winrate for him. My winrate is 30%, so Im far from it. And I dont even care. Thats just me.
Teahyun (EUW)
: Kayn is noob trap
Thats not only a kayn issue. Many players overestimate themselves when playing a new, or NEW champion. And since they saw what he can do, they think they could do the same. It also happens with Shacos, Yees, Lees, and Hecas. So Kayn just fits into the roaster now. What bothers me on Kayn though is that he has 3 spells of invurnabilty. His Dash, his Wallghosting and his Ultimate. Am I the only one here that thinks that's too much invurnabilty for one champ?
: Doran's ring! On manaless champions...
I know its weird cause you spend gold for something you dont even need, even if its only a little. But so far theres no mage item for mages that dont have mana, since WILL OF ANCIENTS was deleted. You COULD start with a book, but you get less health and less poitions for it. So {{item:1056}} is probably the best starting item of all, no matter the lane.
: Is it about time Yasuo and Riven stopped being "Edgy"
I think youre overreacting, but I get where youre coming from. I never understand how RIOT makes some champs go oom after 5 Spells and others may just stay in lane forever, with even lower CDs than the spells that cost mana. It makes no sense. Katarina e.g. has a spell, that she can spam every 10 seconds, doesnt cost her anything, does 100 dmg. When on the other end Lux spend 100 mana (from her 800) to do 80 damage every 15 seconds. In my eyes Yasuo and Riven are some of those champs that need a complete rework to fit into the healthy gameplay of others. At the moment they are just made to stand above everyone else. They are supposed to have this squishy-being weakness, but thats just a fraud, cause they have shields, stuns and dashes, and arent squishy at all. If Yasuo had no critt and no shield, and Riven had delays on her spells, like newer champs have (like 1s indicator for her stun and a path field for her ult), then they would be a lot fairer already. If RIOT then go through with their balancing and got rid of every Lifesteal Item, then the game would be fair. Tanks would be tanky and squishies would be squishy, ADC would die from a mage as they were meant to be and not heal themselfs into immortality with 2500 critt healing. Theres only so much a champion can do. If he has high HP and resistance, hes slow. If he has range, he is slow, and probably low HP. If he has low HP, he probably does high damage. But if you have a concept of a fighter, with infinite dashing, every time shield, blocking, stun, stunning ultimate that does 2000 dmg, passive damage, and on top of it all, no cost whatsoever - it just sounds insane and like it was made by some crazy child that has no friends. Even if I could play them well, I would not play them at all. Cause they dont appeal to me. I learned to hate those champs and nothing will change that.
: Let's Talk About Bonus Mana (a midgame issue)
I always thought it was stupid how mainly mages have mana issues, when other classes are fine with it, even to the degree, that mages get a whole spell dedicated to mana recovery, likely to Xeraths Mana Passive. In my eyes its only a lost spell, that could be avoided wasting. Other mages or classes are fine without mana passive, some champs that SHOULD have mana dont even use it. Instead they get a shield, use health or just nothing at all. I will never understand how RIOT decides, who gets to have mana issues and who doesnt (they probably dont get mana, if they are assassins / and most likely get it, if they are mages or tanks). I personally refuse to play mages that have mana passives {{champion:127}} {{champion:50}} {{champion:101}} that are not implemented into other spells passives, like on {{champion:161}} {{champion:30}} . And since theres no mage that doesnt use mana, I really think RIOT should make one. There was {{champion:8}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:85}} once, but after their serious deconstructional reworks and the shift of lanes, theres just nothing to compare to their old roles. Kennen might do AP, but doesnt have to, and since he has no AOE or Stun, other than his Ultimate, he doesnt fit the role of a mage that well, I think. Anyway, I think youre right. Mana and Mana Items are a huge deal and a problem to be solved. Im open to what RIOT has planned for us. And Im looking forward to {{champion:50}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:30}} {{champion:34}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:268}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:163}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:101}} {{champion:45}} reworks in the future.
: How correct do you find this statement (tank gameplay)
If I go TF as Tank, I always die. Even if my team all lives.
: Thank you RIOT
I will never understand why people even play ranked.
STGorpax (EUW)
: Ultimate skin Jax
But jax has no effects. You want him to glow in different colours?
Lavenora (EUW)
: Lee and Katarina sitting in a tree...
Two cancer champs having cancer together, dying of cancer together. But seriously now, I dont see any tree. I see (Lee doesnt), that you have copics, and you dont wanna waste them on leaves. I get that. Your shading is pretty good, the highlights on the hair (maybe a bit too bright), and the anatomy in general. Though, and it's really hard to find, there's an awkwardness in the painting. I think it's that Katarina is tiny to Lee. Her Arms are sticks and Lee has no breast/chest, that she can lean against. They dont feel like mass. I think higher contrast would do the trick. And as an extra advice, try to outline your final piece with a thicker masterline, so you can see clearly, where the drawing ends. It gives it a comical look, I know, you dont aim for that, but it might improve your sense for composition. All in all, I think you're doing well, but haven't many years under your belt. If you stick to it (what is always a bad idea) you will improve in the next two years or so. If you experiment more with room and shade, contrast and composition, you might do yourself a favour. And no, I'm not harsh.
Solash (EUW)
: [Fan-Art/Skin Concept] - Arclight Fiddlesticks
I think the idea of giving a darker themed champ like Fiddle an Arclight skin is pretty good, considering that all champs that got an ALS so far, were darker themed anyway. The concept itself doesnt really give much to go on though. It lacks detail and most importantly - the blue contrast - that the ALSs have. Generally though, I like it.
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Kosiarz1 (EUW)
: I still think delay isn't needed but if they add it and give something for these older champs to compensate, please don't cry that if you get caught over 70% of your hp goes down with one skill or your are getting cclocked for so long that playing is essentially watching a movie in which your champ gets murdered............. All those abilities have counterplay, it's just different than for delayed abilities/skillshots. And yes, your reaction does matter every time,maybe less for targeted/instant stuff but it still does. If you turn all abilites into skillshots or give them delays whole game will be about one ability:dodging skillshots.Those undelayed abilites force you to think what your opponent will do next or something.Game will get so boring when everything will be a skillshot..........
but I heard, that is whats gonna happen, Someday, all spells are skillshots, no more targetlocks. Every rework so far had spellchanges from whatever they were into skillshots of one sort or another. Once WW is reworked, im pretty sure his Ult becomes some kind of SS too. "Boring" is rly in the eye of the beholder, though I get what you mean. You know the game as it was/is, and changes can make it worse for you. Well see how it turns out. I for one dont like target abilities and instant casting. I mean, even Darius got his Q stolen, and got an indicator now. Thats the way, that all is gonna take. Even Riven at some point. I thank you for your comments and time. The discussion was delightful.
RocketRo11 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Scköll,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=9d12mMma,comment-id=0008,timestamp=2016-07-09T23:23:04.468+0000) > > {{champion:161}} Wipe out whole team in 2 seconds > {{item:3165}} {{item:3027}} {{item:3089}} > {{item:3020}} {{item:3151}} {{item:3135}} > Even tanks melt like butter **EDIT:** 0,83 sec in such build. {{champion:161}} + {{item:3165}} {{item:3089}} {{item:3135}} {{item:3040}} {{item:3285}} {{item:3027}} Also f~k boots. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
I like a little HP on him, so hes not a oneshot. without items he only got 1500 hp on 18.
Kosiarz1 (EUW)
: {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} I didn't say you have to back or go to turret any time you see them. Well kata can't take down 90% of your hp in 0,8s unless she's fed............... She also needs to get close and before 6 she has 0 kill potential unless you go afk in middle of the lane.That's your place to shut her down. You shouldn't fight panth early game unless playing some other early game powerhouse or he fights you in your minions.ln this case you should be able to beat him if he didn't bring you too low beforehand.Also your chances to beat him increase drastically after 6 as he has no ultimate in 1v1.So just avoid getting under 40% hp and you should be ok.His stun is his only mobility and it isn't a teleport so you can try to get better position to fight him during his jump. As for riven if you are moving back when she tries to close distance you're forcing her to use more dashes so even if she gets to you she can't stick so well or escape when things start to get bad for her.If you force her to waste entire Q **she can't fight you at all** (her dmg drops heavily,one cc down already) unless you mess up so bad that your defeat is well deserved. **Those old champs don't need delays or indicators,they're easily predictable for the most part.** The only thing i see in your first post is rant how is it possible that you can't facetank everything they want to hit you with and live through it like mundo with a freaking MAGE.You're probably so slow that a snail could make a trip around the world before you moved and that's problem with you, not champions . Would you like a big flashing sign:" I'm gonna ult you after 20s,be ready", or what, Mr.Everyone-who-thinks-otherwise-is-ignorant?
Those champs were just examples, you didnt have to explain the game to me. my point is, that, despite the varying types of champions, there is the ones with, and the older ones without delay. And I say, that this is not planned or wanted by Riot, it just happened to accure due to new, player friendly and fair new gameplay mechanics, that didnt apply yet on older kits. You say they dont need it - but they do. you say they arent strong, if you dont face them - well, they are. I have no control over my team, if they feed or not. Hence, telling me not to feed, is not counterplay. You will see, that in the futute, more and more spells of older champs will be reworked to make them more fair and outplayable, give targetabilities skillshots instead and make indicators on stuns (like new Taric rework) - and then you will remember your words and feel pretty stupid about it. My reaction doesnt matter, if a spell is targeted and I cant dodge anyway, or it is instant and over before it even happend on my screen. Im not a challenger, but I know one thing - you didnt had to be a d1ck, and even though, you chose to be one.
Scrinnid (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Scköll,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=TbQJIWoO,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2016-07-09T18:34:39.839+0000) > > Agony for Riven and Katarina players sounds fine to me. But I get your point. riven spells are not instant. they have a pretty big delay without animation canceling. and tbh,, most of new champions can do that as well. Key to daliyah for example is q-e animation cancel to mask the w.
Aptest (EUW)
: your suggestion is not feasible. at the end of the day champions are divided to champions who are supposed to have warning indicators and delays and are supposed to be outplayed to some extent, and champions who are supposed to do the outplaying, which need fast, responsive skills with no delay in order to use them as an outplaying mechanic. example, tristana versus vayne. tristana has a long range jump. the jump has a channel time and because of that an enemy support can disrupt her jump. tristana needs to be proactive or she gets to be potentially outplayed by the opposing support. on the other hand, trisana cannot respond to a blitz hook or a thresh hook by jumping, because of the delay. thresh cannot be outplayed by tristana's jump despite his wind-up animation, due to her cast delay. the relationship is one sided - tristana is outplayed and the enemy support does the outplaying. Vayne on the other hand is the other way around. especially with ult working, her instant reposition allows her to outplay skill-shots, whereas shooting into her while tumbling requires prediction of when she intends to tumble, rather than reaction to the tumble animation. vayne outplayes blitz, whereas blitz is outplayed by vayne. TL;DR: if you want characters to do outplaying, they need to have fast responsive skills. If you want them to be outplayed, they need to have slow, telegraphed skills. The two ideas do not combine well.
but if those dont combine, how can one call it a fair mechanic?
: > [{quoted}](name=Scköll,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=Mx6zE5Ol,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2016-07-09T23:18:06.854+0000) > > you dont actually have to play LoL if you dont want to or feel like it, you actually dont have to play any game at all. What you have is an addiction, and I recommend a break. Watch a few streams and shows for a week or two, without checking news or bonus win of the game. > > I totally agree, the matchmaking and queue of the game is really the worst part of it, but afks and trolls you got in every multiplayer game, because humans are just worth hating for. Im pretty sure you grew up with the internet, but imagine you hadnt. Maybe an internetbreak from time to time can calm you down as well. Try to do something creative, read a book, learn to write stories on your own, take long hikes or, god forbit, have a decent conversation with a family member. > > The world doesnt exist because of games, its not made of games. Games are just a medium of consumption, entertainment to stall your brain and prevent it from thinking too hard. The flashy colours, exiting sounds and adrenalin rush you have in a game very much effect your brain like drugs, and thats why you want more of it. > > You can break the cycle, if you have a strong will. Or you could grow up, and stop being a baby about a game. Im guessing you drink water everyday, it doesnt mean you are addicted. Ive had like 3 league games in the last month im not addicted and at least in the other games i dont have to wait 30 minutes. And why are you assuming i dont do those things just because i like video games? and video games are the main way i connect with my friends when we have no money because we live in different towns and we have to drive to hang out so we usually play video games at night
it sounds a lot like excuses. you dont have to explain your life to me so I may fix it. Learn to recognize the problems of your life and try to think of solutions to your way to happiness. Everything changes, life is made of changes, nothing you know and nothing you grew up with will stay as it was. You will have to deal with that. I got a wardrope full of old games that I can probably never play again, because they dont run on new OSs. Games can be fun for a while, but when they change you can lose that fun, then its your decision to walk away or stick to it. You dont have fun playing, then dont play. You dont like that fact, cry a little, maybe it helps. Game industry doesnt do patches for you, so you can have fun. Youre not special, youre not going down in history, youre unimportant to the most people on this (and surely on other) planet(s). It sounds mean, I dont mean to sound mean, but thats just your problem. People in this forum can not fix you lack of fun. Fun is, what YOU do, and not, what others think. Do it, or leave it. (also, that you made "drinking water to survive" the same as "playing League of Legends" is really not your brightest move.)
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