Sco0oby (EUW)
: Twisted Treeline Mastery Grading
*bump* - so nobody cares? guess TT is going to follow DOM soon then :(
yoshi2790 (EUW)
: Nobody even know if CS is counted towards your grade. we guess it. No one know the recipe, which is good. So you can't say cs is hard for junglers. You don't know the recipe.
If you compare grades and all the corresponding "endgamescreen" data, you can (without guessing) find out a close to accurate recipe, it wont take long until sites like lolking will have enough data to be very precise. Also saying CS is hard for junglers has nothing to do with the "Recipe", its a simple plain fact.
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yoniame (EUNE)
: though i don't know his current state, try looking around in bug reports, and you can re-check whether it really hit by using dfg (it indicates spell hits proccing it by glowing foggy dark red in target direction)
I did try that and the mastery did not apply, ill check out the bug report section.
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Unintended (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Sco0oby,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=7uZ1jYfH,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2016-04-06T15:42:09.350+0000) > > they did? I havent heard/read anything like that i remember something like this being mentioned back when hextech crafting wasn't on live servers yet, i bet that's not top priority, but it should happen some time this year
dont get my hopes up xD anyway the patchnotes wouldve been the appropriate place to note that, right next to the "all queues give keys now"...
Unintended (EUNE)
: didn't riot mentioned that they will make it possible to get chests in aram and tt at some point later?
they did? I havent heard/read anything like that
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Kollery (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Enjutsu,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=25VViA5M,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2016-03-09T05:51:23.927+0000) > > Looks like my kind of champion, but there is one thing that's very confusing for me, it doesnt look like he has alot of burst damage, Riot did say he's a dps champ, but still weird. Play syndra 100 games and you might realize where aurelion's dps might come from.
agreed, his burst isnt insane but the dps of passive coupled with his cc is pretty awesome
Sco0oby (EUW)
: So who else is drooling over Ao Shin in his new costume?
seems like nobody likes the poor guy, i think hes awesome, cant wait!
PedoBarry (EUW)
: Please sign me up to PBE
im signed up too, i wonder if i get a bonus for being closed beta tester :P
Bazzo (EUW)
: I'm not one to usually judge off of first sight but...
i disagree so much i dont find the words.
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Fakeyyyy (EUW)
: My League of Legends wanted list for actual content
I like nr 4, for nr 5 i would mainly want them to remove flash, or rework it somehow so it bugs less and isnt countered by itself. some twisted treeline updates would be awesome (we dont even have duskblade), its been a handful of patches since anything tt related was patched.
: New Map : Mount Targon
aside from a background for aurelion sol lore, the recent teasers with mount targon in it, could suggest that something like that is coming :o i dont think so tho
J4rvan lV (EUW)
: Quickcast and Selfcast - control settings
Ive been fine with using alt+r for selfulting, if you get used to that your cursor wont ever be ontop of yourself anymore. works for me at least.
jamiejoeb (EUW)
: Riot Twisted Treeline EveryThing You Need To Fix
: Will 3v3 have the same fate as Dominion?
im kinda afraid of this, all depends on how much TT is played in the next few months i would presume
: Mastery experience in Twisted Treeline
: Play again
yeah this issue is pretty old now, was kinda funny the first time i ended up in custom game lobby after trying to play another aram, but now its just annoying. fix plx.
mystipisti (EUNE)
: What do you think they will replace Dominion/Crystal Scar with?
I agree with the others here, probably nothing. wish it were different :(
TigerFist (EUW)
: Runes Limit
ha funfacts - didnt even know there was a limit :D srsly tho if you play vs lowlvl guys, just dont use runes at all.
Sco0oby (EUW)
: The playerbase is probably considerably larger than dom is, but it does still suffer from all the problems they mentioned in their explanation for doms retirement.
Lets just hope that with dom off their minds TT will be more on their minds :>
: @Riot RIP: All Random All Bot
I dont really see the difference between your ARAB and ARAM (aside from using the point system of dom)
Sefi (EUNE)
: What i would like to happen is Riot introducing a new PERMANENT map and mode, and i mean a brad new one, as compensation for the loss of dominion. It would be great if it was another capture-point based mode, as in all games those are my favored modes. What i think will happen is riot will just say "fuck it, play summoner's rift" and can every other mod and map except SR and have the others be "cyclical", so you might play them once a year if you're lucky.
Exactly my point... League has evolved to the elitist game guinsoo never wanted it to be, to the point he quit/got moved. (I wonder what hes working on now) anyway, expect the worse and dream of the best i guess xD
: Maybe they should add something like King of the hill,the map could be similar to dominion were there is one thing in the center which everbody is trying to get but its surrounded by nothing but jungel.
that would be "Ascension" been waiting for it too come back for a while now :(
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Probably not, TT has it's own ranked.
The playerbase is probably considerably larger than dom is, but it does still suffer from all the problems they mentioned in their explanation for doms retirement.
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: > [{quoted}](name=Sco0oby,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=bWWR6edm,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-02-06T05:37:42.311+0000) > > 1; Passive What you don't seem to take into consideration is that Aatrox is a melee ADC kinda thing and Anivia is a burst mage, whereas Zac is a health scaling tank. As soon as Aatrox pops out of his immunity he can get bursted down in an instant, and Zac's blobs are stronger than Eggnivia simply because Zac is more tanky in general (and the blobs scale with health). Not only are Zac's blobs about as difficult to take down as Eggnivia is, but if Zac does revive it'll take a bit more trouble taking him down compared to Aatrox or Anivia. To add to this Zac has two passives, in that the blobs he spawns after using an ability are also part of his passive as well. As someone who's favourite champion is Anivia, I'm a bit jealous of that. :D Do like the blobs interactions with Smite and Teleport as well. > [{quoted}](name=Sco0oby,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=bWWR6edm,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-02-06T05:37:42.311+0000) > 2; Q - Stretching Strike > > or it could automatically collect any blobs in its range. This would actually be a pretty cool thing that wouldn't push him over the edge again like he was shortly after release. Though it would decrease the counterplay to pretty much the only way of beating Zac in lane... so I'm not entirely sure yet.
As i mentioned in another post I play Zac as a burst mage, not a tank, so for me im quite burstable like aatrox. I did mention the secondary part of his passive in my main post aswell. Also the laning Zac i know little of, so i couldnt tell that Q was so strong in lane, others have pointed this out too. I guess all in all the conclusion of this Thread is that Zac is perfectly balanced and shouldnt be touched :D
RibenaTea (EUNE)
: Tbh, you can save Zac's passive with TP :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDD You can't save Attrox or Anivia like that haha
you got a point there... :P (actually anivia can save herself with tp when casting it before she gets popped)
: The base damage of Q is actually damn high at the Toplane. Sunfire + SV + Liandry + Undying Keystone and he is almost impossible to outsustain. Can even shrug off Ignites at low HP.
well when maxing Q you will have max 2 items once thats done, while non of the 2 buff your q in anyway. i dont see why you would put 3 there. anyway i guess i do agree if what you guys say is right.
: The Q is actually a decent skill to max early... Very good poke if you are going top lane zac. The only issue with it is that it's not as important to max in most cases as E is needed to gank and W is needed for team fights plus synergies with his ult. So it's fine how it is, a good skill and strong when maxed but a lower priority than his other spells in most cases
Well i mostly play ap/jngl zac and i only play TT, so i have no idea of lane zac. But as you said, even tho there is a small incentive in laning, you wouldnt actually do it. Even for ap zac maxing W second is way better cuz its dmg is higher even on squishy targets, also its mostly about the burst. Maybe nerf the ap ratio and up the base dmg?
: 1. the passive could scale up to eventually reach the 20% per blob, to not make him op in the early game 2. i thought about combining your ideas, using q on a blob makes you dash to the blob, but i dont know just doesnt fit him. however allowing zac to pick up blobs with his q would make for some interresting play potential. but it would be hit the blob with a q makes you collect it, not automatically collect evry blob around him with a q zac isnt op, but he also isnt weak, so one must tread carefully when trying to buff a champ like that
1. sounds good, id rly like to see a cd red as well tho, wouldnt even need to be much^^ 2. dashing to blobs... ye that doesnt sound very fitting and i didnt mean to pick up every blob around him, just the ones in Q hitbox, while maybe upping the max blob collect count per skill lvl. I agree, but he does lack the oohmp to be a competitive pick.
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: 3 bans arent enough
By now i agree on that, there should be a 4th ban per team added to all draft modes, as the champion pool grows the % champs that can be banned decreases alot over a year. imo if they keep going the way they are they are gonna ruin the game anyway so why not add 1 ban slot every 2 years lol...
: Why does Riot seem to prefer AD over AP
they already anounced an ap/mage patch (like the one for adc back when quinn, kogma, graves etc got changed) for mid year, looking forward to it aswell!
SNvégé (EUW)
: maybe wasn't clear in each Q u have a matchmaking value so even when a player is diamond he cans tag against bronze in a non ranked Q or team Q also twisted threeline like it isn't very much played give worse estimation of one player level so matchmaking in tt are less balanced
So it comes down to lack of playerbase in your opinion, i thought so, sad :(
SNvégé (EUW)
: each Q u have have a specific matcmaking value for one player ( TT Ranked team TT normal Summomer Rift RAnked DRaft Summomer rift draft normal Summomer ri%%% ranked team Dominion Aram ... ) also twisted threeline isn't the most played Q so some player like they don't play often in this Q don't have the good matchmaking rank in TT
Are you sure about this? Ive always had the feeling mmr carries over between queues. I am 100% sure ranked queues are not based on mmr, so thats that. your last comment would suggest those players not be matchmade with me, but they are^^
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Sabbath (EUNE)
: Fix the frame rate at 3v3 map!
Got the same problem, but as others stated, i think its our hardware (i dont play SR at all tho, so i have no comparable data here)
: Twisted treeline & Dominion meta?
The meta largely differs in elo ranges, gotta learn by doing :P
: Why no showdown last/this year?
There were some biased statistics shown last time this came up that "proved" what GPet said. I personally miss Showdown too :(
: What do you think about a 3v3 ranked solo q ?
Also Players with lower performance machines can play here easier
: Get rid of AP
My Suggestion would go this way: Buff all base and growth stats by 100%, nerf all item stats by 50%. Now thats a skill game, not a farmgame! :> ofc you have to rebalance the game after changes like these, so they are just to impactful too actually be realistic ;) Also the reason why league isnt what i said above is: they wanted to attract DotA players, were scared that too much innovation would make the game fail. I witnessed this in closed beta and ive been crying ever since ;(
Fex0 (EUW)
: I think you don't understand. {{item:3285}} procs at the first magic damage you deal when it's up. That means DoTs, AoEs or on-hit effects trigger it as well. So although {{champion:81}} 's Q deals Mixed damage it procs because the damage you dealt is, in part, magic damage.
This is wrong, Ludens doesnt proc on Ez's Q, because it is considered an autoattack. the new ap enchant wil make it proc because its just aoe magic damage.
Emillie (EUW)
: Does anyone even play TT
Yeah they messed it up, hope they gonna give it some more attention soon! (and think it throught this time)
niktoss (EUNE)
: 3vs3 combos
if you google you will find tier lists. if you have a good yasuo with cho and wu you stand no chance of losing
: The problem was that top lane had a high threat level, with a jungle on either side. It left ganks available from everybody, with very little warning. Bot, in comparison, only really had to worry about top lane roam, and mid jungle ganks. Top jungle could come down, but they would lose a lot, from a failed gank, since they had to roam through jungle, lane, jungle, just to get there. Also, top lane had complete control of top jungle, plus contested control of mid jungle, but there was no bot jungle, to balance it out.
I agree the first version of TT with a bot jungle wouldve been the best, in my fantasy at least, i still liked TT as it was though. Just the newest patch is meh. The Idea of a 6v6 map is nice, but it should be a different project imo.
Honux (EUW)
: Magma Chamber
there will be endless yes votes, but its never gonna happen, just look at TT. They dont do what players want ;)
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