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: Why do I keep getting players who feed a lot in my ranked teams? How can I carry better? [No names]
Well, I managed to get out of iron caring people who didn't play too well, so I guess I can help. My advice, being that you are a toplaner like me, is to take champions who can win you the line, rather than carrea in late, because many times you do not reach the late xD. I managed to get out of iron thanks to Teemo because I was good at it and I won the straight line. Going back to the point it was before, if you win your line, even if you are not fed, you can race, start defending the towers, and in general to give vision. many times if your team is beaten, they will lose concentration and desire to play, so they will lose desire to put wards, so it is important to give them morals, give away kills, if you came out moderately well of your line, for example, a 2/1 teemo / 1 with 150 creeps, you can perfectly give some kill than another to the adc, so that it can finally be useful to the team. As a last tip, you should have in your mind that you are not Chuck Norris, you may have won your line, but not the game. don't be a rambo, and start fights with numerical advantage, get dragons ... never a game is lost
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