: A poem, written after waking up.
MrOszu (EUNE)
: League freezed in the middle of ranked
Barski (EUW)
: [Request] New support champion.
Sorry, too busy making skins.
Hansiman (EUW)
: I honestly have no idea what you're trying to say here. OP wants to be able to use his account to view skins when he's permabanned. That's not the same as a person that's not permabanned wanting to view their skins, because they can still access them.
Dude... it's the same shit as being able to look back of a picture you took. What's the point? You can never go back in time so why look at the picture? Well- it's just nice to be able to remember all the good times and your achievements. Having a framed photo of your daughters graduation and looking at it and being proud is basically the same thing as what OP wants to do. He wants to be able to look back to see that all the time he spent in this shitty game was worth it and he actually built up that account and got all those skins.
ekorkmz (EUW)
: Hi everyone! I've coded midorfeed.net and I would like to hear your thoughts.
The most played champions are pretty wrong. "Udyr, Rengar, Darius" I main Udyr so that one is right and I have been playing Darius a little bit but he isn't even close to my top player champs and Rengar.... Last time I played Rengar was like 3 weeks ago.
Hansiman (EUW)
: I honestly don't see why that matters. Logging in just to view skins you don't own, and can't use?
Well then just remove the skins tab, right? Why would you want to see your skins if you aren't about to go in a game and use the skin you wanted to see. Oh.. what's that? You was about to go in to a match and use the skin? Then why is the skins tab there?
: Err... if you stuck in the same rank with them, it means you play your "mastered" champions as well as they play new champions. {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
pheanomey (EUNE)
: I main mid only so for example if im autofilled jungle i have to go jg with my mid champs? Cuz i dont have any mastery on jungle champs so that doesn’t sound good to me
Well you at least should have a level 3 mastery level on that champ.
Vytautis (EUNE)
: Riot Games Advertising League on Youtube Be like:
Weelah (EUNE)
: Last thing we need is more one tricks and troll picks because "Sry im /campion/ main only need that skin" so no thank you. You want skin buy it! Not for sale anymore? Get over it!
nobody will play a champ for like 900 games to get 1 mil mastery points for a skin for a champ they dont play, get real
CJXander (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Sir Prepuzius,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=4IqbVa0t,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-10-04T07:33:27.412+0000) > > sure, community is toxic, but you don't come off exactly as a perfectly nice guy, it's almost like you're asking for it > > for instance > -can i adc ? > you: can you please respect your roles? > > that's was a pretty %%%%ey response tbh :) > > or > -can i mid ? > you: no you can't > > even there, you could have just said "no sorry", that response come off as arrogant If you take a direct answer as being offensive then it's not my problem, sugar coating my reply towards someone that wants something from me is not a part of my daily life catalogue. What is so pretty %%%%ey about "can you please respect your roles" ? That's legitly a polite answer, if someone is bumping your chair in the train isn't it " can you please stop that" an adequate answer? or do you proceed with your typical habit and tell him "can you cut the %%%% it off"? Don't tell me you're basically saying " Oh, i'm so sorry, but i really cannot do this for this game, i've waited a lot of matches to fill this specific role, my apologies "? Kek, is that really what you expect from someone you're asking things from? You guys have a lot of pretty %%%%ing much double standards.
%%%%% if you don't wanna sugarcoat your answer and you just wanna be blunt and say "no you cant" dont be surprised when ppl take offense and if it bothers you mute them.
: You didn't. And any champion can push the wave back. The items like protobelt and tiamat allows for some decent waveclear. For more expesnive and effective ap item there is also ludens. As a midlaner you always have some sort of aoe ability. So all you have to do is weaken the minions before using your aoe on them.
Yeah, %%%% it. Buy a tiamat on quinn. Or better yet- Buy a protobelt!
Zardsman (EUW)
: am i supposed to leave 2 waves under my tower, walk past the enemy laner, hope he doesn't touch me on the way and ward?
If you're on blue side, walk behind to the tribush and ward over the wall to the river bush. I always put a control ward in the tribush since it's most likely gonna stay there all game.
: Ok so you are talking about the level 1 situation. Just so you know, everyone has equal value with their calls. Your role has nothing to do with the first invade. Now if this was in the middle of the game then maybe but not at level 1. Being a jungler has nothing to do with it. Support is usually the one who makes the call for the invade at level 1 because they are the one with the cc for it.
You're pretty wrong. The goal of an invade is to get a pick and steal the enemy buff. This all affects the jungler more than anyone.
: CHAMPION CONCEPT: Solen - The Warrior Spirit
His ult is has a nice concept and the lore is very interesting. I instantly imagined Garen, except with a dark grey/purple theme, kinda like God King Darius, except with a magical purple smoke or aura around him. Once I read the passive, I thought "Meh, nothing too interesting." and as I kept reading, the Q, and E felt way too much like Lb for the great Demacian warrior you said he was. Another thing is his W. What even is it for? Sounds very unique... in a bad way imo. In the end, there's no real synergy between all the abilities. How would a combo play out? What about a trade? What are the ranges of the abilities? Are they skillshots? You gotta think of this stuff. Conclusion: I really like the demented Demacian solider character and I also really like his ult, although I feel like that would be pretty OP since basically, it's kinda like how a Tryndamere runs in and tries to kill the ADC while being unkillable in teamfights, except Solen won't even be able to be CCd since he can only be affected by the Nemesis. Work on the Q,W and E synergy mostly.
BooM2003 (EUNE)
: Nasus overall
Simply pick a champ that bullies him like Renekton, Darius or ANY range champ and gratz. You win.
subid (EUW)
: Hello
All these people asking what he needs help with... **Clearly**, he has just had a stroke.
SeekerK (EUNE)
: Hello TheMightyLamp Does Alt + Tab give you the same error?
Yeah, it does. I'm guessing you don't use fullscreen mode.
brko44 (EUNE)
: Psychological warfare
You seriously, unironically just called someone a psychopath because they said "%%%" online........ Grow a thicker skin or /mute all.
Rioter Comments
Maveli (EUW)
: Slightly magical boots removing inventory item.
This is the games way of punishing you for playing cancer braindead champs like Malz.
: Twisted Fate, quality of life change
Right now, his W cooldown at rank 5 with max CDR is 2.7 sec. At rank 5 the stun lasts 2 sec.... 2.7 + 0.25 sec cast time that you mentioned would mean that he would be able to stun you for 2 seconds, every 2.95 seconds. How do people come up with this shit??? {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
radetari (EUNE)
: Some rhymes for yall!
This is modern art done right.
: Tired of flamming teammates?
Who cares if they flame?? Stop being sensitive, immature and drama seeking and just mute them. You realize that you are one of them too btw, right? If they flame, and you flame back, it doesn't matter who started it. You both flamed. You got 2 warnings and another ban. Take a hint already.
Rioter Comments
984 (EUW)
: Looking for a jungler to duo with!!! iam midlaner (silver elo)
Plat seems a bit too optimistic imo but add me anyways... ScrawnyScarecrow
: So you lost once against a team that had Rengar and Veigar. They clearly need a nerf now LUL Besides, you were playing Pyke. Veigar's cage, that is usually maxed either last or 2nd to last, shouldn't be an issue to you.
Yes, it may not be an issue to me personally on one game where I played a mobile champion, but that doesn't make him any less OP when it comes to my team. I've been on a 17 game winstreak on Veigar by the way with just 1 loss in between. Doesn't that say anything`coming from the one complaining aobut the champ?
Poramies (EUW)
: I agree the Rengar jump should be flashable like almost any other jump ability in the game. But man you play Kata and Fizz and think Veigar is a problem? Couldn't really pick anything better against him, he is far from OP and needs like 25 mins to oneshot delete people and that might not happen if an early roamer assassin mid has won the game for the other team before that. Check banrates for a rough reference. Did you by any chance misspell Yasuo or Zed? AD assassins are what's stupidly op atm.
Yeah, that could be counterplay.... by the way, I don't play kata and fizz :P I just decided at some point to first time champs in ranked and it kept working. Either way, Veigar is a problem because he can just farm with Q under tower and only last hit without leaving absolutely any windows for assassins to do anthing to him. And imo Yasuo has counterplay. His nados are easily jukable in my rank (hovering between silver 2 and silver 1) and most champs like Garen, Darius, Jax and all those %%%%%%%%%%%%s can kill him. Zed? Zed is pretty OP but there's a lot of champions that can outplay him. I think it just takes practice and experience to learn how to play against him. Examples of counterplay for Zed: Yasuo W & E, Kata E to anything away from his shadows, Irelia W & Q, Stopwatch/Zhonyas, Fizz E, Vlad pool.
AsherUA (EUW)
: Rengar isn't as broken as you say at all. And the only problem with veigar is his ult. Riot really should reconsider those numbers since even 0/10 veigar can kill you with only one point click ability when you're at 40-45% hp.
I played Rengar a lot. I know how broken he is. I would go with Predator, Duskblade, Stormrazor when it came out, Dead Mans, Yoummus and Veil of whatever and I would 1 shot everything. Yes, he is as broken as I say. Veigar at this point is far too simple. His W does AOE damage and his Q is a lux root without the root. His e makes some walls and if you step on the walls youre stunned and his ult is too simple to describe
Rioter Comments
Tarolock (EUNE)
: riot is a company, and they can do anything they want, they can make any rules they want, joining its community means you agree and follow THEIR rules, and if their rule is that flaming is punishable then you can do whatever you want it will be still punishable... >Trivial things such as flaming could effortlessly be avoided without actually causing any type of inconvenience to the "victim" ( AKA the person being flamed ). you dont know that, anything can affect anyone... im pretty sure you heard of bullies, they are the real life flamers >And last but not least... Get off Riot's %%%% and face the real problems here. Store and loot are down. this is how any "mature" person reacts to things s/he have no idea how it works
> Trivial things such as flaming could effortlessly be avoided without actually causing any type of inconvenience to the "victim" ( AKA the person being flamed ). > you dont know that, anything can affect anyone... im pretty sure you heard of bullies, they are the real life flamers What are you talking about? It's not my opinion. It's a fact. Pressing tab and then left mouse button is not an inconvenience to anyone. > And last but not least... Get off Riot's %%%% and face the real problems here. Store and loot are down. > this is how any "mature" person reacts to things s/he have no idea how it works I've no idea how WHAT works? I'm not commenting on anything to do with Riot. I'm talking to _you_, about what _you_ said. You compared gun violence and flaming for gods sake. To me, it seems like you're just typing random replies and quoting random points I made about how bad your metaphor was. You said "anything can affect anyone". What the %%%%? Are you actually, seriously, unironically implying that muting someone could be as big of an inconvenience to someone as a bully? {{sticker:sg-ezreal}}
: It's not true because someone will have to report you for "negative attitude" for giving up because you wrote "I'm done" and then other reports must be close to this attitude. Otherwise the system won't get you because you won't be marked as afk if you waited for 30G.
Ah, so it's like a 1/50 chance that you'll get banned if this scenario was to happen in your next game.
Rioter Comments
: Looking for somebody to level up with.
Well... I _would_ level up with you but there's only room for one Fiddlesticks on my account.
Tarolock (EUNE)
: in real life where we have bulletproof stuff, punishing gun violence should not be a thing... but almost everyone agreed it should be punished because noone wears bulletproof vests all the time just like EVERY SINGLE player agreed that flaming should be punished, so they are punishing it with bans
You're an idiot and your metaphor is moronic. I'll explain why. 1. Wearing a bulletproof vest **literally** makes you feel uncomfortable and it would be an invoncenienve to most people ( the shit's heavy ). Furthermore, I seriously doubt baby size bulletproofvests are being manufactured. Muting someone does not cause an invoncenience to anyone. 2. Wearing a bulletproof vest requires you to actually have one. What does getting onerequire? _Time_ and _money_. Muting someone requires the press of 2 buttons ( counted myself ). 3. Wearing a bulletproof vest doesn't guarantee you to not die if you get shot. Muting someone guarantees you don't hear from them for the rest of the game. 4. Gun violence is a way more serious _thing_ and it warrants some type of punishment. Trivial _things_ such as flaming could effortlessly be avoided without actually causing any type of inconvenience to the "victim" ( AKA the person being flamed ). 5. And last but not least... Get off Riot's %%%% and face the real problems here. Store and loot are down. {{sticker:sg-ezreal}}
Mc Truck (EUW)
: Not punishable. Can change any time soon. Keep in mind that if someone reports you for f-bombs, but system catches different negative behaviour in the same game("gotta wait for 30 gold"=>"I'm done"), the game will get flagged and you are royally %%%%ed.
Wait... is that true? How do you know that? That's absolutely ridiculous.......
: > [{quoted}](name=ScrawnyScarecrow,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=kyXMFn0U,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-09-13T11:27:29.047+0000) > > You don't get the Ziggs skin if you do all the hard quests on the hardest mode and shit. > > > > > You just get the border. I guess he meant the skin shard, You can get odyssey ziggs shard.
Yeah, but I remembered wrong anyways. That was my bad.
: yep. i picked it and got the battle boss skins :)
: Which Event Bag is the best? - Odysee Gemstone
The birdie one has the highest risk-highest reward drops I think.
Cypherous (EUW)
: > This year though it's different and completely poorly implemented. So, when you're not getting punished it works fine, but when you're punished its broken, you do realise that its supposed to be a punishment right? sounds like its working perfectly to me, also, last season when it was added, the honour gains were massively accelerated due to the system being added near the end of the season, those were not the standard gains and they did make this clear when they added it > Until today i ONLY reached honor lvl 3. I grinded for 11 months just to get honor level 3 ? Its supposed to take the whole season to reach honour 5, now, what is 5 - 2? is it 3? again this sounds like the system is working as intended, getting punished means you miss out on the highest tiers of rewards, thereby encouraging you to behave for the entire season, not just for parts of it, if you want that tier 5 you need to earn it by being good throughout the season > I just had enough of it. Like i said, i ain't a toxic guy, really i am not. I almost never flame or whatever in that direction. Yet you managed to earn a 14 day ban, what exactly did you do to earn that, i'm curious what your definition of "totally unnecessary" actually is > Riot, why not implement a system where instead of going to honor level 0 directly after such a minor incident, you just make the honor level lose Exp. ( for exemple if you are 2/3 into honor lvl 4 , you get back to 1/3 ). That would be enough of a punishment when you got a system where when you play everyday and get many honors, you still only get honor lvl 3 after almost 1 year. I disagree, punishment is meant to mean something, if the punishment doesn't actually cost you anything then it has no real meaning and isn't going to stop you from doing it again, this punishment very clearly affected you, as punishments are supposed to, how you choose to act in the future is down to you but you have seen what you stand to lose
He's trying to say that the punishment is too much for a small offense. Imagine J walking and getting a 2 year prison sentence in a maximum security prison...
: good malphite looking for 3 hasagi/sona for 4 augmentations mission
: lf good skilled player for odysey quest
You don't get the Ziggs skin if you do all the hard quests on the hardest mode and shit. You just get the border. EDIT: My bad, I remembered seeing that you only good the border. You get the shard.
: Playing kayn with new Odessey skin and toxic players every game.
To me it sounds like you're one of those people that instantly say everyone is flaming. Teammate: Why did you go with the blue Kayn?? Red Kayn is so much better dude wtf... You: /all Report my team flame You're being oversensitive.......... on League..... Mute them and play.
Febos (EUW)
: It's not a theory. Maybe Riot didn't bother with older champions. I know Riot will forcefully change names of players atm. [Proof 1](https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/3l3eyi/i_have_the_name_of_the_new_champion_need_help/), [Proof 2](https://www.reddit.com/r/gaming/comments/o8b31/a_true_story_about_my_gaming_handle_that_i_have/) and http://i.imgur.com/WAzDvLt.jpg In the worst case scenario, some names slip through the crack, but now Riot knows "Fizz" exists. Maybe you just doomed someone else to have his name changed. Who knows. ¯\\\_(ツ)\_/¯
Do you know for a fact that the GP, Fiddlesticks, Ahri, Akali etc accounts are controlled by Riot? No, and until you do, it'll be a theory.
Cypherous (EUW)
: Well firstly Fizz isn't a word they can copyright because its an actual word, secondly as mentioned above if his name is older than the champion then he is under no obligation to change it
He has the profile picture too. The owner of the account has that name along wit 162 games on Fizz on this season.
: It's possible the account is older than the champ.
Cypherous (EUW)
: afaik riot actually deals with accounts that share champion names so it wouldn't surprise me if those were just placeholders to prevent their use, iirc you need to be level 5 to post on the boards so creating the accounts at 6 is the minimum they would need to post if riot chose to use them Also seeing as they haven't played any matches they would be low enough of a level that their names would be autoreclaimed if they were player owned as they aren't playing any matches, which again leads me to believe these are riot controlled
http://euw.op.gg/summoner/userName=Fizz This one isn't. So? Does that disprove your whole theory or does it just mean he works for Riot?
Febos (EUW)
: Those accounts are controlled by Riot. You can't have a summoner name if a champion with it exists. For example, some player had their name forcefully changed because of a new champion. I know this was the case for "Zed" and "Bard". You can, however, have a summoner name like "X Bot". That is allowed.
http://euw.op.gg/summoner/userName=Fizz This one isn't. So? Does that disprove your whole theory or does it just mean he works for Riot?
Rioter Comments
His E should look like a Zyra ulti too.
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